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Colorado is arguably one of the best states to live in if you enjoy the outdoors. Its natural landscapes are both breathtaking and fun to explore. Its population also cherishes the region’s unique topographic setting and immerses itself in its beauty.

More and more Americans have been shifting to Colorado to take advantage of its growing economy and ample sunshine.

If you value conservation and intend to relocate in or to the state shortly, you may be interested in investing in a sustainable green home. These energy-efficient homes remain comfortable during the state’s warm summers and cold winters.

Homebuyers interested in building an energy-efficient and eco-friendly home should reach out to one of the state’s numerous sustainable green home builders. To assist in the search, we have compiled a list of the eight best sustainable green home builders in Colorado.

The Best Green Home Builders in Colorado

Several green builders in the state stand firmly above the rest, including:

  • Cornerstone Homes
  • Mantell-Hecathorn Builders
  • Pioneer West Homes
  • ReThink Enterprise
  • Thrive Home Builders
  • Home Wrights
  • Fish Builders
  • Lee Barker

So, without further ado, let’s look at the details of what each of these acclaimed builders has to offer clients.

Cornerstone Homes

Cornerstone Homes is a builder based in Lafayette. The company consists of third-generation builders that have been constructing homes in the state for over 20 years. 

Exterior view of a Cornerstone Homes green home
Courtesy of Cornerstone Homes

Cornerstone is a leading green home builder and has built more homes using structural insulation panels (SIP) than any other builder in Colorado. It has a whopping twenty Net-Zero Energy Homes under its belt and is always seeking to take on new challenges.

The builder’s zero-energy homes utilize passive solar designs to reduce energy consumption. In addition, these designs ensure indoor heat is maximized during the winter months and minimized during the warm summer season.

Interior view of a Cornerstone Homes green home
Courtesy of Cornerstone Homes

Cornerstone also focuses on creating air-tight building envelopes to reduce temperature changes on days when temperatures swing wildly.

Prospective clients will get involved with their future home’s design process. They can direct Cornerstone’s architect regarding design choices or receive guidance on including components and review the final schematic before giving the builder the go-ahead.

Cornerstone Homes is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a zero-energy home in Colorado.

Mantell-Hecathorn Builders

Mantell-Hecathorn Builders is based in Durango. The company was founded by Greg Mantell-Hecathorn in 1975 and has served many communities across the nation.

It began operating out of Durango 15 years ago and hit it out of the park with its excellent craftsmanship and 100% high-performance homes.

Exterior front view of a Mantell-Hecathorn Builders green modular home
Courtesy of Mantell-Hecathorn Builders

Mantell-Hecathorn is a master certified green professional who builds homes with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind. It has won multiple design excellence awards and is always ready to help construct the perfect green home for you and your family.

Mantell-Hecathorn’s DOE Zero-Energy Ready homes contain many design considerations and components to minimize dangerous airborne pollutants. They are also equipped with advanced Energy Star-certified technology to maximize energy efficiency and reduce energy bills.

They also have been built to provide energy savings, comfort, and health for many years. Colorado residents can’t go wrong by choosing this one of the state’s most experienced green sustainable builders.

Pioneer West Homes

Pioneer West Homes is a builder based in south Colorado. It has been operating in the state since 2004 and exclusively builds green homes.

Pioneer West has won awards for designing and constructing high-quality energy-efficient custom homes in the state. Its goal is to create a comfortable home that meets high energy efficiency standards and is built to last for many years.

The builder prides itself as the only home builder in south Colorado that adheres to Energy Star Version 3 standards. Pioneer West utilizes energy-efficient design and construction techniques like foam insulation, insulated concrete forms, geothermal heating, and solar electric heating. 

Interior view of a Pioneer West Homes green home
Courtesy of Pioneer West Homes

The company offers homes in several styles and layouts. Clients will get to discuss their expectations during an initial information meeting.

They will then make a down payment before starting the design process and reviewing the final schematic with the builder. Pioneer West ensures clients are up-to-speed with the latest construction developments and the project is proceeding as planned.

Consider hiring Pioneer West if you’re looking for a green home that meets Energy Star Version 3 Standards.

ReThink Enterprise

ReThink Enterprise is a home builder located in North Cascade. The builder aims to create the most energy-efficient homes in Colorado using the latest green building practices.

It follows the state’s already-strict energy efficiency standards but takes it one step further by including special energy-efficient upgrades. The result is a green home that is incredibly close to being truly “zero-energy.”

Interior view of a ReThink Enterprise green home's kitchen
Courtesy of ReThink Enterprise

ReThink Enterprise’s excellent energy efficiency comes from its ZIP system wall sheathing, which smoothes out the weatherization process using tap and sheathing. The result is an excellent water-resistant barrier that maintains safe moisture levels and aids energy efficiency.

