A front view of a sleek, modern modular home

When having a home built from scratch, you can sometimes accrue unexpected costs that drive up the overall price of your home. One benefit of modular homes is that the costs are usually far more predictable. 

Could you find a modular home that’s the right fit for you for under $150k? Absolutely!

Keep reading for more information on the best homes under $150k and the builders themselves.

1. Bali 1344 by Bamboo Living

If your dream home has a tropical feel like what you’d find on a peaceful Hawaiian island, then the Bali 1344 by Bamboo Living could be your dream prefab home.

Exterior front view of the Bali 1344 modular home by Bamboo Living
Live life with more aloha thanks to the 1,344-square-foot Bali 1344. Courtesy of Bamboo Living

The Company

Founded in 1995, Hawaii’s Bamboo Living produces artisan bamboo modular homes, hence the name. Its team includes designers and architects. All homes are backed under a comprehensive 20-year structural warranty.

Even better, you can get a Bamboo Living prefab home shipped nearly anywhere in the world!

The House

The Bali 1344 is a 1,344-square-foot property with a 448-square-foot porch. It includes 3.5 bathrooms and three bedrooms, making this the perfect family modular home. 

The open-beam ceilings, which are 15 feet high at some points, create a lofty, open area throughout the house. 

The Hybrid Bamboo Home Package costs $110,880. But if you’d rather have the Signature Bamboo Home Package, the home will cost $140,450, which still falls within the $150K range.

2. Nook by Module

If ADUs prove anything, it’s that living with less is very much in vogue. You can wholly embrace that lifestyle with the Nook home by Module.

Exterior front view of the Nook modular home by Module
The 576-square-foot home is ideal for those looking for a starter home. Courtesy of Dwellito

The Company

Module produces energy-efficient offsite modular homes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This modular home builder favors tall ceilings, large windows to let in significant sunlight, and energy efficiency. That’s why all homes are zero-energy ready.  

The House

The Nook is a small but cozy 576-square-foot modular home that can double as an ADU. It features one bathroom and one bedroom, but the bathroom has enough space for a five-foot turning radius. 

You’ll find a workspace, a sink, convertible cabinets, and low countertops in the kitchen. The home costs $149,000.

3. 1,016 Square Foot by Deltec Homes

A cylindrical home offers more roominess even when cutting down on the square footage. That shape is one often utilized by Deltec Homes.

Exterior front view rendering of a Deltec modular home
This custom round floor plan will surely turn heads! Courtesy of Deltec.

The Company

Asheville, North Carolina’s Deltec Homes was established in 1968, so it has a long-standing record of excellence. This family-owned business started building its breed of cylindrical modular homes in resort communities, and their popularity grew from there. 

The design of their homes does more than create space. Deltec cylindrical homes offer a degree of hurricane resistance as well.  

The House

The 1,016-square-foot home plan in the 360 Collection has an attached garage in the home’s crescent wing. Included are two bedrooms, a 240-square-foot living area, a 52-square-foot dining area, and a full bathroom that’s about 90 square feet.

The shell price of this Deltec Homes property starts at $142,000. 

4. Light Haus by Wheelhaus

Fall in love with the beauty of a cabin when you move into the Light Haus by Wheelhaus. This compact yet appealing home will turn heads whenever someone comes to visit!

The Light Haus model is perfect for buyers looking for larger cabins with abundant natural light. Courtesy of Wheelhaus

The Company

Founded in 2006, Wheelhaus has always believed that less is more. A smaller modular home requires fewer building materials and thus produces less waste. 

Wheelhaus says their homes are designed for placement in nearly any climate. For example, the cabins are built to handle heavy snow and strong hurricane-force winds.

All homes have an excellent R-value for better energy efficiency. 

Wheelhaus cabins surpass the Gold standard for energy efficiency as established by the US Green Building Council. 

The House

The Light Haus model is a rolling cabin with 400 square feet of living space. The home measures 38 feet in length and 10.5 feet in width. 

Wheelhaus says the Light Haus is designed to comfortably sleep four people despite its diminutive size. In addition, it features large windows throughout to appreciate the beauty and warmth of the sun and boasts a 100-foot patio. 

The Light Haus starts at $149,500. 

5. KBOX Base by KaiserWorks 

We quite like KBOX’s motto: “Make no small plans.”

With $150k to invest in a modular home, the Base is within your budget and is as versatile as they come. 

