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According to the 2021 Texas Relocation Report, more than 500,000 people moved to the Lone Star State in 2019. This is not a recent trend, with approximately 4.2 million people having relocated to Texas since the last census in 2010.

Numerous job opportunities, great weather, and a relatively lower cost of living are some of the reasons why people from every part of the country choose to move to Texas and start afresh. The state also offers good schools, amazing local cuisine, and many outdoor activities for people of all ages.

So, if you’re looking to buy a home in Texas for yourself and your family, then you’re not alone. There is a huge demand for single-family homes, condos, and apartments in Dallas, Austin, and the other major cities of Texas.

Unfortunately, this also means that the property prices in these places are rising constantly. This has made it difficult for potential homebuyers to find properties that are within their budget and offer adequate space, amenities, etc. 

To assist you on your home building journey, we scoured the Internet and have listed the 17 best modular builders in and around Texas.

Buying a Modular Prefab Home in Texas

An easy way to solve this problem is to opt for a modular prefab home, instead of a traditional site-built property.

Modular homes are built in indoor factories, before being assembled at the construction site. The different parts of a modular home (known as ‘modules’) are fabricated in a systematic manner, on assembly lines using the latest technology.

These prefabricated modules are then transported to the construction site, where a foundation is laid for the new home that is being built. The modules are then assembled and fitted together on this foundation, until the new house is complete and ready for use. The final product looks almost exactly like a typical, site-built home, but also provides some additional benefits. These are:

  • Time: The time needed to construct a modular prefab home is significantly shorter than the typical timeframe for constructing a similar house on-site. The modules of a prefab home are fabricated in indoor factories, so the construction isn’t delayed due to rain, heat, and other natural issues. Moreover, the foundation and building frame can be constructed simultaneously, instead of one after the other.
  • Price: Modular prefab homes are much cheaper than traditionally-built houses, since the efficient, assembly-line construction process helps reduce the wastage of materials, manpower, and energy. The modules for numerous houses are fabricated together, so any leftover material from one project can easily be used up on another.
  • Environment: Prefab construction is more energy-efficient and ecofriendly, since it is conducted in a controlled environment within the walls of a factory. Each module is designed to be recycled and reused, whenever possible. The pollution generated at the construction site – from transport vehicles and heavy equipment – is also minimized.

Best Prefab Home Builders in Texas

Now that you know the benefits of modular prefab homes, it is time to choose the right company to build you the house of your dreams. There are many world-class modular prefab builders operating in Texas. The best ones among them have been listed below.

MA Modular

This company builds architect-designed, state-of-the-art, modular homes, fabricated with sustainable and high-quality materials. These exquisitely designed prefab homes are spacious, modern, and affordable. A typical modular home built by this company will include features such as quartzite countertops, sheetrock finishes, and standing seem metal roofing.

an exterior of a modern house with wood siding at dusk
Courtesy of MA Modular

The construction process at MA Modular has, over the years, been honed for maximum efficiency and sustainability, without compromising on the quality of the building. Apart from Texas, MA Modular homes are currently available in Louisiana and certain parts of the East Coast.

a modern white and open house interior looking at a modern kitchen with light wood cabinets
Courtesy of MA Modular

Evolution Building Systems

An innovative, off-site construction company based in Texas, Evolution Building Systems has manufacturing facilities in Boydton, Virginia and Navasota, Texas. It integrates state-of-the-art offsite fabrication systems with pioneering building technology, to produce residences that are intelligently designed, environmentally sustainable, and precision-built for maximum efficiency.

a picture of a modern exterior of a house with the words evolution building systems above it
Courtesy of Evolution Building Systems

Their pre-engineered homes are designed and installed with the greatest quality and speed. The turnaround time for most orders ranges from several weeks to a couple of months. The streamlined quality-control process implemented by the company – along with their experienced workforce – ensures that each home is built to the highest standards and meets all code requirements of the area.

a modern small white house with steps going up to it through the green grass
Courtesy of Evolution Building Systems

