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Jim Pritchard

Hi, I’m Jim.

I grew up in a home that was constantly being improved, renovated and extended, so I saw how homes are built from an early age. I couldn’t help but contribute to the various works, pouring my first floor slab at the age of twelve and getting pretty handy with a brick hammer, tidying up reclaimed bricks we picked up for a good price from a local builder.

When I bought my first home, I threw myself into doing it up, and have turned my hand to many jobs, including demolition (which is great fun), pouring floor slabs, hanging doors, and improving the efficiency of my home by insulating the roof and walls, to name just a few.

I completed gutted and renovated my current home, and then ten years later extended it, project managing the various elements and teams involved.

Throughout my school and university years, I regularly helped my building surveyor Dad on his survey work, which included home inspections and surveys of commercial premises, holding a tape measure and helping with spreadsheets.

I’ve always been interested in sustainability, building science, and the engineering behind these topics.

I followed this interest through my schooling and career with two engineering degrees, experience as a hydrogeologist, and with over 25 years working in the environmental sector.

I’m also a proud father of four, and now we all get to do similar sustainable projects around the house to improve our home together.

We live in a time when there is enormous opportunity to make an affordable and sustainable impact on our houses and how we live. I write about these topics to help other people achieve these goals and to spread the word.

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