A downtown street view of Jackson, Mississippi with buildings and green space

Mississippi is one of the best places to build your home due to its affordable cost of living, educational opportunities, and cultural diversity.

However, as an eco-conscious homeowner, you want to prioritize sustainability to conserve the environment.

Identifying builders committed to green practices in Mississippi is not a walk in the park. While many companies may claim to offer these services, not all of them have the necessary expertise in the field.

So, which are the top sustainable green home builders in Mississippi?

In this article, I’ll discuss the top sustainable green home builders in Mississippi and what makes them the best. This will help you make an informed decision and get a reliable builder.

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The Best Green Home Building Companies in Mississippi

Here is a list of the top nine outstanding sustainable home building companies in Mississippi:

  • Wheelhaus 
  • Dvele 
  • Deltec Homes 
  • Stillwater Dwellings 
  • Turkel Design 
  • Purcell Timber Frame Homes 
  • Alchemy Architects 
  • Seabold Architectural Studio 
  • Moore and Company
  • DSLD Homes
  • Green Diamond Builders

Now that we have the list of all the top-notch green home building companies, let’s delve into it and find out what they have in store for us.


Wheelhaus is among the best green home building companies in Mississippi.

It was founded in 2006 by Jamie Mackay with the aim of building excellent quality and durable houses.

Interior view of the Wedge modular home by WheelHaus
The Wedge by Wheelhaus

Wheelhaus operates with the motto “living large with less” and provides its customers with affordable yet premium quality homes with essential amenities. 

Some features of the homes built by Wheelhaus include high ceilings, huge windows, lots of sunlight, and multiple entry points.

Exterior view of the Look Out, a Wheelhaus home
Courtesy of Wheelhaus

The construction time ranges from ninety to one hundred twenty days.

Wheelhaus is very accommodating and provides clients with the option of modification and also has the option of nationwide shipping available, with the shipping rate ranging from only six to eight dollars per mile. 

Why Do We Like Wheelhaus?

  • One-year structural warranty, but offers up to a 10-year warranty for a small additional fee.
  • Estimated cost: $280-$400 per square foot
  • Environment-friendly modular green homes with floor plans ranging from 140 to 1500 square feet
  • Multiple floor plan options are available

If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing yet sustainable home, Wheelhaus is a construction company you can rely on without any doubt. 


Dvele delivers houses that scream ‘welcome home’ and instantly make clients fall in love.

In addition, the company offers a wide variety of green homes that are highly efficient and outdo all quality standards. 

Some of the attributes of houses built by Dvele comprise triple pane windows, sliding doors, custom built-in cabinetry and millwork, pre-wired entertainment areas, wall-hung toilets with modern shower fixtures, and micro screened exterior air vents. 

a modern small adu with tan siding and a light grey roof
Courtesy of Dvele

It provides its clients with modern architecture customization and ensures the entire process is smooth and seamless. 

Dvele covers every aspect of the operation, designing, budget finalization, installation, finishing, or on-site fixtures.

Compared to traditional builders, Dvele simultaneously begins the home production at its facility and the site, which speeds up the entire building and installation process. 

Why Do We Like Dvele?

  • Nine models of luxury homes to choose from 
  • Houses range from 624 to 3900 square feet 
  • Approximate cost: $410 to $500 per square foot

Dvele is an excellent choice for you if you are looking for a house that has a modern look and is sustainable and eco-friendly at the same time.

Deltec Homes 

Founded in 1968, Deltec Homes has since then been working with the vision of changing how the world builds.

It is a family-owned company based in Asheville, North Carolina, but also operates in Mississippi. 

a circular-shaped two story home with solar panels on the roof
Courtesy of Deltec Homes

Deltec offers a diverse range of energy-efficient and durable prefabricated homes.

It is well known for building houses of cylindrical shape. It uses the finest lumber kept in a climate-controlled environment.

The company constructs round, traditional, and modern prefabricated green homes to promote a healthy, comfortable, and organic life.

Key features of the homes include multi-story decks and 360° views.

Why Do We Like Deltec Homes?

