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Housing prices continue to rise. Sometimes, it may seem like owning your own home is just a dream. But prefabricated modular homes can help lower construction costs and build times, making your dream home more affordable.

We’ve dug deep to find the best Colorado-based modular and prefab home builders that service the state and those surrounding.

From luxury mountain escapes to wilderness cabins, we’ve found something for everyone. We’ve even found homes built out of recycled shipping containers. 

Keep reading to find the builder that’s right for you.

1. Great Western Homes

A family-run business, Great Western Homes has been building custom modular and prefab homes since 1989.

One of the best things about Great Western Homes is that it offers a wide range of styles and floor plans. Whatever your dream home (and your budget) is, they have something for you.

Exterior of a Great Western log cabin modular home
From start to finish, they will guide you through the necessary steps in making your dream home come to life. Courtesy of Great Western Homes.

Each home they build is custom-designed to meet the specific needs of each family. So you can decide how many bedrooms you want and pick your appliances.

They also offer a range of green energy and energy compliance packages to help your home be even more eco-friendly. 

Why We Love Them

We love to support local, family-run businesses that deliver personalized attention every step of the way. Great Western Homes’ many years of experience provide an additional level of trust and confidence in their services.

Interior of a Great Western log cabin modular home
Cozy design elements that fit your lifestyle. Courtesy of Great Western Homes.

2. Phoenix Haus

Phoenix Haus claims to produce the healthiest homes on the planet. Called “Homesteads,” these prefabricated homes provide the highest levels of air quality and energy efficiency.

Your home can even be Passive House Certified. Beyond that, they use wood-based and natural materials to avoid toxic fumes off-gassing in your home. 

Interior of a PhoenixHaus modular home
Modern living that features transformable elements such as movable walls. Courtesy of PhoenixHaus.

All Homesteads feature modern designs and flexible layouts. You can even install movable walls—how’s that for flexibility?

The different model numbers reflect the various square footage Homesteads available. For example, the most petite H9 is a 900-square-foot( 83.61-square-meter), two-bed, one-bath home. Meanwhile, the largest H30 model features 3,000 square feet (278.71 square meters) of living space.

Why We Love Them

We love the commitment PhoenixHaus has to personal and environmental health.

In addition, their flexible designs encourage multigenerational use of their homes, helping lower the overall cost of ownership.

But our favorite thing is that you can experience living in a Homestead before buying by renting out the Homestead at Powderhorn Ski Resort. 

Exterior of a PhoenixHaus modular home
PhoenixHaus homes are designed for multi-generational occupancy. Courtesy of PhoenixHaus.

3. Honomobo

Honomobo’s shipping container homes feature modern styling in a recycled package. Honomobo breathes new life into ugly discarded trash to create beautiful, comfortable abodes with a commitment to sustainability.

This commitment to green philosophy comes into form through their H-series. Shipping containers are perfect for modular building because you can keep adding more until you get the home size you need.

Exterior of a Honomobo modular home
These professionals put sustainability and modern design elements at the center of each home. Courtesy of Honomobo.

From small one-bedroom ADUs to larger three-bedroom homes, everything is possible. Whatever size you choose, the large glass windows will make your home feel larger.  

Why We Love Them

We love Honomobo’s commitment to high-quality, efficient homes.

Reutilizing shipping containers cuts down on waste and streamlines the building process, potentially eliminating months of build time.

Interior of a Honomobo modular home
You may notice the emphasized connection between indoor and outdoor spaces in the H-series. Each home Courtesy of Honomobo.

4. Accolade Homes

Accolade Homes in Calhan is a manufactured and modular home dealer. The company works with quality home builders like BonnaVilla and Champion Homes to provide a wide range of floor plans.

So whether you are looking for single or multiple stories, modern or traditional, Accolade can help you build your dream home.

Interior view of an Accolade Homes modular home kitchen
Accolade Homes can even merge features from several floor plans to bring your vision to life! Courtesy of Accolade Homes.

Every home they build is fully customizable. You can choose to add a basement, a garage, or even a barn if you want extra space.

Their step-by-step process takes you from planning to completion, eliminating stress along the way.

Why We Love Them

  • We love the full-service approach you get with Accolade Homes.
  • They can help you connect with real estate agents to find land, lenders to find financing, and wrap the whole package together.
  • They are genuinely committed to helping you build the home of your dreams.
Exterior front view of an Accolade Homes modular home
This handsome house looks better and costs less than most traditional builds! Courtesy of Accolade Homes.

5. Colorado Modular Homes

Colorado Modular Homes has been building modular and manufactured homes for over a decade. During this time, they have perfected their Road Home Process.

This process allows them to produce more energy-efficient, structurally strong dwellings that cost less than stick-built homes

Exterior front view of an Colorado Modular home
These builders pride themselves in using a holistic approach by looking at the terrain, driveway layout, and view corridor. Courtesy of Colorado Modular Homes.

