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Do you have drafty doors throughout your home? You’ve wanted to upgrade the doors to a less drafty model, but there always seems to be another home repair issue that takes up more of your time and budget first. You may consider using draft door stoppers as a stopgap, but do they save energy? If so, how much?

Reducing air leaks with draft door stoppers can lessen energy usage between 10 and 20 percent on your HVAC, but keep in mind that your savings when using door stoppers can vary based on several factors. These include your temperature preferences, climate, number of doors, and how drafty your doors are.

In today’s article, we’ll introduce you to draft door stoppers, then delve deeper into how much energy they may be able to save you. Make sure you check it out!

What Are Draft Door Stoppers?

Draft blockers or draft stoppers are a simple solution that can double as weatherstripping when appropriately used.

The stopper includes a tube made of a soft material like cloth. Stuffed inside the fabric are beans, rice, or batting to give the door stopper weight and allow it to block the air.

Once you purchase a draft stopper, you can lay it wherever your home is draftiest. Draft blockers work well underneath doors but are also efficient for drafty windows.

A white painted door on a hardwood floor with a blue fabric draft door stopper underneath
Draft door stoppers keep your home more comfortable.

A draft stopper serves a twofold purpose. First, it locks in whatever warm air is in the house (or cool air in the case of the summertime).

Second, the draft stopper keeps outside air from getting into your home. As a result, you’ll have fewer areas of warm, stagnant air entering your house in the summer and less cold air blowing in during the winter.

Admittedly, a draft door stopper is an eyesore, but hey, if it works, it works!

How Much Energy Can You Save by Using Draft Door Stoppers?

So, does a draft blocker work? Yes, it can!

According to, reducing home draftiness could improve your year-over-year energy savings by 10 to 20 percent.

However, doesn’t mention door stoppers specifically, so you can’t take that estimate and necessarily apply it to using draft door stoppers.

After all, your energy savings rate depends on several factors mentioned in the intro. Let’s look now.

Your Temperature Preferences

How do you like to keep your home? Maybe you prefer in-the-middle temperatures, such as an average room temperature range. In that case, draft stoppers could be an appealing energy-saving prospect for you.

Your Climate

The climate you live in and the temperature extremes you face will also impact how much energy you can save by adding draft stoppers under your doors and windows.

You have to use a lot of heating or cooling to keep your home comfortable throughout the year if you live in extreme climates.

A man sitting inside on a sofa with a big winter jacket on with his arms folded.
In colder (and warmer) regions, a draft door stopper makes a noticeable difference in your home’s temperature.

Retaining more of those indoor temperatures while keeping extreme outdoor temperatures from getting in will make a more significant difference for you than for someone who doesn’t have as many weather fluctuations.

How Many Doors You Have

The greater the number of doors, the greater the draftiness.

Even if you were to set up door stoppers in front of a few of these doors, you should notice an improvement in how comfortable your home feels.

If you put draft door stoppers in front of every door in the house, the changes in comfort will be even more pronounced.

You can save more energy since air leaks contribute a lot to your utility bills month in and month out.

How Drafty Your Doors Are

Then again, that does depend on how drafty your doors are.

If all the doors are drafty, then the above benefits apply. However, even if only some of your doors are drafty, you can save energy by covering the gaps.

If only one or two of the doors in your home have sizable gaps, then you’re not really in for significant savings.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Draft Door Stoppers?

The amount of energy a draft stopper will save on your utility bills is negligible. Still, you may consider adding one or several stoppers to the doors throughout your house.

In that case, you can enjoy the following benefits.

Easy to Set Up

Some energy-saving solutions discussed on the blog are rather complex. You always appreciate the easy ones, like lowering your water heater temperature.

Well, using draft stoppers is another easy solution. It couldn’t be any easier!

A man wearing a blue shirt and a matching hat carries a door to install it
Installing draft door stoppers is certainly easier than this!

All you have to do is buy a couple of draft stoppers, lay them in front of your door, and that’s all there is to it.


You will only spend a little money to acquire a draft stopper, as these air-blocking solutions retail for between $10 and $20 a pop.

You’ll spend under $100 to block drafts if your home has four interior doors.

That’s much more cost-effective than replacing doors outright, which costs at least $50 per door but possibly up to $300 or $500 per door, says Angi.

