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The back deck of a passive solar home

The 11 Best Examples of Passive Solar Homes on the Internet

Investing in a passive solar home is one of the best options for going green and limiting your energy consumption. Luckily, if you’re not quite sure where to go for inspiration, there’s no shortage online of resources to help you choose the best option for your home moving forward.
A homeowner appliying Rockwool insulation batts on a wall, a form of green insulation

9 Types of Green Insulation Ranked: Which is Best?

Green insulation reduces your carbon footprint without sacrificing insulation value. There are numerous eco-friendly options at your disposal. However, some are cheaper and more readily available, whereas others are expensive and extremely efficient.
various types of hardwood and bamboo plywood sheets stacked on top of each other

Should You Consider Bamboo Plywood Sheets? (Pros & Cons)

Bamboo plywood is being recognized as a green alternative material to hardwood for furniture. But as people consider the transition from hardwood to bamboo plywood, they wonder what the material’s benefits and drawbacks are.
a bright living room with a yellow chair and white couch in it, with tons of natural light coming in through the windows and sliding doors

Natural Lighting for Efficiency: Your Ultimate Guide To Save

Natural lighting has inspired architects for millennia, including modern legends Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn. But, while these fantastic artists created masterpieces, we lesser mortals may be happy with natural lighting for energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and financial savings. 
a showerhead with water coming out and the WaterSense logo on the left side pointing to the showerhead

WaterSense Low-Flow Showerheads: How Much Do You Save? 

According to the EPA, showering sucks up about 17% of the water used in an average residential indoor property, contributing to 1.2 trillion gallons of water used annually in the United States alone. So you’re ready for an eco-friendlier solution, but how much water does a low-flow shower head – like those with a WaterSense seal – save?
Various components of a greywater system outside of a building

Greywater System Efficiency: Are They Really Sustainable?

Many homeowners are increasingly interested in improving the sustainability of their homes, and a significant consideration is water management. One system for water management is a greywater system, but does using this system make a difference?  
a man sitting on a couch inside wearing a big winter coat and looking unhappy

Why is My House So Cold? (10 Reasons And How to Fix)

Does it always feel like your house is freezing during the winter? You should be able to warm up with a fireplace or heating system, but they don’t always work if one or more problems are present. The good news is that it’s easy to locate, diagnose, and treat the reasons your home feels so cold all of the time.
Two women smiling as they pour greywater from a watering can on plants in their garden

Gardening With Greywater: 5 Key Things to Know to Grow

Gardening is incredibly eco-conscious, but many people face the dilemma of rising water bills and using too much fresh water. As a result, some gardeners are switching to greywater, or water repurposed from showers, sinks, dishwashers, and so on.  However, there’s a lot you should know before adding greywater to your garden.
A worker services refrigerator condenser coils

Will Cleaning Your Refrigerator Condenser Coils Save Energy? 

All refrigerators have condenser coils underneath or behind the unit that condense the refrigerant and allow your fridge to cool. We know you’re always eager to do what you can for a greener household. But, like many homeowners, you may wonder if you can save on your energy bills if you clean these coils.
The exterior air compressor of a Heat Pump Water Heater in snowy conditions

Will Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters Work Well in Canada?

Electric heat pump water heaters are an energy-efficient way to provide buildings with hot water, but they don’t always work well in colder climates. This drawback is understandably a concern for Canadians, as they live in one of the most frigid nations in the world.  
A interior wall with a spray foam insulation application

Can You Remove Old Spray Foam Insulation? (A How To Guide)

Spray foam insulation is relatively easy to apply. It’s designed to last several years, sometimes multiple decades. However, some homeowners want to remove this form of insulation to replace it with foam batts, boards, and other materials. You might be curious if you can remove this long-lasting, durable spray insulation from your home.
a unfinished concrete block home sitting on a sandy lot, with a sign in the middle that says hurricane evacuation zone

How Do Concrete and Cinder Block Homes Do in Hurricanes?

Say you are buying a home in a hurricane-prone zone. The spot you choose for new home construction and area weighs in on the materials you need for the house. You may wonder if something like a cinder block or concrete seal your family from raging hurricanes.