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Wisconsin is a charming state known for its lumber, beer, and dairy industries. You don’t need to be a Packers fan to understand the state’s obsession with cheese. If you plan to settle or relocate to Wisconsin for these and other reasons, we recommend investing in a green home.

Green homes are exceptional homes built with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind. Such homes offer incredible comforts while helping you save on your energy bill.

As a result, we want to discuss the top sustainable green home builders in Wisconsin to make your work easier. These builders are highly experienced and have a reputation for building some of the best green homes in the state.

The Best Green Home Builders in Wisconsin

Let’s look at seven of Wisconsin’s best sustainable green home builders. Our shortlist of esteemed companies includes:

  • PEA Builders
  • Tim O’Brien Homes
  • Wisconsin Homes Inc
  • Belman Homes
  • TDS Custom Construction
  • Demlang Builders
  • North Twin Builders
  • Zach Building Co.
  • Weber Builders
  • Michael F. Simon Builders

So without further ado, let’s delve into the details of what each of these builders has to offer homebuyers.

1. PEA Builders

PEA Builders is a company based in Muskego. “PEA” is an acronym that stands for Progressive, Environmental, and Alternative.

“Progressive” refers to the progressive nature of the materials and methods in constructing green homes.

“Environmental” refers to the low environmental impact of the concepts and products used in homes.

Finally, “Alternative” refers to the alternative energy sources they integrate into their builds.

Interior view of a PEA Builders green home
The dining area of the Asian Prairie Lake House. Courtesy of PEA Builders

PEA Builders prides itself on using passive solar designs in its homes. These utilize the building’s orientation for natural energy storage, which is touted as being able to reduce temperature fluctuations.

The company also uses ZIP system sheathing, providing excellent insulation and weather protection. When combined, these components offer outstanding energy efficiency, which is bound to save homeowners on their long-term energy bills.

Prospective clients can choose a semi-custom home design based on the company’s existing templates. Alternatively, they can request a wholly-customized floorplan that fits their needs.

PEA is a good choice for residents seeking a reliable green builder in the state.

2. Tim O’Brien Homes

Tim O’Brien Homes is a builder with offices in Pewaukee and Madison. The company has been offering services to Wisconsin residents for over 15 years.

The founder, Tim O’Brien, worked in the home construction industry for over a decade before starting the company.  

Interior view of a Tim O’Brien Homes green home
These top 1% builders push energy efficiency at the forefront of their developments. Courtesy of Tim O’Brien Homes

Tim O’Brien stands out because it considers “green” the default standard for all its homes.

The company strives to create quality green homes built to last and at affordable rates.

Prospective clients will get to design the perfect house for their needs by visiting the company’s Design Studio in person.

They will also get to work with Tim O’Brien’s designers to ensure their vision is integrated into the final design.

The company’s homes are Zero Energy-certified by the US Department of Energy.

In addition, Tim O’Brien is also the first Wisconsin builder to receive an NAHB Emerald Certification for Green Building.

As a result, Tim O’Brien homes are a perfect pick for Wisconsinites seeking a sustainable home builder with the credentials to back up its claims.

3. Wisconsin Homes Inc

Wisconsin Homes Inc is a builder based in Marshfield.

It has been operating for over fifty years and strives to improve its building practices with each passing year.

The company aims to build high-quality energy-efficient homes for clients while minimizing waste.

Exterior front view of a Wisconsin Homes Inc home
Aside from implementing energy-saving technology, they also recycle materials such as vinyl siding and drywall sludge. Courtesy of Wisconsin Homes Inc

The company prides itself on recycling several items from home construction, including drywall, cardboard, vinyl siding, steel banding, copper, undercarriage tires, and drywall sludge. 

Its craftsmen proceed with each build using precision engineering. Their decades of experience allow them to meet high standards while ensuring the final design meets your expectations.

Consider reaching out to Wisconsin Homes Inc if you want your future home built by one of the most reliable and experienced green builders in the Badger state.

4. Belman Homes

Belman Homes is a Waukesha-based company. It does not generally tout itself as a “green” builder. However, it considers energy efficiency a top priority in its builds.

