an aerial view of a solar netzero white home with a grey roof

Recently, I had the honor of sitting down with local Fort Myers news station WINK-TV to talk about a personal project of mine that I’m very proud of, my net-zero solar-powered Cape Coral home.

For those who need the refresher, as a net-zero home, the property only uses the energy it puts out. When the home was first built in 1984, it certainly wasn’t anything close to net zero, but thanks to modifications through solar energy, as of 2023, the home is now 100 percent net-zero.

I’ve been renting out this house for a while to various families, and after experiencing tremendous success with that, I’ve decided to put it up for sale so I can focus on growing our company here even more, and so that we can help a lot more people do their own netzero home projects. I’m proud to work with John R. Wood Properties’ Peter Davis to make it happen.

a woman and man news anchor at their anchor desk talking about our netzero solar home

This is a great chance to see how much the average homebuyer in the Cape Coral area prioritizes energy efficiency and could be the beginning of a new trend of what buyers expect when shopping for homes!  

To check our our full write up and case study on our renovation, including all the numbers, click here!

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