A door stopper is only temporary if your doors are seriously drafty enough. You’ll save much more money upgrading to Energy Star doors than trying to blockade your old, drafty doors.

No Installation Necessary

It’s also beneficial how adding draft stoppers to your home doesn’t require any installation. As a result, you don’t have to set aside a weekend for the job or even an entire afternoon.

Suppose you have five or 10 minutes and enough draft stoppers. You can cover each door and enjoy a more comfortable home that’s moderately more eco-friendly than before you used the door stoppers.

It Could Help If You Have Allergies and/or Asthma

Do you have allergies? Perhaps another family member in the house does.

Breathing in outdoor air is a great way to aggravate allergies, especially if you react to pollen. That’s why you usually keep the windows closed, even on a nice day.

Your drafty doors can negate all your hard work as the pollen-filled air seeps in from the outside.

Adding a door stopper or several around your home will keep more of that indoor air trapped in place.

As for those with asthma, breathing in cold air can cause your airways to constrict, which makes it harder to breathe. You can also benefit if the air in your home stays at a more comfortable temperature.

So Where Can You Buy Draft Stoppers?

Locally, hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes carry some in stock, but the selection may be limited. When you visit those sites, be sure to click “In Stock At Store Today” so you can see what’s local to you.

Other stores like Walmart, Target, and others locally may have them as well.

If you know the dimensions of your door (use a measuring tape to measure the width), it’s probably easiest to order online, and we all know what URL we type in first when shopping online these days.

