The buildings and green space of Quebec City along the waterfront at dusk

As Canada’s second-most populous province, Quebec offers a lot regarding lifestyle quality and living conditions. It’s home to several picturesque landscapes, including parks, lakes, and mountains.

Moreover, the province is surrounded by beautiful bodies of water. You can enjoy scenic sunsets on rivers and lakes such as the Pink Lake, Lake Memphremagog, Lake of Two Mountains, Rivière Saint-Pierre, and Bonaventure River.

In addition, Quebec has the most affordable electricity of any Canadian province. In fact, if you consume 1,000 kWh a month, your average electricity bill will be just $73. 

But perhaps the most significant advantage of residing in Quebec is that it offers affordable housing regardless of whether you live in an urban or rural area.

Homeowners in the province can really leverage the affordability of homes and the low cost of electricity by opting for an energy-efficient, sustainable green home. Fortunately, there are many green home builders in Quebec that construct sustainable, eco-friendly dwellings.

If you are searching for such a house to reduce your carbon footprint and utility bills, this post outlines 11 standout sustainable home builders in Quebec. 

The Best Green Home Builders in Quebec

Here is our pick for the top sustainable green home builders in Quebec, including:

  1. UrbanÉco Construction
  2. Terra Verde
  3. Belvedair 
  4. Maisons Laprise
  5. Lofty Pods
  6. Écohabitations boréales’
  7. MCH Group Inc. 
  8. Construction Voyer
  9. Les Constructions Raymond et Fils Inc.
  10. ÉNERGÉCO Concept
  11. Ecohabitation 

So without further ado, let’s break down what each of these renowned companies offers potential homebuyers.

UrbanÉco Construction 

UrbanÉco Construction is one of the best green home builders in Quebec that works with your well-being in mind. The company builds its home with care and uses durable construction materials that require minimal maintenance. 

Exterior view of an UrbanÉco Construction green home
Courtesy of UrbanÉco Construction

The interior finishes of UrbanÉco homes contain little to no endocrine disruptors or carcinogenic compounds generally found in coatings and paints. The company also includes a radon gas vent in the house design to ensure your home stays free of this naturally-occurring carcinogenic gas.

Moreover, UrbanÉco homes also feature a passive solar design and triple fenestration to cut down 50% of your electricity and heating bill. 

The best thing about this builder is that its design and construction teams are passionate and work vigorously to build your dream green home. They listen and support you throughout the process with a detailed budget and a clear timetable.

Terra Verde

Terra Verde is a sustainable builder in Quebec dedicated to its mission of constructing environmentally friendly homes.

The primary concerns of Terra Verde Developments are building durability and quality, the well-being of residents, and respect for the home setting. The company stands out from other home builders for its eco-friendly and environmentally-respectful approach to construction and its site selections for its upscale projects. 

Exterior front view of a Terra Verde green home
Courtesy of Terra Verde

Terra Verde homes meet improved health, energy efficiency, and environmental criteria. For instance, the paints the company uses do not lead to any VOC emissions, and there is an air exchanger in every room that allows for humidity control.

In addition, Terra Verde uses local and sustainable materials and FSC-certified wood when necessary. It also installs double-flush toilets and water-saving showerheads to decrease water consumption. 

Some other features of its energy-efficient homes include Energy Star doors and windows, south-facing window design to harness passive solar energy, electronic thermostats, durable siding materials (stone, brick, wood, etc.), and sustainable flooring materials (bamboo, slate, hardwood, etc.)

All of Terra Verde’s homes are subject to independent quality control and are checked and certified by third parties. 


Interior view of a Belvedair green home
Courtesy of Belvedair

Belvedair is a general contractor specializing in green building. Its team relies on expertise, passion, and its ability to listen to its client’s requirements to:

  • Develop inspiring and unique ecological homes right from the project-planning phase
  • Build while respecting your needs, budget, and the environment
  • Create inspiring and unique ecological homes right from the project-planning phase 
  • Make green building the standard construction method
  • Execute a comprehensive vision: create sustainable, healthy, and resilient homes. 

