Are you ready to build your Arizona dream home but worried you can’t afford it? Maybe a prefab or modular home is your solution.

Choosing to build a modular rather than site-built home can save you time and money, allowing you to customize your home at a lower cost. (Not from Arizona? View our whole series of modular homebuilders in different states here.)

From Phoenix to Flagstaff, we’ve found the top modular home builders in Arizona. There’s guaranteed to be something that’s right for your family. Heck, you can even build a prefab log cabin!

Where To Buy A Modular Home In Arizona

Arizona Log Homes

There’s nothing more iconic than a log home. And the folks at Arizona Log Homes are happy to help you build your custom log home. Whether you dream of a tiny log cabin or an epic log lodge, they have a floor plan for you.

Big Horn Log home in Pine, Arizona
Image courtesy of

Their unique construction system allows the house to go up quickly. It only takes about four months to complete your home after it arrives on site. The exterior walls arrive with the logs in place and chinked, and the windows pre-installed to cut down on time. Within just a few days, it already begins to feel like a home.

Big Horn log home kitchen in Pine, Arizona
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What We Love About Them

We love the variety of floor plans available, and there are over twenty different pre-designed plans to choose from.

Starting at just 700 square feet, they range all the way up to over 6,000 square feet, with lofts and garages. If for some reason you can’t find the floor plan you are looking for, they will custom design your home. But with so many different options to choose from, we’re pretty confident they’ve already got you covered.

Pacesetter Home Center

Pacesetter Home Center, located in Yuma, is a member of the Clayton home building group. They offer a range of both manufactured and modular homes available at reasonable prices.

You can choose from three different series of homes – Shult, Marlett, or Champion Homes. Whichever series you choose, you can fully customize the different floor plans to your needs.

An Arizona modular home by Pacesetter Home Centers
Image courtesy of Pacesetter Home Centers

All Pacesetter Homes meet the Clayton Homes standards for quality and energy efficiency. You can install top-of-the-line Energy Star appliances and have your home built to Energy Star standards.

Why We Love Them

The folks at Pacesetter Homes use their years of experience to deliver quality homes quickly. Depending on which model you choose, your new home could be ready in as little as 60-90 days. If you are ready to take the plunge and buy your new home, they can help you!

Cavco Homes

Cavco has four locations in Arizona that sell both manufactured and modular homes. Durango Homes is located in Phoenix, and Cavco West is in Goodyear. There are also two locations in the Tucson area servicing southern Arizona. No matter where you are in Arizona, Cavco can help you build your dream home.

A photograph of the Great Escape Modular Home by Cavco. The image shows the kitchen area, comprising worktop and seating area with wooden finishes.
The Great Escape Modular Home by Cavco. Image courtesy of Cavco Home Centers.

All the Cavco locations provide a wide range of floorplans and styles to choose from. But if they don’t have exactly what you are looking for, they will work with you to custom design your home.

Cavco home kitchen
Kitchen in community manufactured home by Cavco Durango Homes. Image courtesy of

Why We Love Them

Cavco uses its large size to leverage better prices on materials. This enables them to build your home for less money. Their manufacturing process minimizes waste, and they focus on building green homes for a better future.


Sabe is a small, family-run business located in Flagstaff. Since 2014, they have been committed to providing sustainable, affordable housing. You can be guaranteed personalized attention when dealing with Sabe homes.

Aspen prefab home by Sabe homes
The Aspen prefab home. Image courtesy of

Because they are a small business rather than a large corporation, they have a limited number of floor plans available. While most of the floor plans offer three bedrooms, you can expand up to 5 bedrooms if you need added space for your family to grow.

A Sabe homes living room
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Why We Love Them

We love to support small businesses, and Sabe is definitely that. Rather than dealing with a large, impersonal organization, at Sabe, you work closely with a small team of experienced builders that care about you, the environment, and the community.

American West Homes

While not based in Arizona, American West Homes is located nearby in Cortez, CO, and services the Four Corners area. America West Homes offers a variety of both manufactured and modular home floor plans. While the bulk of the homes available are manufactured homes, they do offer six modular home plans to choose from.

a brown small house with trees around it and a dirt driveway in the foreground
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If you don’t see a floor plan you like, they can work with you to customize it. Once you decide which one you want, the next step is to choose from the wide range of finishes for your new home.

an exposed archway in a house made out of drywall but not painted yet
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Why We Love Them

With over 22 years in the construction industry, they can assist you with all stages of your home build, from transportation to financing. You can be confident that whatever size your build is, big or small, they will get the job done well.

Lindal Cedar Homes

Lindal Cedar Homes customizes every home that they build. And even though they aren’t based in Arizona, they have 50,000 homes built worldwide. There are a number of architects and contractors in Arizona, like Architect’s Loft in Scottsdale, that have experience building these homes.

Capistrano modular home by Lindal Cedar homes
The Capistrano. Image courtesy of

As their name implies, they use quality wood to build beautiful modular homes designed for your family’s needs. You can start from one of their predesigned floor plans or work directly with an architect to craft your own fully custom designed home.

Capistrano home interior
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What We Love About Them

Lindal can build strikingly modern homes or homes that feature more traditional styling—your preference. They have a wide variety of predesigned floor plans you can use as your starting point. And if you are in a real hurry, they even have popular floor plans from their Classic and Modern line drawn up to the final permit stage so you can ship your home even quicker.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to build a home quickly and efficiently, manufactured or modular homes can help you achieve your goal. Available in a wide variety of styles and floor plans, you can customize your home to your family’s needs. And even better yet, these homes are often more energy-efficient and affordable than traditionally built homes.

So what are you waiting for? The sooner you decide on a home builder, the sooner you’ll be in your dream home.

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