a man installing mineral wool insulation in the ceiling with a desk with a calculator and money on it on the right

Maybe you have an uncomfortable home, with some cold or hot spots, and your HVAC system working on overtime. You’re about to get, or have gotten, some quotes from insulation companies for upgrading insulation.

But have you ever wondered what the energy savings on upgrading insulation might actually save you? We made an improved (vs. what we find online) insulation savings calculator to try to narrow down a more accurate picture to help you make your decision.

Some things that our calculator includes that we believe can help more:

  • Uses EnergyStar case study savings numbers by State & climate zone – takes 50% of their average insulation and air sealing combo study as a starting point.
  • Allows you to adjust for how insulated your home is right now (if you know)
  • We add an input for your own average utility bill
  • We are big on investment and return on investment, so we included this
  • Adjusted for inflation, ROI and savings numbers over 10 years

Every house is a bit different, and it totally depends on what you have as a starting point, and what the project entails. But go ahead, give it a go!

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