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Residents of Manitoba’s suburban and rural areas often choose modular homes. These remarkable dwellings, also known as prefab homes, are constructed at a swift pace thanks to their tried-and-tested template designs.

They are an excellent choice for any prospective Manitoban seeking a reliable home without worrying about design costs.

Fortunately, Manitoba has dozens of excellent modular home builders. This guide lists the top seven modular home builders in the province who deserve your attention.

Star Ready-to-Move Homes

Star Ready-to-Move Homes is based in Winnipeg and has been operating for over thirty years. Its founders have more than six decades of combined experience and strive to provide high-quality “ready-to-move” homes for clients across Manitoba.

Exterior view of a Star Ready-to-Move Homes modular home
Courtesy of Star Ready-to-Move Homes

The company offers many home floor plans and dozens of customization options, including fancy add-ons such as detached garages or four-season gateways.

Customers can start the process of getting their future home built with a complimentary consultation. Then, Star’s designers proceed with preliminary plans and adjust them according to their customers’ needs until they are completely satisfied.

The company states that the average built-time for its homes is six months. Star handles everything during construction except the foundation, water well, house movers, permits, and septic tanks. 

Interior view of a Star Ready-to-Move Homes modular home
Courtesy of Star Ready-to-Move Homes

Manitoba residents seeking a reliable modular home builder with numerous customization options can’t go wrong by choosing Star Ready-to-Move Homes.

Penner Builders

Penner Builders is located in Cartwright. The company has built modular homes for nearly four decades and has continually improved its services. 

Interior view of a Penner Builders modular home's kitchen
Courtesy of Penner Builders

The builder utilizes modern construction and finishing techniques in each of its builds. Its staff is known for critical attention to detail and efficient building processes. 

Penner’s ready-to-move homes are always top-notch and built to client specifications. The firm prides itself on its stellar client-builder relations, open communication policies, and knowledgeable build staff.

Exterior view of a Penner Builders modular home's front door and entryway
Courtesy of Penner Builders

Most of their homes feature a combination of vinyl flooring and high-quality carpets. They also come with custom-built cabinets and stained or painted woodwork.

Prospective customers can start by browsing the different plans on the builder’s website. Alternatively, they can develop their own sketch and present it to Penner Builders’ designer. The designer will then help homebuyers select the various customization options and add-ons before finalizing the design.

Prospective homeowners in Manitoba should reach out to Penner Builders if they seek a prefab builder that offers traditional services coupled with modern ideas.

Ridgeview Homes

Ridgeview Homes is based in Steinbach. It has been operating for over twelve years and was founded by a builder with two decades of construction trade experience.

Interior view of a Ridgeview Homes modular home
Courtesy of Ridgeview Homes

The company stands out from other prefab builders in Manitoba because it aims to eliminate intermediaries throughout the construction process.

This emphasis means clients won’t have to worry about paying for an operations manager, purchasing manager, estimator, or office manager. Instead, Ridgeview takes care of everything to ensure their client’s bill stays low.

Clients will be glad to know they can request changes even after starting the build process. This flexibility means they can ask for unique components or add-ons up to a certain point, depending on their evolving needs.

Exterior front view of a Ridgeview Homes modular home
Courtesy of Ridgeview Homes

Ridgeview’s average build-time for homes is approximately four months. It currently offers twelve great floor plans and focuses on stellar build quality for each one.

Consider getting your future prefab home in Manitoba built by Ridgeview if you’re looking for an affordable builder that gets the job done without unnecessary charges.

Springwood Homes

Springwood Homes is another leading modular home builder in Steinbach. The company is family-owned and has been serving Manitobans for over thirty years. It takes pride in offering quality craftsmanship and maintaining honest relationships with its clients.

Exterior front view of a Springwood Homes modular home
Courtesy of Springwood Homes

Springwood’s ready-to-move homes come in various sizes, with some designs exceeding 2,300 sq ft. The company offers a straightforward design and build process that its clients can follow.