All Belvedair homes are constructed according to the highest quality standard and use healthy, sustainable, and local materials. Moreover, they obtain a Novoclimat certification. Carbon Neutral, LEED, Passive House, and Passive Solar Index certifications are also available.

These stringent standards give you peace of mind knowing that an independent and unbiased expert inspects your home. In addition, Terra Verde provides a quality guarantee recognized in the real estate market and access to financial assistance thanks to the Novoclimat program. 

Maisons Laprise

Leader and pioneer of energy-efficient houses in Quebec, Maisons Laprise pre-engineers and constructs homes in panelized custom kits. Cool in summer and warm in winter, its structures are designed for the varied climate and offer high levels of comfort and energy savings. 

Interior view of a Maisons Laprise green home
Courtesy of Maisons Laprise

Respectful of and responsible for the environment, the company’s cutting-edge construction technique and manufacturing process generates only two percent of waste which is ultimately recycled.

Maisons Laprise houses are pre-engineered in Quebec and assembled with eco-conscious building materials, waterproofing/air system, insulation, and FSC wood. It also favors purchasing and using local building materials and contractors. 

Lofty Pods

LoftyPods builds some of the sleekest, high quality, energy-efficient modular homes in Quebec.

Exterior front view of a LoftyPod
Courtesy of LoftyPods

It uses specific materials to construct homes that promote energy optimization by enhancing air quality and general comfort, leading to significant financial savings and minimal environmental impact. 

Here are some reasons that make LoftyPods homes energy-efficient:

Improved Thermal Insulation 

Homes boast increased thermal roof and wall insulation with very high R factors to minimize thermal bridges and air movement inside. These measures lead to a significant reduction in electricity bills in summer and winter.

In addition, LoftyPods homes benefit from energy-efficient building techniques that can only happen inside a factory. Areas inaccessible during a conventional home build are easy to reach, enabling construction teams to add insulation to floors, electrical outlets, and other critical areas of energy waste. 

Low E Doors and Windows

LoftyPods uses Low E (low emissivity), triple-glazed Argon doors and windows. Such glazing units represent an indispensable weapon against energy loss and allow for considerable savings—they enhance energy efficiency by controlling heat gain during summers and heat loss during winter. 

Écohabitations boréales’

The next green home builder on our list is Écohabitations boréales’. The company’s mission is to create living environments that correspond to their owners, where it will be healthy for them to live while reducing the ecological footprint of its homes. 

Exterior front view of an Écohabitations boréales' eco home
Courtesy of Écohabitations boréales’

Écohabitations boréales pays attention to detail and chooses only the best quality materials. The company constructs superior-quality, certified buildings by comprising a team of high-performance contractors and experienced carpenters.

All the ecological homes constructed by Écohab are designed to minimize environmental footprint at the lowest possible cost. 

Since 2009, the company has secured nine Domus awards, including the prestigious Builder of the Year in 2014. It is accredited by the Novoclimat – Groupe Sélect and has a AA Quality Rating in the GCR guarantee plan. In addition, its buildings are Novoclimat and LEED-certified.

Thanks to these high-level certifications programs, you can rest assured that your house will meet the industry’s highest performance and quality standards. 

MCH Group Inc. 

MCH Group Inc. is a design-build company located in the heart of the Gatineau Hills. It was started by two brothers, Ben and Jake, who were passionate and determined to construct energy-efficient structures for generations to come. 

MCH combines efficient planning and innovative solutions to create buildings seamlessly integrated into their surroundings, balancing functionality, aesthetic design, and their commitment to environmental sustainability. 

Exterior view of a MCH Group Inc. green home
Courtesy of MCH Group Inc.

The company also offers the opportunity to integrate the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) into your project’s design. The PHPP is recommended as a primary tool for designing, planning, and creating an energy-efficient project.

This offering enables MCH Group to comprehensively assess the building composition (systems, components, materials), its environment and location (climate data, solar heat gains, shading, orientation), and usage before construction.

It provides an accurate estimate of the heating load, cooling and heating energy demand, and global energy demand of the building. 

Construction Voyer

Driven by the objective of providing clients with innovative and eco-responsible properties, Construction Voyer strives to deliver durable, intelligent, and environmentally respectful construction services.

