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With so much focus on going green these days, a lot of different types of organizations are popping up. Colorado is one of those states leading the charge, with so many different groups trying to tackle different facets of the industry.

I thought it would be a good idea to make a running/ongoing list of Colorado’s most prominent organizations, so you (and our team internally) can reference them. Since we are now based in the Denver, CO metro area, this helps too.

The list is in no particular order of importance, but have a look!

1. Sun Run

If you are looking for solar service that offers reliable financial value and flexibility, you cannot go wrong with Sun Run. It is one of the leading energy companies in the whole country.

It is the homepage of Sun Run website.
Courtesy of sunrun.com

Sun Run specializes in the installation of home solar, provision of other energy services, and distribution of battery storage in Colorado, U.S. 

This company provides a hassle-free solar installation with their 7 Steps to Solar framework. Speaking simply, they get involved from the design of your solar system up to its installation process.

Aside from that, they also handle all the technical aspects of the installation process like the permits and other paperwork. 

Sun Run presents personalized services with their solar advisers setting one-on-one meetings and consultations, as well as, personalized solar system design fit for your home architecture.

With more than a quarter of a million American homes who availed the services of Sun Run, Sun Run guarantees the people with exceptional, sustainable, and quality industry-leading service, products, and financing options.

2. Sweep

It is the homepage of SWEEP website.
Courtesy of swenergy.org

Another Green Organization in Colorado, U.S.A. is the SWEEP or the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project. If we’re talking about sustainability and efficiency in energy, SWEEP is a known advocate.

SWEEP has been listed as a public-interest nonprofit organization in Boulder, Colorado for more than 20 years.

They create and propose programs to mitigate the effects of climate change. Aside from that, they also share knowledge on how to save money on energy bills.

SWEEP advocates for a low-carbon future with policies aimed at energy efficiency, sustainable and energy-efficient transportation, and favorable electrification in the Southwest.

Through SWEEP’s efforts, the region experienced an increase in funding for electric utility energy efficiency and demand-side management programs in 2020. Further, over 130 laws were signed in the region to which SWEEP either proposed or advocated.

Their work has resulted in many energy-efficient and sustainable measures being adopted in the region. 

Indeed, SWEEP is a Colorado Green Organization that’s making a tangible impact in the world’s battle against climate change.

3. Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. However, their service extends to Colorado, U.S.A. It is also known as a U.S.-regulated electric utility and natural gas delivery company.

With more than 3.7 million electric customers and 2.1 million natural gas customers, Xcel Energy is a trusted company that aims to provide essential and clean energy to your home. 

It is the homepage of Xcel Energy website. It also contains all their options and their sign in button.
Courtesy of co.my.xcelenergy.com

They boast their cleaner and diverse mix of energy as a commitment to change the future and save the limited natural energy resources of the world.

Xcel Energy aims to provide a renewable source of energy in the future while also transitioning to a more sustainable method of energy delivery system.

As part of their commitment, they now have EV programs and charging infrastructure to ensure a holistic transition to renewable energy usage. 

4. Switch Colorado

Another Green Organization in Colorado U.S.A. is the Switch Colorado. It is known to be a fun, fast-paced, volunteer-based organization where people from the energy community come together.

In this organization, people are given a platform to share their ideas with their audience using a Pecha Kucha style.

It is the homepage of Switch Colorado website. The emphasis is given in their call for volunteers.
Courtesy of switchcolorado.com

This organization’s mission is to bring people who are in energy savings and energy consumption together so that they can exchange innovative ideas through talks and passionate humor.

They aim to advance a cleaner energy future for everyone. Truly, Switch Colorado allows for a fun yet meaningful discussion on green energy for everyone.

5. Clean Energy Action

The photo contains the homepage of Clean Energy Action website.
Courtesy of cleanenergyaction.org

Clean Energy Action is a grassroots organization based in Boulder, Colorado that aims to hasten a just and equitable transition from the use of fossil fuel to cleaner energy alternatives.

Aside from being a green organization, they also help in community empowerment through public education, nonprofit collaboration, and policy advocacies. 

Another notable thing about Clean Energy Action is the emphasis they give to the use of Anti-Racist principles in achieving their goals and missions

Diversity, collaboration, community empowerment, and informed decision-making are just some of the values that they uphold. 

6. Rocky Mountain Institute

The Rocky Mountain Institute or RMI is another green organization founded in Boulder, Colorado State. It is known to help transform the current energy system into a cleaner one. Their main goal is to achieve a clean, prosperous, and zero-carbon future for everyone.

The photo contains the homepage of RMI website. It also features their donate button as well as other options.
Courtesy of rmi.org

One of their specific missions and current works is the reduction of greenhouse gasses emissions by 50% in the year 2030

Their advocacies include producing carbon-free buildings, electricity, and transportation. Aside from that, their programs extend to the world as they have some in China and India.

