A homeowner drawns out a blueprint on a countertop with a modular home model also atop the paper in the background

If you are in the market for a modular home but have an extraordinarily tiny budget, let’s say $50,000, you may be wondering if there are even homes available in that price range.

Well, you’re in luck! Because these modular homes exist. But which can you purchase at that price?

15 Modular Homes Under $50k

Finding an inexpensive prefab house is within your reach. Keep reading for more great information on each modular home above and the companies that build ’em! 

1. Loft by Kountry Containers

The Company

For a day home (since it has no bedroom), the Loft is a perfect retreat to get away from the stresses of everyday life. 

Interior view of a Kountry Containers modular home
The Loft creates the perfect atmosphere for lounging or working. Courtesy of Kountry Containers

Based in Central Texas, Kountry Containers is one of the best builders we’ve touched on before in this modular home series. The company specializes in ultra-tiny custom modular homes, with usually no more than a bedroom and bathroom.

The House

The Loft is a 160-square-foot modular home with one bathroom. To be clear, this home has no bedrooms. You can either camp out under the stars or use the Loft as an office away from home. You’ll certainly have the peace to get your best work done!

Exterior view of the Loft by Kountry Containers modular home
Maximizing the studio layout can make room for a kitchen, an office, and a lounging area. Courtesy of Kountry Containers

The Loft features painted and primed container walls with wood accents and a full bathroom with a chrome faucet, laminated counters, an electric tankless water heater, sheetrock walls, and a tiled shower with a curtain. Meanwhile, the floors installed are vinyl.

This boxy, modular home is part of Kountry Container’s Heritage Series.  

Pricing differs depending on the features installed. However, a fully furnished 20×8 Loft can cost around $48,000 plus onsite installation fees.

2. Vos by the Bunkie Co.

Do you want to have sweet dreams in your small modular home for less than $50k? Of course you do!

The Vos could be just what you’re looking for. 

Exterior view of the Vos by The Bunkie Co.
The popular Vos model is described as the “perfect all-in-one”. Courtesy of The Bunkie Co.

The Company

With years of experience in areas such as 3D CAD design and furniture building, the team behind Bunkie Co. combined their expertise to create the company.

The Canadian-based company makes modular homes for working, sleeping, playing, and living.

A rendering of a potential layout of the Vos modular home by Bunkie Co.
This compact prefab home can also be used as a detached bedroom. Courtesy of Bunkie Co.

The House

Vos is one of Bunkie Co.’s best-selling modular homes for a reason. It has room for up to two occupants and features a gorgeous bedroom nook with an expansive glass wall.

The exterior of the Vos features steel cladding and full-weather membranes, and the included awning has a bug screen for more peaceful living and working. 

The floors and walls are insulated with an R-value of 22, while the roof insulation is R-21. In addition, the maple veneer interior plywood is UV-coated.

Also inside the house is a wall bed (optional), your choice of hardwood or vinyl flooring, and LED lighting.

The Vos starts at only $30,900

3. Casita by Boxabl

How about a modular home ready to use out of the box? That’s the Casita.

a downward-looking floorplan graphic of the Casita by Boxabl
Courtesy of Boxabl

The Company

Paolo Tiramani, CEO of Boxabl, has one goal for his company, “to significantly lower the cost of homeownership for everyone.”

With this in mind, the company is dedicated to sustainability with every modular home built. 

The House

The Casita is Boxabl’s crown jewel, and it’s not too hard to see why. This modular home has a full-sized kitchen with cabinetry, a microwave, a dishwasher, an oven, a fridge, and – as Boxabl says – a sink “with a view.”

In the bathroom, you’ll discover a sliding glass barn door with entry into a deep bathtub, a backlit mirror, a spacious counter, and a vessel sink. 

The living area boasts a washer/dryer connection, eight-foot windows and doors, nearly 10-foot tall ceilings, and wide plank composite flooring. You also have air conditioning and heating.

Here’s a sneak peek of your future slice of paradise!

The Casita is 375 square feet and measures 19.5 by 19.5 feet. It starts at $49,500, so it’s right within your budget. 

4. DROP box N-240 by In-Tenta Design

Suite life can be sweet in the DROP box N-240. The brand’s modular suites could comprise an entire resort or hotel. Or you could use a single one to live a more uncomplicated lifestyle. 

Exterior view of a Drop Box modular home by In-Tenta Design
The ultra-modern design of the DROP box surprisingly complements whatever environment you place it in. Courtesy of In-Tenta Design

The Company

Since 2012, In-Tenta Design has produced its unique brand of sustainable modular homes. The DROP box homes that In-Tenta Design builds can conceivably be dropped nearly anywhere.