Courtesy of Construction Voyer

Its ambition is to make your house an incredible place to live while preserving natural resources and the environment. This mission is why it has developed solid expertise in sustainable and energy efficiency development. 

In 2017, the company decided to include Novoclimat certification as part of every new home construction. Construction Voyer aims to make eco-energy housing affordable and stay at the top of its field for sustainable building practices. 

These standards encompass all aspects of the design and construction of Construction Voyer houses. Through the effort made to turn these plans into reality, material selection, attention to detail, and the building technique used, Construction Voyer ensures delivery of homes that feature:

  • High energy efficiency through airtight sealing and superior insulation 
  • Significant savings on heat
  • Air circulation system that delivers excellent ambient air quality 
  • Proven durability 
  • Excellent soundproofing
  • Contemporary and refined design 
  • Increased ergonomics 

Les Constructions Raymond et Fils Inc.

Les Constructions Raymond et Fils Inc. constructs superior-quality personalized green homes which are durable and in line with the needs and budgets of its clients. 

Interior view of a Les Constructions Raymond et Fils Inc. green home
Courtesy of Les Constructions Raymond et Fils Inc.

Its vision is to become a company known for continuously improving its residential construction practices to offer an ever-better performing and ecologically responsible product. 

In 2014, the company received a certificate of compliance, recognizing its skills as a Novoclimatcontractor in the Home and Small Multi-lodging Building category. This certification enables it to offer new high-energy performance homes that provide an estimated 20% savings on energy costs compared to houses constructed according to the existing regulations. 


ÉNERGÉCOMC Concept is a company based in the Laurentian Mountains that specializes in constructing energy-efficient, 100% factory-built houses.

Exterior view of a ÉNERGÉCOMC Concept green home on a cliff bordering a lake
Courtesy of ÉNERGÉCOMC Concept

Its concept incorporates the majority of the LEED for Homes requirements. In addition, the fact that its homes comply with the “Sustainable Site Development” category indicates that all homes leaving the factory qualify for LEED certification. 

Some features of ÉNERGÉCOMC Concept homes include:

  • Bioclimatic 
  • Manufactured from local and sustainable materials
  • Customizable to clients’ budgets and needs
  • Designed to fit a green roof 


Ecohabitation provides ecological modular green homes. The company has brought together and trained professionals to uncover factory-built housing kits. These professionals include:

  • Architects who develop a distinctive and effective design and design aesthetic and practical spaces suitable for sustainable lifestyles
  • Manufacturers that plan the use of high-quality local materials, rationalize assembly, and organize production
  • Professionals who prioritize best practices, ecological and healthy materials, optimization of sustainability, and energy efficiency

Many of its residential projects are LEED-certified. This designation offers several benefits to homeowners, such as higher durability, energy savings of 30-70%, 50% less water consumption, better indoor air quality, increased comfort, and higher resale value. 

Interior view of a Ecohabitation green home
Courtey of Ecohabitation

The company’s Eco-Habitat S1600 homes are designed to maximize energy performance with recycled cellulose insulation, double-framed wall construction, wood fiber insulation panels, and R6-rated triple-glazed windows. 

In addition, heat pumps and solar air heating panels warm the houses, whereas greywater heat recovery units reduce the energy consumed for hot water heating. 

Apart from energy efficiency, Ecohabitation structures feature recyclable and sustainable exterior finishes such as cedar and steel. In addition, interior finishings are natural, VOC-free, and non-toxic. 

The company also provides “Ecoentrepreneur” accreditation, the mark that designates entrepreneurs who are leaders in health and environmental matters in the home. It allows building artisans to stand out from the competition in a swiftly evolving sector. 

Last Few Words

These chosen residential sustainable builders in Quebec can surely help you build the most eco-friendly house per your unique vision.

The green home of your dreams will allow you to benefit from energy efficiency and reduced energy bills while minimizing your impact on the planet.

Also, be sure to check out our list of the top green builders in neighboring provinces like Newfoundland and Labrador, as several of the companies features construct homes that are also considered sustainable, and may service your area of Quebec.

Happy hunting!

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