ReThink Enterprise is an excellent choice for prospective homeowners that would like their future residence to be close to “zero-energy.” Its innovative designs are ahead of the curve in many ways and will help you save on your long-term energy bills.

Home Wrights

Home Wrights is a builder based in Denver. The company also has offices in Erie and Colorado Springs. It is operated by a second-generation builder and has offered services in Colorado for two decades.

Home Wrights is committed to building quality sustainable green homes for clients in Colorado. It offers various options and add-ons such as rain screens, hydronic tubing, radiant heat systems, and mechanical ventilation to maximize your home’s energy efficiency. The company also uses structural insulation panels in its builds to help meet energy-efficiency standards.

Exterior front view of a green home by Home Wrights
Courtesy of Home Wrights

The main advantage of hiring Home Wrights is that you get to choose how involved you would like to be with the design and construction process.

For example, the Owner-Builder Program is suited for clients who would like total control of the design process and simply seek a reliable builder to take care of the heavy lifting. On the other hand, their Turnkey Program is for clients seeking minimal involvement with the building process and would like their green home vision turned into a reality.

Home Wrights is an intelligent choice for homebuyers who are unsure about their level of involvement with their future house’s construction. The company’s team is ready to offer a helping hand and make the design and construction processes a breeze for all clients.

Thrive Home Builders

Thrive Home Builders is a Denver-based green building company that constructs houses in appealing neighborhoods throughout the Denver and Boulder surrounding areas. The company has been in the game for over 20 years, and continues to innovate its green building practices as the industry evolves.

Thrive homes utilize up-and-coming technologies like solar power in conjunction with locally-sourced building materials, making it a true eco-friendly home builder.

Interior view of a Thrive Home Builders green home
Courtesy of Thrive Home Builders

Each house is energy efficiency-certified by a third party energy rating organization. Energy efficiency designations for Thrive homes include Energy Star, ZERO Energy Ready, and LEED Certification.

In addition, the company had the lowest average HERS score (26.9) in the country in 2020 – a metric indicating how efficient a home is – and was awarded the 2021 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award for its superior air quality.

As you can tell, Thrive Builders also prioritizes safety in addition to energy efficiency. All homes featured radon ventilation systems, advanced moisture management, and and built with paints, carpets, and wood containing minimal toxic materials.

Fish Builders

Fish Builders is located in Salida. The company was founded by a Wisconsin native who studied construction management. It opened its doors in Colorado in 1998 and employs a team of talented craftsmen focusing on building quality custom homes for locals.

Fish Builders aims to differentiate itself from other “green” builders in the state, many of whom do not adhere to energy efficiency standards they claim to uphold.

Interior view of a Fish Builders home
Courtesy of Fish Builders

The company demonstrates its energy efficiency using diagnostic testing and third-party certifications. It is a proud Energy Star and Built Green Colorado member and is eager to maintain high standards.

Fish Builders also prioritizes environmental sustainability in its builds. It touts itself as being able to construct green homes using twenty-five percent less material than other home builders.

Colorado residents seeking to minimize their carbon footprint can’t go wrong by choosing Fish Builders.

Lee Barker

Lee Barker is a builder situated in Fort Collins that has been constructing custom green homes for over a decade. It focuses on building homes for clients who prioritize quality and environmentally-friendly building practices. 

Lee Barker stands out for constructing green homes using earth-friendly materials, including reclaimed materials and responsibly manufactured housing components. Its houses are also equipped with energy-efficient building envelopes and HVAC systems. 

Exterior view of a green farm home by Lee Barker
Courtesy of Lee Barker

Lee Barker has successfully integrated solar and geothermal energy systems into its homes. These technologies further enhance energy savings and help residents reduce their carbon footprint in the long run.

The company has been involved in the NOCO construction industry for over two decades and prides itself on its quality. Lee Barker stands out for building a small number of homes each year, ensuring each receives the attention it deserves.

Interior view of a green home by Lee Barker
Courtesy of Lee Barker

The company’s owners play an active role in overseeing each project and ensuring it goes according to plan. So consider reaching out to Lee Barker if you’re looking for builders with keen attention to detail on every project they undertake.

Choosing the Best Sustainable Builder in Colorado

As you can see, Colorado is home to many fantastic sustainable green home builders. However, the companies discussed specialize in different areas, so be sure to understand each one’s strengths before asking them to build your future home.

So think about what type of home you would like to live in before selecting the builder suitable to turn your dream into reality. 

The right green home can help you save on your energy bill and ensure your living space remains safe for residents for many years.

Green homes are the homes of the future, and you can get a head start by having one built by one of the reliable builders mentioned above.

Also, be sure to check out our list of green home builders in neighboring states like Utah and Arizona and our top choices of modular builders in Colorado, as several of the companies featured may be able to deliver a green home to your area of the state.

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