Marta Gordillo, the company architect, and Manel Duro, the designer, have won awards for combining their creative energies into homes under the In-Tenta umbrella. 

The House

The DROP box N-240 is available in several sizes, the smallest of which begins at $30,000. The smallest models are ideal for two people, whereas the bigger model has room for an average family of four. 

Interior view of a Drop Box modular home by In-Tenta Design
The interior is furnished with luxury finishings and the latest appliances. Courtesy of In-Tenta Design

Most of the modules include a bathroom as well as a kitchen with all the amenities. With a panoramic double bed, the views are incredible, and you’ll get some incredible sleep! 

5. Model 106 by Aux Box Inc.

Less than 100 square feet never felt so spacious as when living in the Model 106.

Exterior view of an aux box modular home
The Model 106 can be anything you want with all the space you need. Courtesy of aux box

The Company

Canada’s aux box Inc. includes a variety of talented designers, drafters, contractors, and carpenters who build modular homes. It only takes the team a day to assemble them. Then they are sent straight to your lot. 

How does aux box Inc. build its homes so quickly? The team favors modular construction with a modern flair that’s sure to be appealing.

Oh, and we must mention the brand’s penchant for sustainability whenever possible in the home-building process. 

Interior detail view of an aux box modular home
With sustainability at the forefront, the Model 106’s design elements emphasize the connection between your home and nature. Courtesy of aux box

The House

The Model 106 has approximately 84.5 square feet of living space with a 106-square-foot footprint. 

Ideal as a spare room, a studio, or a home office, the Model 106 is customizable. You can select the window orientation, configuration, and door orientation (right or left).  

At its most expensive, the Model 106 would cost $34,493

6. Palo Alto Backyard Cabin by Forever Redwood

Do you want to preserve forestland while shopping for the perfect modular home? Then, you have to check out the Palo Alto Backyard Cabin.

You can also opt for a model without a porch. But, let’s be honest, why would you? Courtesy of Forever Redwood

The Company

Founded in 1995, Forever Redwood builds planters, furniture, and small homes using timber. The crux of the company is forestland restoration, which is done via forest management and limiting the amount of wood used to build its properties.

Adhering to and often surpassing the Forest Stewardship Council guidelines, Forever Redwood hopes to inspire other modular home builders with its sustainable materials and practices. 

The House

The Palo Alto cabin is an appealing property that can make a fantastic summer home, provide a little retreat, or even be a full-time house. 

You can select the size of the cabin, which is available between 10 and 20 feet. If you ask us, it’s plenty sizable, especially at this price. 

The wooden floors are marvelous, and the skylights adorning the home are lovely. We’re sure you’ll quite enjoy the partitioned bathroom, too. Choose from a front porch or a quaint wrap-around deck.

The Palo Alto starts at $27,720

7. NW Mountaineer by Tiny Smart House

A cozy home that’s easily hauled, the NW Mountaineer allows you to live comfortably no matter where your adventures take you. 

Interior view of a Northwestern Mountaineer by Tiny Smart House
Tiny Smart House prides itself in effectively using reclaimed materials in construction. Courtesy of Tiny Smart House

The Company

Located in Albany, Oregon, Tiny Smart House specializes in “SMART” homes. The acronym stands for “sustainable construction, modern efficiency, affordable luxury, residential, RV or commercial, and towable anywhere.”

Founded in 2012 by Nathan Light Watson, Tiny Smart House strives to show that a simpler life is often a better one by building some of the best tiny houses.

The company recommends its modular tiny homes as ADUs, residential properties, or trailer park homes that promote affordable housing. 

Exterior view of a NW Mountaineer by Tiny Smart House
The vaulted ceilings make for an instantly recognizable prefab home. Courtesy of Tiny Smart House

The House

The NW Mountaineer is available from 16 to 44 feet with an average width of eight to 10 feet. The trailer home on wheels features a T1-11 exterior with lap siding, a shed roof, and cedar framing for a lightweight yet durable shell. 

The angled wedge roof increases headroom in the bedroom nook and allows for effortless towing. Spray foam insulation throughout keeps the house comfortable in winter or summer.

The bathroom features a shower measuring 36 x 36 x 76 inches and a gravity-flush RV toilet. A porcelain toilet can be arranged as well.