To save you some time (potentially), here are some of the best-selling draft stoppers on Amazon right now:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Holikme Door Draft Stopper Door Sweep Weather Stripping Noise Blocker Window Breeze Blocker Adjustable Door Sweeps, Grey
29,282 Reviews
Holikme Door Draft Stopper Door Sweep Weather Stripping Noise Blocker Window Breeze Blocker Adjustable Door Sweeps, Grey
  • Easy to install: adjustable size for most homes; Please measure the gap and width of the door before purchasing and keep the door clean to ensure our draft stopper works as intended;
  • Large size sponge is not ordinary slender sponge, which will not move with the opening of the door
  • Hook and loop fastener design, keeps foam tubes safely inside even with constant opening and closing of doors
  • Block light and windshield, it can block the cold/hot wind/smoke outside, making the indoor more comfortable
  • Can be recycled without damaging the door, detachable bag, can be repeatedly washed and used, can be machine washed; Please keep low temperature when drying
SaleBestseller No. 2
Holikme Door Draft Stopper Under Door Draft Blocker Insulator Door Sweep Weather Stripping Noise Stopper Strong Adhesive, White
  • Robust adhesion: door draft stopper, filling gaps up to 1 inch, equipped with exceptionally strong adhesive that remains intact over time, ensuring a secure bond for enduring door protection; Kindly avoid opening and closing the doors within 12 hours after installation for optimal results
  • Noise reduction: the door bottom seal designed by special structural, keep your room quiet, clean, suitable temperature
  • Save money and energy: the most efficient solution to prevent the heat and cold from escaping during winter and summer, reduce electric cost
  • Easy to install: can be used on interior and exterior doors, fast and easy to install within 2 minutes
  • High quality material: practical gap sealer is made of non toxic material, homogeneity of color, the same interior and exterior; heat and cold resistant
Bestseller No. 3
MAXTID Large Door Draft Stopper for Bottom of Doors 36 Inch Under Door Draft Noise Blocker Black Gap Stoppers Door Draft Guard for Bottom of Doors Adjustable Twin Door Sweep Draft Seal Window Sealer
  • Large door draft stopper foam is 2 inches in diameter, which is larger than most sellers' foam and can cover 0.5" to 1.7" doors gap.
  • Keep you warm by blocking out cold air during the winter months. It’s also an outstanding noise reduction tool and can shut out light and odors. put one in your bedroom to help you sleep better.
  • We know what you really care about. This door draft blocker stays put as it and moves with the door, there’s no need to reposition it. It won’t damage your doors like other stick-on products.
  • Adjustable & Easy to Install: The size of door draft blocker is 36". It can also cut foam to fit 30" 32" 34" doors. Just adjust the length and slide the door down.
  • It can be used on interior doors, but not suitable for exterior doors with threshold.
SaleBestseller No. 4
GroTheory 2 Door Draft Stopper, Under Door Sweep for Exterior & Interior Doors, Weather Stripping Door Seal, Garage Window Blocker Noise Cold Air Insulation, Draft Guard White 2" W x 39" L
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - 2 counts in 1 pack, the Door Draft Stopper are made of silicone material, which can bend and deform. Draft stopper for bottom of door is very flexible and will not damage your floor. Door strip is also very durable and has a longer service life. Size: 2” W x 39” L
  • PERFECT DESIGN - Door sweep for bottom of door triple design is adopted to effectively reduce noise, prevent dust from entering through the door, the door stoppers for bottom of door keeps the room quiet and clean. Self-adhesive door draft blocker is very suitable to cover the gaps of exterior/interior doors, rv doors, shower room, baseboard, threshold, windows, garage, basement and furniture
  • SAVE MONEY AND ENERGY - In winter and summer, draft stopper is good home improvement item which can prevent the leakage of air conditioning and heating, make your room more efficient in cooling or heating, save electricity and money.
  • EASY TO USE - With Strong 3M super glue, weather stripping door seal works on many doors or windows like glass doors, screen door, sliding doors, wood door, storm door, etc. The door seal is easy to use, just according to the size of the door, cut it to the right size. Then peel off the adhesive and stick it to the door!
  • EXCELLENT AFTER-SALES - If you have any questions about the Under Door Draft Stopper, please feel free to contact us and let us know how to make it better. We will provide the best after-sales service for you.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Door Draft Stopper Bottom One Sided Door Draft Blockers,37" Cutable Under Door Draft Blocker Insulator Door Sweep Weather Stripping Soundproof,Fits for Interior/Exterior Doors,1 Pack,White
  • 👼【ONE SIDE DOOR DRAFT BLOCKER】— SYIPO Under Door Draft Stopper is made from top quality styrofoam & abrasion resistant fabric. Total height is 3.5". Jumbo 1.2-inch diameter foam tubes are perfect for blocking extra-large gaps under your door. Fits door up to 37”. We will protect your home against the elements, taking the brunt of rain, snow, dust, and other weather-related factors.
  • 💵【NOISE REDUCTION AND SAVE ENERGY/MONEY】— Our One Sided Adjustable Under Door Draft Blocker is effectively reduce noise, prevent dust from entering through the door, and keep the room quiet & clean. Meanwhile, bottom door draft blockers prevent the leakage of air conditioning or heating, make your room more efficient in cooling or heating. Help you reduce electric cost, save you energy and money.
  • ✅【EASY FAST TO INSTALL】— Install our under door draft stopper,You just have to measure your doors gap, peel the adhesive layer off, stick the velcro in the door side you want,and stick on our door draft stopper. Adjustable door draft stopper has good adhesion and is easy to cut and adjust, and it will move with the door – including carpets, tile, linoleum and hardwoods and securely fits under doors up to 37 inches. You can take it down whenever you want,and it won't hurt your door.
  • 🏡【ANYWHERE TO USE】— One Sided Door Draft Stopper has a so good adhesion that won't making any annoying scratching sound on the floor or window. Practical, tough, economical draft dodger for every family. SYIPO one-sieded, insulated door draft stopper is suitable for indoor and outdoor doors, garages, bathrooms, windows, etc. Give the under door draft blocker to your friends and family as a christmas gift, holiday gift!
  • 🛒【WORRY-FREE AFTER-SALES】— All our door seals are covered with our FAST FREE replacement or FULL refund! If You Are Not Satisfied with the Purchase for Any Reason, Please Feel Free to Contact Our SYIPO Professional Customer Service! We will respond your message within 24 hours. If there are any product quality problem, we have free return policy. Thank you again!


Blocking drafts from doors and windows in your home can reduce your utility spending by 10 to 20 percent. Part of the solution for lowering draftiness could be using door draft stoppers.

Draft stoppers are inexpensive, don’t require installation, and can be moved and reused later, so they’re a good value.

That said, they’re putting a Band-Aid over a broken arm. Until you upgrade your drafty doors to Energy Star doors, you will continue to pay for air leaks month in and month out.

Purchasing an Energy Star-approved door will keep your home comfortable, reduce your utility bills, and make air leaks a thing of the past!

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