Exterior front view of a tiny home in Texas

Does the idea of downsizing appeal to you? Many homebuyers are now thinking that the American dream of owning the biggest house on the block isn’t as desirable as it once was.

They would rather live a simpler life free of debt, and a tiny home is one way to make that a reality.

If you feel you’re ready to explore what living in a tiny house means, you need to identify a builder that’s the right fit for you.

There are plenty of tiny home builders in Texas that would love to assist in building the tiny home of your dreams. 

What Makes a Good Tiny Home Builder?

Before you begin searching for the best tiny home builder or manufacturer, you need to know how you can find the right one!

First, bear in mind that a tiny home is usually considered a small house, typically less than 600 square feet (55.74 square meters) in size. 

People from all walks of life choose tiny homes because of the environmental and financial benefits and the appeal of living a simple life in a small space. 

As you learn about tiny home builders in Texas, keep an eye out for companies with an excellent track record of quality construction and sound design in the tiny home market.

We highly recommend you get in touch with homeowners who’ve worked with tiny home builders to hear what they have to say about their experience working with a particular builder. 

Ideally, you should pick a builder who is passionate about the work it does and ensures it’s well-versed in the tiny life. 

Attributes of the best tiny home builders:

  • Positive reviews from past clients
  • Long-standing history of building top-quality houses
  • Friendly customer support
  • No need for a considerable upfront deposit
  • Transparent pricing structure and no hidden fees

The Top 11 Tiny Home Builders in Texas

Now, let’s take a look at some of the top tiny home builders Texas has to offer.


Interior view of a Volstruckt tiny home
Courtesy of Volstrukt

Volstrukt designs and produces machine-manufactured frame kits for tiny homes, including:

  • Tiny house trailers
  • Trailer subfloor and insulation kits
  • Pre-assembled steel framing (including roof, loft & walls)
  • Strapping + anchoring hardware
  • Fasteners + sheathing

By shipping their houses as kits, Volstrukt leverages the benefit of online purchasing and fulfillment while avoiding the challenges associated with offsite construction.

You can either assemble the home yourself (even if you don’t have any home-building experience) or simply hire a contractor. 

Exterior view of a Volstruckt tiny home
Courtesy of Volstrukt

Volstrukt supplies engineered, factory assembled roof and wall panels that are easy to put together so you can have a livable home within 30 days.

Their kits allow you to choose a design and build to a style that matches your needs and lifestyle. 

Small House Solutions

Small House Solutions is a custom design-build firm based in Austin that serves several Texas metropolitan areas.

Exterior front view of a Small House Solutions tiny home
Courtesy of Small House Solutions

The company specializes in several tiny home-type structures.

Its unique design service incorporates your style, design, ideas, and other specs into photo-realistic imaging.

The tiny houses on wheels by Small House Solutions are built on either a gooseneck trailer or bumper pull.

The maximum dimensions are 8.5 feet (2.59 meters) wide and 13.5 feet (4.11 meters) tall. They are usually parked in an RV park or rural property outside the city limits. 

Interior view of a Small House Solutions tiny home kitchen
Courtesy of Small House Solutions

When it comes to tiny home designs, the company’s full-service approach ensures that every minute detail is covered.

Its living design packages include:

  • Site visit and analysis by experienced staff members
  • In-person design consultation or over video conference
  • Research, due diligence, and site-specific calculations, including impervious cover and zoning. 
  • Color and finish materials selections via Lowes.com and Homedepot.com
  • CAD floor plans and elevations for tiny homes
  • Complete design file required for structural engineering, including roof plan, electrical plan, and door and window schedule 
  • Fixed price quotation for your new tiny home
  • Co-ownership of tiny home plans, allowing you to use the designs as you like

Nook Tiny Homes

Exterior view of a floating Nook Tiny Homes home
Courtesy of Nook Tiny Homes

Nook Tiny Homes is a custom tiny home builder situated right outside Austin.

Its team of experienced designers, master craftsmen, skilled tradesmen, and talented builders specialize in building top-quality custom tiny homes that will match your budget and lifestyle.

Additionally, the company promises to produce only the highest-quality tiny houses specially crafted for you!

Interior view of a Nook Tiny Homes home
Courtesy of Nook Tiny Homes

Austin Tiny Homes

Austin Tiny Homes is a tiny home builder that provides a vast range of full-scope architectural, construction, and interior design services that can be customized to meet your needs.

Exterior view of an Austin Tiny Homes home
Courtesy of Austin Tiny Homes

With more than four decades of experience in remodeling and building in the central Texas region, the company is passionate about building the best tiny homes in the market.

