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Are you looking at doing energy efficiency projects or going solar?

We can help.

It’s understandable how daunting it is to figure out where to start. You want to be energy efficient, sustainable, and environmental, all while staying on budget.

But it can be completely frustrating and complicated. We’re here to help with that.

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Hi, I’m Erin.

Founder of AttainableHome.com, serial entrepreneur, finance & real estate geek, and have a passion for the win-win combination of sustainability and investing with real estate.

Why I can help you with your project:

  • I’ve been in sustainability my entire career.
  • Have been a real estate investor (including commercial) for 15 years.
  • Have renovated my own netzero homes for much lower cost than you’d imagine.
  • Have designed solar electric systems since 2008.
  • Built and sold a seven-figure Inc. 5000 ranked commercial energy-efficient lighting eCommerce company.
  • Trained in Building Performance Institute building science protocols for energy auditing.

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What We Believe:

Part of the reason why I started Attainable Home is because netzero seemed like such a cool concept, yet fleeting at the same time.

Real netzero homes were/are so few and far between. And most of them that I saw were only netzero-ready (ZERH), way too complicated, or cost $1M and totally unaffordable to the average homebuyer. I wanted to change that, and did, with our first netzero home experiments.

When you start learning and experimenting with building science and what really works, often the cheaper and easier (even DIY) options are the most impactful in terms of energy and environmental savings.

There is a general decision tree that we can match up with your own personal goals that will get pretty darn close to the highest return on investment, lowest payment, and highest energy savings/production for your particular property.

Going solar can be one of the most expensive home projects you’ll do in decades. So many people are sold on installing a huge solar system without looking at energy efficiency first, or even other renewable options.

We aim to simplify solar, make sure you get the best system for you, and we are not incentivized to sell you a bigger system. This is also why much of the solar industry has a bad rap. We want to see you get the smallest one that fits your needs, actually. This can save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.

While there are tons of great people and companies in the green industry, the reality is that installers and contractors often have the opposite incentive to you. They want (and are paid) to sell more, and you want to spend less. Human nature dictates that there is always an inherit conflict with this.

Our model and goal is to help you meet your goals for the lowest cost, and highest return on investment as possible. The freedom of not being tied to what you actually do is a benefit to us both, and aligns both of our incentives.

While some people in the industry think this statement is blasphemy, we take a different approach. Through our finance and real estate investing background, it can actually be quite fun to figure out what projects, whether it be efficiency or renewables, pay you back quicker and give the highest overall ROI. It’s not so easy, but it is worth it.

For instance, sometimes going solar is a better ROI/IRR than replacing your HVAC system, or doing a big messy insulation project. Or sometimes, it doesn’t make sense, and we’ll reverse that order. Every house is different, and that’s why we approach the project with you that way as well.

Combining traditional real estate investing principles with sustainability upgrades and fix to your property can have incredible benefits.

We can use the monetary system we are swimming in, finance, and traditional investing principles to use this combination as a wealth builder:

  • Increase the overall ROI on your investment home or property.
  • Make the property more appealing to renters and potential buyers.
  • Increase the home or property value with smart improvements and staying on budget.
  • Decrease home vacancy with sustainability upgrades that are appealing to renters and homeowners.

What We Offer:

Attainable Home First Net Zero Home Renovation Project with Tesla Model 3 and Solar Energy
Netzero doesn’t have to mean expensive.

Complete Netzero Home Project Consultation.

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the solar industry can sometimes be a bit shady.

Simplifying Solar, Saving You Money.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with solar consultants all selling you on their proposal (I used to be one).

But which one is really best? Let us help you figure that out. We’ve saved people thousands of dollars per installation by looking being your advocate and and your team, while you look at potentially spending tens of thousands of dollars.

Pretty quickly, we’ll be able to help you figure out whether or not your house can even benefits from solar at all.

Roof lines, roof angels, trees, powerlines, the return on investment, roof shape, and more factors all play in.

Your money might be better spent on other efficiency projects instead, or first at least.

The cost, return on investment figures, energy savings numbers, and all the rest can make your head spin.

How do you even know what’s true? We can independently confirm and use in-house tools to see if these proposals live up to their promises.

We’ve seen nightmare stories of homeowners who get caught in bad solar leases, extremely expensive systems, and poorly designed projects, among other things.

From the financials, to proposal reviews, to making sure you’re getting the best solar panel system for the best price, we’ve got you.

a man putting a solar panel in place up on the roof
Attainable Home First Net Zero Home Renovation Project with Tesla Model 3 and Solar Energy
even without equipment, we can do a lot

Get a Virtual Energy Audit.

Affordable, quick, and precise. With only about 30 minutes of your time to help us gather some information, we can give a full energy audit report and guidelines for practice and affordable things you can do to save money and the environment at the same time.

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