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With its breathtaking terrain, low crime rate, beautiful national parks, and thriving job market, Utah is clearly the place to be in 2022 and beyond. 

Utah also has scenic mountains, high plateaus, and grand deserts. It is the state of hot, dry summers and cold winters (with 48 inches of snowfall on average). This makes it ideal for skiing, snowboarding, and other such winter sports. 

Additionally, Utah hosts the Sundance Film Festival, the biggest independent film festival in the country. 

Building a Modular Home in Utah

These factors have made Utah popular among the young, the adventurous, and the creative! In fact, the growing demand for affordable and environmentally sustainable homes in Utah has given rise to many modular building companies. 

So, if you are one of the many people planning to build a home in Utah – be it a primary residence or a secondary vacation home, so as to take advantage of the state’s bountiful ski season from mid-November to March – you should consider opting for a modular home instead of a traditional, site-built one. 

Apart from being more affordable and eco-friendly, modular homes are also easier (and faster) to build, generate less waste, and can be extensively customized to meet the needs and tastes of the buyer. 

Of course, the quality of the modular home also plays an important role in how durable and comfortable it will be, so you should be careful to choose the right builder for your prefab residence. 

You don’t need to worry too much about that, however. Utah is served by some of the top modular builders on the west coast, so you will be spoiled for choices when choosing a company to build yourhome in the state. 

The Best Modular Builders in Utah

To help you with this task, we have compiled a well-researched and comprehensive list of the best modular prefab builders in the Beehive State.


Based in Salt Lake City, Avrame makes use of a flexible building system to construct A-frame homes from a prefabricated kit. The parts or ‘modules’ are manufactured in a factory before being shipped to the construction site. 

Exterior front view of an Avrame modular home
Courtesy of Avrame

This ensures that the construction process is incredibly fast and simple, while the finished product is highly customizable, meaning that they can build a home that is just right for you, no matter who you are!

What We Like

Building a modular home with Avrame can help you save a lot of money. Its modular A-frame kits ensure your dream home in Utah without paying for an architect, an engineer, or any heavy equipment. 

Interior view of an Avrame modular home
Courtesy of Avrame

If you aren’t an experienced self-builder or DIY expert, you simply need to hire a general contractor who will help you assemble the pre-cut and pre-drilled modules at the construction site. If you want an eco-friendly home (and lower energy bills), you can easily install solar panels on the steeply-angled Avrame roofs. 

Interior view of a Modal modular home
Courtesy of Modal

This company primarily builds ADUs—also known as accessory dwelling units. An ADU is an affordable and quick way to enhance your living space or generate rental income. Each ADU is specifically designed to be efficient, sustainable, and highly customizable. 

What We Like

Once you have signed on with Modal, it will take care of the entire ADU construction process, including site surveying, permit acquisition, material shipments, as well as the actual construction. Best of all, the ADU is built and assembled off-site, meaning you won’t have to deal with the day-to-day hassles of ongoing construction in your backyard.

Exterior front view of a Modal modular home.
Courtesy of Modal

Based in Salt Lake City, this company will deliver your fully-constructed and assembled modular ADU to your lot before carefully installing it using cranes (assisted by their experienced staff members). Each ADU comes with built-in furniture, nine-foot-high ceilings, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bed frame with an integrated storage facility. 

Method Homes

Based in Seattle, Method Homes manufactures high-quality, precision-engineered prefab structures for residential as well as commercial use. It was founded in 2007 with the mission of creating budget-friendly, sustainable homes throughout the US. 

Exterior view of a Method Homes modular home
Courtesy of Method Homes

Method’s modular homes are designed to be healthy, energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and highly durable. It delivers products to many US states, including Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and Utah.

What We Like

The fabrication process used by Method Homes helps minimize waste, controls costs, and increases the speed of construction—to the point that the company can complete a standard modular home in just two to four months. In fact, the house is 80–95 percent complete even before it reaches the final building site. 

Interior living room view of a Method Homes modular home
Courtesy of Method Homes

Method Homes will assist you through the entire home building process, including site assessment, applying for financing, feasibility studies, design and customization, permit acquisition, prefabrication, delivery, and installation. And this entire journey will be completed within four months, tops. 

Irontown Homes

Based in Spanish Fork, Irontown Homes constructs high-quality and energy-efficient modular homes. It focuses on retaining the benefits of modular construction – i.e., fewer delays, less waste, greater affordability – while discarding all the drawbacks. 

Exterior view of a home by modular builder, Irontown Homes
Courtesy of Irontown Homes

Therefore, the company offers nearly endless customization options while striving to accommodate your lifestyle, encourage creativity, and abide by your design intent. Unlike many other companies, this modular builder also uses the highest-quality materials and is careful never to sacrifice quality for convenience

What We Like

The customized homes manufactured by this company are 95 percent complete before they even arrive at the construction site. Therefore, they are typically finished – and ready for you to move in – within two weeks of arriving on-site. 

