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Closeup on a model barn with a windmill on top of a roof

The Beginner’s Guide to Small Wind Turbines for Your Home

Small wind turbines are a great way to reduce your reliance on the grid, and they’re becoming more popular as people become aware of their benefits. But before you buy one, there are a few things you need to know. You should be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of these turbines. 
A homeowner on a couch adjusts the setting of his mini-split using a remote control

Do Mini-Splits Work Well in Cold Weather?

Brrr! An unseasonable chill is in the air. Now is the perfect time to test out your new ductless mini-split, which you relied on to keep you cool all summer. But, to save you the trouble, we’ve got the dirt on how well these systems work in cold weather.
A thermometer superimposed in front of the Sun

How To Make Heat Without Electricity or Fire (6 Methods)

More than one billion people live without electricity, which raises many questions about what they do in extreme heat and cold. For example, how do they stay warm in the colder months? Whether you are currently living without electricity or just looking for thrifty ways to save on your bill this winter, there are a few methods for staying warm without electricity or fires. 
A vaulted ceiling in the bedroom of a home

How To Make Vaulted Ceilings Energy-Efficient (10 Methods)

While vaulted ceilings are wonderful at enhancing your living space’s natural lighting, giving a feeling of ample space and aesthetic appeal, they waste a lot of energy. The extra space provided by vaulted ceilings needs more heating or cooling, but there are some handy ways to reduce energy consumption. 
the back of a modern white house with a caged in pool, and two palm trees in the backyard

Why Modular Construction May Be a Great Option in Florida

Modular construction has been growing in popularity over the past few years, and for good reason. It offers several advantages over traditional construction methods, such as reduced costs. But is it the right choice for your next Florida building project?