The Nebraska state sign at the state line along a highway with fields and blue sky in the background

The Top 8 Sustainable Green Home Builders in Nebraska

Nebraska is divided into two parts—urban and rural areas. Most people in Nebraska prefer to live in Lincoln and Omaha, two of the biggest cities in the state. However, it is predominantly farmland, with most landmass covered in fields and forests. Green homes are advantageous for both rural and urban places. Home buyers are switching to green homes to ensure the environment’s sustainability and get the most out of the land for its people.
A homeowner cooks stir fry using an electric stove top

Can an Electric Stove Run on Solar Panels? (Setup Guide)

Thanks to the available solar panel rebates, tax credits, and the increasingly competitive prices, solar energy is becoming the primary energy source for more and more homeowners. Given the rapidly increasing popularity of solar energy, a common question for homeowners is whether solar panels can run electric stoves.