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Arkansas is a state with a population of more than three million people. As a result, the real estate industry in Arkansas has seen an upsurge in the past few decades as the state’s population multiplied in numbers. 

If you are looking to invest in a home in Arkansas, now is a great time as the market rises. However, as housing prices in the state have already begun their ascent, you may want to consider opting for a sustainable green home.

In addition to saving homebuyers on construction costs, green homes will benefit their owners long-term by saving them considerably on operating and utility bills.

And with climate change at its peak, it’s time many of us shifted to a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Now, you may be asking—but which are the best green home builders in the state?

We’ve saved you from having to scratch your head over it as we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best green builders in Arkansas. Let’s see who they are.

The Best Green Home Builders in Arkansas

Here is the ultimate list of the top nine sustainable home builders in Arkansas worth considering, including: 

  1. Justin Green Custom Homes
  2. Stitt Homes
  3. Renaissance Homes
  4. Cobble Stone Homes
  5. United Build Homes
  6. Riverwood Homes
  7. Buffington Homes
  8. Greenbrier Custom Homes
  9. Country Comfort Homes

So without further ado, let’s delve into what each of these esteemed green builders has to offer homebuyers.

Justin Green Custom Homes

Justin Green Custom Homes has been serving the green home industry in Arkansas since 1996. Known for excellent quality and craftsmanship, Justin Green Custom Homes is ideal for anyone looking for a sustainable home in Arkansas.

Exterior back patio view of a Justin Green Custom Homes green home
Courtesy of Justin Green Custom Homes

If you are looking for a specific home design or style within a budget, Justin Green Homes can cater to all your needs. Available in various designs, you can choose from classic cottage homes or modern contemporary. 

The company has vast experience building sustainable homes in Arkansas. It understands the architectural requirement of modern green homes in Arkansas, so you know that your money is in safe hands when you hire them.

Lastly, Justin Green provides excellent customer service.

Why Choose Justin Green Custom Homes?

  • A variety of green home designs, from classic cottages to modern bungalows
  • Full customization in design, floor plan, and budgeting
  • Extensive experience building sustainable homes in Arkansas

Stitt Homes

Stitt Homes is one of those few home construction companies that started building sustainable green homes in the 1970s amid the energy crisis.

Exterior back patio view of a Stitt Homes green home
Courtesy of The Stitt Group

It has been serving the industry for more than three decades now, creating a benchmark of quality and sustainability for other builders to follow. 

If you are looking for a reliable home builder to construct your dream green home in the heart of Arkansas, Stitt Homes is an excellent choice. This award-winning company has earned an incredible reputation for its standout sustainable homes.

If you choose Stitt Homes as your home builder, you will be amazed by the company’s proactiveness and attention to detail. From extensive home plans to assistance throughout the process, Stitt Homes is bound to give you your money’s worth.

Why Choose Stitt Homes?

  • It offers budget-friendly green homes
  • More than three decades’ experience in green home building
  • An award-winning company with an excellent client portfolio

Renaissance Homes

When we talk about green home builders in Arkansas, Renaissance Homes is the one name on top of the list.

The company was established in 2002 and, over the past two decades, has earned quite a reputation in Arkansas’s premium home construction industry. Renaissance is well-known for being one of the contributors to the construction of the elite Hot Springs Village Community.

Interior view of a Renaissance Homes green home's kitchen
Courtesy of Renaissance Homes

The company takes pride in building premium-quality, energy-efficient homes that can fit your budget. You can adjust your home plan according to your budget and specs, and it will create a plan that best suits you. 

In addition, Renaissance Homes provides full collaboration and guaranteed customer satisfaction throughout the construction process. Your preferences are given priority, assuring you made the right choice by selecting the company as your builder.

Why Choose Renaissance Homes?

  • Full collaboration with homebuyers throughout the building process
  • It offers an adjustable budget to choose a plan that best suits you.
  • An extensive range of green home floor plans

Cobble Stone Homes 

Cobble Stone Homes has over 30 years of experience under its belt. It is a team of distinguished builders passionate about bringing custom homes that conserve energy. 

Interior living room view of a Cobble Stone Homes green home
Courtesy of Cobble Stone Homes

Cobble Stone Homes is one of the builders in Arkansas most invested in commitment to the community it serves. It ensures that each house gels in with the overall historical aesthetic of the city.

All homes built by Cobble Stone Homes come with their own unique character that compliments the overall vibe of the downtown area.

As an ultimate haven for outdoor enthusiasts, this community provides the best of both worlds—nature, and proximity to the nearest town. The community boasts fishing ponds stocked full of fish, several beautiful trails, and enormous historic trees dating back hundreds of years.   

Why Choose Cobble Stone Homes?

  • Customized financing plans allow you to add value to your mortgage
  • Its helpful team lets you customize your house into your dream home
  • Its portfolio of services helps you enjoy renovation and construction services for sustainable homes
  • Its inherent compassion for clients accounts for your feedback and allows you a stress-free construction process

United Build Homes  

United Build Homes has provided home building services for more than 50 years across the western South-central US. With more than 50,000 homes built in this region, UBH is committed to providing the best services to clients through 22 design centers, each catering to a 75-mile radius.