The kitchen has stainless steel faucet, a drop-in double-bowl stainless steel sink, a butcher block countertop, cabinetry, a three-burner propane range, an RV range hood, and an under-counter fridge and freezer combo. 

The NW Mountaineer starts at $56,400 with the above amenities. If you’d rather have just the modular home shell, that only costs $24,225.   

8. Haleakala by Tiny Pacific Homes

Living on wheels is ultra-luxurious in the Haleakala. The floor plan even includes space for a snack bar! 

Interior view of a Tiny Pacific Homes modular home
The winning feature of the Haleakala is the loft bedroom. Courtesy of Tiny Pacific Homes

The Company

Tiny Pacific Homes was founded by Hawaiian native Brandon Hardin. For a while, he lived in Oregon, and that’s when the tiny home bug bit him. So when he returned to Hawaii, Hardin made it his mission to spread the glory of tiny living to his home state. 

Exterior view of a Tiny Pacific Homes modular home
These modular homes are constructed with a special consideration of Hawaii’s tropical climates. Courtesy of Tiny Pacific Homes

The House

The Haleakala is one of more than 20 modular home models Tiny Pacific Homes offers. At 309 square feet, it’s cozy and comfortable. The main floor has 187 square feet of space, and the loft affords 122 square feet.

The Haleakala is approximately eight feet, six inches wide, and 22 feet long and can sleep two to four people. The house is 13 feet, five inches tall, with a 10-foot, 8-inch ceiling. 

The sleeping loft has room for a queen-sized bed and a dresser or closet. You also have the space for a roomy kitchen, a bathroom with a toilet, and, of course, that aforementioned snack bar! 

The Haleakala starts at $45,000

9. Timberland by Tiny House Building Company

“Dream big, live tiny,” says Tiny House Building Company. You can do just that in its Timberland modular home! 

Exterior view of a Tiny House Building Company modular home
The Timberland is the ideal compact prefab home for an outdoorsy family. Courtesy of Tiny House Building Company

The Company

Fredericksburg, Virginia’s Tiny House Building Company builds modular homes by the dozens. Their variety of models is impressive, and each home is customizable to boot.

The House

The Timberland measures 8.5 feet wide by 20 feet long. Tiny House Building Company recommends towing the home with a five-foot ATV hauler or a bigger towing vehicle. 

Inside is 195 square feet, precisely designed to make the most of the space. You’ll find a propane heater, a gray water tank, a freshwater holding tank (46-gallon capacity), and LED lighting across the home.

Interior view of a Tiny House Building Company modular home
The tongue and groove paneling will surely have you reminiscing about summer camp! Courtesy of Tiny House Building Company

The bathroom has a dry-flush toilet and a 32 x 32-inch shower. A king-sized sleeping loft is sure to be extra comfortable. On the other hand, a storage loft gives you the space to store spare clothing.

The kitchen is full of terrific amenities, including a propane cooktop, butcher block counters, and hickory cabinets. 

The Timberland starts at $55,500.

10. Vista Boho by Escape Traveler

A beloved tiny home, the Vista Boho could win you over too!

Exterior view of a Vista Boho by Escape Traveler
These homes have been touted by Forbes Magazine as the “most beautiful tiny houses in the world.” Courtesy of Escape Traveler

The Company

For more than 25 years, Escape Traveler and its designers have made modular homes that prioritize space, lighting, and openness. As a result, the team has received various design awards over the years. 

Built to withstand high temperatures, extreme cold, and even weather events such as heavy snow, Escape Traveler homes are sure to last.

The company has its own RVIA inspection plant that all homes must pass before being shipped out to customers. Now that’s prioritizing peace of mind. 

Interior view of a Vista Boho by Escape Traveler
Top notch construction and attention to detail has everyone raving over the Vista Boho. Courtesy of Escape Traveler

The House

The Vista Boho is a 187-square-foot trailer with a steel underbelly that resists rodents, steel floor joists, and a rust-resistant coating. The trailer is also insulated for comfortable living no matter the season. 

The Vista Boho includes a bedroom big enough for a queen bed, a bathroom with a shower and toilet, a full kitchen, and space for a dining table. 

Prices start at $52,400.

11. Nomad Cube Series by Nomad Micro Homes 

The module-style Nomad Cube Series is a head-turning property that’s right within your budget.

You can customize your Nomad Cube by adding a loft or kitchen module. Courtesy of Nomad Micro Homes

The Company

Nomad Micro Homes contemplated what affordable living could look like and how much downsizing it would require. Then the team sought to build a series of comfortable modular homes that didn’t break the bank. 

