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Wisconsin is a geographically diverse state, both in terms of landscape and home design. It isn’t out of the ordinary to see traditional, modern, and log cabin-style homes all together in the same neighborhood. 

However, even with so much variety to choose from, it may be difficult for buyers to find themselves in their dream home, as the housing market across the state has been red hot over the last several years and is only likely to continue heating up. 

Average home prices in the Cheesehead state have doubled over the last year and a half, leaving many homebuyers searching for affordable housing out in the cold. 

In light of this development, a modular home could be a great choice if you’re looking to purchase an affordable home in Wisconsin.

Modular homes are constructed and partially assembled indoors, as opposed to being built on-site. The name comes from the assembly process, in which components of the home are fabricated in “modules”. 

The indoor fabrication process affords many advantages to homebuyers of all types, especially those looking for affordability. 

Benefits of Choosing a Modular Home

Efficient and Reliable Construction Schedule

As modular and prefab homes are typically constructed indoors in a climate-controlled environment, they are protected from the elements, and thus much less likely to suffer from weather-related delays during fabrication than homes constructed outdoors or on-site.

Indoor construction also allows for round-the-clock construction, in contrast to outdoor which can only take place during the day, potentially cutting the construction timeframe in half. A modular home can be fabricated in as little as two months, where outdoor or on-site construction typically takes more than four months for completion.

Low Environmental Footprint Through Sustainable Fabrication Process and Home Design Features

Modular homes are largely waste-free, as all materials required for construction arrive on site already installed in the modular pieces.

As a protocol for fabrication is established through consistent, repeated construction, material waste is cut down with each additional home built, as builders gain further insight and can more accurately gauge the number of materials required.  

Modular builds maximize energy efficiency through practices like using LED lighting and installing solar panels, saving you money long-term on residual utility costs like heating and electric.

Additionally, since materials are stored in the factory it also means leftovers are more likely to be kept and reused.

Modular builds also disturb the natural environmental habitat surrounding the final site of the home less than houses built on-site.

High Durability or Quality of Build

Construction in a factory allows for precision engineering. Additionally, the extra materials used to reinforce the house frame for shipment make for a more durable home, even after the assembly process is completed.  

If you’re considering a modular build for your home, we’ve compiled this list of the best modular and prefab homebuilders in Wisconsin to assist you in making the right decision for your needs.

Choosing a Modular Builder in Wisconsin

Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes

A family-owned business founded in 1966, is headquartered in Wisconsin Rapids and has sold more than 5,000 homes across the US and Canada. 

Photo showing the exterior of a Golden Eagle modular build home in Wisconsin
Courtesy of Golden Eagle Homes

Their facilities manufacture complete home kits including professionally-designed kitchen and bath, plumbing fixtures, windows, doors, fireplaces, and cabinetry.

The company typically constructs its building exteriors out of Eastern White Pine, which is available in more than 400 textures, shapes, and sizes. The exteriors are fabricated in their mill and arrive on-site ready to be installed.

Photo showing the interior of a Golden Eagle modular build home in Wisconsin
Courtesy of Golden Eagle Homes

Available in a variety of packages, you can choose between full-log, half-log, and even quarter-log for a cost-effective aesthetic option. It also offers custom timber, exposed beam, and timber frame homes with walls up to R-72 and roof systems up to R-80.

Their top-quality insulation system is available for traditional full log, high-performance insulated R-31 full log, and insulated half log, resulting in superior energy efficiency, and saving you money on heating costs

Wausau Homes

Founded more than 50 years ago by a family running a dairy route in rural Wisconsin, the company emerged when two brothers purchased a sawmill and began using the framing lumber to construct local residences. Coming a long way since then, today, Wausau Homes has developed a fine-tuned building system for prefab homes that can be completed in as little as three months.

a living room showing a dark brown couch as part of a modular Wisconsin home build.
Courtesy of Wausau Homes

Their state-of-the-art software utilizes computer-controlled 3D components to fabricate materials, ensuring your home is matches your precise specifications and is structurally sound. 

