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Ontario is synonymous with Toronto and its surrounding areas. However, this southern Canada province has many notable cities such as Hamilton, Kitchener, Ottawa, London, and Windsor.

Ontario could be considered Canada’s economic powerhouse thanks to the thousands of Toronto-based businesses. It is also one of the provinces considered similar to midwestern American states such as Minnesota and Michigan.

Ontarians are known for being environmentally conscious and often strive to reduce their carbon footprint. Many have also invested in “green” homes built with sustainable materials and energy-efficient components.

If you also want to invest in a sustainable home in Ontario, you will be glad to learn that the province has many local builders to excel in this area. This guide has compiled twelve of the top home builders in Ontario.

The Best Green Home Builders in Ontario

Our extensive research of green home builders in Ontario led us to whittle down a list of the top twelve companies standing head and shoulders above the rest, including: 

  • Gilbert + Burke
  • Evolve Builders
  • Jeffery Homes
  • Royalpark
  • Greenbuilt Homes
  • Greenbilt Homes
  • The Conscious Builder
  • Country Green Homes
  • Fourth Pig
  • DiGreen Homes
  • Aerecura Sustainable Builders
  • Eko Built

So without further ado, let’s break down what each of these acclaimed companies can provide prospective homebuyers.

Gilbert + Burke

Exterior view of a Gilbert + Burke boat house on a lakefront
Courtesy of Gilbert + Burke

Gilbert + Burke is a builder with three offices in Ontario. It was founded in 2000 and aims to continually evolve and adapt its designs to fit the latest trends and requirements.

The company emphasizes sustainability and energy efficiency in its builds. Its green homes utilize renewable energy and contain many energy-saving components.

Gilbert + Burke prides itself on combining style with eco-friendly designs and isn’t afraid to go all out when it comes to helping the environment.

Exterior front view of a Gilbert + Burke green home
Courtesy of Gilbert + Burke

The firm offers prospective homeowners a straightforward design and builder process. Clients will first get to meet with the builder’s specialists during an initial consultation and design their expectations. They can then choose materials and components such as doors and windows.

Gilbert + Burke’s design team and project managers strive to maintain communications with clients throughout the design and build process. They aim to ensure clients are in the loop from start to finish.

Interior view of a Gilbert + Burke green home's living room with a moonlight
Courtesy of Gilbert + Burke

Consider hiring Gilbert + Burke if you’re seeking a combination of style and energy efficiency in your future home.

Evolve Builders

Evolve Builders is a sustainable building company based in Guelph. 

The company serves clients in the Waterloo, Kitchener, and Cambridge tri-cities area but has also constructed homes in Wellington, London, Muskoka, and the Greater Toronto Area.

Exterior front view of a Evolve Builders green passive house
Courtesy of Evolve Builders

Evolve Builders consists of a group of contractors and house builders with a passion for building sustainable and energy-efficient homes.

This company prides itself on using locally-sourced building materials to support Ontario businesses, including local producers, family-owned companies, and small businesses.

Some of the builder’s sustainable materials include:

  • Handmade wooden doors
  • Live-edge wood siding
  • Sheep’s wool insulation
  • Outdoor cob ovens

Evolve also aims to address some cost estimation and timeline issues plaguing other green builders.

Some of the strategies used to work around these challenges include:

  • Maintaining its own in-house crews to avoid labor shortages
  • Incorporating repeatable procedures in the design and build processes to minimize uncertainties that would otherwise cause delays

Prospective homeowners in Ontario can’t go wrong by choosing Evolve Builders to construct their dwelling. This firm goes above and beyond in its services and can help turn your green home vision into reality.

Jeffery Homes

Jeffery Homes is a builder located in Oshawa. This family-built business has served clients in the Durham region for over fifty-five years and takes a personal interest in each project it undertakes.

Interior view of a Jeffery Homes green home
Courtesy of Jeffery Homes

Jeffery Homes aim to achieve new standards for sustainability in its homes. As a result, it was the first Energy Star-certified builder in the province. The firm’s high-quality craftsmanship also helped it be selected for the town of Clarington’s Priority Green initiative.

