Solar Design and Proposal Review

We don’t install solar. And that us the freedom to not only design a system correctly (what you really need and not a penny more), but we can be in your corner when working with solar installers.

We help by reviewing solar proposals, watching your back through the process, and to help by keeping the price down while preventing predatory sales and contract tactics, among other tripwires to look out for.

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You can use online solar design tools, but they exist to sell your information to solar dealers.

There are many free solar design tools, but most all of them are designed to grab your information and to sell them to either solar marketers, solar dealers, or solar installers.

No matter what the case, even funnel mentioned above drives up the end cost to you, sometimes upwards of 20-30%. By getting a design first, and then finding the best (our recommended) companies to work with, you can literally save thousands.

We are local to the Denver Metro Area and can help here, but we have the tools to happily offer these services virtually, no matter where you are.

Check out a couple of ways we do it differently:

a modern solar house design with the lights on at dusk
We Can Design A Solar Panel System For You

It’s not just about taking your current bill and sizing a system based on that. There’s a lot more to consider –

  • What energy efficiency work you may want to do first that costs way less than solar (we are BPI Building Analyst and Energy Auditor certified to take a quick look at your systems).
  • Does your home even make sense for solar to begin with? This could mean possible shading, neighbors homes, financials, your plans for living in the home, and other things to consider. Because we don’t sell solar, we have the freedom to actually help you make the best decision without any incentive to sell you a system.
  • We take a holistic view of your entire home and combine it with your goals.
  • Experts in design, rebates, tax credits, and utility company details to incorporate into helping you make the best choice.
a screenshot of a solar panel proposal with system cost, tax rebates, and other numbers
Solar Company Proposal Review

Are you getting quotes from solar install companies? They can be confusing, misleading, or great. But how do you know?We help you sort through them to make sure you are going with the best for you.

  • We compare the numbers with our known industry standards to see if you’re getting a good deal.
  • What financing or lease contracts are they trying to sell you?
  • How are they protecting themselves which may leave you out in the cold?
  • How does their design compare to what’s actually optimal for your house and bill?
  • Are they offering any energy efficiency or mechanical work that is more affordable than producing power vs saving it?
  • Have they considered your roof condition, and installation challenges?
  • There’s much more, but this is how we can be on your side through the process.
Our First Net-Zero Solar Home Renovation (And How We Did It)

All said and done for under $320,000 for the home, renovations, efficiency, and solar.

Our Second Netzero Solar Home Renovation (With Many Lessons)

Based in Saint Petersburg, FL, this 1950’s old block home goes completely netzero for under $450,000 total.

We Walk The Solar Walk

We have also renovated full solar home net zero projects and apply this same design and solar proposal review process to our own homes. This holistic approach can often means you spend tens of thousands less in solar not needed as well –

Be Sure To Check Out Our Advanced Interactive Solar Panel Return on Investment Calculator:

my solar pv system installed on a grey roof with the blue tesla model 3 in view and the title Solar PV Simple ROI calculator in the middle.

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Be Sure To Check Out Our Energy Audit Services. You Can Often Save 20-30% Off Your Bill Before Going Solar –

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