Exterior view of a KaiserWorks KBOX home
The KBOX Base pushes the boundaries of minimalism and futurism within either 360 or 480-square-foot. Courtesy of KaiserWorks

The Company

KBOX makes homes that can move on a whim, just as some people do. The small, portable, modular home models are fantastic in both urban and suburban environments. A KBOX home is even suitable as an ADU.

Interior view of a KaiserWorks KBOX home
You can make the KBOX Base your own home or as a guesthouse. Courtesy of KaiserWorks

The House

The KBOX Base starts at $135,000, but you will have to provide your land. The home is between 380 and 480 square feet, depending on your chosen model. Either way, it has one bathroom and one bedroom. 

The convertible entertainment area provides room to accommodate two friends or family members for overnight stays. 

6. M1 by Passion

The M1 by Passion is a beautiful prefab home custom-built in as little as four months. You could be living in your dream home sooner than you think! 

The M1 is instantly iconic thanks to its triple-glazed windows. Courtesy of Dwellito

The Company

Estonia’s Passion Houses specializes in low-energy homes and always builds its custom properties with durable materials and triple-glazed panoramic windows for breathtaking views.

The House

The M1 is a one-bedroom, one-bath house for $120,000.

Boasting 560 square feet of space, you can select from two floorplans. One has a sauna rather than a bedroom area, while the other has a bedroom with a lounge. 

A solid wood terrace is designed for longevity, while the parquets are made of natural wood for a refined finish. Naturally, you’ll spend lots of time gazing out of your panoramic windows. But kinetic roll-down blinds let you achieve privacy quickly. 

7. Cabin One

The Cabin One is another modular home to consider if you prefer the style and hominess of cabins. 

Exterior front view of a Cabin One modular home
Easy integration of smart controls is one of the key features of Cabin One. Courtesy of Cabin One

The Company

Cabin One is both the name of the home and the Germany-based company that produces it. Cabin One offers fixed prices and speedy building, so your prefab home is ready to live in faster. 

The timber-frame construction is certified, and whenever possible, the team only uses sustainable materials. 

The House

The Cabin One model is a $113,300 prefab home that’s 301 square feet. It measures 11.25 by 36 feet and has one bathroom, a bedroom, and a kitchen.

Arriving on your land plot already assembled, the One can accommodate up to four people comfortably. 

Interior view of a Cabin One bathroom
The spacious bathroom is filled with natural light thanks to thoughtful design elements. Courtesy of Cabin One

You can select an Off-Grid Package that produces 60 percent of the energy your home will use, which compliments the Sanitation Package that recirculates shower water and uses a dry toilet for less water.

The kitchen includes basic fittings and a sink, and you can choose to add appliances such as a dishwasher, extractor fan, refrigerator, and ceramic hob. 

When it’s bedtime, you can sleep in a double-decker bed or a loft bed for up to four people. Storage throughout the home is carefully placed so you can keep your home organized. 

8. K9 by kitHAUS

Prefab modular homes like the K9 by kitHAUS can act as their own permanent home, ADU, weekend home, or even a home office or studio. These versatile, modern homes are very charming. 

Exterior front view of a KitHaus modular home
You can choose three layouts for your K9 home. Courtesy of kitHAUS

The Company

Since 2005, Martin Wehmann and Tom Sandonato’s unique breed of tiny homes has been built under the kitHAUS moniker. kitHAUS works with senior designers and a team of talented experts to construct homes that are sometimes ready in a matter of days.

All homes use lightweight aluminum that resists mold, termites, and rust. You won’t be required to paint the exterior, even after several years.

kitHAUS homes feature dual-glazed windows and insulation throughout the ceilings, walls, and floors.  

The House

The K9 is a 468-square-foot site-built modular home that starts at $115,000 and has a kitchen, a single bathroom, and a bedroom. 

Interior view of a KitHaus modular home
A tasteful blend of white and wood is one of the identifying marks of the kitHAUS seal of quality. Courtesy of kitHAUS

The ceiling lights are LEDs that are both recessed and dimmable. The kitchen has an under-counter fridge, stovetop, sink, and countertops.

The bathroom includes a powder-coated shower pan and a shower stall made of high-density cement board (also waterproof).

9. VOR 640 by Meka Modular

The VOR 640 by Meka Modular is technically an ADU that can double as a small home for those who don’t mind skipping all the square footage. 

Exterior front view of a Meka Modular home
You get engineered wood exterior siding and a 25-year warranty with your Meka modular home. Courtesy of Meka Modular

The Company

Canada’s Meka Modular was established in 2009. Its modular living spaces are eco-friendly and beautiful, with contemporary design touches.