Interior view of a home by modular builder, Irontown Homes
Courtesy of Irontown Homes

Naturally, this streamlined, six-step building process helps reduce the stress and hassle of home construction. Irontown helps clients with everything—from selecting designs, colors, and fixtures to home installation and assembly. This assistance allows you to move into your new home much faster than a traditional, on-site builder would have been able to facilitate.

Bear Country River Log Homes

Exterior view of a Bear Country River Homes modular home.
Courtesy of Bear Country River Homes

This modular builder was founded in 1981, in the city of Hyde Park, by Nancy Lamb—a local resident who wanted to help people realize their dream of owning beautiful, rustic, and self-sufficient log cabins. Today, Bear Country River Homes produces high-quality construction kits containing pre-cut and easy-to-assemble building materials. 

What We Like

Depending on your needs and desires, you can either purchase a log home kit with a stock design or opt for a (slightly more expensive) custom-designed package. 

Interior view of a Bear Country River Homes modular home
Courtesy of Bear Country River Homes

The logs used by this company are cut from fallen or dead and dry-standing western wood, such as fir, pine, spruce, etc., which ensures that the logs have very little moisture content. These logs are then precision-milled and fitted with lateral joints for easy and snug installation. 

The stamped and graded materials used to manufacture these kits ensure minimal shrinkage in the logs and that each cabin is comfortable, eco-friendly, and highly durable. 


This company manufactures small, single-story, modern modular homes with asymmetric, sloped roofs and rectilinear designs. It is based in Oregon but serves customers in many of the surrounding states, including Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, Kansas, Montana, and South Dakota. 

Interior view of an Ideabox home
Courtesy of Ideabox

If you decide to avail of its services, Ideabox will design and manufacture your home in their factory. However, customers are responsible for hiring a local contractor to complete the site work, build the foundation, acquire the permits, assemble the modules, and install the completed home on the designated plot of land. 

What We Like

Ideabox builds small, single-story, minimalistic homes that are perfect for individuals (and small families) who want to live a simple, uncluttered life. Despite their smallish footprints, however, Ideabox homes feature full-size appliances, large, open social areas, and high ceilings, which make the structures feel larger and more spacious than they are.

Exterior side view of an Ideabox modular home
Courtesy of Ideabox

A typical Ideabox home can range from 480 to 1700 square feet. The flooring, cabinets, and countertops are fully customizable and can be designed in accordance with the needs of the homebuyer. 

Apart from its unique designs and minimalistic aesthetics, Ideabox is also known for its quick turnaround times. For instance, depending on local permitting timelines, your new modular prefab home should be ready within six to fourteen months, from the day you placed your order. 

Elite Housing

Interior view of an Elite Housing modular home
Courtesy of Elite Housing

Based in Springville, Elite Housing provides Utahans with an affordable, ecofriendly, and factory-produced alternative to traditional, site-built housing. The company also offers assistance with permitting, site work, design, financing, and many other tasks associated with the process of home construction. 

What We Like

Elite Housing offers many customization options, including hundreds of unique floor plans for you to choose from. Moreover, you can select the colors and style of your countertops, backsplashes, and cabinets for greater personalization. 

Exterior view of an Elite Housing modular home
Courtesy of Elite Housing

The set-up and delivery of your modular home will be included in the base price of the structure. Elite’s experienced staff members will roll the home onto the foundation, lag it together, complete the drywall, and lay down the carpets. Your home will also be transported from the factory to the building site at no extra charge, as long as the distance does not exceed 100 miles. 

Zip Kit Homes

Zip Kit Homes aims to offer clients a faster, easier, and more efficient way to build single and multifamily homes in the US. Its services are available to individual homebuyers, developers, and housing projects. 

Exterior view of a Zip Kit Homes modular home
Courtesy of Zip Kit Homes

Zip Kit’s factory is located in Cedar City, and the company has been building homes, townhouses, apartment buildings, and workforce/employee housing throughout the western United States for over 20 years. 

It primarily offers two types of modular homes—panelized, precision-built kit homes and small, unassembled 12′ x 50′ single-family units that need to be joined together upon delivery. 

What We Like

In its kit homes, the company offers high-quality pre-framed wall panels, pre-cut structural beams, pre-made roof panels, trusses, and roof sheathing, as well as all post-to-beam hardware and connection plates. These items are extremely durable and designed to make the home building process as efficient, fast, and affordable as possible. 

Interior view of a Zip Kit Homes modular home
Courtesy of Zip Kit Homes

Additionally, the houses manufactured by this modular builder are built abiding by the same building codes as traditional, site-built houses. Zip Kit Homes will construct your house per the International Building Code (IBC) or the International Residential Code (IRC), thus ensuring that your new modular home will meet the highest safety and durability standards. 