Texas Timber Frames by Timberlyne

Texas Timber Frames, now known as Timberlyne, specializes in using cutting-edge CNC machinist technology, along with ageless artisan techniques, to build stunning and unique residential structures that will be both durable and beautiful. Located in Boerne, Texas, this company was founded in 1987 to create homes that blend convenience, functionality, aesthetic appeal, and environmental sustainability.

a modern kitchen with tall wood beams going across the ceiling, with a dinner table and grey chairs around it in the foreground
Courtesy of Texas Timber Frames

Some of the hallmarks of their design include soaring ceilings, open plan living spaces, and little cozy enclaves built-in throughout the house. The flexibility of modular design also allows clients to customize each house to their own unique needs and preferences. As the name suggests, the company specializes in creating offsite, timber frame designs that are durable and attractive.

a picture of a big wood framed house at dusk with a big wind turbine in the background field
Courtesy of Texas Timber Frames

Modular Homes of Texas

With more than 40 years of experience in the real-estate development space, Modular Homes of Texas creates high-quality, custom living spaces that are durable and ecofriendly. This company constructs modular prefab multi-family projects, single-family homes, commercial structures, and much more.

an exterior of a white house with a light grey roof, and a yard that is half brown and half green from sunburning
Courtesy of Modular Homes of Texas

Before a project is set in motion, Modular Homes of Texas provides clients with various design ideas as well as a pre-set budget, in accordance with their needs. Another factor that sets this company apart is that it only sells custom-built modular homes and does not carry any inventory. Clients can either design their own floor plans or customize one of the pre-designed ones to meet their needs.

a modern white farmhouse kitchen with a big hood vent and blue patterned backsplash tiles in between white cabinets
Courtesy of Modular Homes of Texas

Franklin Prefab of Austin

This modular builder uses the highest quality materials and craftsmanship for each project. The company employs skilled designers, architects, and craftsmen who produce world-class modular homes in environmentally-controlled factories. These factories contain cutting-edge technologies and equipment for engineering, design, and all other construction-related activities.

an exterior of a dark grey home with a brown roof with green grass all around
Courtesy of Franklin Prefab of Austin

Franklin Prefab of Austin aims to make it easy for clients to design, manufacture, and purchase their own homes, while remaining within a given budget and timeframe. They guide each client, step by step, through every aspect of the home construction process, until the keys to the completed home have been handed over to the buyer.  

a modern white european-style kitchen with light wood stools at the center island
Courtesy of Franklin Prefab of Austin

Pratt Homes

This company offers modern and functional floor plans for modular prefab homes, which can be customized to fit your unique requirements, tastes, or lifestyle. These floor plans are simply a starting point, from which experienced architects, designers, and real-estate developers will help you build your dream home.

a farmhouse style exterior of a home with wood beams, light grey roof, and white siding
Courtesy of Pratt Homes

Pratt Homes has decades of experience constructing high-quality modular prefab homes within a budget, that will not only meet but exceed all your expectations. Pratt Homes serves homebuyers in four states, including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Apart from modular homes, the company also offers tiny and manufactured homes.

an exterior of a modular home that's painted faint green with a grey roof sitting on a green lawn
Courtesy of Pratt Homes

Titan Homes

This company sells manufactured, mobile, and modular homes from over 12 retail locations in various parts of Texas. From triple wide prefabs to tiny houses, this company sells modular homes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. A wide range of floor plans and styles make it easy for potential buyers to build a custom home that is perfectly suited to their needs and tastes.

an exterior of a small white house with a texas flag hanging on the porch, with the sun rising in the background
Courtesy of Titan Homes

As a full-service company, Titan Homes also helps clients with such essential tasks as site selection, mortgage analysis, bank applications, and home design. They offer turnkey construction services, which means that Titan Homes will assist you at every stage of the home-building process, until you have received the keys to your new prefab residence.

a modern interior of a modular home with peach colored walls, wood floors and light blue chairs around a wood coffee table
Courtesy of Titan Homes

Oak Creek Homes

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, this company offers extremely affordable modular and manufactured homes of the highest quality. Each ‘module’ or part of the prefab building is created in a controlled factory setting, with the highest quality materials.

a modern white small home with dark grey accents on posts, white siding
Courtesy of Oak Creek Homes

Oak Creek Homes prides itself on using name brand appliances and fixtures, as well as higher grades of lumber, for each of its projects, never cutting any corners throughout the construction process.

