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Located in the south-central US, Oklahoma is the 20th largest state in both area and population. It comprises a total area of 69,898 square miles.

Oklahoma is hands down one of the best states to live in due to its low cost of living, especially when considering affordable housing, which is ultimately driving down the overall average cost of living.

Additionally, high-quality education and well-paying jobs are a few of the many reasons this state is one of the best places in the country to raise a family, grow a business, and retire in peace. 

Even several websites and magazines have given this state their seal of approval by stating that Oklahoma has one of the highest wages and low cost of living. 

Oklahoma’s quality of life has repeatedly ranked among the best states in the country, thanks to its highly-rated educational institutes, healthy population, beautiful outdoor spaces, and so much more. But those aren’t the only reasons that this place is fantastic.  

Besides the state’s natural charms, it also offers some of the best green home builders with extensive experience in eco-friendly construction. But finding a reliable home builder in Oklahoma can be challenging.

Therefore, in this post, we’ve listed four standout green builders in Oklahoma who can help you build your dream sustainable and environmentally-friendly home. 

The Best Green Home Builders in Oklahoma 

For lower energy bills and carbon footprint, here is our list of the best green home builders in Oklahoma. We will discuss why each company is a top pick of the bunch in the next section.

  • Two Structures Homes
  • Manchester Elite Homes
  • Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods 
  • Muirfield Homes 

So, without further ado, let’s break down what each of these esteemed green builders has to offer homebuyers.

Two Structures Homes

With Two Structures Homes‘ energy-saving features, your home will run more efficiently than most other structures in Oklahoma. In addition, all green homes built by this company are independently OG&E certified with other Positive Energy qualifications.

Interior view of a Two Structures Homes green home's kitchen
Courtesy of Two Structures Homes

Two Structures provides energy-efficient and strategically designed floor plans for new home constructions. What’s more, it uses certified processes outlined by the National Association of Home Builders for constructing eco-friendly homes.

This company promises to design a house that will save you energy and money. Its best practices include reduced thermal breaks, better insulation, advanced framing, and professionally-installed windows to prevent leaks and drafts.

Why Choose Structures Homes?

  • Follows green practices that help curb the environmental impact of home building, including site design and creating on-site infiltration/stormwater retention features
  • Due to remarkable durability and energy efficiency, Two Structures’ houses can save you money from day one and need substantially less upkeep and maintenance over time
  • Innovative lifestyle floor plans so that you can easily personalize your home and get the layout of your preference
  • Up to 20% savings every year on energy bills

Manchester Elite Homes

Homebuyers can turn to Manchester Elite Homes for quality and custom sustainable homes in Oklahoma.

With a strong focus on value, this company has been a leading builder of energy-efficient and high-performance homes since 1999 to build you the home you’ve always wanted. 

Exterior front view of a Manchester Elite Homes green home
Courtesy of Manchester Elite Homes

It endeavors to build better homes that ultimately cost less to operate and maintain, last longer, and provide a healthier indoor environment for you and your loved ones. Plus, these features are equally good for our planet.

The company believes in utilizing sound, energy-efficient construction techniques to ensure your new property is more eco-friendly. All homes built by Manchester Elite Homes are specially designed to provide you with significant energy bill savings.

Why Choose Manchester Elite Homes?

  • Committed to constructing low maintenance, energy-efficient, and high-quality homes that last
  • A long history and reputation for getting the job done right, irrespective of the market segment or the project size
  • Over 20+ years of experience in the green home building industry
  • Provides property financing needs by teaming up with local mortgage specialists

Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods

Only a few other Oklahoma builders have constructed more energy-efficient and high-performance sustainable homes than Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods.

For over 15 years, the American Lung Association, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the US Department of Energy have turned to this green company to utilize its most innovative and cutting-edge building technologies.

Interior view of a green home by Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods
Courtesy of Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods

Ideal Homes implements the best of these technologies into all houses. In addition, it is the only Oklahoma sustainable builder partnering with the renowned ‘Environments for Living’ program to guarantee cooling and healing costs on every home built. 

The company will inform you upfront how much your average cooling/heating usage should be. The best thing? If it is more than what was conveyed, Ideal Homes will reimburse you.

Other green builders in Oklahoma might claim a lower Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score, but a low HERS score is not the only measure for energy efficiency. Balanced design, paired with energy efficiency, is essential to enjoying your home for years to come.

Why Choose Ideal Homes?

  • Built the first gold-certified green home in Oklahoma
  • Focuses on innovative design both inside and outside houses
  • Pioneer for being the first affordable zero-energy home in the US
  • First LEED-certified green homes Oklahoma  
  • Affordable and Energy Star-certified homes 
  • Guaranteed lower cooling and heating costs

Muirfield Homes 

Founded by Alan Cheshier, Muirfield Homes has constructed affordable and stylish sustainable green homes since 1989.

Exterior back patio view of a Muirfield Homes green home
Courtesy of Muirfield Homes

This company has built green homes in some of Oklahoma’s most exclusive and prestigious communities, including Berkeley, Carrington Lakes, Ashton Grove, Brookhaven, and Cascade Estates.

In 2017, Muirfield Homes was named and featured as the “Best Builder” by the Cleveland County Lifestyle.

The company proudly states that over 80 percent of its clients are either repeat customers or come to them from direct referrals.

Being a Certified Green Professional, the company takes great pride in its construction processes of sustainable and energy-efficient homes in Oklahoma.

Why Choose Muirfield Homes?

  • Over 30 years of experience in the green building industry
  • Muirfield Homes is a certified Green Professional homebuilder
  • Promises to deliver utmost customer satisfaction for all projects while guaranteeing affordable pricing, quality craftsmanship, and top-of-the-line customer service

Now, Choose Your Oklahoma Green Home Builder!

Please note that building a home is a huge investment and undertaking.

So when it comes to selecting a builder, we strongly suggest you first speak to past clients, verify each builder’s license with the local licensing board, and use an online bidding system to get competitive quotes for the best price.

Choosing to build an eco-friendly and sustainable home is equal to creating a safe and comfortable space for yourself and your family. Therefore, if you are in the market for a new home or intend to invest in an eco-friendly construction project to promote overall environmental well-being, don’t think twice about picking any company mentioned on this list.

These sustainable builders will construct a safe and unique space that offers you joy and respite. Plus, by promoting green practices, you can do your part to lower the use of pollutants such as coal.

Each new eco-friendly structure can bring us one step closer to a greener and healthier planet that future generations will thank us for.

We hope this list of best home builders in Oklahoma makes it easier for you to choose a company to construct your dream house.

Also, be sure to check out our list of green builders in neighboring states like Texas, Colorado, and Missouri, as several of the companies featured may be able to deliver a green home to your area of Oklahoma.

Best of luck!

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