No weather can cause their homes to buckle, as Meka homes are built for events such as heavy snow, strong winds, floodwaters, and earthquakes. 

It can build a light steel frame modular home for you in six months and deliver it throughout North America. 

The House

The VOR 640 includes 640 square feet of house at a height of nine feet, six inches. The home has room for one bathroom and up to two bedrooms. All this for $134,900!

Interior view of a Meka Modular home
Contemporary decor with the latest appliances are present in the VOR 640.Courtesy of Meka Modular

Solid plank flooring includes dark-stained maple with a clear finish. Each window and doorframe is made of single-glazed or double-glazed vinyl. The trim siding is western red cedar.

The kitchen and bathroom have porcelain floor tiles and an enamel finish. The exterior finish is a combo of rigid corrugated metal and appealing white-painted stucco. 

10. Casita 850 by Ma Modular 

The last home on our list is the Casita 850 by Ma Modular, a cozy home that’s almost 1,000 square feet! 

Exterior front-facing view of the Casita 850 by Ma Modular modular hom
The Casita 850 emphasizes the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Courtesy of Ma Modular

The Company

Austin, Texas modular home builder Ma Modular was established in 2001, promising affordability, quality, and faster home-building that slashes the typical timeframe in half. 

Ma Modular ships homes throughout the east coast and the western US and Louisiana and Texas. 

The House

The single-bathroom, two-bedroom Casita 850 is 850 square feet, which is bigger than many other prefab homes we’ve discussed.

Interior view of the Casita by Ma Modular modular home
The unique mid-century design is an instant hit with buyers looking for modular homes with a unique look. Courtesy of Ma Modular

In addition to its spacious layout, this is a popular Ma model due to its tall ceilings and large windows that provide lots of natural light.

11. The Breakout by Dwellito

Prefab tiny homes like the Breakout are highly eco-friendly and can act as independent accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to host other family members.

A rendering of the Breakout studio modular home by Dwellito
This studio model is perfect for an art studio or hosting guests! Courtesy of Dwellito

The Company

Based in California, Dwellito makes identifying and buying prefab modular homes as easy as possible. 

Dwellito was founded on the principle of transparency and precision. Therefore, it incorporates advanced technology and over a decade of experience to simplify the process of finding cost-effective modular homes.

What sets this company apart is that it provides a comprehensive site analysis to help customers understand their properties’ full potential.

Interior view of the studio modular home Breakout model by Dwellito
This kit puts eco-consciousness at the forefront of its design. Courtesy of Dwellito

The House 

The Breakout is a 527-square-foot site-built modular home that starts at $115,000 and has a kitchen, a single bathroom, and a bedroom. It’s built fully with wood, with a focus on reducing the owner’s carbon footprint through self-sufficiency.

The treatments and finishes used on this house are either non-Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or contain low VOCs.

Finally, there is the possibility of optional add-ons like solar energy harvesting, battery storage, and rainwater collection and storage.

12. Triumph by Clayton

The Triumph is one of the few modular homes priced less than $150k, ideal for family living. Therefore, it’s your go-to option if you want to settle your family on a budget.

A rendering of the multisection five-bedroom modular home, the Triumph by Clayton Homes
The Triumph is the perfect home for large and multigenerational families. Courtesy of Manufactured Homes

The Company

Clayton is a family-owned company that makes home ownership attainable for most Americans.

Since its inception in 1956, the company has remained at the forefront of providing quality, attainable housing to Americans.

Due to its dedication over the past 60 years, Clayton has become one of America’s leading homebuilders in off-site and site-built homes.

You can view their house tour of the Triumph below.

The House

The Triumph is a 2,001-square-foot house with three bathrooms and five bedrooms starting at just $100,000.

It’s spacious enough for a family that wants to live on a budget.

It’s worth noting that for this company, the advertised price is for the home only. Therefore, if you opt for The Triumph, be prepared to pay delivery and installation costs separately.


If you have a relatively sizable budget for a modular home but don’t need a sizable property, the twelve houses we discussed should prove a perfect fit.

Each home utilizes space to the fullest and is often eco-friendly, too. Any one of these homes would make a great ADU, vacation home, or even a permanent dwelling.

If you’re interested in checking out more modular homes under different price ranges, we also have articles on under $100,000, under $75,000, and under $50,000, too!

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