Hence, Oak Creek Homes are extremely strong, durable, and comfortable. Once the home is constructed, the company will conduct a thorough, 47-point inspection on the building before handing over the keys.

a modern small white living room and kitchen with a lake out the big living room windows
Courtesy of Oak Creek Homes

Oak Creek also has a really great blog and video section where you can learn a lot more about modular and the company itself.


Based in Austin, this company aims to ‘redefine the dwelling experience’ with its simple, flexible, and durable modular home designs. Their design philosophy is empathetic and essentialist, and prioritizes the safety of the environment as well as the comfort of the homebuyers.

a picture of a modern boxy small home with lots of glass windows
Screenshot courtesy of the Kasita – Live Lightly Youtube Video

Kasita seeks to disrupt the urban housing market by using modular prefab construction to produce micro-dwellings that can be built much more speedily and cheaply than traditional urban homes. As a result, these homes can also be sold at a much lower price, making quality housing available to many more people in all parts of Texas (and the US as a whole). 

a screenshot of the Kasita homepage that says "Frame Your Journey" with a white sandy background
Courtesy of the Kasita homepage.

Reclaimed Space

This company is known for building sustainable and aesthetically appealing modular homes from corrugated metal and barn wood. Each of the homes is custom-built in their factories, before being shipped to the construction site for assembly. Aesthetic appeal and eco-responsibility are the two main aspects prioritized by their designers and architects.

a picture of a small modern interior kitchen with a white quartz center island and stainless steel appliances
Courtesy of Reclaimed Space

Materials like longleaf pine, hundred-year-old barn wood, and corrugated metal are used to design and construct these modular homes. From land acquisition to the construction, delivery, and installation of your new home, Reclaimed Space will take care of it all in a timely and efficient manner. 

a small modern cabin looking home with a fire pit out front, and the sun setting almost to night
Courtesy of Reclaimed Space

Titan Park Models

Built to be compact and durable, the modular prefab homes constructed by this company can be completed and installed within 30 days. Their homes are usually small and designed to be used for recreational purposes, such as vacations, camping, etc. Despite their small size, however, these tiny homes and park model homes can be made to feel spacious and comfortable through smart design and space optimization.

a small modern home on rocky flat ground with tan siding and a white overhang roof
Courtesy of Titan Park Models

Titan Park ensures that every inch of available space in your small, modular home will be optimally utilized. The company will also work with you to find the perfect floor plan for your needs, as well as the right amenities, features, and appliances. The company also offers many customization options for lighting, porches, lofts, colors, and more.  

an interior of a tiny home with wood floors, tan walls, and a white ceiling. The kitchen is on the right and the living room is on the left with a green couch in it.
Courtesy of Titan Park Models

Brett Zamore Design

Based in Houston, Texas, this company builds highly customized modular prefab homes. Their constructions are cost-effective, ecofriendly, and reflect the simplicity and beauty of Texas vernacular architecture. The design studio also offers about seven different floor plans, each of which can be customized to suit the needs of the homeowner.

a picture of a small white modern home with a steep peak white roof and white siding
Courtesy of Brett Zamore Design

The Brett Zamore Design studio is known for producing creative, intelligent, and unique architectural solutions that are sustainable and attractive. Whenever possible, the company tries to make use of local construction techniques and take advantage of regional materials for their projects. Each project is designed to fit harmoniously with its surroundings, allowing for plenty of natural sunlight and air. 

a modern contemporary kitchen with grey stone floors and white european-style cabinets
Courtesy of Brett Zamore Design