It is considered reliable in the custom green home world for its focus on accountability and quality control. The company prioritizes quality, efficiency, and cost control in each build. This emphasis helps ensure each project proceeds according to client needs and that it remains within budget.

Jeffery Homes is an excellent choice for any prospective Ontario homeowner seeking a reliable green builder with an excellent reputation. The company can take on any challenge and utilize its experience to accomplish a great job each time.


Royalpark is a builder located in Woodbridge. This Ontario company has been operating for over thirty years and strives to offer clients an enjoyable home buying experience.

The company stands out for constructing custom homes and entire neighbourhoods. It is famous for creating an Energy Star-certified community in Brampton and following energy-efficient and sustainable practices in its builds.

Interior view of a Royalpark green home
Courtesy of Royalpark

Royalpark uses long-lasting materials and aims to recycle during various stages of the build process. It also incorporates energy-efficient components such as low-E Argon windows, increased attic insulation, heat recovery ventilation units, high-efficiency furnaces,  and sealed ductwork in each build.

Each of these components contributes to helping homeowners save on energy bills long-term.

Consider hiring Royalpark if you would like your future home to meet Energy Star standards and include various energy-saving components.

Greenbuilt Homes

Greenbuilt Homes is located in Maberly. This builder has focused on designing and constructing green homes for over fifteen years. It has developed methods and materials for building unique homes and cottages with energy efficiency in mind.

Exterior view of a Greenbuilt Homes green home
Courtesy of Greenbuilt Homes

The company stands out for its commitment to reducing its environmental impact on each project. Its staff utilizes their collective knowledge to find ways to make its builds more energy-efficient and sustainable.

Greenbuild has a rich portfolio and has previously constructed straw bale homes, timber framing, and conventionally-framed homes. It also takes pride in building custom cabinets, vanities, and fireplaces to meet clients’ expectations.

Prospective homeowners in Ontario should reach out to Greenbuilt Homes if they want to minimize their environmental impact during their future home’s construction process. This builder utilizes many environmentally-friendly processes and can build your future home with these priorities in mind.

Greenbilt Homes

Greenbilt Homes should not be confused with Greenbuilt Homes. The former is based in Oakville and has served Ontarians for over fourteen years.

The company gained regional fame after constructing its first eco-friendly house in Oakville’s Bronte Harbour area. This project took two years of planning, but the construction process was incredibly efficient.

Interior view of a Greenbilt Homes' living room
Courtesy of Greenbilt Homes

The builder has been utilizing this streamlined design and build process in the years that followed this project’s completion. Greenbilt constructs homes within eight to twelve months. 

It typically charges between $250-$350 per square foot for its standard homes and $300-$350 per square foot for its passive house designs. 

Greenbilt has built an excellent reputation in a relatively short amount of time. Consider reaching out to this sustainable builder if you’re seeking reliable and efficient green home construction services in Ontario.

The Conscious Builder

The Conscious Builder is located in Ottawa and specializes in custom homes and home renovations. The company has operated for numerous years and aims to honor the environment in each build.

The name indicates the company is all about making “conscious” decisions. It strives to remain aware of each design and construction decision and how it will impact the project’s sustainability.

Interior view of a living room by The Conscious Builder
Courtesy of The Conscious Builder

The Conscious Builder may not be able to construct 100% sustainable homes, but it can create homes that are 100% environmentally conscious.

The firm follows an integrated design process that supports clients in making critical decisions. Each home comes with a seven-year Tarion warranty and is created using high-quality materials.

Consider hiring The Conscious Builder if you want a company that strives to make homes as sustainable as possible without breaking the bank.

Country Green Homes

Country Green Homes is based in Milton and has served clients for over twenty years. This builder has constructed over three hundred dwellings and is responsible for building many neighborhoods in southwestern Ontario.

