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Manitoba is a province in the southeast of Canada bordered by Ontario on the east and meets the United States towards the south. The US states North Dakota and Minnesota share a border with Manitoba. 

Manitoba stretches for over 550,000 kilometers. Canada is a vast country, and despite Manitoba being the fifth most populous province, its limited population means the population density is only a mere two people per square kilometer.

The topography of Manitoba varies throughout the province, ranging from forests and farms toward the south, lakes and rivers toward the center, and mountainous tundra in the north. The northern part of Manitoba is a layer of permafrost.

Since 2006, all provincially-funded buildings have gone green to become environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Green homes reduce the operating costs, save import costs on fossil fuels, and keep the environment safe while simultaneously providing a healthy space for humans to be. 

Canada’s Green Building Council has ensured that all commercial buildings and facilities fit the international standards and are certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) silver. 

Now, residential builders are also taking a step forward to go green. Builders have switched to sustainable construction practices that erect safe and healthy homes for the residents. 

If you’re considering building a green home in Manitoba, we’ve scoured the internet and compiled a list of the seven best sustainable home construction companies in the province. 

The Best Green Home Builders in Manitoba

After researching, we’ve whittled down green home builders in Manitoba to a shortlist of companies standing apart from the rest, including:

  1. Dueck Builders
  2. Gino’s Homes
  3. KDR Homes
  4. Alair Homes Winnipeg
  5. Ventura Custom Homes Ltd.
  6. Sun Certified Builders Cooperative Ltd.
  7. Signature Homes Ltd

So, without further ado, let’s look at the specifics of what each sustainable home construction firm has to offer prospective homeowners.

Dueck Builders

Dueck Builders opened its doors in 2006. Since then, it has been responsible for building the best custom green homes and has already built over 40 homes. 

Interior view of a Dueck Builders green home
Courtesy of Dueck Builders

The company offers full customization according to the customer’s request, and any changes during the process are possible. Builders work in perfect sync with interior designers to mold a house according to your requirement. 

After the house has been in your possession for a year, Dueck initiates a complete one-year walkthrough. The firm goes over any aspects of your home that need repairing or attention and ensures everything is according to your requirement. It also provides a home warranty for up to 10 years.

Dueck Builders incorporate sustainability in its homes through well-insulated shells with air-tight walls and windows. In addition, the houses are constructed so that natural light is maximized to reduce the need for bulbs. Renewable energy sources are available as well. 

Last but not least, there is reduced waste during the construction process to promote the use of healthy products and minimal chemicals harmful to the environment.

Why Choose Dueck Builders

  • It gives an accurate estimate of the total budget of the house based on the details you provide
  • The company handles all the paperwork before the construction starts, such as acquiring permits
  • It gives a complete one-year walkthrough or warranty and a home warranty of up to 10 years

Gino’s Homes

Gino’s Homes is a family-owned business that established back in 1968. 

Dealing with a family-owned business has its perks. All customers directly deal with the Cotroneo family, ensuring that the work is carried out precisely. You can also get any customizations to your house.

Interior view of a Gino's Homes green home
Courtesy of Gino’s Homes

Building a house is not an easy task and stresses over the mind of the customers as well. This is why the Cotroneos are available 24/7 to answer any queries that may arise and provide you peace of mind. 

Why Choose Gino’s Homes

  • Offers full customization on every service of the house
  • Customer service is available 24/7
  • to answer your queries

KDR Homes

The owner of KDR Homes, Diego Vassallo, has been using his twenty-seven years of experience to build the best green homes in Manitoba.

KDR offers many services, including designing and custom constructing your home. Renovation of your existing homes is also possible.

Interior view of a KDR Homes' living room
Courtesy of KDR Homes

The company has hired some of the most skilled professionals who actively participate in each project to satisfy every customer. While building the green home of your dreams, KDR Homes will step up to solve any problems that may arise and make the process smooth for you.