Belman Homes has partnered with Focus on Energy to provide clients with high energy efficiency and progressively sourced build materials. The company places great focus on energy usage as well as conservation.

Its goal is to help homeowners save on their energy bills while living in healthier homes with low emissions and pristine air quality.

Exterior view of a Belman Homes modular green home
Learn what makes the Belman Difference a standard you can trust. Courtesy of Belman Homes

Clients can enjoy their new Energy Star-certified homes with peace of mind when they hire Belman Homes.

The builder follows building standards that adhere to Wisconsin’s climate and touts its homes as 25% more efficient than other homes built to the state’s Uniform Dwelling Codes.

Belman Homes’ consultants are ready to help new clients through every step of designing and constructing their future homes. This assistance includes estimating the budget and selecting the right components to meet their needs.

This green builder is an excellent fit for any prospective homeowner who wants to save on their utility bills.

5. TDS Custom Construction

TDS Custom Construction is a builder based in Madison.

The company has served the state’s residents for many years and aims to exceed client expectations on each new project.

Interior view of a TDS Custom Construction green home
If you have an existing home you want to upgrade, you can also tap into the talent at TDS Custom Construction. Courtesy of TDS Custom Construction

TDS Custom’s “high performance” homes are net zero, meaning they have zero net energy consumption. These homes produce enough energy to meet their annual energy demands through renewable sources.

Prospective clients can expect significantly lower energy usage when investing in one of these homes since they are constructed using sustainable and durable materials.

In addition, the houses are equipped with renewable energy sources like geothermal and solar electric power.

The TDS team is there to help design and build each home according to client specifications.

It has plenty of experience with sustainable homes and will ensure your future home meets the highest energy efficiency standards.

Consider hiring TDS Custom if you want your dream sustainable home realized in Wisconsin.

6. Demlang Builders

Demlang Builders is a leading builder located in Sussex.

The company doesn’t advertise itself as a “green” home builder. However, it does promote its homes based on energy savings.

This builder possesses multiple decades of experience with home construction and integrates energy-saving materials and components into each build.

Homeowners can rest assured their new home meets high energy efficiency standards thanks to Demlang Builders’ extensive testing methods, including infrared scanning and blower door tests to determine potential air leak locations.

Interior view of a Demlang Builders green home's living space
The Dakota’s kitchen and dining area are perfect for both intimate dinners and large parties. Courtesy of Demlang Builders

The company also conducts HVAC airflow testing to ensure air supply and return are balanced to boost energy savings.

Prospective clients will get to choose from a dozen floorplans. They can also add customizations to their desired floor plan and sit back while Demlang Builders’ contractors take care of the heavy lifting.

This home builder is one of the best options for Wisconsin residents who want proof their new home is as energy-efficient as it is touted to be.

7. North Twin Builders

Phelps-based North Twin Builders is one of the state’s oldest home builders. It has been serving the community for over four decades and has a reputation for quality construction and reliable building services.

The company has the experience and knowledge needed to build high-quality sustainable homes in northern Wisconsin.

Exterior view of an North Twin Builders home
One of the team’s specialties is making energy-efficient log homes to fit all budgets. Courtesy of North Twin Builders

North Twin takes many steps to ensure each home is built with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind, including site planning that reduces environmental disruptions and produces minimal waste on construction.

The company strives to protect the state’s natural trees and landscapes during its builds. After all, Wisconsin’s natural beauty is one of its significant assets.

North Twin Builders also integrates green homes with energy-efficient systems and air-tight construction. This combination ensures a healthy indoor environment and reductions in future waste.

Consider reaching out to North Twin Builders if you would like your future home constructed with the environment in mind.

This company is an excellent choice for any Wisconsinite who wants to preserve the natural beauty that makes their state special.

8. Zach Building Co.

Located in Oconomowoc, Zach Building Co. is among the top sustainable green home builders in Wisconsin for a good reason.