Exterior front view of a Country Green Homes home
Courtesy of Country Green Homes

The company prides itself on offering high-quality custom homes at affordable rates. These homes are meant to be an ideal fit for first-time homebuyers and more experienced homeowners.

Country Green is committed to offering excellent customer service and long-lasting relationships with clients. It has won numerous awards from local home builder associations and is always looking to increase its accolades by providing superb craftsmanship and reliable services.

Prospective homeowners in Ontario can’t go wrong by choosing Country Green Homes. Its excellent portfolio demonstrates it has the experience needed to build high-performance, energy-efficient homes you can count on.

Fourth Pig

Fourth Pig is a builder located in the Greater Toronto Area. It has operated for numerous years and offers many services to clients in the Greater Toronto, Muskoka, and Golden Horseshoe areas.

Interior kitchen view of a Fourth Pig green home
Courtesy of Fourth Pig

The firm offers to build custom homes, complete additions, and perform renovations. It prides itself on building high-performance, energy-efficient structures while focusing on the health impact of its build materials. 

Fourth Pig reuses and recycles certain built materials to help make projects more eco-friendly. It has also been hired for consultations on various green projects. The staff possesses advanced knowledge of green building and sustainability practices, so you can be sure they will incorporate them in each build.

Ontarians should contact Fourth Pig if they want their future green home built by professionals with an in-depth understanding of green practices.

DiGreen Homes

DiGreen Homes is a builder that serves clients in Southern Ontario. It is a third-generation builder with expertise in residential and commercial construction alike.

This builder considers itself at the forefront of environmentally-conscious development and incorporates many eco-friendly practices in its home builds.

DiGreen uses only engineered lumber and high energy-efficiency windows in its homes. It also uses heat recovery ventilation systems to minimize energy use. The builder is always looking for new and innovative products and methods that will take their home builds to the next level.

Interior view of a DiGreen Homes green home's living room
Courtesy of DiGreen Homes

Consider hiring DiGreen Homes if you’re looking for a sustainable builder with a stellar track record and numerous green customization options.

Aerecura Sustainable Builders

Aerecura Sustainable Builders is located in Prince Edward County. It has operated since 2009 and touts itself as a sustainable building company. It specializes in high-performance rammed earth construction and built the first rammed earth home in the province.

Exterior view of an almost completed Aerecura Sustainable Builders green home
Courtesy of Aerecura Sustainable Builders

Aerecura utilizes sustainable local build materials in its builds. It takes pride in following the latest passive house-building techniques and employs a skilled team of experts passionate about building eco-friendly homes.

The company also performs deep energy retrofits for Ontario clients and offers energy-efficient home additions. Homeowners in Ontario should reach out to Aerecura if they seek rammed earth construction in their future abode.

Eko Built

Eko Built is based in Ottawa and has served clients for numerous years. This builder specializes in constructing high-performance, low-energy homes to help clients save money on energy bills.

Interior view of an Eko Built home
Courtesy of Eko Built

The firm utilizes high-quality, long-lasting build materials in its structures to ensure homes are low-maintenance and retain their value over time. In addition, it has perfected its design and build processes while utilizing environmentally responsible materials whenever possible.

Prospective homeowners can’t go wrong by choosing Eko Built. The company constantly seeks to improve its eco-friendliness and make its homes more energy-efficient.

Selecting the Perfect Sustainable Home Builder in Ontario

Choosing the perfect green home builder in Ontario can seem daunting at first. However, the above list should help you narrow down your options significantly. 

While each of the builders listed has a stellar reputation in its community, they may specialize in different areas. For this reason, you should consider contacting the ones you are interested in to ask if they can build a home per your unique specifications.

The most suitable green builder will offer the services you seek and go above and beyond to ensure your new home is as efficient as possible without compromising on style and comfort.

Also, be sure to check out our lists of green builders in neighboring provinces like Quebec and Manitoba, and our list of modular builders in Ontario, as several of the firms mentioned construct homes that are also considered sustainable, and may deliver to your area of the province.

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