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While many Saskatchewan residents live in apartments in the big cities, inhabitants of smaller towns and suburban areas often prefer living in full-sized, modular homes. 

Thanks to the province’s abundance of modular home builders, you can get a full-sized home built fairly easily in Saskatchewan. These builders assemble homes in factories and move them to their final build site quickly.

We’ve compiled this list of eight of the best home builders in the province who specialize in modular homes to help you find the right company for your next project.

Warman Homes

Warman Homes is located in West Warman. This builder has been operating in the region for nearly four decades and has expanded its lot over time.

Interior view of a Warman Homes modular home's kitchen
Courtesy of Warman Homes

Warman Homes offers custom-built homes, but its specialty lies in Ready-to-Move homes. It has twenty-five impressive floor plans ranging from 900 to 1,500 sq ft. The company also provides numerous modular cabin designs.

Clients can choose from any of the floorplans mentioned above. Alternatively, they can ask Warman to create a custom floorplan to meet their unique specs. The builder constructs each home using high-quality materials and strives to stay up-to-date with the latest build processes.

Exterior front view of a Warman Homes modular home
Courtesy of Warman Homes

Warman Homes inspects each structure three times during the build process to ensure they are pristine and perfect by the time they are delivered to customers.

Consider hiring Warman Homes to build your modular dwelling if you’re seeking quality and reliability.

J&H Homes

Based in Saskatoon, J&H Homes has provided Ready-To-Move (RTM) homes for over fifty years. It currently offers twelve home designs consisting of two-story, bungalow, and cottage-style homes.

Exterior view of a J&H Homes modular home
Courtesy of J&H Homes

The company’s best-selling design is The Radville 2554. This home features a semi-open layout, a private master suite, and a handy laundry or mudroom.

J&H Homes’ most popular cottage is its Stockholm II, which features four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a gas fireplace. The firm designed it to be the perfect retreat home for Saskatchewanians that love experiencing their province’s lake regions.

J&H prides itself on the solid construction and high-quality workmanship of its homes. It builds homes strong to ensure they can withstand being shipped hundreds of miles across the countryside. 

Interior view of a J&H Homes modular home
Courtesy of J&H Homes

Prospective homeowners in Saskatchewan can’t go wrong by choosing J&H Homes and one of its excellent Ready-to-Move home designs.

Prairie Castle Developments

Prairie Castle Developments is located in Martensville. It has been operating in the region since 2007 and specializes in building single-family and multi-family homes.

Exterior front view of a Prairie Castle Developments modular cabin
Courtesy of Prairie Castle Developments

This modular builder offers services around different parts of Saskatchewan, but most projects have been in Saskatoon, building a positive reputation there.

Prairie Castle builds each of its Ready-to-Move homes in an indoor climate-controlled facility in Martensville. Each structure is typically constructed on beams until the interior is completed.

It is then loaded onto a transport truck and transported to its final location. The home is then placed onto a foundation before electrical, heating, plumbing, and septic connections are finished.

Interior view of a Prairie Castle Developments modular cabin
Courtesy of Prairie Castle Developments

Prairies Castle Developments also offers Move-in-Ready cottages designed to be stronger than standard modular cabins. They are built to withstand the province’s harsh winters and are perfect for lakeside holiday homes.

Consider hiring Prairie Castle if you’re seeking a solid Move-in-Ready home built to last for decades.

Pinnacle Builders

Also based in Martensville, Pinnacle Builders has operated for over twenty-five years and is committed to providing the best quality Ready-to-Move homes at affordable rates.

Interior living room view of a Pinnacle Builders modular home
Courtesy of Pinnacle Builders

The firm is known for its excellent customer service, striving to ensure clients’ home visions are realized on each project.

Pinnacle Builders currently offers fourteen home designs ranging from 1,400-2,000 sq ft. It also has four cottage designs in the 1,100-1,300 sq ft range. Client’s who would like more floor plan choices can request a custom design that meets their requirements.

Exterior view of a Pinnacle Builders modular home
Courtesy of Pinnacle Builders

The builder follows the CSA’s strict quality control requirements and ensures each home undergoes multiple inspections before it is presented to clients.