If you are looking for a larger home for your family, check out the floor plans offered through Rocky Mountain Home Builders. Or better yet, visit their 5,000-square-foot (465-square-meter) showroom in Evergreen.

Don’t think just because you aren’t looking for something large, the folks at Colorado Modular Homes can’t help. Their brand, Colorado Cabin Company, offers semi-customizable floor plans for smaller cabins. Think tiny home style, but more comfortable. 

Why We Love Them

We love the range of designs available from Colorado Modular Homes.

Whether you want to build your family’s forever home or a wilderness retreat, they can help. And their Road Home Process means less time and stress during the building process.

Interior front view of an Colorado Modular home
They offer a wide range of interior and exterior finishes! Courtesy of Colorado Modular Homes.

6. Kopper Creek Building, LLC

Kopper Creek Building is a family-run business based in Montrose.

With over 20 years in the industry, you can trust them to build a quality home for your family.

In addition, their expertise ensures the building process will go smoothly from start to finish.

Interior view of a Kopper Creek modular home living room
These homes are customized to suit your style and your needs. Courtesy of Kopper Creek Building.

You can count on them to guide you during your building experience. You can fully customize each floor plan to realize the dream home for which your family has been longing.

In addition, their highly efficient systems help you minimize downtime and costs. That means less stress for you and your family.

Why We Love Them

Kopper Creek Building specializes in Colorado homes and is familiar with all the ins and outs of constructing in a rigorous climate.

Their factories allow them to prepare your home in winter to be ready to be delivered come springtime. 

Exterior front view of a Kopper Creek modular home
The guys at Kopper Creek promise faster build times and lower costs by combining traditional and highly automated building techniques. Courtesy of Kopper Creek Building.

7. Liscott Custom Homes

Liscott Custom Homes has a vision. It wants to provide everyone with “an environmentally-friendly, affordable, high quality, energy-efficient home that is an investment for the future.”

The company partners with Champion Homes, Family Built Homes, and Heritage Homes to offer a full line of semi-customizable or fully customizable floor plans.

Interior living room view of a Liscott Homes log cabin modular home
Thanks to the customization options, you can have free reign of any stylistic choices you prefer. Courtesy of Liscott Custom Homes.

Examine the floor plans available and decide which suits your family best. You will find a wide range of styles and sizes. Once you choose your base design, the fun part begins.

Next, you customize the design for your family with the help of a specialist who guides you every step of the way.

Why We Love Them

Liscott Custom Homes helps provide affordable custom homes. From modern to traditional, they offer a wide range of styles to choose from.

You can decide on finishing details, like roof pitches, custom siding, and interior cabinetry, without breaking the bank! 

Exterior front view of a Liscott Homes log cabin modular home
Cabins that are uniquely yours are set at your budget. Courtesy of Liscott Custom Homes.

8. Northstar Homes

If you dream of owning a luxury home or vacation retreat, Northstar Homes will rise to the challenge. They build custom-system homes that exceed the highest industry standards.

Modern and energy-efficient Northstar homes come in all shapes and sizes.

Interior kitchen view of a Northstar Homes log cabin modular home
Modern fixtures that rival those in traditional builds are also available for you to choose from. Courtesy of Northstar Homes.

Choose one of their Extraordinary Homes if you want the highest level of customization inside and out.

However, if luxury isn’t your style, don’t worry because they offer more modest choices in their Everyday Homes. You can even opt for the Cabin Homes for a more rustic aesthetic.

Why We Love Them

Whether you choose a luxury home or a more modest rustic cabin, every home built by Northstar Homes maintains the highest standards of construction.

With a Northstar system-built home, you can have your luxury home for less than the cost of a conventional build.

Exterior front view of a Northstar Homes log cabin modular home
Ultra luxe rustic cabin, anyone? Courtesy of Northstar Homes.

9. SmartPads

SmartPads are becoming popular in luxury ski resort towns where building prices are skyrocketing.

Located in Steamboat Springs, SmartPads specialize in Colorado mountain towns. If you are looking for a high-quality home at an affordable price, you can build these customizable modular homes anywhere in Colorado — as long as it is accessible by a semi-truck.

Interior living room view of a SmartPads modular home
You can let loose and allow your creativity to run wild thanks to SmartPads’ intelligent designs! Courtesy of SmartPads.

Vertical grain cedar siding, stone countertops, and hardwood floors are just some of the finishing touches you can choose from. Not only are the finishes customizable, but you can also design your own home.

So whether you are looking for a 400-square-foot (37-square-meter) solitary retreat or a 4000-square-foot (372-square-meter) family home, their intelligent designs have you covered.

Why We Love Them

We love the innovative modern design. With sleek lines and high-end finishes, these prefab houses look like a million bucks. Thanks to efficient building techniques, it means they don’t have to cost a million dollars. 

