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Did you know that Saskatchewan is the birthplace of Medicare? Well, if you did, that’s not all that’s fascinating about the province. 

Saskatchewan also boasts a vibrant culture, vast recreational opportunities, and a range of other affordable attractions. In other words, it is the ideal place to raise a family or live a single life free of worry and stress.

If you are a stickler for eco-friendly practices, consider having a sustainable green home built in the province from one of the various outstanding options.

The Best Green Home Builders in Saskatchewan

If you are searching for a green home builder in Saskatchewan who can give you good value for your money, we have created a list that will not disappoint, including:

  1. Dakine Homes 
  2. Green Villas Construction Ltd
  3. Green View Homes 
  4. Riel Trail Homes 
  5. Verecor Smart Green Homes 
  6. Pacesetter Homes
  7. Urban Green Eco-Friendly Homes

Now that you’ve seen the rundown, let’s dive deeper into what each sustainable builder can offer prospective homebuyers.

Dakine Homes 

Dakine Homes is a green builder in Saskatchewan that has been building sustainable homes since 2006. The eco-friendly firm specializes in homes that pay homage to the environment by ensuring they have as little impact on it as possible.

Interior view of a Dakine Homes green home's kitchen
Courtesy of Dakine Homes

The company never produces the same house twice; that’s how dedicated they are to their clients’ needs. 

Dakine Homes currently constructs tailored houses in and around Regina, and each is crafted to meet unique lifestyles. It takes time to sit down with each client and help them realize their vision without being overbearing. 

Why We Like Dakine Homes

  • Each home is built to exacting standards
  • Saskatchewan BuiltGreen Canada member, and has been on the Board of Directors for 15 years
  • Winner of the CHBA National SAM Award for Best Customer Home
  • Finalist for the Green Home Award
  • A progressive warranty protects each home it builds

Green Villas Construction Ltd

Green Villas Construction Ltd has completed green homes and commercial buildings for more than a decade. The company also offers interior design services and is known for its eco-friendly options that empower communities. 

Exterior view of a Green Villas Construction Ltd green home
Courtesy of Green Villas Construction Ltd

Green Villas donates to local charities regularly to maintain that promise. The locally-owned and operated company also provides a substantial warranty for each construction project and was awarded the Gold Service Award for its contributions.

The award is given to construction companies with a high standard of workmanship and which use the best materials for each new project.

Why We Like Green Villas Construction

  • Works to build and sustain communities with green building efforts
  • All employees are industry professionals with diverse skill sets and years of experience
  • Member of the Saskatoon and Region Home Builders’ Association
  • Certified professional home builders
  • Capable of building Energy Star homes

Green View Homes 

Green View Homes provides aspiring homeowners with sustainable abodes that boast style and amenities to sustain a green lifestyle. 

Exterior view of a Green View Homes green home
Courtesy of Green View Homes

Besides being good for the environment, its homes also help the owners save money in the long run. Each Green View house is accompanied by a new home warranty and incorporates three standard features which make them money-savers. 

These include prairie walls that reduce heating and cooling demands, net-metered systems that generate enough energy from solar panels to offset consumption, and tankless water heaters that significantly reduce energy bills. 

Why We Like Green View Homes

  • Each home is based on three standard features that work together to reduce energy consumption
  • Project members produce consistent results and ensure homes last for years
  • Heat recycling drainage systems
  • Offer a Progressive Home Warranty for each house

Riel Trail Homes

Located a couple of miles outside Saskatoon, Riel Trail Homes specializes in building highly-customized, sustainable homes for clients who want to save money without compromising comfort. 

Exterior front view of a Riel Trail Homes green home
Courtesy of Riel Trail Homes

The company is versatile enough to make on-site and ready-to-move homes and offers a high-end approach to building that homeowners appreciate.

Riel Trail Homes offers three sustainable and environmentally-healthy build options. They include ICE panels for consistent R-values, lightweight HTS beams that are easy to install and cut to length to prevent wastage, and Energy Star-rated Superior Walls that improve indoor air quality and reduce waste.