Why Choose KDR Homes

  • It is actively involved with the customer and works on the feedback offered by them
  • The whole construction and design process is done under the budget set by the customer
  • Houses are custom-tailored according to the requirements of the client

Alair Homes Winnipeg 

Alair Homes Winnipeg is a company that provides the best sustainable home construction services in Winnipeg. It does everything from the construction of your house or estate to home and kitchen renovation and bathroom remodeling. 

Exterior front view of an Alair Homes Winnipeg green home

Alair has the best team of workers, designers, engineers, architects, and craftsmen that can model the house exactly as you require using their unmatched skillset.

So whether you’re looking to build a cottage, a modest home, or a multi-million luxury mansion, the attention to detail in every project is the same. 

The company has partnered with AMC Technologies, which specializes in foam technology. Foam is used to build exceptional green homes that are safe, healthy, and light on your pocket!

Why Choose Alair Homes

  • Provides exceptional quality and unparalleled craftsmanship
  • Homes are customized according to your budget plan.

Ventura Custom Homes

Founded in 1991, Ventura Custom Homes is famous for providing unmatched variety and quality in its dwellings. Building your own home is a lifelong investment, and there is no better option than Ventura Custom Homes. 

Before the building process starts, it considers your budget and accommodates the best design possible in it. 

Interior view of a kitchen by Ventura Custom Homes
Courtesy of Ventura Custom Homes

Ventura Custom Homes offers multiple financing options that make constructing your home less stressful on the mind and wallet. In addition, the green and sustainable homes built by it are also less stressful on the environment!

It also offers a complete home warranty after possession is handed over to your house so you can live in it peacefully. 

Ventura Custom is the best and most affordable option on the lot! It never compromises on quality, delivering precisely what is asked.

Why Choose Ventura Custom Homes

  • Offers multiple financing options to make your dream home more accessible
  • Provides after-possession home warranty
  • Construction timelines are significantly shorter
  • The best homes at an affordable price

Sun Certified Builders Cooperative Ltd

Sun Certified Builders Cooperative Ltd is a company entirely dedicated to building energy-efficient homes. 

All structures are environmentally and economically sustainable, meeting quantifiable energy standards. Hence, most houses achieve a Net-Zero energy rating on Energy Modeling.

A Sun Certified Builders Cooperative home almost at completion
Courtesy of Sun Certified Builders Cooperative Ltd

It promotes sustainability in the construction practice by insulating walls and windows, making the house air-tight, and using solar energy sources to power the home. 

Achieving your dream home sustainable is now easy and not a dream anymore with Sun Certified Builders!

Why Choose Sun Certified Builders Cooperative Ltd

  • Offers free consultation on problems and provides solutions
  • Provides custom-built homes that are modeled according to your needs and wants

Signature Homes Ltd

Signature Homes Ltd has been around since 1969, but a larger firm took it over in 2015. However, the company’s expertise and experience remain unmatched throughout the years. 

The firm has built a vast clientele over the years, and its innovative designs and excellent construction skills are the reason for its extensive Rolodex. 

Courtesy of Signature Homes Ltd

Signature Homes Ltd also builds green homes that are energy efficient. These well-insulated homes have vapor barriers installed to keep the house air-tight. Installation of other energy-efficient appliances and HVAC systems also takes place.

Why Choose Signature Homes Ltd

  • Offers guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • The company handles all permits and paperwork
  • Customer service is available to answer any queries or fix any problem

Final Thoughts – Choosing a Green Builders in Manitoba

Canadians may be known for their extreme politeness and flawless sustainable home-building practices. But, when you combine the two, you get the best green home builders.

When you’re splurging all of your savings to get your dream home, it’s only fair that you would want the absolute best that lasts a lifetime. 

These companies guarantee you the best, making your vision come to life and building you a safe and comfortable place you can kick back after the end of a long day. 

Go through their website or contact them to see all their services. 

Also, be sure to check out our lists of sustainable builders in neighboring provinces like Saskatchewan, and the top modular home builders in Manitoba, as many of the companies featured construct homes that are also considered “green” and may service your area of the province.

Best of luck!

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