Recently, I got to sit down with Dr. Christopher H. Loo, MD, Ph.D., the creator and host of the podcast Financial Freedom for Physicians. His show is all about advocating for financial literacy and freedom for physicians.

Dr. Loo asked me on the show to share my financial experiences. In the interview, I define real assets and discuss why they’re so valuable, especially in periods of inflation or economic downturn like what we’re dealing with at current.

Of course, I also got to talk about Attainable Home and how I proudly created a net-zero home in the Cape Coral area, which you can read more about here if you missed that. And as valuable as I think investing and financial management is, I also discuss what’s most important, finding your joy.

Here’s the full video interview:

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Using Sustainability to Practically Add Value To Your Home And Lower Energy Bills
  • Using Practical Sustainability With Your Home To Give Yourself a Financial Tailwind
  • Power Your Home and Electric Car Fully With An Affordable Netzero Home
  • Beating Average Stock Market Returns by Using Sustainability In Your Home
  • Financial Security and Personal Well-Being Through Homeownership and Practical Sustainability
  • How do you combine energy efficiency and renewables for our own homes as it relates to investing compared to say, the stock market?
  • After selling businesses, traveling, and doing a lot of personal work, what are some key lessons you’ve learned?
  • What are some tried-and-true easy DIY things that people can do in their house to save on energy bills?
  • How do you approach the convoluted efficiency/renewable energy world and combine it with traditional real estate investing principles?
  • How do you approach solar energy for homes, and that industry in general?

You can also listen to the Apple Podcasts version here.

I hope you take the time to listen to the interview and check out the Financial Freedom for Physicians podcast, even if you aren’t involved in the medical field. Dr. Loo always interviews people with outstanding viewpoints that can change how you perceive and manage finances!

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