A picture of an EnergyGuide label showing $503 cost to run and the headline Energy Guide Accuracy Personalized Savings Calculator

I discovered an interesting thing as I was building many of our Energy Savings Calculators. Something big enough that warranted making a whole calculator for.

Much of the information we use for new energy efficiency devices and upgrades for our home relies on EnergyGuide labels.

We see them on just about every component in the home, including televisions, ceiling fans, water heaters, refrigerators, HVAC systems, washing machines, and much more.

The only problem is that the numbers that EnergyGuide labels have on them are most likely inaccurate and not customized to your location, kWh electricity/utility rate, or perhaps even updated for the current year.

This means that the generic numbers shown on the label might be very inaccurate for your own home. We aim to fix that.

I built this adjustment calculator so that we can enter our State (or custom) kWh rate along with the new EnergyGuide label for the device/appliance that we’re looking at. It will then show us the real difference in what the label says vs. what we’ll be paying.

What’s even more powerful is if we enter our old/existing EnergyGuide label info that we have on the device in our home right now, so we can get extremely close on actual energy savings numbers on the old vs new device.

If you’re in an area known to have higher electricity rates (California, Hawaii, the Northeast, etc), I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. So give it a go!

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