Its team will work directly with you to design and build the perfect solution for your business or home needs.

The pros at Austin Tiny Homes ensure that their homes aren’t just visually appealing and artistic but also livable and functional. 

Interior view of an Austin Tiny Homes home
Courtesy of Austin Tiny Homes

Nevertheless, the best thing about Austin Tiny Homes is that it provides alternative space-saving concepts such as greywater systems and compost toilets. 

Nomad Tiny Homes

Exterior view of a Nomad Tiny Homes home
Courtesy of Nomad Tiny Homes

Nomad Tiny Homes of Dripping Springs (near Austin) is a tiny home builder that constructs eco-friendly and efficient homes inspired by modern simplicity, nature, and clean lines.

Interior view of a Nomad Tiny Homes home
Courtesy of Nomad Tiny Homes

Houses built by Nomad feature plenty of windows and open floor plans.

The company loves to let the outside in and utilize every square inch in the most functional way possible.

It prides itself on its attention to detail and dedication to every project.

Greenmark Tiny Homes

Kelly Green established Greenmark Tiny Homes in 2018 along with his teammates Eric Kurzynski and Justin Kreger of Utopian Villas.

This tiny home builder specializes in providing its classic Greenmark Tiny Homes by Athens Park Models and designing and building luxury, hand-crafted tiny homes by Utopian Villas of Texas

Exterior view of a Greenmark Tiny Homes roof
Courtesy of Greenmark Tiny Homes

Being one of the high-end tiny home builders in Texas, Greenmark Tiny Homes is committed to constructing homes with the best possible materials available, offering every customer a reliable home with high-quality features.

Interior bathroom view of a Greenmark Tiny Homes home
Courtesy of Greenmark Tiny Homes

The company ensures that all of their distinctive tiny homes have everything you need in a full-size home, with a vast selection of designs for sale. 

Exterior view of a Greenmark Tiny Homes home
Courtesy of Greenmark Tiny Homes

Some of the striking features of Greenmark’s tiny homes include:

  • Beautiful siding options that are as functional as they are visually appealing
  • Flowing floor plans designed for comfort, storage, and efficiency
  • Spacious high ceilings

Arnold Custom Builders

Arnold Custom Builders is an independent, woman-owned tiny home builder in Texas that offers custom-built tiny homes with several energy-efficient features.

Courtesy of Arnold Custom Builders

The company’s goal is to surpass customers’ expectations in each stage, from design to completion, with the aim of streamlining the whole process.

It offers cost-effective, collaborative, and quality efforts to build a unique tiny home for its customers.

Arnold also provides tiny home plans to give you a starting point for choosing sizes and options.

Then, it can alter these plans or start from scratch to design your own plan with its in-house tiny home designer. 

Courtesy of Arnold Custom Builders

In addition to homes, Arnold Custom Builders also offers tiny home trailers. Some of the features of tiny home trailers include:

  • All tube steel construction 
  • Electrical brakes for each wheel 
  • Fully sealed wiring harness
  • 10-ply radial tires
  • Lifetime trailer chassis guarantee
  • An engineered foundation that meets ANSI and RVIA specifications

Arkitainer Tiny Homes

Arkitainer Tiny Homes of Austin is the Airstream of custom container homes under 900 square feet (83.61 square meters).

Exterior view of an Arkitainer Tiny Homes home
Courtesy of Arkitainer Tiny Homes

This tiny home builder customizes and builds any floor plan the client needs.

Since the company is a custom tiny home builder, none of their homes are the same.

Interior view of an Arkitainer Tiny Homes kitchen
Courtesy of Arkitainer Tiny Homes

The best thing about Arkitainer Tiny Homes is that they offer financing with Hearth Funding of up to $100,000. 

Indigo River Tiny Homes

Indigo River Tiny Homes is an eco-friendly tiny home builder inspired by the freedom, simplicity, and ecological benefits that simple and tiny living offers.

It is owned and run by a war veteran, and the founder, designer, and lead builder have over 16 years of home improvement and construction experience.

Exterior view of an Indigo River tiny home
Courtesy of Indigo River Tiny Homes

Its team is dedicated to building the highest quality tiny homes possible. The Indigo River team cares about the quality of work, and it shows in the final product.

Long-term goals include developing a “tiny home village” and supporting the tiny home community in North Texas.

Based on your creative input and several floor plans, the team will create an abode entirely unique for you.

Its tiny homes aren’t cookie-cutter mobile homes or RVs.

Instead, they are custom houses designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday living and offer you all the comfort you need for years to come.