Why We Like Riel Trail Homes

  • NGBS green-certified products
  • No on-site soil contamination or wastage
  • All materials meet code requirements while reducing energy costs
  • Offer CSA-approved modular and RTM homes
  • Offer options with minimum specs for budget-conscious clients

Vereco Smart Green Homes

Vereco Smart Green Homes is known for building airtight homes that provide superior insulation and are designed to last for decades.

Interior view of a kitchen by Vereco Smart Green Homes
Courtesy of Vereco Smart Green Homes

The company strives to ensure its intelligent and economical green homes can make the world a better place by reducing carbon emissions, providing top indoor air quality, and utilizing renewable resources. Vereco uses a mechanical system design to maintain the indoor air quality of its structures.

Besides green construction, it also offers a Smart Green Interior Design package that covers kitchen cabinets, custom walls, bathroom vanities, interior color palettes, and other essential interior elements. Each element works cohesively without compromising on style or a client’s budget.

Why We Like Verecor Smart Green Homes

Work directly with indigenous Saskatchewan communities to provide healthy and high-quality homes

  • Utilizes mechanical systems that act as the ‘lungs’ of each home. 
  • Project managers undergo a strict vetting process before being assigned to a site
  • All builders are educated on Erector’s building science practices
  • Professional styling services, including furniture selection, setup, and installation

Pacesetter Homes

Pacesetter Homes is one of the leading green builders in Saskatoon and surrounding areas. What sets its sustainable homes apart is that each undergoes a thorough evaluation after construction to prevent builder bias and assure clients.

Interior view of a Pacesetter Homes green home's living room
Courtesy of Pacesetter Homes

The company is constantly improving its energy-efficient practices and is experimenting with budget-friendly ways to construct Net-Zero Energy-Ready homes. 

A Pacesetter home is known for its low energy consumption and, thus, is more affordable to operate than traditionally-built homes. 

The company is constantly improving its Energuide rating so their clients can get 15% cashback which they can use to furnish their new house. It does this through high-efficiency furnaces, energy-efficient windows, thermal imaging, LED lighting, airtight seals, and the best indoor air quality.

Why We Like Pacesetter Homes 

  • Capable of building Net-Zero homes—homes that can generate all their energy for heating, cooling, and daily use
  • Walls have two types of insulation—R22 Batt insulation and one and a half inches of rigid insulation on the exterior
  • Spray foam is used under the basement slab for additional insulation
  • Triple-paned argon-filled windows coated in three layers of silver to reduce solar gain
  • Attics that have an R60 value
  • Conduits for solar panels are installed in the walls in case homeowners want to install them in the future

Urban Green Eco-Friendly Homes

Urban Green Eco-Friendly Homes offers a wide range of construction services, each designed to provide green homes that can last as autonomous units.

The company has operated in the Saskatoon area for years and is known by locals for services well beyond basic construction. The team takes a comprehensive approach to project management that prioritizes client needs without compromising their vision. 

The company is a Certified Home Builder and a professional member of the Saskatoon & Region Home Builders’ Association. 

Why We Like Urban Green Eco-Friendly Homes

  • Offers a Progressive Home Warranty to all clients it builds homes for
  • Houses are customized per homebuyer specs
  • Efficient, reliable, and top-quality construction management 
  • Offers free quotes after initial contact from clients

Final Word

A sustainable green home can be a joy forever, provided reputable home builders construct it. The last thing you want is a house that starts to show wear and tear a couple of months after it is constructed.

So make an informed decision by doing your research. A home is an investment that most people only make once.

A sustainable dwelling can be a great place to raise a family since it will pay for itself in the long run. 

Make your choice count by ensuring you pick a green home builder in Saskatchewan who can give you value for your money and respect your vision. Unfortunately, even if the house is highly energy-efficient, poor aesthetics can disappoint. 

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