  • All-in cost: $180-$400 per square foot. 
  • Over ten models of cylindrical homes
  • Best known for energy efficiency and hurricane resistance 
  • Received B corporation certification in 2016
an interior of a circular-shaped home with an open living room, peach colored walls, and a loft on the second story
Courtesy of Deltec Homes

Deltec homes should be your choice if you are looking for a company that can construct a sustainable and comfortable green home.

Stillwater Dwellings

Stillwater Dwellings is a Seattle-based home builder, operating since 2008.

In a short period, it has proven to be one of the most sought-out green building companies, known for nationwide service, including Mississippi. 

Exterior view of a Stillwater Dwellings home
Courtesy of Stillwater Dwellings

Stillwater Dwellings works considering the needs and the wishes of its clients and providing them with the finest green homes. 

Homes feature a solid steel canopy entry, glass walls of windows and doors, and a signature soaring butterfly roofline.

However, it also allows clients to customize as per their demands. 

Interior view of a Stillwater Dwellings green home
Courtesy of Stillwater Dwellings

By using sustainable materials and building methods, Stillwater ensures its construction projects help preserve the environment and reduce operating costs. 

Why Do We Like Stillwater Dwellings?

  • Over 26 models in its catalog 
  • Approximate cost: $350 to $450 per square foot 
  • Slanted roof and modern interior structure

Stillwater Dwellings is a top-notch building company providing affordable green homes for its clients.

Turkel Design 

Turkel Design is a large-scale green home building company headquartered in Boston and delivering nationwide.

It works on the principle of maximizing flexibility and energy efficiency.   

Exterior view of a Turkel Design modular home
Courtesy of Turkel Design

Turkel Design provides distinctive, modern, customized design at the doorstep of its client without any hassle in their budget.

It allows customization and modification, and it will also help you with the entire installation process, guiding you every step of the way. 

One of the ways Turkel design outshines other companies is by using virtual reality tools so its clients can have a look at their dream house even before its created. 

Interior view of a Turkel Homes green home
Courtesy of Turkel Design

Why Do We Like Turkel Design?

  • Over ten models of luxury homes
  • Delivers all across the U.S.
  • All-in cost: $350-$550 per square foot
  • Makes use of cutting-edge technological tools in the process of construction
  • Various designs are available for homes, from classic or contemporary to ultra-luxurious

All the above features make Turkel Design an ideal choice for your sustainable dream home. 

Purcell Timber Frame Homes 

Another excellent choice for building your sustainable home is Purcell.

From concept to completion, it specializes in creating luxurious homes that are durable, sustainable, and easy to maintain.  

Exterior view of a Purcell Homes modular home
Courtesy of Purcell

Purcell’s homes comprise solar passive window schedules, high insulation ratings, and energy-efficient roof and wall systems.

Using ultra-fine quality timber, it produces genuinely perfect green homes. 

It covers the entire building procedure, from designing, shipment, installation, and on-site work.

Purcell also provides numerous designs to choose from, including modern, rustic, chic, contemporary, and traditional styles.

Not only this, but it also lets its client customize the design as per their specs. 

Why Do We Like Purcell Timber Frame Homes?

  • Over 50 home models
  • All-in cost: $300-$350 per square foot
  • Offers multi-story prefabricated green homes
  • Several floor plan options.
  • Provides energy-efficient and sustainable solutions 
Interior view of a Purcell Timber Frame Homes modular home
Courtesy of Purcell

Alchemy Architects

Alchemy Architects has a distinctive approach to architecture combining innovative designs and collaborative relationships with clients and prioritizing recycling and reuse of materials to reduce waste. 

Since 1992 it has been building energy-efficient structures and has gained national and international recognition.

The company merges low-tech passive solar principles with high-tech renewable energy technologies.

Alchemy Architects is well known for turning the mundane into gold. 

Exterior view of an Alchemy Architects modular green home
Courtesy of Alchemy Architects

With the aim of building efficient, design accessible, and affordable homes, Alchemy has so far catered to a wide range of audiences and continues to serve people with the best there is. 