Pinnacle Builders is an intelligent choice for prospective homeowners seeking a good balance between quality and affordability.

Zak’s Building

Zak’s Building is located in Hague. This family-owned business has existed for over twenty years and specializes in building Ready-to-Move homes, cottages, and on-site homes.

Interior view of a Zak’s Building modular home's living room space
Courtesy of Zak’s Building

The company’s craftspeople construct each home in the builder’s yard before moving them to their client’s property. As a result, houses and cottages are built to local building codes and meet high energy-efficiency standards.

This builder prides itself on helping clients realize their vision. It caters to first-time homebuyers and experienced buyers seeking to upgrade and move to a new home.

Exterior front view of a Zak’s Building modular home
Courtesy of Zak’s Building

Zak’s offers to customize designs and fit floorplans according to client specifications, meaning endless possibilities. Prospective homeowners in Saskatchewan should consider hiring Zak’s Building if they have a vision for their future home.

The staff understands the ins and outs of home design and construction and can ensure the job isn’t done until you are satisfied with the end product.

Tru North

Based in Prince Albert, Tru North has been serving its community for many years and strives to provide clients with an enjoyable home buying experience.

Interior view of a Tru North modular home
Courtesy of Tru North

Tru North’s modular homes are built in a climate-controlled factory setting and inspected by qualified technicians. In addition, it maintains a dedicated group of staff to minimize delays in the home construction and delivery processes. 

Tru North understands that quality is vital for each structure and uses high-quality materials in each build.

This builder does not offer the customization options that the other builders on our list provide. However, it makes up for this factor by offering a large inventory of home choices.

Exterior view of a Tru North modular home
Courtesy of Tru North

Thanks to its high-quality customer service, Tru North has built up an excellent reputation in Prince Albert in a relatively short time. Reach out to Tru North to build your future modular home in Saskatchewan if you seek great customer service coupled with excellent build quality.

Greystone Homes

Greystone Homes is located in Saskatoon. This modular home firm has numerous years of experience and has a dedicated build site in Rosetown.

Interior view of a Greystone Homes modular home
Courtesy of Greystone Homes

The company offers Ready-to-Move Homes and custom houses for small towns, lake towns, and rural lots. It has various designs in the 1,100-1,400 sq ft range and many customization options.

Prospective clients can plan and design their future homes with Greystone’s designers. The builder then starts the construction process while keeping clients in the loop regarding its progress.

Greystone then uses its trusted tradespeople to build a foundation or basement for the house before moving it to its final location.

Exterior view of a Greystone Homes modular home
Courtesy of Greystone Homes

Greystone is the perfect choice for any homeowner seeking a builder with streamlined build and transportation processes. Its staff go above and beyond with each project and accept no less than complete satisfaction from clients.

B&B Homes

B&B Homes is based in Tisdale. This builder was founded twenty years ago and has been a family-owned establishment since the founder sold it to their son.

Interior view of a B&B Homes modular home
Courtesy of B&B Homes

The company has since built over one hundred homes in the province and strives to maintain its core philosophy of building superb quality homes without compromising its client’s vision.

B&B Homes stands out for having an experienced and dedicated team that does whatever it takes to get the job done. They take each client’s requests seriously and aim to incorporate them into the final design of each dwelling before starting the build process.

B&B currently offers numerous Ready-to-Move homes in the 1,200-1,700 sq ft range. Each house is covered under the New Home Warranty, so the company takes care of any damage that occurs in the year following its completion.

Exterior front view of a B&B Homes modular home
Courtesy of B&B Homes

Prospective homeowners in Saskatchewan should reach out to B&B Homes if they want their future home built by a family-run company with dedicated workers who have an eye for quality.

Wrapping Up

The above list shows there is no shortage of great RTM and modular home builders in Saskatchewan.

These firms have built up their excellent reputation by offering reliable services and quality homes built to their clients’ specifications. Consider hiring one of them if you want a high-quality home that will last for many decades.

Also, be sure to check out our lists of modular builders in neighboring provinces like Alberta and Manitoba, and our list of sustainable builders in Saskatchewan, as several of the firms mentioned construct modular homes, and may deliver to your area of the province.

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