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Owning a modular home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With so many affordable prefab modular homes available, your dream home is certainly within reach. In our first post of the series, we shared a list of homes that cost less than $150k.

However, if you need a modular home that’s less expensive still and your budget falls in the $100k range, what are your options?

Well, we’ve outlined a list of the top 10 prefab homes for less than $100k. Keep reading for detailed information on these great properties and the companies that produce them. 

Full by Plus Hus

How does a fully customizable, sustainable home with Icelandic design influences sound? That’s what Plus Hus is all about. 

Exterior view of a Plus Hus modular home
Courtesy of Plus Hus

The Company

Hailing from Iceland, where the homes are usually low-rise and no more than three stories, Plus Hus takes elements from traditional homes and combines them with custom designs to build its trademark ADU. 

All Plus Hus homes are built in Los Angeles and sent straight to your door flat-packed and built. 

The House 

Plus Hus offers three modular home configurations, but we most like the Full, as it affords the most living space. This Plus Hus home starts at $79,000, so it’s healthily within your budget. 

Interior view of a Plus Hus modular home
Courtesy of Plus Hus

The Full comes with a kitchen and a bathroom, providing more than sleeping quarters. It can be a great place to live when you need to get away or welcome friends and family for an extended stay. 

Showcase by Kountry Containers

The small but cozy Showcase by Kountry Containers is chocked full of eco-friendly features, and boasts enough room for living space and a bedroom and bathroom combo!

The Company

The central Texas modular builder Kountry Containers believes in providing customers a lifestyle experience with its homes. All units are handcrafted with sustainable touches throughout.

Now you can experience the simplicity of basic living with custom designs that make your home a marvel! 

The House 

The Showcase measures 320 square feet, and although the quarters are undoubtedly close, the home has enough space for a bedroom and a bathroom. 

Courtesy of Kountry Containers

The interior of the home features wooden floors, an electric tankless water heater, granite kitchen counters, stainless steel electric kitchen appliances, and smart lights.

The walls are decorated with red cedarwood, and mini-split heating and cooling will keep you comfortable.

The exterior has wall LED lighting, aluminum or wood accents, a red cedar wood deck, Low-E tinted and insulated windows, and red cedar walls. 

All of this comes at a very affordable price of $59,530!


If you want to turn heads with your prefab home under $100k, the Wikkelhouse could undoubtedly be what you’re looking for. 

Exxterior view of a Wikkelhouse modular home
Courtesy of Wikkelhouse

The Company

The Wikkelhouse is produced in the Netherlands by a company that goes by the same name.

The team at Wikkelhouse is big on sustainability, and all materials used to build the house are eco-friendly. According to the company, its homes are three times more eco-friendly than a traditional house.

Although it’s not there yet, the Wikkelhouse team strives to someday soon produce homes that are completely biodegradable!

The company assembles prefab homes in the Netherlands in less than one day and then ships them to you. 

The House 

What is it like to live in a Wikkelhouse? The house has one kitchen as well as a single bathroom and bedroom. The standard Wikkelhouse design is 15 feet by 16 feet, giving you approximately 215 square feet of living space.

You can expect durability and sustainability through and through. A Wikkelhouse is built to last about 50 years. The acoustics are excellent, and the insulation will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.   

Owning a Wikkelhouse of your very own could cost you as little as $56,686!

Modal 01 by Modal

If you need a modular home sooner than later, the Modal 01 by Modal could be your next house. The company promises a livable home ready within six months. 

Courtesy of Modal

The Company

Salt Lake City-based Modal’s philosophy is to “build small but smart.” That’s the kind of company mission we can get behind!

Modal can help you with every step of the home-building process, including site surveying, permitting, shipment, and home construction. 

According to the company, permitting and on-site surveying takes  on average three to four months.

Next, the footings and groundwork are added to the home in five days. Then, within the next two months, your home will finish being fully constructed.

The House 

The Modal 01 is a 432-square-foot property measuring approximately 13.5 feet by 32 feet.

Courtesy of Modal

You can make this preassembled home whatever you desire. Perhaps you use the Modal 01 as a bedroom, a home office, or even a small yoga studio. The wealth of amenities gives you the freedom to configure this space as you wish. 

The base home includes dual exterior patio lights, two independently-zoned cooling and heating units, a bathroom, an oven, a four-burner stove, and kitchen cabinets. Your new Modal home also boasts LED lighting, garbage disposal, a dishwasher, and gorgeous nine-foot ceilings. 

The price of the base model starts at $98,000.

Ark Shelter

Is Ark life right for you? The Ark Shelter is built for working, playing, and everything in between. 

Exterior view of an Ark Shelter modular home
Courtesy of Dwellito

The Company

The architects that created the Ark Shelter think modern life has become far too stressful. Thus, they sought to create a minimalist lifestyle that allows the average person to shed their stresses. 

The House 

The Ark Shelter is a 386-square-foot lodge measuring 9.8 feet by 39.4 feet. Within the home is a full kitchen, a single bathroom, and up to two bedrooms. The home starts at $60,000. 

The bedrooms are on separate ends of the house to increase your privacy. Both bedrooms are outfitted with a single large window apiece that lets in natural light. A living area between the bedrooms also features sizable windows. 

A convertible trundle bed allows you to accommodate even more guests in your Ark Shelter lodge. The kitchenette comes fully furnished with furniture, appliances, and fixtures so you can move right in and enjoy.  

Hivehaus by Barry Jackson 

A hexagonal home with many attention-grabbing qualities, the Hivehaus is produced in the United Kingdom.  