You can check out its website and other social media sites for further information and references.

Exterior view of an Alchemy Architects modular home
Courtesy of Alchemy Architects

Why Do We Like Alchemy Architects?

  • Uses sustainable building materials
  • All-in cost: $250-$490 per square foot
  • Experience in building a wide variety of residential homes. 

Seabold Architectural Studio 

Seabold Architectural Studio specializes in custom residential, historical preservation, and commercial projects. It is located in Jackson.

The company has a simple approach to cost-effective, sustainable designs and reduces the average energy consumption by thirty to fifty percent.

Seabold works with clients to produce innovative and sustainable home designs.

Why Do We Like Seabold Architectural Studio Stand?

  • A long-term member of the U.S. Green Building Council 
  • Has worked on projects in a variety of sizes 
  • Provides modern and contemporary designs
Interior view of a Seabold Architectural Studio modular green home
Courtesy of Seabold Architectural Studio

Considering Seabold Architectural Studio’s innovative yet modest approach, it makes an excellent candidate for building your green home.

For more details, check out its website!

Moore and Company

Moore and Company has been building custom homes in Mississippi for over twenty-five years.

It strives to use green building practices to minimize its environmental impact and reduce production costs for its clients. 

Interior kitchen view of a Moore and Company green home
Courtesy of Moore and Company

Be it usage of wind power, solar power, new insulation and venting technologies, or water conservation methods, Moore and Company can help with all. 

Why Do We Like Moore and Company?

  • Experience building green homes in Mississippi
  • Uses green technologies
  • Prioritizes its clients’ wishes

Moore and Company is an excellent choice for your green home building company considering the company’s vast experience in the Mississippi home construction industry. 

DSLD Homes

DSLD Homes is one of the most excellent green homebuilders in the U.S. The company serves Lousiania, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.

This company’s green building initiatives focuses on energy conservation. It designs and builds its homes to help customers reduce their energy consumption and thus, their recurring energy bills. 

The best part is that DSLD Homes prioritizes building Energy Star certified homes. It incorporates tight building foundations and low E3 windows.

Other green building initiatives by this company include:

  • Radiant barrier roof decking
  • R-38 attic insulation
  • R-15 high-density bibs wall insulation
  • Tankless water heaters

DSLD Homes organizes financing for those on a tight budget. The company provides mortgages to make home ownership a breeze for its customers. 

Why Do We Like DSLD Homes?

  • The company makes it easier for customers to access mortgages
  • It builds Energy Star certified homes to help customers conserve energy
  • An easy and straight-forward home buying process

Green Diamond Builders

Finally on our list of the top sustainable green home builders in Mississippi is Green Diamond Builders. It’s a full-service company specializing in residential, pole, and commercial buildings.

What sets this company apart is that it focuses on designing and building structures that guarantee comfort, personalized attention, quality, and value.

This family-owned and operated company was established in 2004 and has since worked with over 300 customers.

Besides having a variety of floor plans, Green Diamond Builders allows customers to customize floor plans based on their needs.

It prides itself on providing top of the line structures to ensure functionality and efficiency for clients.

Also, its pole buildings come in a variety of shapes and styles. Such versatility means the company can build a home that aligns perfectly to your needs.

Why Do We Like Green Diamond Builders?

  • It has highly experienced staff
  • Exceptional customer service and craftsmanship
  • Highly versatile designs
  • It can build on your lot

Get Ready to Build Your Green Home in Mississippi!

Green homes are a simplistic and affordable way of living.

However, we would reiterate that when building your first ever sustainable home, you have to make sure you select the right company.

Choose a builder that can accommodate your needs and special requirements on a pocket-friendly budget.

Not everyone is an expert in building sustainable homes, so you have to be very careful with what company you decide to work with. 

Also, be sure to check out our list of green home builders in neighboring states like Texas and Louisiana, and our top choices of modular builders in Mississippi, as several of the companies featured may be able to deliver a green home to your area of the state.

We hope this article helped you in your journey of building your perfect green home.

Best of luck!

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