Our Story

“It would be a business project that, first of all, would be a human project devoted to creating wealth through sharing wealth.”

– Napolean Hill, Grow Rich With Peace of Mind

Our Mission

Creating wealth and prosperity through building of modern, sustainable, and high quality homes that is within reach of household incomes.

Our big idea

Having an Attainable Home, at the end of the day, is an idea. An idea that everyone has the right and the chance to work hard, live comfortably, and have prosperity throughout their life, and we’re happy to say that it’s still possible.

We Believe

What We Do

We renovate and build new net-zero and affordable smart homes that the average family can actually be excited about, all while using homeownership to attain both financial and personal well-being and wealth, and showing you the details, projects, and benefits along the way. 

  • Construction of New Net-Zero Homes
  • Net-Zero Renovation Projects of Existing Homes
  • Repair and installation of renewable and energy efficient solar energy systems, HVAC, insulation, hot water, and other sustainable equipment.
  • Conducting Energy Modeling, Blower Door, Infrared Tests, and mechanic system calculations to best determine the best ROI and bang for your buck.
  • Water conservation modeling, rainwater collection strategy, and low flow equipment installation.
  • Written project details, advice on how to help you best do this as well, and otherwise just sharing our story and helping where we can to move forward what we believe is the single best wealth building tool available to most of us today.

Our first renovation project in Cape Coral, FL

A 1984 built 1836 sq ft 3 bed 2 bath with a perfectly south-facing large flat roof for solar. This will enable us to, through both energy efficiency and renewable (solar) energy, be completely net-zero by powering both the house and one electric car. We have a goal to keep the project around the same as an average home at $275,000. 

Founder of Attainable Home, Erin is an elder millennial with a background in finance, entrepreneurship and real estate investing. He has built and sold six and seven-figure businesses in the commercial energy efficiency space, owned many homes, and has been invested in residential and commercial real estate starting in 2009.

Erin has been through it all – laid off, unemployed, not being able to pay the bills while building a startup, growing a company to rank on the Inc. 5000 list, doing Eat Pray Love in Bali, studying the monetary system, traveled the world, and more.

Becoming financially free in his early 30’s, he has had the opportunity to explore and learn many things at a younger age, both professional and personal, and now wants to bring his passion for a true balance between business, investing, social upward mobility, happiness, and peace of mind to others through Attainable Home.

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