Photo showing the exterior of a Wausau Homes modular build home in Wisconsin
Courtesy of Wausau Homes

Once the foundation is set, carpenters typically complete the framework in two to five days, minimizing exposure to the elements and the likelihood of damages during construction. Wausau Homes lightens the burden on you by coordinating all interior installation with local tradesmen, including plumbers, electricians, insulating contractors, and drywallers. At which point, interior doors, cabinets, countertops, and trim are delivered and installed.  

Wisconsin Homes

For more than fifty years, Wisconsin Homes has served Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois with their prefabricated residences. Potential clients are invited to visit their model homes and factory, and can choose from sizes and styles including cottage, cabin, ranch, and Cape Cod.

Photo showing the exterior of a Wisconsin Homes modular build home in Wisconsin
Courtesy of Wisconsin Homes

Its “building inside-out” approach begins with foil-backed drywall that allows a true vapor barrier, and is followed by electrical and plumbing, to ensure the proper, efficient installation of insulation. The uniqueness of this technique and product features results in better protection from the elements, and lower utility costs for the homeowner. 

Photo showing the interior of a Wisconsin Homes modular build home
Courtesy of Wisconsin Homes

In addition to its dedication to creating energy-efficient homes, part of its “Building Green” initiative is the recycling of many materials, including cardboard, wood and drywall products or sludge, vinyl siding, copper, steel, and aluminum banding.

Wick Buildings

Wick Buildings has a long history in Wisconsin: the company was established in 1954 by John F. Wick, a Wisconsin native and graduate of the University of Wisconsin–Madison with a background in agriculture and advanced schooling in business and engineering. 

Photo showing the exterior of a Wick Buildings modular build home in Wisconsin
Courtesy of Wick Buildings

Today, the company produces many rural building typologies, including a “shouse” — a combination of living and storage/workspace that typically uses clear-span trusses to provide wide-open spaces and high ceilings. Supporting these large spaces are prefabricated wood trusses up to 100 feet long that arrive on-site along with siding, roofing, liners, and trim that are formed and cut from rolled steel at Wick’s production facilities.

Photo showing the interior of a Wick Buildings modular build home in Wisconsin
Courtesy of Wick Buildings

Wick Buildings has the capacity to do most styles of homes, from Craftsman to Colonial, Prairie or Victorian. In addition to new builds, the company also offers first and second-floor additions.

Vertical Works

Vertical Works Inc. of Mount Pleasant has been manufacturing modular homes and residential additions throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa since its inception in 2006. The company is comfortable working in a range of styles, stating that they “don’t shy away from bold, modern, traditional, vintage, cabin style, or contemporary homes.”

Photo showing the exterior of a Vertical Works modular build home in Wisconsin
Courtesy of Vertical Works

Their modular homes are manufactured in their proprietary factory, which is open to potential customers to allow them to see the company’s production process in person, and get a feel for how it can accomplish the feat of building their dream home in four to five weeks. 

Photo showing the interior of a Vertical Works modular build home in Wisconsin
Courtesy of Vertical Works

Vertical Works offers options—new homes, additions (first or second floor), the choice between a Builder or factory-direct (for those who live in the surrounding–Mount Pleasant area), and even all standard plans are custom-created, with the option for whatever amount of additions you see fit. If you want to bring imported marble you found on your trip to Europe to use for the kitchen island, Vertical Works will find a way to work with you to build the home you envision.

American Homes

This Hayward-based homebuilder aims to help you choose and customize your new manufactured or modular home, have it quickly and efficiently built under climate-controlled conditions, and delivered to your site within approximately a 50-mile radius of the construction facility. A built-to-order production approach ensures a home that meets your every specification.