Prospective homeowners can start by describing their ideas for their ideal home and review floorplans on Springwood’s website. They can also request a custom floorplan if any currently available do not suit their needs.

Clients will then meet with Springwoods’ staff and discuss critical details such as the home’s interior and exterior finishes. The designers will then get to work to turn these ideas into viable designs and present them to clients to seek their final approval before starting construction.

Interior view of a Springwood Homes modular home's fireplace closeup
Courtesy of Springwood Homes

Prospective homeowners should choose Springwood Homes if they seek a builder that offers a wide range of customization and size options. The company’s designers and engineers can help turn your dream modular home into a reality.

Pioneer Homes

Pioneer Homes is located in Altona and has been building homes in Manitoba for over two decades. The company offers ready-to-move, custom, and on-site homes.

Exterior view of a Pioneer Homes modular home
Courtesy of Pioneer Homes

Pioneer Homes’ ready-to-move homes come in a whopping twenty-five configurations and vary from 960 to 2560 square feet. Clients interested in a home that doesn’t fit the existing plans can ask for a custom floorplan designed with their specifications in mind. 

Pioneer stands out because it also helps clients with the interior design process for their finished homes. In addition, it has an experienced designer who helps homebuyers pick different samples and design considerations for their new home.

This builder strives to keep clients keyed in during the entire design and build process.

Interior view of a Pioneer Homes modular home
Courtesy of Pioneer Homes

Pioneer utilizes unique project management software that integrates client information, updates, and communication. This technology ensures clients are always in the loop regarding the latest developments on their projects.

Conquest Built

Conquest Built is also based in Altona. This builder has been operating for over sixty years and offers services across the prairie provinces and the northern US. It is family-owned and prides itself on providing consistent quality in its homes across generations.

Interior view of a Conquest Built modular home's kitchen and dining area
Courtesy of Conquest Built

Conquest Built aims to stay at the forefront of the latest technological developments in the home-building world. Most of its staff has been with the company for over five years, so clients can be sure they are getting work done by experienced professionals passionate about home construction.

This builder follows CDA A277 building codes for every project and ensures each one is certified by the ISO 9001 system. In addition, it prioritizes energy efficiency in its builds and claims its homes are 30% more efficient than the Model Energy Code (MEC) requirements.

Exterior view of a Conquest Built modular home
Courtesy of Conquest Built

Each Conquest Built structure is fabricated in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. This process leads to consistent product quality and craftsmanship.

Prospective Manitoba homeowners can’t go wrong by choosing Conquest Built to construct their future homes.

Olympic Homes

Interior view of a Olympic Homes modular home's living room and kitchen
Courtesy of Olympic Homes

Olympic Homes is based in Winnipeg and also has branches in Saskatchewan. This builder has constructed modular homes for several years and offers a whopping thirty-two floorplans.

Each Olympic Homes dwelling is built per industry-leading standards. All include thirty-five-year shingles, vaulted ceilings, fiberglass entry doors, and maple cabinetry. The company has streamlined its building process and completed most homes in just three months.

Exterior view of a Olympic Homes modular home
Courtesy of Olympic Homes

Olympic Homes takes care of the permits and logistics related to the building process. Its primary aim is to get the project done correctly with minimal client effort. Consider hiring Olympic Homes if you’re looking for a no-nonsense builder that gets the job done quickly.

Final Thoughts

The above list shows that people interested in building a modular home in Manitoba have plenty of excellent options to choose from. Some people may doubt the quality of a modular home, but the above builders have developed excellent reputations by offering reliable structures that last for many years.

So, get in touch with one of the modular builders listed to find the right modular home for your family.

Also, be sure to check out our posts on modular builders in neighboring provinces like Alberta, and our list of the top green builders in Manitoba, as several of the companies featured also construct houses that are considered “modular,” and may deliver to your area of the province.

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