This company is among the few that are active members of Green Built Home™. Green Built Home™ is an established initiative tasked to review and certify new homes that meet sustainable building and energy efficiency standards.

Green Built Home™ works in collaboration with other green building associations, utilities, and organizations in Wisconsin to ensure certified projects are truly green.

Side view of a home with various sidings like stone, wood, and standard. There is also a wooden balcony and a deck by Zach Building Co.
Zach Building Co.’s LEED home in Elm Grove. Courtesy of Zach Building Co.

Since its establishment in 1947, Zach Building Co. has been at the forefront of building high-quality green homes for its customers.

The company has multiple floor plans that allow you to choose one that meets your needs and tastes. If you don’t find the best option for your needs, Zach Building Co. has experienced designers who will work with you to customize an appropriate option.

The company’s LEED Homes floor plans are the best if you’re after energy efficiency. These homes are designed to meet LEED standards for energy efficiency.

Some of the green building features installed in all homes include:

  • Heat recovery ventilation systems
  • Zoned heating
  • High-efficiency 2-stage variable fan furnaces
  • Low-voltage wiring

9. C. Weber Builders

Located in Walworth County, C. Weber Builders is a full-service homebuilder and renovator. The company specializes in designing, building, and renovating.

We featured this company on this list due to its commitment and attention to detail to ensure above-par customer satisfaction by completing all projects with high precision.

It’s worth noting that no two building projects are the same from C. Weber Builders. The company will work with you to understand your needs before tailoring the best design. 

Custom log cabin home with manicured lawn and piled stone fence by C. Weber Builders
This massive Dousman, WI custom cabin-style home puts the spotlight on the beauty of wood. Courtesy of C. Weber Builders

The best part is that the design will be tailored to your needs and taste. Therefore, even if you were referred to the company, don’t expect your green home to resemble your referee’s unless that’s what you want.

In terms of sustainability and green building, the company customizes all its homes using greener and eco-friendly resources.

It incorporates modern technology to create healthier homes with low operational costs and environmental impacts. Consequently, you can rest assured of living in a truly sustainable home if you hire this company.

10. Michael F. Simon Builders

Established in 1893 in Waunakee, Michael F. Simon Builders has remained steadfast and committed to its goals of being the go-to sustainable builder and remodeler in Wisconsin.

The company serves Madison and the surrounding areas.

Since its establishment, the company’s philosophy has been to hire experienced and dedicated craftsmen and give each project the attention it deserves.

Facade of a detached family home with stone siding, a garage and driveway by Michael F. Simon Builders
The company can also upgrade your home’s exterior. Courtesy of Michael F. Simon Builders

For over a decade, Michael F. Simon Builders has been designing and building homes to meet the highest energy and building standards established by Energy Star™ and Green Built Home™.

What sets this green home builder apart is that despite focusing on sustainability, it builds its home to be as healthy as possible. As a result, it ensures that all its projects are certified by the American Lung Association Health House®.

All homes built by this company go through a comprehensive checklist of features that conserve energy. It ensures that each home is energy-efficient, provides a quality indoor environment, and meets Erosion Control Standards. 

It also focuses on water conservation, recycling, and waste reduction.

Based on the above details, you should contact Michael F. Simon Builders if you want a healthy, green home for your family.

Choosing Wisconsin’s Best Green Home Builder

As you can see, Wisconsin is bustling with sustainable builders that prioritize sustainability and energy efficiency in their construction.

The builders mentioned above strive to go above and beyond when it comes to helping their clients save on utility costs.

Some of these companies also focus on using sustainable materials and minimizing waste during the construction process.

Prospective homeowners should consider reaching out to the builder that offers the home style and green technology they are seeking.

The right builder will take the time to understand your housing needs and help you create a custom home that offers comfort while minimizing energy consumption.

Your journey towards a sustainable green home in Wisconsin starts here. So get out there and make your dream of living in an energy-efficient home a reality.

Also, be sure to check out our list of green home builders in neighboring states like Illinois and Minnesota, and our top choices of modular builders in Wisconsin, as several of the companies featured may be able to deliver a green home to your area of the state.

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