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Utah attracts people from other states thanks to its scenic landscapes, low cost of living, and affordable housing.

Residents of this state and those who plan to move there soon can make their cost of living even lower by investing in a sustainable green home.

These energy-efficient residences will help you save on your air conditioning bill during the state’s hot summers. On the other hand, their heat retention qualities will help you save on your heating bill during the chilly Utah winters.

You’re in luck if you want a sustainable green home built in Utah. The state is home to many great builders who specialize in constructing energy-efficient homes. Keep reading to find out the top sustainable green home builders in Utah.

The Best Green Builders in Utah

Here’s our list of the top green home builders in Utah that stand out from the rest, including:

  • Sego Homes
  • Hibbs Homes
  • Garbett Green Energy Homes
  • Living Zenith
  • Green Tech Construction
  • Wright Homes
  • Liberty Homes
  • Redfish Builders
  • Ivory Homes
  • Woodmere Homes

So, without further ado, let’s get into the details of what each of these esteemed builders has to offer clients.

Sego Homes

Sego Homes is a green builder based in South Jordan. It focuses on creating energy-efficient homes that are healthy for residents, help save on energy bills, and are equipped with cutting-edge technology that offers excellent connectivity and comfort.

Interior view of a Sego Homes green home
Courtesy of Sego Homes

Each Sego home is Indoor airPLUS-certified. This designation means they are built with unique moisture control systems, combustion-venting systems, radon-resistant materials, and low-emission building materials.

The company touts itself as a 100% Energy Star builder, with each home exceeding Energy Star’s minimum standards by a wide margin, which ensures heating and cooling bills are minimized without sacrificing comforts.

Sego’s townhomes are also wired using smart home technology. These features include unique technology bells and whistles, such as USB charging stations in kitchens, electronic keyless entry doors, and programmable intelligent thermostats.

So consider reaching out to Sego Homes if you want the home of the future constructed in Utah.

Hibbs Homes

Hibbs Homes is a sustainable home builder in Salt Lake City. It has been serving the Utah community and the state of Missouri since 2004 and has built up a reputation for building quality green homes.

Exerior view of a Hibbs Homes modular home
Courtesy of Hibbs Homes

Hibbs Homes constructs its houses from durable materials to minimize waste while ensuring high-quality craftsmanship. The company incorporates these practices in each custom home it builds for clients.

Hibbs Homes is also ComfortBuilt-certified. It uses special PINK insulation in each home. This type of insulation offers superior thermal and acoustic properties that enhance residents’ comfort.

Homes also utilize FOAMULAR Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) insulation, which offers excellent moisture protection.

Interior view of a Hibbs Homes modular home
Courtesy of Hibbs Homes

The Hibbs Homes team is ready to assist clients each step of the way during their home-building journey.

These phases include helping with setting a budget, creating goals, selecting land, designing the home, estimating costs, and carrying out each construction phase.

Hibbs Homes is an excellent choice for any Utahn looking for extra comfort in their future green home.

Garbett Green Energy Homes

Garbett Green Energy Homes is another green home building company based in Salt Lake City.

It has been constructing quality homes for Utah residents for over thirty years and has a whopping 5,000 houses and apartments under its belt.

Garbett is committed to building long-lasting homes and possesses a continual desire to innovate by offering the latest green technology in each build.

Furthermore, it aims to accomplish all this while remaining a budget-friendly builder.

Interior view of a Garbett Green Energy Homes kitchen
Courtesy of Garbett Green Energy Homes

Garbett Homes’ houses are touted as 45% more energy-efficient than homes following building standards from 2006. The company accomplishes this by integrating various energy-efficient components and design features in its builds, including rim joist ceiling, low-E windows, raised-heel roof trusses, and rooftop solar panels.

Garbett Homes is a perfect choice for Utahns seeking a green home builder with a long-standing reputation to back it up.

This company is always innovating its designs, so you can be sure your future home will be state of the art.

Living Zenith

Living Zenith is an innovative sustainable home builder in Utah, famous for building the state’s first net-zero community in the Liberty Park community of Salt Lake City.

Its home designs and unique construction processes demonstrate the endless possibilities for net-zero construction on a large scale.

This Utah-based home builder was founded by a pair of humanitarian activists who worked to build solar-powered homes in Nepal in the late 1990s. Their experience inspired them to create sustainable green homes in America, leading to the founding of Living Zenith.

Exterior front view of a Living Zenith green home
Courtesy of Living Zenith

Living Zenith strives to produce homes with excellent air quality. This move was initially in response to the American Lung Association ranking Utah as the state with the 6th-worst air quality in the nation.

The company builds homes using “thoughtfully sourced” and sustainable materials.

It integrates passive and solar technology in each home and offers innovative designs with global consultants’ help.

Living Zenith is a great choice for Utah residents seeking a builder who prioritizes its builds’ environment and sustainability.

Green Tech Construction

Green Tech Construction is another builder specializing in constructing green homes in Utah.

It utilizes the latest green building knowledge and methodology to build energy-efficient homes that last for many years.

Green Tech has partnered with many of the state’s best craftsmen to prioritize quality in each of its builds.

Exterior front view of a Green Tech Construction green home
Courtesy of Green Tech Construction

The company included the term “green” in its name because it takes green science and sustainability seriously. As a result, it is one of the few builders in Utah to receive the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Certified Green Professional designation.

Prospective clients will receive assistance from Green Tech Construction during each phase of their home’s design and construction process, starting with a preliminary interview where clients can share their hopes and goals for their future home.

The Green Tech team then helps clients select a suitable lot and reviews their budget. They then carry out the home’s construction according to the client’s design specifications.