Exterior front view of a SmartPads modular home
A signature expensive-looking modular home by SmartPads. Courtesy of SmartPads.

10. iUnit

Rather than building single-family homes, iUnit builds luxury prefab homes for different communities. These multifamily dwellings work together as a micro-grid to generate and store power.

Each SmartUnit is either a studio or one-bedroom rental unit. 

Exterior front view of Eliot Flats, an iUnit Complex
The SmartUnits create a community centered on sustainability and conscious power consumption. Courtesy of Van Meter Williams Pollack.

The SmartUnit is equipped with the latest technologies to save power and monitor usage. The goal is that by working together, we can achieve net-zero energy sooner.

In addition, by educating residents on power consumption, they can take a more active role in energy reduction.

Why We Love Them

We love to see companies pushing us towards better living, and iUnit is an excellent example of this.

By educating their residents about sustainable power consumption, they can demonstrate how to help change the world by working together.

Interior living room view of Eliot Flats unit, an iUnit complex
Modern and minimalistic furnishings can also be requested. Courtesy of iUnit Denver.

11. Alpine Homes

Located in Fort Collins, Alpine Homes is among the best modular home builders in Colorado. With a mission to provide the best home-buying experience to customers, this company employs the most straightforward approach to modular and manufactured homes.

A one story modular home with brown and green detailing with a covered front porch designed by Alpine Homes
A rendering of the Cedar Canyon 2078 that offers a loft area within its 827 square feet of living space. Courtesy of Alpine Homes.

It employs a professional, friendly sales team who will engage you by listening to your needs and answering your questions without pressuring you. They want to understand your needs and tailor a product that will help you meet them.

In other words, Alpine Homes puts you in charge of everything.

Why We Love Them

Alpine Homes has been in business since 1963. Over this period, they have built many prefab homes for different customers in Colorado.

With such experience, you can expect the company to deliver the highest-quality prefab and modular homes in Colorado.

A crane setting down a partially built modular home in the background
A sneak peek behind the magic of building a modular home. Courtesy of Alpine Homes.

12. Rocky Mountain Modular Homes

Rocky Mountain Modular Homes has one of the most extensive portfolios of all the modular home companies in Colorado. 

With an inventory exceeding 300 manufactured and modular homes, you can rest assured of getting something that matches your taste and style.

A dark brown one-story modular home with a white door and wooden stairs
The Sommerset-Oakmont 255 model is one of the two currently ours for the taking. Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Modular Homes.

The best part is that this firm designs its products to address the diverse needs of customers in different stages of their lives.

Whether you have a growing family that needs extra space or are a first-time home-buyer, Rocky Mountain Modular Homes has something for you.

Why We Love Them

The company understands that buying a manufactured home is many families’ most significant investment. Therefore, it’s committed to streamlining and simplifying the financing process to make it easier for them.

We love the fact that this company has established partnerships with lenders who specialize in modular and manufactured homes to help ease financing for customers.

A one-story modular home with a covered side porch and partial plastic covering
Need something more spacious? With 1128 square feet, the Landmark Ranch-Elmwood may be perfect for you! Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Modular Homes.

13. Wardcraft Homes

Last on our list is Wardcraft Homes. While Wardcraft is based in Nebraska, they do service the Northeastern plains of Colorado.

It’s a second-generation family-owned business that prides itself on building high-quality, energy-efficient homes. 

Exterior front view of a Wardcraft Homes modular home
Your new family home could look like this! Courtesy of Wardcraft Homes.

Their 116-page catalog allows you to examine all the different ways you can customize your new home.

Whether you choose luxury fixtures or standard ones, you can be confident that Wardcraft Homes help you select all your specifications with durability and style in mind. 

Why We Love Them

With almost 50 years of home-building experience, they have constructed close to 6,000 homes! That kind of experience means you can be confident that they will build your family a quality custom home.

You will work with an authorized Wardcraft builder specializing in Colorado builds to ensure you get the home of your dreams.

Interior kitchen view of a Wardcraft Homes modular home
Modern furnishings that match your style can also be negotiated. Courtesy of Wardcraft Homes.

Final Thoughts

Whether your dream home is a Cape Cod-style house or you long for the shipping container aesthetic, there is something for everyone when it comes to modular and prefab homes.

Modern factory construction allows modular homes to be built quickly, which translates to savings for you, and more efficient processes mean less waste, which is good for the environment.

When you add customizable design, it’s a wonder that anyone still builds traditional stick-frame homes. Contact your modular home builder today and start the journey towards your dream home.

If you want to ensure your future home is a good investment, we’ve got an article on Manufactured Vs. Modular Homes: Which Appreciates More, which you might be interested in.

Or, if you want to know all the steps involved in modular building, you can check out the Modular Homes: The Building Process right here.

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