Exterior view of a United Build Homes house
Courtesy of United Build Homes

The company takes care of its clients by providing interactive planners to envision and design your home with multiple plans to choose from. You can decide on the home plans from the contemporary and trendy Infinity Collection or build the green home of your dreams from the Legacy Collection. 

UBH will assist you from beginning to end. It will be right by your side from deciding the design, choosing materials and colors, helping you make your home into a sustainable living space, and providing financing.

In addition, it enables the clients to get direct loans, making it easy to afford and hassle-free. 

Why Choose United Build Homes?

  • Offers financing for the entire construction process
  • Lets you completely customize your house
  • Allows you to build a home on your pre-owned land
  • Various design and client servicing centers to cater to your needs

Riverwood Homes   

Riverwood Homes has been offering services in many communities ever since its inception. These communities include Fayetteville, Lowell, Farmington, and Centerton. 

Interior living room view of the Oldham by Riverwood Homes
Courtesy of Riverwood Homes

Riverwood Homes is undoubtedly one of the best in the region to work with. It is known for its outstanding services. The team at Riverwood Homes will always go a step ahead to ensure all clients’ demands are heard and fulfilled. 

Quality is one thing that Riverwood Homes do not compromise on. Consequently, the homes that the company builds are excellent to live in.

Another thing that Riverwood Homes take pride in is their fantastic design and styling sense when it comes to modern sustainable homes. It is unlike anything you have ever seen—unique and exquisite. 

Why Choose Riverwood Homes?

  • The most competitive prices for green homes in Arkansas
  • Provides fixed amounts for different packages, meaning you do not have to stress yourself over increasing expenses
  • A unique sense of styling to make your home stand out

Buffington Homes of Arkansas

Buffington Homes has been in existence for more than four decades. It has built many communities in northwest Arkansas and is one of the region’s best locally-owned and operated companies. 

What makes its homes different from others is that they are designed to be functional for everyone. A Buffington house is perfect for an active adult or a growing family. 

Exterior front view of a Buffington Homes green home
Courtesy of Buffington Homes

Among all the things that Buffington is known for, its easy sign-up process is what attracts the majority of clients. It is an easy four-step procedure to put you in the home of your dreams.

The first step is to select the community and visit a model home. Then, you pick the home site and choose your desired floorplan. After this, you’ll consult with the designers. Lastly, you can meet the team that will build your home like its own. 

Why Choose Buffington Homes?

  • Buffington offers a friendly and welcoming environment to all its customers so that they feel incredibly comfortable communicating their specs
  • It pays close attention to even the most minor details, and hears all your concerns
  • The quality of construction is excellent
  • Lavish, unique homes at affordable prices

Greenbrier Custom Homes

Greenbrier Custom Homes is a company that specializes in energy-efficient homes. It has been building in central Arkansas since its inception in 2005.

Currently, the company operates in the Conway, Greenbrier, Vilonia, Wooster, Springhill, and McGintytown areas. 

Courtesy of Greenbrier Custom Homes

Greenbrier Custom Homes is a residential contractor providing complete services. It takes on your job and hunts for the perfect home as soon as you choose it as your contractor. Then, you can sit back and relax while Greenbrier builds your ideal home.

It also offers a variety of designs ranging from modern to contemporary. You can customize everything according to your taste and need.

You will also be able to find environment-friendly options to help you play a part in building a better future and better homes for all.

Why Choose Greenbrier Custom Homes?

  • Environment-friendly and energy-efficient homes
  • Offers you a chance to customize everything and builds you exactly what you specify
  • Provides all building services to make the process hassle-free.

Country Comfort Homes

Country Comfort Homes was formed in 1999. It has now attained the status of the largest supplier in Arkansas. In addition, it is also the largest Deer Valley Home dealer.

Country Comfort has been able to take roots in various areas of the state. So, it makes no difference where you reside—the company could easily be your first pick to construct your green dream home. 

Exterior front view of a Country Comfort Homes green home
Courtesy of Country Comfort Homes

It has only one goal—to provide the best quality homes at the most affordable prices. Country Comfort also allows clients to pick or customize any floorplan they want for their sustainable green home. 

It prides itself on offering one of the best home installation and trim-out services. The team will always try to cater to all demands from clients.

Country Comfort also takes great pride in being a reputable member of the Better Business Bureau’s Arkansas Manufactured Housing Association. Additionally, it has won numerous awards for offering outstanding customer services.

Why Choose Country Comfort Homes?

  • Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority
  • A wide variety of floorplans to pick from and option to customize
  • Offers premium quality at competitive prices
  • Excellent services and communication that allow you to remain stress-free through the process

Final Thoughts: Selecting a Green Home Builder in Arkansas

When shortlisting a home building company for yourself, evaluate its pros and cons before making the final decision. 

We hope this guide to Arkansas’s best green home builders was an enticing and beneficial read for you.

While it has been established that Arkansas is an excellent location for a sustainable home with plenty of experienced green home builders in the industry, you can choose any of these companies to cater to all your needs. We know you will make a wise choice.

Also, be sure to check out our lists of the best green builders in neighboring states like Oklahoma, MissouriMississippiLouisiana and Tennessee, and the top modular builders in Arkansas, as many of the companies featured offer homes that can be classified as green and sustainable, and may service your area of the state.

Best of luck!

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