A picture of a house in the background with palm trees in the foreground, indicating that the house is built in Florida.

The word is out on Florida and everyone seems to be moving here lately! With plenty of beaches, sunshine, activities and things to do, and relatively affordable living, it’s no secret why the influx is happening. We also get plenty of sunshine, but the weather is pretty hot through the year as well. All things considered, it makes for a great backdrop to focus on attainable and sustainable building in the Sunshine state.

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A technician installas a set of hurricane sliding doors

Are Hurricane Windows Required on Your Home in Florida? 

According to insurance company Universal Property, Florida experienced 120 hurricanes between 1851 and 2018, the most of any US state. As a Florida homeowner or renter, you’ve thought of getting hurricane windows, but you’re still debating. One thing that may be holding up your decision is a lack of knowledge on whether they are optional or required by Florida law.
The living room of a Florida home with a dehumidification system on the floor and homeowner sleeping on the couch

Can You Cool a Florida Home With a Dehumidifier? (Energy Estimates)

Living in Florida often demands the need to regulate indoor air quality and climate. As the state is synonymous with humidity, you may always need external support like a dehumidifier or an air conditioner to reduce the temperature level. However, before you plan a cooling system for your home, you should know if it saves energy, brings down costs, and achieves sustainability in the long run.
A blue geothermal heat pump in a basement used for geothermal cooling

Does Geothermal Cooling Work in Florida?

Florida summers can be hot, muggy, and uncomfortable, and you need a powerful cooling system to get through the days. However, air conditioners are expensive to run, use precious non-renewable fossil fuel, and harm Mother Earth. A geothermal heat pump can cool buildings just as efficiently as an air conditioner while being more cost-effective in the long run and beneficial for the planet.