The coastline along St. John's Bay, Newfoundland, with rolling hills, scattered houses, and a lighthouse front and center

Located in the Atlantic region of Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador is the country’s most easterly province. The region is comprised of the Newfoundland island and the Labrador mainland, which together make up the 9th most populous province in the country.

However, 2.2% of Newfoundland and Labrador’s land mass houses nearly 90% of the province’s total population.

The province is known for its clean air and freshwater surroundings. Apart from having some of the lowest crime rates in North America, the area is also well-known for its affordable cost of living. And with the ongoing recession, home affordability is an essential consideration. 

Modular home construction is one way to keep your initial overhead investment in a home reasonable. Fortunately, Newfound and Labrador boasts several reputed modular home building companies.

If you plan to build a home in Newfound and Labrador or are at least contemplating the thought, we present our list of the top modular builders in the province.

The Best Modular Home Builders in Newfoundland and Labrador

The top modular builders in Newfoundland and Labrador can offer you faster-built homes, less wastage, greater energy efficiency, and lifetime durability. Our shortlist includes:

  • KSAB Mini and Modular Homes
  • Homeworx Modular Home Systems
  • LLOYOLL Prefab
  • NL Modular
  • NU Home Solutions

So, without further ado, let’s break down what each of these esteemed companies has to offer prospective modular homeowners.

KSAB Mini and Modular Homes

KSAB Mini and Modular Homes hold a vast experience of 14 years in constructing tiny homes, modular houses, and commercial buildings. 

Exterior front view of a KSAB Mini and Modular Homes home
Courtesy of KSAB Mini and Modular Homes

Homebuyers can pick one of the mini or modular homes in Bells Brook, or the company can even build a house based on every client’s unique requirements.

As a result of the company’s efficient assembly process, houses are built using fewer construction materials and labor. As a result, KSAB homes can be transportation-ready in as little as six weeks.

Why Choose KSAB Mini and Modular Homes

  • Homes are energy-efficient and come equipped with R-20 wall insulation and an R-40 ceiling
  • Provides numerous innovative floor plans so that you can easily get the layout of your preference
  • Specialized in mini and modular homes in the Bells Brook area for 14+ years
  • Homes are ready for delivery in as few as six weeks
  • KSAB modular homes are built in a controlled environment to safeguard structures from different elements.  

Homeworx Modular Home Systems

Homeworx Modular Home Systems is an approved retailer and builder for Kent Homes and sells high-quality prefab homes to the residents of Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Interior view of a Homeworx Modular Home Systems' den
Courtesy of Homeworx Modular Home Systems

The company also provides clients hassle-free and super convenient homebuying experiences. Moreover, Homeworx also owns an in-house design center that allows clients to tailor floor plans according to their needs.

All Homeworx houses are built in cutting-edge facilities by skilled craftsmen and under strict quality control checks and balances to meet the standards of the Canadian Standards Association and National Building Codes. 

Why Choose Homeworx Modular Home Systems

  • Authorized retailer of Kent Homes, a big name in the modular home industry
  • Allows clients to partake in their new home’s planning, designing, and construction process
  • It’s partnered with accredited entities including Atlantic Home Warranty, Parsons Engineering, Renomark, RBC, and more to build superior quality modular homes


LLOYOLL Prefab is a Nova Scotia-based company that delivers modular homes across the USA and all Canadian provinces, including Newfoundland and Labrador. The company designs and builds contemporary homes that are modern, beautiful, and harmonious with the surrounding nature.

Exterior view of a LLOYOLL Prefab home on the edge of a cliff overlooking a canyon
Courtesy of LLOYOLL Prefab

The expert design team creates unique dwellings while offering the same respect and passion you have for the splendor of surrounding nature. Each LLOYOLL home uses natural materials to endue old-world craftsmanship and modern luxury.

The company uses an environmentally sensitive approach; your new house will endure the test of time, from aesthetics to energy. Moreover, LLOYOLL makes building your dream home as enjoyable as living in it.

Its digital personalization tool empowers clients to configure the home they imagine easily—simply pick your model, customize the interior and exterior finishes, and select the features that speak to you from a range of other options.

Why Choose LLOYOLL Prefab

  • Provides innovative lifestyle floor plans so that you can easily personalize your home and get the layout of your preference. 
  • Allows a personalized home-building process that is efficient, simple, and has a much lower carbon footprint than typical traditional home building. 
  • Home systems are tested and proven and offer timeline + cost certainty. 

NL Modular

NL Modular is a COR-certified builder of permanent and temporary modular structures, including premier Construction Trailers.

This Newfoundland and Labrador-based company takes pride in leveraging local resources and materials to build high-quality, durable, and affordable modular prefab homes.

As a local modular builder, its service and management teams are available to clients around the clock to ensure all their requirements are met.  

Why Choose NL Modular

  • Offers clients the benefit of local manufacturing of modular homes throughout the Newfoundland and Labrador province
  • Manufactures homes locally, enabling the company to employ local construction materials, resources, and services. 
  • Boasts high-quality control, superior service, competitive pricing, and a COR-certified safety program

NU Home Solutions

This builder is a proud retailer of Supreme Homes mini and modular homes. In addition, NU Home Solutions allows clients to customize houses online according to their particular requirements and easily get a fast and free quote.

The company also provides in-house mortgage services in collaboration with Mortgage Alliance and Shoreline Mortgages Inc. These consultants can help clients get the best rate for building their dream home.

Interior view of a NU Home Solutions kitchen and dining area
Courtesy of NU Home Solutions

Moreover, Nu Home Solutions offers a vast range of buying and selling real estate services and even helps homeowners sell their existing homes in case they’re downsizing to a mini or modular home. 

Why Choose NU Home Solutions

  • Allows clients to customize their modular home online before the actual construction happens
  • Provide fast and free quotes for modular homes
  • Offers clients in-house mortgage services for financial assistance
  • Helps clients sell their existing homes in case they’re downsizing

Final Thoughts – Selecting the Modular Builder for Your Needs

With countless positive testimonials and reviews by past clients and a great reliability rate, there’s no denying that these builders offer some of the best modular homes in Newfoundland and Labrador. Unlike other home builders with exorbitant price tags, these companies will ensure you receive your money’s worth. 

Houses constructed by these builders are durable, reliable, versatile, and come with several benefits, making them a worthwhile investment for anybody seeking some relief during these times of financial uncertainty.

To learn more about any of these construction companies servicing Newfound and Labrador, do not hesitate to reach out to them! 

Remember, when buying a modular home or any other house, ask for the builder’s local license, get quotes for the best price, and speak to past clients for feedback. 

Also, be sure to check out our list of the top sustainable home builders in Newfound and Labrador, as several of the companies featured construct modular green dwellings and may deliver to your area of the province.

Best of luck and happy home hunting!

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