Photo showing the exterior of an American Homes modular build home in Wisconsin
Courtesy of American Homes

Its skillful team also offers assistance in coordinating all of the other construction details, including obtaining permits and installation of well, septic and foundation, electric and plumbing hook-ups.

Photo showing the interior of an American Homes modular build home in Wisconsin
Courtesy of American Homes

The company also represents three other local regional builders – Wisconsin Homes, Inc. of Marshfield, WI, Schult Homes of Redwood Falls, MN, and Skyline Homes of Lancaster, WI.

Centerville Homes

Founded in 2000, Centerville Homes is a full-service design-build modular home dealer based in Centerville. Custom-built modular homes are the core focus of its business. Every decision made supports the needs expressed by its home-buying customers, and the company works directly with the manufacturer to ensure your modular home is custom-built to the layout and specs you require. 

Photo of the exterior of a Centerville Homes modular build home in Wisconsin
Courtesy of Centerville Homes

Centerville Homes has provided over 500 high-quality, energy-efficient homes to many communities, including those in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. Their high-quality energy-efficient homes aim to save you money in the long run on heating and cooling costs.

Excellent customer service makes the construction process easier on you, as the company offers full-service assistance every step of the way, lining up and working with subcontractors from permit stage to move-in stage.

Photo showing the interior of a Centerville Homes modular build home in Wisconsin
Courtesy of Centerville Homes

Design Homes

Since 1966, this Prairie du Chien-based company has built over 19,000 homes in ten states. It uses a factory-direct model approach that eliminates dealers, ensuring Design Homes has control of your project every step of the way.

Photo of the exterior of a Design Homes modular build home in Wisconsin
Courtesy of Design Homes

Its homes are highly customizable, exceeding “stick-built” specifications. Beyond customizing the floorplan, you can select flooring, cabinets, siding, and other additions to the base-specification package which feature products from reputed companies like Kohler, Pella, Whirlpool, Amana, and Mohawk Industries.

Photo of the interior of a Design Homes modular build home in Wisconsin
Courtesy of Design Homes

Every home includes an “energy efficiency package” which utilizes R-55 ceilings, 2×6 walls, and Low-E glass windows with argon gas for UV.

Though not as full-services as several of the other builders on this list, its willingness to work with the floor plan design you bring in and the wide range of high-quality feature options offered allow you to create the house of your dreams.

Terrace Homes

Founded in 1975, Terrace Homes set out to discover a better way to build by incorporating the innovative building process still used by the company today. Sustainable craftsmanship achievements began early in its history, after pioneering the 6” exterior wall/energy truss combination that’s since become the industry standard for energy efficiency.

Photo of the interior of a Terrace Homes modular build home in Wisconsin
Courtesy of Terrace Homes

Energy efficiency is a top priority for the company, whose homes are carefully crafted with weather-tight construction, including top-rated energy-efficient windows and doors.

Further, the company offers solutions that are exclusively Terrace Homes technologies. For example, a no mold threshold, which virtually eliminates floor rotting – a very common occurrence for traditionally built homes that are subject to weather conditions.

Photo of the exterior of a Terrace Homes modular build home in Wisconsin
Courtesy of Terrace Homes

Its construction and building standards far exceed code minimums and result in lasting integrity for each Terrace home.

Tomah Homes

This modular home builder specializes in Energy Star-certified homes. Based in Tomah, this family-owned-and-operated company was founded in 1974 by Keith Murdock and his mother Joyce, and is run today by Keith’s son, Randy. 

Photo of the exterior of a Tomah Homes modular build home in Wisconsin
Courtesy of Tomah Homes

Since its founding, the company has constructed over 100 modular homes in Tomah and the surrounding area. You’ll be sure to find a floorplan you like from the wide variety of styles available, including Ranch, Chalet, Cape Cod, Bi-Level and Cottage offerings, and many more.

Photo of the interior of a Tomah Homes modular build home
Courtesy of Tomah Homes

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