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Energy Audits in Denver Metro Area

We offer many levels of comprehensive energy audit services throughout the Denver Metro area.

See below for benefits of energy audits, what we specifically offer, and how to get a hold of us.

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Getting an energy audit is the single best thing you can do to figure out how to lower bills, become more sustainable, or even to go full Net-Zero.

Why Get An Energy Audit?

There are a ton of reasons to get an energy audit, but here are some of the most common ones:

You know something’s not quite right, but you can’t pinpoint the issue. The energy bills just seem too high compared to your neighbors, or maybe what you think they should be. This is where an energy audit really starts to narrow in on potential issues.

Comfort is often the most important we care about in our homes. If we’re not feeling good, not much else matters! We first start with a quick overview and discussion to work with you on what exact issues you might be having so that we can work towards solving them.

Every house and every location is built differently. Given so many variables, along with the environmental thermodynamics and other things at play, this can lead to a very uneven temperature and comfort level fluctuation throughout the house. Maybe your home office is very hot during the day, or maybe your master bedroom is freezing at night no matter what you do. An energy audit is where you want to start to diagnose the specific areas in the home. That’s what we do.

It’s not just window and door leakage, but it’s also the material and insulating (or lack of) properties of these openings in the home that can really lead to discomfort and driving up that energy bill. We do a thorough inspection of all the windows and doors to help pinpoint specific and critical issues with windows and doors, including the natural passive solar potential and home orientation to the sun.

A drafty home indicates air leakage, but it’s often deceiving where it’s actually coming from, especially if you have areas or floors do the home. A thorough energy audit, which includes blower door testing, infrared camera inspection, and individual room and area pressurizing testing is the key to minimizing air leakage. When you seal up these leaks, the HVAC system can work less, you’ll be more comfortable, and your energy bill goes down.

When your home is leaky and without proper insulation (among other things), the heating and cooling system has to work overtime. Sometimes, there’s so much heat or cold air infiltration or exfiltration that the system cannot keep up with the constant temperature you set in the home. An energy audit will pinpoint and show us how we can improve the performance of the home on many fronts. The result is that the HVAC system works less, your comfort increases, and your energy bills and maintenance bills go down as well. Not only will the HVAC system run more efficiently, but so will the entire house as a whole.

Next to air sealing, insulation is one of the most important aspects of home performance and comfort. An energy audit includes checking for all insulation in the walls, ceiling, and floors. Our infrared cameras can also see behind the walls and indoor materials to see where the heat or cold is infiltrating or exfiltrating throughout the house. We can pinpoint areas where more insulation would really make a big difference, and we can also confirm where insulation is sufficient already, among other benefits.

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Energy Audit Rebates Available

Get up to $200 back through Xcel Energy when you apply for the rebate , and we process the rebate for you too.

a notepad that says tax credit on it with dollars and a calculator behind it
Federal IRS Energy Audit Tax Credit

Built into the Inflation Reduction Act, get up to $150 as a federal tax credit when you file at tax time through IRS Form 5695.

Energy Audit

Rebates and Tax Credits

Currently, there are many stackable rebates and tax credits available. For the Denver Metro area, both Xcel Energy and the Federal Tax Credit could save you over $200.

Benefits of An Energy Audit:

Identify Air Leaks

Air leakage is usually the first (and one of the most affordable) efficiency projects you can do to solve many of our home performance issues.

A More Comfortable Home

Without personal comfort, sometimes little else matters. We talk through specific issues you’re having and how to solve for them during the energy audit.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality and your health is critical, and there’s no other way to say it. We look at many aspects of your home from this perspective during the energy audit.

Lower Energy Bills

We identify areas where, with a little DIY or affordable efficiency projects, you can possibly see your energy bill go down by a good amount.

Combustion Testing

We test your CAZ (Combustion Appliance Zone) and gas appliances through our specific BPI Building Analyst training methods to make sure your home is safe from gas.

Insulation Check

We check levels of insulation through out the house. We can verify if many and all areas have sufficient amounts, along with areas where installing more would really make a difference.

Whole House Inspection

We perform an interior and exterior walkthrough to identify any issues we see as per BPI standards for home performance.

Improved Home Value

A more efficient home with lower energy bills will be more comfortable and more appealing to potential homebuyers. Documented work and energy audits can help with this.

A Greener Home

Better home performance not only means more comfort and energy bills, but less strain on the environment. An energy audit allows us to identify many areas that will lower your carbon footprint holistically.

Front Range Energy audits

By identifying leaks and low-hanging fruit, you can save thousands on expensive upgrades, like windows, insulation, HVAC, and even solar by having a much smaller system or project needed.

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And We Offer Much More Than That:


Net Zero Home Consultation

With the technology now being available, along with lower prices, a net zero home retrofit on your existing home to be completely carbon neutral is now more possible than ever.

We combine our expertise in energy efficiency, home electrification, and renewable energy (mainly solar) to develop a plan for you.

The best part is – we’re not trying to sell you anything. We have no incentives or motivations (like many of trades) to offer advice only to try to sell a big ticket item.

The best part about this is that we have total freedom to get you to net zero with the best plan and the most affordability, among other benefits.


Solar Design and Proposal Review

We don’t install solar, and that’s good for you. This is because while there are many incredible solar installers, there are all many fly-by-night and “shady” solar companies out there at the same time.

Often, their only real goal is to sell you the highest-priced solar system, and possibly rope you into an incredibly expensive solar lease at the same time. This can be a massive financial setback if you are not careful.

We want to prevent these horror stories. We offer our own solar design for you, but we also help to review the proposals you already got. We help determine if you’re getting a good price, do a contract review, a system design review, and to overall make sure the solar system is a good move for your home and your family all the way around.


Home Electrification

There are definitely pros and cons to removing the natural gas line into your gas completely.

Typical gas appliances can include your furnace, stove, water heater, fireplaces, our cars, and more. With the newer electrified products out there, many of them rival or beat their fossil-fueled counterparts in many areas.

We can help you work through what makes sense for you, whether it be for the environmental reasons, health, or your wallet. The truth is all considerations are important when you make such big changes to your home.


Rental Property and STR Sustainability

Do you have a rental property where you’re looking at sustainability, efficiency, or renewable upgrades, but you’re not sure where to start?

Erin Shine, the founder of our company, is also a real estate investor and has been for 15+ years. His background starts with formal schooling in finance and real estate, and he applies his knowledge as an investor first to all his own projects.

With that, we speak your language, and think in terms of IRR, ROI, and cap rates just like you. Whether you’re doing a primary resident project, house hacking, doing a BRRRR project, a fix-n-flip, new build, or bigger multifamily project, we can help navigate this whole landscape to help you make the best possible decision for yourself and investors.