A sample layout of the Cube Connect + Space modules without an added loft. Courtesy of Nomad Micro Homes

The House

That’s how the Nomad Cube Series was born. The larger of the two models Nomad Micro Homes offers as of this writing, the Nomad Cube measures 13.5 x 13.5 x 13.5 feet. 

The base model, the Cube Space starts at $54,800 and is an adept small living space or even a studio or home office.

You can expand your Nomad Cube Space with additional modules!

If you love mixing business and pleasure together, you can opt for the Cube Connect + Space modules. This layout mixes two modules and offers the option for renting out the other. It starts at $134, 100.

12. The Loft by Dwellito

The Loft is an eco-friendly modular home with a focus on energy efficiency and comfortable living. Therefore, besides being more energy efficient, this prefab house has all the necessary features to live comfortably.

The Loft by Dwellito is a purple shipping container converted into a modular home
Don’t let its exterior fool you. The loft is equipped with everything to live out your prefab home fantasies. Courtesy of Dwellito

The Company

Based in Oakland, California, Dwellito’s mission is to simplify the process of finding and buying prefab modular homes online.

Dwellito was founded on the principles of transparency and precision. Therefore, it employs advanced technology and its over a decade of experience to make building accessory dwelling units (ADUs) a breeze for its customers.

What sets Dwellito apart is the fact that it provides comprehensive site analysis and reports to help clients make the right decisions. These analyses prevent potential compliance issues to maximize your investment. 

The interior of the Loft by Dwellito is furnished with a sliding barn door, a bar counter and bar stools, and gray couch
The interior of the Loft is customized to fit your every need, whether it be a guest room, an AirBnB, or an office. Courtesy of Dwellito

The House

The Loft is a one-bathroom, one bedroom, and one-kitchen modular home ideal for people who are just starting life.

The 160-square-foot (14.86-square-meter) house has its exterior walls 100% finished with red cedar wood. It features a deck, tinted and insulated windows, aluminum and wooden accents on the exterior walls, and LED lighting.

Available customizations include a full air conditioning system, an electric tankless water heater, and colored LED lighting.

The price for this house starts at $48,000. However, you can pay a little more for a more advanced version.

13. DD 43 by Dwellito

The DD 43 modular home is spacious enough for an entire family. It’s a standard prefab house with a floor plan designed to facilitate comfortable living for a family. 

The DD 43 modular home by Dwellito
This wooden modular home features a rustic design equipped with the best insulating features money can buy. Courtesy of Dwellito

The Company

This house is built by Dwellito, the same company responsible for the Loft above. You’ll find this green home builder in Oakland, California.

An oopen floor plan of the DD 43 by Dwellito which features a stove with its very own chimney, wooden furnitures and wall paneling.
The triple-glazed windows of the DD 43 is underlain with the most energy efficient layer. Courtesy of Dwellito

The House

The DD 43 is a one-bathroom, one-bedroom modular house with a kitchenette. It also has a flexible living space that can be customized based on a client’s preferences.

The 426-square-foot (39.58-square-meter) modular home comes with a standard Dubldom. It features sewage and water connection pipes, electrical wiring, and in-built fixtures and fittings.

If you buy this house, you get all the necessary furniture, household appliances, and sanitary equipment.

Other key features include:

  • A cordoned-off bedroom
  • An open-plan living
  • Dining and cooking spaces,
  • Insulated floors, walls, and roof
  • Triple-glazed windows
  • Hidden plumbing, wiring, and sanitary connections

The DD43 goes for $48,228 with financing options as low as $774 per month.

14. The Roving by 84 Lumber

The Roving is among the prefab homes under $50 designed for minimalist living. It’s ideal for people on the move.

The Roving by 84 Lumber is a tiny home on wheels with plant boxes
The Roving is attached to a custom steel trailer. Courtesy of 84 Lumber

The Company

84 Lumber was founded in 1956 and is now among the leading privately owned suppliers of building materials and manufactured components across the US. It serves building professionals, contractors, commercials, home builders, developers, remodelers, and DIY enthusiasts.

Currently, 84 Lumber operates over 250 stores spread across the country. This ensures customers can receive quality services without traveling over long distances.

As a company certified through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), 84 Lumber guarantees quality modular homes and building materials.

Here’s a virtual tour to help you get acquainted with the Roving!