Green Tech Construction takes the lead with each of the activities mentioned above to make things easier for clients.

This home builder is a smart choice for any Utahn who would like their dream home built without the stress of the design and construction processes.

Wright Homes

Wright Homes is a builder that offers custom sustainable homes in Riverton, Herriman, and southern Utah.

The company was founded by a father-son duo in 1995 and has expanded its operations rapidly since.

Interior view of a Wright Homes home's living room
Courtesy of Wright Homes

Wright Homes won the Salt Lake Home Builder of the Year award in 2006 and the Sandy City Home Builder of the Year award in 2010. These awards demonstrate its excellent reputation in the Beehive state.

Wright Homes does not tout itself as a sustainable green builder. However, it offers to construct energy-efficient homes that fit within clients’ budgets.

The team is ready to help clients set a budget, select a suitable lot, design their future home, and carry out construction.

Clients can sit back and relax throughout this process until they receive a grand walk-through in their new home.

Wright Homes is a good choice for prospective homeowners who would like their custom home dream to become a reality.

The company goes above and beyond with each project and can be trusted to get the job done right.

Liberty Homes

Liberty Homes is a notorious home builder in Salt Lake City.

This company has been operating since 1982 and specializes in constructing quality homes for first-time homebuyers.

It offers numerous options for customizing your future home.

Clients will get to choose from dozens of colors, exterior styles, and interior design choices to make their residence dreams come true.

Interior view of a Liberty Homes green home's gathering space
Courtesy of Liberty Homes

Liberty Home’s builds are built with energy-efficient designs and include energy-efficient windows and appliances for additional energy savings.

The builder stands out for its low-hassle building process. Its reputation means it can be trusted to complete the design and construction processes with minimal delays and surprises.

Utahns seeking a trustworthy home builder with a variety of customization options can’t go wrong by choosing Liberty Homes to construct their future dream home.

The company developed its excellent reputation by serving Utahns for over three decades and possesses the knowledge and expertise to do a fantastic job on every new project.

Redfish Builders

Redfish Builders is one of the few net-positive builders in Utah. It focuses on building high-performance net-zero homes that are healthy, comfortable, and durable.

The company has several Living Zenith home plans where clients can choose their favorite option for customization. Alternatively, you can design your own custom home from scratch.

Redfish Builders has a unique Blueprint Review tailored to making net-zero homes. The review incorporates the following:

  • Wall assembly details
  • Foundation assembly details
  • Redlined blueprints
  • Mechanical system suggestions
  • Electrical system guidance

What sets this company apart is that it’s among the few that offers AeroBarrier in the state. AeroBarrier technology is excellent at sealing even the tiniest cracks, enhancing the home’s energy-saving capacity.

With over 25 years of experience, Redfish Builders is highly rated for building energy-efficient passive houses.

You can trust this company because it’s certified by the U.S. Department of Energy for building highly resilient, durable, quality, and healthy green homes.

All homes built by this company incorporate the following:

  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Quality indoor environment without outdoor emissions
  • Euro-modern designs
  • Smart systems, intelligence, and automation
  • A vibrant lifestyle

Ivory Homes

Located in Lehi, Ivory Homes is among the top sustainable green home builders in Utah for a good reason. It offers a unique, optional energy efficiency package for all its homes.

As from 2023, the company shifted to building homes that meet Energy Star standards. These homes are also fitted with a smart thermostat and a sprinkler controller at no additional cost to clients.

According to Ivory Homes, installing a smart thermostat is essential for any green home. The device makes it possible for homeowners to save about 8% of their heating and cooling costs, translating to $50 annually.

Installing water controllers enhances the home’s sustainability by reducing water consumption by up to 67%. This is important, especially if you want to conserve the water used in landscaping.

Another initiative taken by this company to help its clients save more energy is installing heat pump HVAC systems.

Ivory Homes also stands out for building energy-efficient homes with a HERS score of 53. Based on this score, most of these homes help customers save about $1,579 on their annual utility bills.

Utahns looking to save more on energy bills can rely on Ivory Homes to build code-compliant green homes that are highly energy-efficient.

Woodmere Homes

Finally on our list, we have Woodmere Homes, an honest and hard-working custom home builder in Utah.

The company has experienced designers, architects, and subcontractors who guide customers throughout construction. This ensures that all homes are built to meet a customer’s unique specifications and sustainability.       

From designing and construction management to the finalizing process, the company works hard to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. That means you’ll have an easy, stress-free time working with Woodmere Homes.

As a custom homebuilder that promotes energy efficiency and sustainability, the company makes its projects as high-performance as possible.

Additionally, Woodmere Homes promotes sustainable construction by using recycled materials. It also recycles most of its construction waste.

Other ways this builder promotes sustainability include:

  • Installing Energy Star appliances
  • Incorporating Triple E technology
  • Using E-windows 

Contact Woodmere Homes if you’re in Utah and looking for a sustainable, energy-efficient home built by an experienced company.

Pick a Green Home Builder in Utah

As you can see, Utah is packed with great builders that specialize in constructing sustainable green homes.

Consider investing in a home from one of these builders if you want to make significant long-term savings on your energy bill.

The pristine air quality these homes provide will also ensure you and your family live long and happy lives in your new residence. 

Be sure to choose a builder that offers services in the area you wish to build on. It may also help to look up their customization options before committing to them.

So take the first step towards constructing your dream green home and reach out to one of the companies listed above. You won’t regret it.

Also, be sure to check out our list of green home builders in neighboring states like Arizona and our top choices of modular builders in Utah, as several of the companies featured may be able to deliver a green home to your area of the state.

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