Data transparency in terms of climate finance and climate intelligence is also a part of their diverse programs and advocacies.

They clamor for transparent, scientific-based, and open-source data about the status quo of the world’s climate. 

7. CarbonSwitch/Re-wiring America

The photo contains the homepage of Re-wiring America website. It also features their savings calculator as well as other options.
Courtesy of rewiringamerica.org

Rewiring America is another non-profit organization that seeks to provide electrification for homes, businesses, and communities.

They are well known for the development of accessible and verifiable data about carbon emissions.

Furthermore, Rewiring America has a wide range of connections as they establish coalitions and partnerships that allow for easier conversion of people to electric power sources.

Through their work and partnerships, they can tackle and raise awareness about the country’s emission goals while also helping people save money and improve their overall well-being. 

As an organization, they are optimistic that a climate future is attainable as long as people realize and fulfill it together.

What makes this organization a notable one is that they make transitioning to electric power worth it as they ensure that it remains simple, measurable, and inevitable. 

8. Boulder – EnergySmart

EnergySmart is Boulder County’s sustainability program in Colorado. This initiative helps residents in the community decarbonize their homes as they recognize the ability of buildings to be one of the contributors to carbon gas emissions. 

The photo contains the homepage of EnergySmart website.
Courtesy of bouldercounty.gov

This initiative uses two strategies to improve home sustainability: energy efficiency and electrification.

EnergySmart has advisors that offer support and services regarding your home’s insulation, air sealing, water heater electrification, solar panel installation, and EV transitioning.

Furthermore, they also assist in inquiring and calculating incentives and rebates that come from transitioning to more sustainable energy resources.

9. Citizens Climate Lobby

The photo contains the homepage of Citizens' Climate Lobby website. It also features their donate button as well as other options.
Courtesy of citizensclimatelobby.org

Citizens Climate Lobby is a known international grassroots environmental group.

It is a climate change advocacy group that focuses on engaging with the national policy-making process to address the climate crisis. They empower people to practice their political will to achieve a livable and cleaner world.

They provide training and support to volunteers from various states and communities. They equip them with the skills and capacity to lobby their advocacy to their elected representatives with the hopes of influencing climate policy.

Citizens Climate Lobby is known for its respectful and partisan-free approach to climate education.

Thus, they can cross partisan lines to educate and drive people to climate action. 

10. 350 Colorado

350 Colorado was founded in 2011 to help consolidate a huge network of grassroots programs and groups that aim to solve the climate crisis.

They promote solutions, advocate for climate justice, and help in transitioning to a more sustainable future. 

Their mission is to work towards a fossil fuel-free future by stopping fossil fuel extraction, production, and investments.

Furthermore, 350 Colorado advocates for a sustainable transition to more energy-efficient resources in a just and equitable way.

Lastly, they champion a livable climate, especially for the people of Colorado who have been afflicted by record-breaking wildfires, floods, and high temperatures in the past.

The photo contains the about page of 350+ Colorado. It states their identity as well as their mission and vision.
Courtesy of 350.org

To do this, they promote solutions such as the use and increase of solar and wind energy production.

11. Protect Our Winters

The photo contains the homepage of Protect Our Windows website. It also shows their call to action to join their team.
Courtesy of protectourwinters.org

Protect Our Winters was born out of a love for the outdoors by a pro-snowboarder Jeremy Jones who firsthand saw the devastating effects of climate change.

With this, Protect Our Winters became a community of snowboarding individuals who advocate for climate justice.

They help and encourage people who love the outdoors to protect the environment and their experiences from the disastrous effects of climate change. 

Their vision is to have a future that embraces sustainable energy resources to help protect the environment that they love. Furthermore, they also exercise their political will by being the national voice for the outdoor sports community to lobby for the need for climate justice.

Lastly, they are known for advocating for a cultural shift so that acting upon climate change becomes an indispensable act. 

12. Diverge Homes

Diverge Homes is a new kind of developer focused on making sure that communities are built within the proximity of the great outdoors with homes designed smartly and efficiently.

One thing that stands out with Diverge Homes is their ability to integrate their home designs into the town that they will be built upon. With this, they can give families the townie life that they deserve. 

The photo contains the homepage of Diverge Homes website. It includes the options and other pages of their site.
Courtesy of divergehomes.com

They have created 4 Colorado developments, 100+ homes, and even sculptures throughout Diverge Homes’ existence.

As an advocate of small-town revivals, they also support local development by hiring contractors, designers, and builders from the local scene. Lastly, they proudly diverge from the usual industry expectations.

Instead, they offer transparency, deep info-sharing, and well-rounded communication mechanisms with their clients.