Marmol Radziner

Established in 1989 by acclaimed architects Leo Marmol and Ron Radziner, this company is headquartered in Los Angeles. However, it serves clients in Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and many other states across the US. One of their most iconic projects was a two-bedroom, three-bath, modular vacation home built among the cliffs in the desert of Moab, Utah.

Exterior view of a Marmol Radziner modular home in Moab, UT
Courtesy of Marmol Radziner

What We Like

Marmol Radziner offers clients the services of an architect and a general contractor. It takes responsibility for every phase of the homebuilding process, from conception and design to installation and building occupancy. 

Interior view of a Marmol Radziner modular home
Courtesy of Marmol Radziner

With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Marmol Radziner has an unmatched reputation for innovative design and world-class construction standards. 

Marmol employs a team of experienced architects, landscapers, metal fabricators, interior designers, carpenters, and construction crew to create visually impressive and structurally sound homes. 

Stack Homes

This manufacturer of luxury modular dwellings is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. It offers energy-efficient, aesthetically-appealing, versatile, and factory-built structures (houses and ADUs) at highly affordable prices. 

Courtesy of Stack Homes

Stack’s houses are perfect for those who prefer minimalist architecture, eco-conscious design, and a durable, comfortable home that doesn’t come burdened with massive mortgage payments.  

What We Like

Courtesy of Stack Homes

The company focuses on environmental sustainability and designs attractive, eco-friendly homes featuring lots of large windows, sleek lines, vibrant colors, open spaces, and plenty of natural light. Stack Homes will help you through the entire home building process, including:

  • Site assessment
  • Financing
  • Choosing the layout and model
  • Permit acquisition
  • Manufacturing
  • Crane-enabled installation

Its modular homes are made from steel-frame shipping containers, which encourages recycling and further reduces the cost of construction. Lastly, their unique stackable design, wide range of floor plans, and energy-efficient insulation will allow you to expand over time without vastly increasing your carbon footprint. 

Stratton Homes

Based in Ogden, Stratton Homes is one of the premier retailers of modular homes in Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, and Idaho.

Exterior view of a Stratton Homes modular home
Courtesy of Stratton Homes

With over 15 years of experience as a modular builder, it focuses on high-quality construction and world-class customer service. The small team of experienced professionals, headed by founder Matt Rice, ensures a personalized and intimate homebuilding experience. 

What We Like

The staff at Stratton Homes work with each customer to understand their individual requirements, preferences, and budgetary constraints to provide them with customized housing solutions that meet all their needs. 

Interior kitchen view of a Stratton Homes modular home
Courtesy of Stratton Homes

Stratton helps each customer with the less-talked-about, yet equally important parts of homebuilding like permitting, site appraisals, surveys, grading, site preparation, county inspections, lender inspection, and site cleanup. 

If required, it will also help you secure financing for your modular or manufactured home. Some of the amenities you will find in a house built by this company include custom kitchens and fireplaces, state-of-the-art bathrooms, attached garages, and energy-efficient appliances. 

Impresa Modular

This company provides high-quality and durable modular homes to customers in 40 states across the US. Being a nationwide manufacturer of modular homes, Impresa Modular has a wide range of experience and knowledge to draw from.

Exterior front view of an Impresa Modular home
Courtesy of Impresa Modular

It offers planning, design, and construction services to Utahans looking to build a custom modular home. Working with Impresa will allow you to choose from various building materials and finishes, providing greater customization than many other modular builders. 

What We Like

This company builds Energy Star-rated modular homes. This rating means each housing unit is at least 30 percent more energy-efficient than standard, site-built homes.

On average, the energy-efficient modular homes manufactured by Impresa allow homeowners to save $200–$400 on electricity bills each year.

Interior kitchen view of an Impresa Modular home
Courtesy of Impresa Modular

These homes are incredibly well-insulated, ensuring year-round comfort and energy savings. In addition, Impresa Modular uses various building processes and materials that increase energy efficiency and help earn the Energy Star label. 

It works hard to ensure that your home will be durable and attractive while following all the specific guidelines laid out by Energy Star. Tight seals on ducts and vents, high-performance doors and windows, and energy-efficient HVAC equipment are common features of Impresa Modular homes.  

Concluding Note

These are some of the best modular builders to look into if you plan to build a budget-friendly, sustainable, and comfortable home in Utah. 

However, before choosing a company to partner with, you should do your own research, look at client testimonials, and discuss your options with a trusted contractor or architect to improve your chances of success on this homebuilding journey!

Also check out our lists of the best modular builders in neighboring states like Colorado, as many of these companies also service parts of Utah.

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