The House

The Roving is a cabin-type modular home with a walnut-stained vaulted ceiling. The 154-square-foot (14.31-square-meter) tiny house has a loft that can fit a king-sized bed. The main features of this house include:

  • Cedar lap siding
  • Aluminum-clad windows
  • A custom-designed barn door
  • An accent wall
  • A 26-gauge metal roof

The best part is that this is among the few wrapped modular homes to buy. It comes with an insulated 2×4 wall framing. 

15. The Austin by Hydda Living

The Austin is an intimate abode that could act as an accessory dwelling unit or as its own property. 

Exterior view of the Austin by Hydda Living
This version of the Austin comes with exterior siding, additional windows, and metal siding for an additional cost. Courtesy of Hydda Living

The Company

Founded during the Coronavirus pandemic, Hydda Living in Ohio wanted to build homes that fit people’s reduced budgets. These homes could also be slotted into existing properties (or used as their own property).

Hydda homes come fully equipped for moving right in, and are delivered across the US. 

The House

The Austin is an insulated home/office with built-in doors, windows, and floors. You also get electricity ready to go. The heating and cooling panel is mounted to the roof and then wired to the ceiling so it doesn’t stand out. 

Capable of withstanding temperatures down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit, the Austin has a cozy yet straightforward interior.

The base price for the above amenities is $38,795. But you can add extra windows (including transom windows), solar panels, or exterior lighting for an additional fee. You can also upgrade the siding. 

Interior view of the Austin by Hydda Living
The Austin is marketed as “taking remote work and Hydda Living to the next level.” Courtesy of Hydda Living

Benefits of Modular Homes Under $50K

The components of modular homes are prefabricated in factories, making installation on the site easier and faster while minimizing wastage.

Moreover, prefab houses can be customized to your liking based on the conditions of the place you want to install them.

So, what are the benefits of buying a modular home under $50K?

Low Cost 

Home ownership is one of the most expensive investments for most Americans. According to Architectural Digest, most Americans spend between $110,757 and $480,868 on average to build a home. That is a lot of money, which not every American can afford.

However, you don’t have to be homeless due to the high cost of conventional site-built homes. You can buy a prefab modular home for under $50k and live like anyone else.

In most cases, prefab modular homes are between 10 to 25 per cent cheaper than their wooden counterparts.

Being cheaper doesn’t mean these houses lack the essential amenities required in a home. You’ll get everything needed for a comfortable living, including a bedroom and living space.

Speed of Construction

The fact that modular homes are factor-built is an added advantage when it comes to site installation.

Being built in a factory setup means these houses are designed in a controlled environment, meaning they can be constructed more quickly than traditional homes.

Reducing the construction time saves much of labor costs. Remember, the more you keep the construction company on the site, the more money you’re expected to pay. This is especially true if you pay the laborers per hour.


We live in a world where environmental sustainability has become more paramount than ever before. We want to reduce our environmental impact and ensure the world is a better place to live. One way to achieve that is by living in eco-friendly homes. Such homes must incorporate the following:

  • Energy and water efficiency
  • Sustainable materials
  • Passive design
  • Indoor air quality
  • Waste reduction
  • Energy-efficient lighting

Many modular homes are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They often feature modern insulation, HVAC systems, and energy-efficient windows, which can help you save on energy bills in the long run.

Others come with rainwater harvesting and storage technologies and solar energy capture mechanisms.

Besides, fabricating modular homes in a factory means less waste generation, making them more eco-friendly. 

Customization Options

We all have different tastes when it comes to construction. Therefore, the ability to customize a home based on a person’s preference is another benefit of modular homes.

Modular homes come in various designs and layouts, and you can often choose from different finishes and fixtures. This lets you personalize your home to suit your needs and style preferences.

Efficient Quality Control

Quality control is essential in any construction work. It ensures that the structure meets building code standards and meets client needs.

Modular homes are built in a factory setup with stringent quality control measures. Therefore, you can rest assured of well-constructed homes that meet or exceed local building codes and standards, ensuring durability and structural integrity.

Financing Options

There are lenders who offer financing options specifically tailored to modular prefab houses. Therefore, even if you don’t have the full $50,000 to finance the purchase, you can get a financier and agree on a repayment plan.

Of course, you can discuss your financial constraints with the company you want to buy the home from to arrange for financing. Having been in the business for long, these companies know financiers dealing with prefab modular homes.


If you don’t mind redefining your vision of home, there’s a suitable modular home for you for less than $50,000. So whether you want a home on wheels or a modular design, living simply on a budget could be just what you need!

If you’re interested in checking out more modular homes under different price ranges, we also have articles on under $150,000under $100,000, and under $75,000 too!

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