13. Colorado Energy Office

Colorado Energy Office is a government agency located in Denver, CO. As an institution, the Colorado Energy Office focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by advocating for clean and efficient energy resources, as well as, the use of vehicles with zero emissions for the health of all Coloradans. 

Aside from aspiring to have a prosperous and clean energy future for the state of Colorado, they also take responsibility to ensure that the changes they will undertake will be inclusive to the marginalized and disproportionately affected.

With this, a part of their identity is to be equitable, diverse, and inclusive. 

The photo contains the homepage of Colorado Energy Office website. It includes the options and other pages of their site.
Courtesy of energyoffice.colorado.gov

14. Energy Smart Colorado

The photo contains the homepage of EnergySmart Colorado website. It also features their tagline which is "Making energy Improvements Simple & Affordable".
Courtesy of energysmartcolorado.org

Energy Smart Colorado started as a federally funded program in 2010. Its purpose is to ensure that the residents of Colorado will have access to services that feature energy efficiency.

However, in 2014, it became a nonprofit organization made to simplify energy efficiency improvements in Colorado. 

This organization partners with other communities to provide energy assessments, energy recommendations, financing access, and local contractors network in the area.

Additionally, they also offer services to various municipalities to help them achieve their sustainable and efficient energy goals.

Vital to their cause of energy improvements, Energy Smart Colorado is a champion for providing accessible information, capital, and skilled workforce in the community. 

15. Go Electric Colorado

When talking about green organizations, one should not miss to mention Go Electric Colorado. Their organization is located in Denver, Colorado. 

Go Electric Colorado is known for providing free home electrification consultations with their highly trained volunteers.

Aside from free consultation, Go Electric Colorado is a network of volunteers that has passion and commitment in energy conservation.

More specifically, they aim to increase the number of people who are electrification-focused HVAC experts.

The photo shows the Go Electric Colorado's homepage. Furthermore, it also features the organization's mission which is to protect people and their planet.
Courtesy of goelectriccolorado.org

This organization also conducts public education events to raise awareness about the advantages and benefits of turning to sustainable electrification.

Moreover, they also impart necessary financial benefits that a person can get from using sustainable energy such as tax credits and rebates. 

16. Energy Outreach Colorado

Another non-profit green organization on the list is Energy Outreach Colorado. EOC was founded in 1989.

The photo is about the screenshot of the Energy Outreach Colorado. It also features the buttons for their other pages.
Courtesy of energyoutreach.org

As an organization, they have expertise in consumer energy issues which allows them to make an impact by providing immediate or long-term financial energy assistance and efficiency programs for qualified Coloradans. 

They collaborate with various entities and organizations to ensure that Coloradans can afford home energy through nationally recognized programs that they create. 

As they rely on people’s donations, Energy Outreach Colorado ensures that they maintain transparency and accountability. Thus, they have received high ratings from widely known independent charity assessment organizations.

17. Colorado Sierra Club

The photo is a screenshot of Colorado Sierra Club homepage. It includes an Earth Background with their name, logo, and tagline. The club's tagline is "We're advancing climate solutions".
Courtesy of coloradosierraclub.org

Colorado Sierra Club is another non-profit organization included in this list. It is a powerful community of grassroots leaders who collaborate to advance their cause of climate solutions, climate justice, and environmental protection.

This organization is also known to be the largest and most influential grassroots environmental collective in the U.S. Their central principle is that working together will make changes possible.

Their goals include the exploration and protection of wild places on the planet and the promotion of responsible and sustainable use of natural resources.

They use education and lawful means to contribute to the environmental changes that they aspire to have. 

18. Colorado Renewable Energy Society

Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES) is a green organization in Colorado with local chapters in Boulder, Jefferson, Metro Denver, Northern Colorado, and Southeastern Colorado.

It was founded in 1996 and it is currently considered as a non-profit organization in the state of Colorado.

The society’s main goal is to speed up Colorado’s transition to a more cleaner and sustainable future.

To do this, they aim to educate the people, participate in policy advocacy and lobbying, and engage the community to convert to a cleaner energy resource.

It shows the homepage of Colorado Renewable Energy Society site. Furthermore, there are options and buttons calling for donation or becoming a member.
Courtesy of cres-energy.org

Through these steps and programs, they envision a Colorado that is 100% dependent on renewable energy resources.

CRES does not just help people transition to a more sustainable energy resource because their initiatives also bear economic and social benefits for the people. 

19. Empower Our Future

Empower Our Future is a coalition of citizens who have a vision of living in a sustainable world. Thus, they are all committed to bringing clean energy into the community.

They empower and bring support to local communities, businesses, and individuals who also have a passion for a sustainable future.

Their mission is to democratize electricity while maintaining its competency and inclusiveness. Besides that, they also have other projects that concern the reduction of greenhouse gases. 