Meridian Homes

This company provides a wide array of modular homes in Texas, with models that match every budget and lifestyle. All the modular prefab homes are designed and constructed in-house, at their factory in Waco, Texas. To ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship, each aspect of the prefabrication and construction process is monitored closely.

a modern interior showing the kitchen with white cabinets, a vibrant wood vinyl floor, and a center island with stools underneath
Courtesy of Meridian Homes

Since 1983, Meridian Homes has built more than 50,000 modular homes. The building frames are constructed in the factory before being transported to the construction site and installed speedily, in accordance with the federal building code standards. Meridian Homes are also designed to be incredibly affordable, both in terms of actual price as well as resale value, utility costs, durability, and repair expenses.

a screenshot of the meridian webpage displaying bullet points about Energy Star features in their home construction
Courtesy of Meridian Homes

Modular Homes Austin

For individuals and families looking for high-quality, comfortable, and affordable housing in Texas, this locally owned, Austin-based modular prefab builder is an excellent option. Modular Homes Austin also aims to simplify and streamline the process of home construction, ensuring that you will not have to deal with any realtors, subcontractors, or water companies in order to set up your new home.

a small modular house with brown exterior and white trim and roof
Courtesy of Modular Homes Austin

As a full-service modular home builder, they will handle every stage of the construction and installation process for you. With more than 60 years of experience, their modular homes are built to code and are of superior quality, when compared to traditional, site-built homes. 

an interior of a home living room with a light grey couch and tan colored walls
Courtesy of Modular Homes Austin

Container Places

From its base in Austin, Texas, this company builds world-class modular homes from recycled shipping containers. It provides a wide variety of services for would-be homeowners, including design, construction, and consultation. Every home designed and built by Container Places is sustainable, affordable, and durable.

a small container home colored light grey, with the doors open showing the small living room with a couch in it
Courtesy of Container Places

The homes range from 160 square feet to 1,200 square feet in size, and are suitable for families and individual inhabitants alike. A one-trip shipping container is used as the basic framework for each new home, and the company tries its best to use as many recycled and renewable materials as possible, during the construction process.

a small modern container home on stilts colored dark grey
Courtesy of Container Places

Kanga Room Systems

This company designs and manufactures some of the best prefabricated kits for standalone outdoor rooms, cabins, sheds, and other accessory structures. If you need some extra space in your house for storage, work, recreation, etc. then Kanga Room Systems has the perfect solution for you.

a small adu in the backyard with big cement pavers leading to the way to it in the backyard
Courtesy of Kanga Room Systems

They design and install modular prefab structures – like sheds, studios, cabins, etc. – so that you can have some much-needed extra space in your home. In short, you can use this company if you want a beautiful, sustainable, and ‘almost instant’ add-on room in your living space. The individual parts of the new room will be manufactured in a factory and assembled in or near your residence.

a small modern house down the hill, with the camera angle pointing down a new wood walkway to it
Courtesy of Kanga Room Systems
a modern home living room with a grey couch and mid century modern camel leather chair
Courtesy of Kanga Room Systems

Deltec Homes

The modular prefab homes manufactured by this company are ecofriendly, hurricane-resistant, well-designed, and aesthetically appealing. Deltec aims to provide customers with durable and energy-efficient prefab homes that can be built within a short time. Each Deltec prefab home is constructed using the strongest available framing lumber.

a circular-shaped two story home with solar panels on the roof
Courtesy of Deltec Homes

The various parts or components of the home are then stored in a climate-controlled environment, which helps keep them safe from the elements before they are delivered to the construction site. Once the foundation has been laid at the construction site, the prefabricated components can be delivered to the site and assembled in a matter of days.

an interior of a circular-shaped home with an open living room, peach colored walls, and a loft on the second story
Courtesy of Deltec Homes

Concluding Note

If you want to build a durable, functional, and well-designed modular home in Texas, without exceeding your budget, then you should consider checking out the above-mentioned prefab home builders. Reading through their offers, products, and processes will help you choose the company which is best suited to your home-buying needs.

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