Exterior view of a Hive House modular home
Courtesy of Dwellito

The House 

The Hivehaus is divided into a series of modules, each hexagonal. Each module can be attached to any of the six sides of the Hivehaus. When you connect the modules, you put the “hive” in Hivehaus!

Interior view of a Hive House modular home
Courtesy of Dwellito

You can reorganize the modules anytime based on your preference at the moment, theoretically providing the freedom to customize your Hivehaus daily. At the very least, you may change the configuration by season or when friends or family come to visit. 

Made of standard boards throughout, the Hivehaus is sustainable because its production minimizes waste. All materials are flat-packed and then sent by lorry, where they must be built on the site. 

Even if the land you purchased is uneven or sloping, the Hivehaus has adjustable feet for various setups. 

Each unit is 224 square feet overall and has room for a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom—the entire Hivehaus measures 16.8 feet by 16.8 feet. The home costs $62,587. 

ALP 320 by Meka Modular 

A studio home perfect for a cozy life on your own or with another person, the ALP 320 by Meka Modular has a gorgeous design and sustainable features you’ll love. 

Exterior view of a the ALP 320 by Meka Modular
Courtesy of Meka Modular

The Company

If you read our post on the best prefab homes for $150k or under, then Meka Modular should be familiar. It’s a modular builder founded in 2009, delivering to 10 Canadian provinces and 51 US states. 

Favoring contemporary designs and sustainability, Meka builds its homes for longevity too. Each Meka home can handle heavy winds, floods, snow loads, and earthquakes. 

The House 

The ALP 320 is a 320-square-foot home with a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom or studio. The home’s footprint is 16 feet by 20 feet, and the height is nine feet, six inches. 

The exterior has an attractive rustic cedar finish, and the white prime-painted drywall is low-VOC. The exterior trim siding feels warm and inviting in western red cedar. 

Both the bathroom and the kitchen floor tiles are dark gray porcelain, while the cabinetry in these rooms is finished with white or gray enamel.

The ALP 320 starts at $88,900. 

LIBERTY 160 by Meka Modular 

If you love the design and appeal of Meka Modular homes, but you need an even lower-budget prefab home than the ALP 320, try the LIBERTY 160 model instead. 

The House 

The LIBERTY 160 is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom, 160-square-foot home. Its footprint is eight feet by 20 feet, and it’s nine feet, six inches tall.

Exterior view of a Liberty 160 by Meka Modular home
Courtesy of Meka Modular

For $52,900, you can outfit your LIBERTY prefab home with features such as a rustic cedar or corrugated metal exterior, western red cedar trim siding, low-VOC drywall, and single or double-glazed vinyl window and doorframes. 

K4 Series by kitHAUS

kitHAUS makes great modular homes under $100k, such as the K4. This cozy space over 200 square feet is customizable from the ground up.

Interior view of a K4 modular home by KitHaus
Courtesy of KitHaus

The Company

kitHAUS is another name you may recall from the first part of this series. Its prefab modules offer a considerable degree of customization.

The company has a patented construction system that erases the need for heavy-duty equipment to transport your home. Every kitHAUS home is pre-engineered at its headquarters. 

The House 

The K4 Series is ready and waiting for you to customize. Just select which module best suits your lifestyle and kitHAUS will build it. 

The K4 Basic is 191 square feet and costs $53,700. If you need a bathroom in your K4, it will bring the cost to $61,400. Adding a kitchenette as well bolsters the price to $64,700.

Exterior side view of a K4 modular home by KitHaus
Courtesy of KitHaus

The K4 Extended measures 226 square feet and costs $61,400. You can add a bath to the model for an overall price of $69k. The K4 Extended with a kitchenette and a bathroom costs $72,400, which is still well within your $100k budget. 

All K4 homes include an anodized aluminum structural framework with a locking system, a cement board or corrugated galvalume exterior, structural insulated panels, Low-E glass with dual glazing, white laminate ceilings, and maple hardwood floors.

The bathroom features plywood or shiplap walls, a powder-coated aluminum shower pan, and a shower stall made of a waterproof cement board. 


The flat-packed AbleNook can be assembled in two hours or less. Yes, you read that right, two hours! This unit doesn’t skimp on features, either. 

Exterior front view of an AbleNook modular home on a savannah
Courtesy of AbleNook

The Company

The creators of the AbleNook in Florida named it that with good reason. Their brand of prefab homes is customizable and has insulation and integrated electricity too. So no matter your terrain situation, an AbleNook should stand supreme. 

The House 

The AbleNook features structural framing made of aluminum with insulated panels throughout the roof, walls, and floor. The leg jacks are adjustable, enabling the AbleNook to handle various terrain. 

At 386 square feet, the AbleNook is a cozy home with a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom. It measures 8.8 feet by 38.7 feet.

Interior view of an AbleNook modular home
Courtesy of AbleNook

You can customize nearly everything imaginable about the floorplan, and additional storage keeps the small space feeling tidy.

All AbleNooks are covered under the manufacturer’s 10-year warranty. The home should last for 30 years but possibly longer. In storms, the home can withstand gusts of 180 miles per hour.

The AbleNook starts at $75,000. 


Finding a modular home for under $100k that’s cozy and eco-friendly isn’t hard when you choose one of the ten on this list. These incredible modular homes redefine what a house can be, giving you unmatched freedom in your day-to-day life! 

If you’re interested in checking out more modular homes under different price ranges, we also have articles on under $150,000under $75,000, and under $50,000 too!

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