The photo is a screenshot from the Empower Our Future site. It features a photo of mountains under a clear bright night sky. Aside from that, the photo includes the site's tagline which is "advancing a socially just clean energy economy".
Courtesy of empowerourfuture.org

Their approach has a two-fold layer: local and national. For their local approach, they ensure that Boulder and its electricity provider will continue its path towards the goal of having cleaner electricity by 2023.

At the national level, they pledge their support to initiatives that concern just, humane, and sustainable energy resources

20. Colorado Green Building Guild

Colorado Green Building Guild (CGBG) is a non-profit trade organization based in Boulder, Colorado.

The organization represents a variety of green building leaders who incorporate sustainable practices in their home-building processes. 

The photo is the welcoming post CGBG. It features their identity and the activities that they are doing in relation to the goal of their organization.
Courtesy of CGBG.org

Aside from having sustainability as one of its core tenets, CGBG aims to make green building the norm by making it accessible to everyone.

Furthermore, this organization also promotes the efficient use of resources in constructing buildings.

As a community, they also engage in educational workshops and themed seminars to ensure that their knowledge will reach a wider audience.

They celebrate an annual Boulder Green Home Tour to highlight their innovative building projects, as well as, to create a platform for like-minded people to share their ideas about green building practices. 

21. The Alliance Center

The photo features the homepage of The Alliance Center. It contains their tagline "Advancing Solutions For A Thriving Planet". Furthermore, it also has other buttons for their page.
Courtesy of thealliancecenter.org

The Alliance Center is a co-working space in Denver, Colorado. It is created to unite people to solve persistent and systematic problems that affect the lives of people.

As a co-working space, they are home to numerous organizations with all of them advocating for a more sustainable and equitable world. 

Their programs and initiatives promote collaboration among the members of the community geared towards the attainment of feasible environmental, social, and economic solutions for the environmental problems that the world is facing. 

Aside from having a center, there is also the Coalition for a Regenerative Future in this green organization.

This program focuses on the promotion and enactment of regenerative practices that will help solve the damages caused by overconsumption. 

22. Colorado Coalition For A Livable Climate

Just like the other organizations in this list, Colorado Coalition For A Livable Climate is a green organization that aims to develop and advocate for policies that reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses.

The photo includes the Colorado Coalition For A Livable Climate's list of activities and news article. They have upcoming events for the coming months about various topics related to sustainable energy.
Courtesy of colivableclimate.org

Their mission stems from the recognition that the effects of climate change affect the marginalized more.

With this, they also emphasize the need to uplift and incorporate the perspectives, experiences, and ideas of marginalized communities in crafting sustainable solutions against climate change.

The vision and end goal for the coalition is to make Colorado carbon neutral by 2030 and to reduce Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions to levels that will ensure a livable climate.

23. American Institute Of Architects

The American Institute of Architects or AIA is known to be the largest design organization in the world.

Aside from being well-known in the design industry, this organization is also famous for its adoption of day-to-day practices that are geared towards the achievement of a zero-carbon, resilient, healthy, and equitable environment for all people. 

This organization recognizes the repercussions of climate change. Thus, they create and design buildings with energy-saving in their mind.

It features the stylish design of AIA's homepage. This minimalistic photo includes their login, becoming a member, and search buttons. Furthermore, at the upper right corner of the photo, the menu button is located.
Courtesy of AIA.org

This way, they believe that Americans will be able to live in a safer and healthier environment.

Furthermore, they also try to influence the policy-making process by advocating for policies that aim to protect and preserve the environment.


PHIUS is a non-profit organization that was founded to mitigate the climate crisis to ensure a healthier, safer, and more carbon-neutral future for everyone.

It is committed to making high-performance passive building the market standard. This will allow the building environment to be decarbonized. 

The photo features PHIUS' goal. At the right side, a photo of a building is also seen.
Courtesy of Phius.org

They have a climate-specific passive building standard to guide professionals on how to make their designs more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

They also use this standard to certify and assure the quality of the buildings that are being created. 

Throughout their existence, they’ve been able to have 11.2 million square feet of PHIUS design and fully certified projects with 350+ design and certified multi-family projects.

These houses and buildings can be found in 42 states and provinces

25. Attainable Home

The photo is the homepage of Attainable Home. It includes an artistic depiction of a sustainable home with an EV car. At the right side of the photo, the motto and tagline of the site can be seen.
Courtesy of AttainableHome.com

Attainable Home is also a green business in Colorado. And it’s us (surprise). We do everything from energy audits, to solar design, to full netzero consulting.

You can check out our Services page here, and also the specific Colorado-based local services to boot.

Finishing Up

We got a list of Colorado’s green organizations going here, but did we miss any? Message us if you want us to check yours out (and possibly add it)

In various ways, they champion and incorporate sustainable, efficient, and renewable energy resources. They are all aiming for a cleaner, safer, and healthier Colorado for everyone to enjoy. 

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