Interior view of an Indigo River tiny home
Courtesy of Indigo River Tiny Homes

As of December 2021, all of their tiny homes are RIVA-certified. If this is important to you, the company can upgrade your house to NOAH certification for extra fees.

Prices start at $49,000 and go up to $68,900 before customization or add-ons.

Some percentage of revenue from each sale is donated to organizations that benefit veterans, including Operation Tiny House and FARM.

You can also opt for financing from City National Bank.

Hill Country Tiny Houses

A small family-owned and operated business, Hill Country Tiny Houses is the brainchild of Todd and Shari.

Exterior view of a Hill Country tiny home
Courtesy of Hill Country Tiny Houses

Todd has over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, whereas Shari works on design. Their children also participate in the daily affairs of their business.

Many homebuyers prefer working with this company as they offer flexible programs that allow you to choose what you want to do.

For example, for just $400, you can opt for a custom tiny house design that encompasses a 3D rendering, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Interior view of a Hill Country tiny home
Courtesy of Hill Country Tiny Houses

From there, you can either design a permanent structure or a tiny house on wheels, depending on your specs and preferences.

You can even buy only the shell if you wish to do the remaining work yourself.

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses is a pioneering tiny home builder that uses decorative precast concrete to create beautiful, built-to-last tiny homes.

Exterior front view of a Superior Concrete tiny home
Courtesy of Superior Concrete Tiny Houses

Engineered and constructed from modular precast concrete that mimics the natural appearance of stone, stucco, wood, or brick finishes, Superior homes can either be put on wheels or built on a solid foundation.

The concrete is a natural buffer to outdoor sound, making your house quieter on the inside than traditional stick-built homes.

It is also more durable and less prone to damage from peeling paint, rotting wood, or termites.

Interior view of a Superior Concrete tiny home kitchen
Courtesy of Superior Concrete Tiny Houses

Available in several different styles, these houses offer a custom look that appeals to people of every age while featuring an attractive, safe, and solid exterior.

Strategically located in the Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex, your Superior Concrete tiny home can be shipped almost anywhere in the world as a mobile tiny home or as a kit.

Moreover, using energy-efficient production methods and recycled concrete gives your tiny home a smaller environmental footprint.

Last but not least, since the exterior of Superior Concrete homes is made with non-flammable concrete, insurance rates on a tiny house are lower than those on wood-frame dwellings.

Texas Tiny Homes

Located in Dallas, Texas Tiny Homes is an award-winning company with projects in nine countries, including 48 U.S. States.

The company specializes in tiny home design, construction, and land development.

It has multiple small home plans, tiny home plans, mid-size home plans, mountain home plans, and lake home plans. These plans range in price from $15 to $999.99.

Since its establishment in 2012, the company has remained dedicated to designing and building high-quality tiny homes for its customers.

It ensures that all projects align with a customer’s needs, budget, and lot specifications.

There are two options when you choose to work with this company. It can build one of its floor plans on your lot or modify one of the floor plans to meet your requirements.

Also, the company can custom-design a new floor plan for you if you don’t like their designs.

Working with Texas Tiny Homes ensures you get a home that aligns with your goals.

Smith Quality Buildings

Located in Greenville, Smith Quality Buildings specializes in designing and building tiny homes. Its homes are designed and built to last a long.

We featured this company on this list for a good reason. It has an experienced team that handles each project accurately.

Its builders can handle projects of any size without compromising quality or craftsmanship.

Besides designing and building tiny structures, the company also specializes in additions, custom homes, renovations, and remodels.

Its over 15 years of experience in the industry are a testament to its quality services and products.

Smith Quality Buildings has managed to stay in business for this long because it values customer satisfaction over anything else.

If you hire this company, it will go above and beyond your expectations to create the best tiny home for your family.

Little Homes of Texas

Little Homes of Texas is a one-stop shop for your tiny home needs from start to finish.

From insurance to financing and delivery, you can expect this company to handle everything accurately.

To make everything easier for customers, this tiny home builder in Texas has a licensed in-house agent who helps customers find an ideal lot, price negotiations, and closing deals.

The company can also help you sell your home.

The best part is that Little Homes of Texas offers multiple discounts. They include;

  • Military Veterans’ and First Responders’ Discount
  • Realtero Referrals
  • Personal Referrals
  • Multi-Unit Discount
  • Real-Estate Services Discount

Final Thoughts

Buying a tiny house is a huge commitment.

However, there are plenty of tiny home builders in Texas for individuals who wish to experience everything downsizing offers.

These listed tiny home builders are a great starting point for people who are ready to design, build, and live in their very own tiny house.

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