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Located in the northwest United States, Washington is the eighteenth largest state by land mass and houses almost eight million people. Therefore, it is the perfect state for building your ideal sustainable green home.

However, as the demand for sustainable living surges, finding a reliable builder in Washington remains the stumbling block. While many companies may advertise themselves as experienced builders of sustainable homes, not all have the relevant skills and experience to build a code-compliant home.

Luckily, we have compiled a list of the top sustainable green home builders in Washington to help you through this challenge. We only chose experienced builders who use energy-efficient technologies in their builds. Stay tuned!

Top Green Home Builders in Washington

Some of the top-notch green builders widely popular in the US are based in or serve residents of Washington. Here is the list of the top eight companies, including:

  1. Method Home 
  2. Cargotecture
  3. Blu Home 
  4. Hybrid 
  5. Purcell Timber Frame Homes
  6. Pacific Green Homes 
  7. Urban NW Homes
  8. Isola Homes
  9. Dwell Development
  10. Chryssa Wolfe with Hanlon Design Build
  11. Lindal Cedar Homes
  12. Better Builders

So, without further ado, let’s look at the details of each of these renowned builders to determine what they have to offer homebuyers.

1. Method Home 

Method Home was founded in 2007, and since then, the company has earned a reputable name in the green building industry.

It is renowned for building various sustainable, modern, and custom homes.

Interior view of a Method Homes modular green home
Building your new home starts with a phone consultation with Method Home. Courtesy of Method Home

The company is located in Seattle, but it has since expanded to serve many other central states. 

Method Home has also won awards for building fine and efficient homes. As a result, it is one of the best choices for building your first-ever green home.

What Makes Method Home Stand Out?

  • Use of sustainable materials and methods for homebuilding
  • Has been certified by Energy Star
  • Works on fully custom projects
  • Pocket-friendly with an estimated price range of $325-$425 per square foot

2. Cargotecture 

Cargotecture is a company that quite literally decided to think outside the box.

It is a home building company established in Seattle that focuses on durable homes that emphasize sustainability.

The company was founded in 2003 and has since built many homes. In addition, it offers six different types of accessory dwelling units with pre-designed floor plans.

Exterior front view of a green container home by Cargotecture
The c192 Nomad model. Courtesy of Cargotecture

Another plus of Cargotecture is that it handles all design, manufacturing, permitting, setting, and installation along with all on-site work.

The homes are adequately insulated to withstand the extreme weather and be as energy-efficient as possible.

No doubt, with all the unique features Cargotecture has to offer, it makes for a top-notch choice.

However, it might not be the one for you if you are looking for a larger house and more flexibility in floor layout and home design. 

What Makes Cargotecture Stand Out?

  • Free shipping for most of the US 
  • Homes are delivered complete with heating, lighting, and appliances 
  • Can easily install ADUs in a day 
  • Features a distinctive and environmentally friendly shipping design
  • Estimated cost: $235-$338 per square foot    

3. Dvele Homes 

Dvele Homes (formerly Blu Homes) is one of the best green home builders in Washington. It is an expert in building stunningly high-end modern and sustainable homes, compelling one to choose it.

Exterior back patio view of a Blu Homes green modular home
These developers pride themselves on making ultra-modern sustainable homes. Courtesy of Blu Homes’ Twitter account

The company primarily focuses on providing its clients with sustainable, efficient, and healthy life-promoting homes. Dvele Homes makes everything streamlined and easier for home buyers.

The entire home building process is very smooth: obtain permits, design home or floor planning, and initiate the construction process.

Dvele Homes really helps you out every step of the way.

Interior view of a Blu Homes green home
State-of-the-art manufacturing assures clients that they are getting the best of the best. Courtesy of Blu Homes

What Makes Blu Home Stand Out?

  • Offer unique, innovative designs
  • Build houses with up to fifty percent reduced electricity usage and less water wastage
  • Provide a ten-year structural warranty and two-year system variety 
  • Supports sustainability and is budget-friendly

4. Hybrid 

Hybrid was founded in 2003, with its headquarters located in Seattle.

It is skilled in building affordable homes in urban areas with the most negligible adverse effects on the environment. 

The company focuses on building custom houses; however, it also sells pre-designed homes with specific floor plans.

Interior view of a Hybrid green home
The interior of the award-winning Steel Stacks project. Courtesy of Hybrid

The unique thing about Hybrid is it incorporates modern-day green features like solar paneling into its structures. 

Being based primarily in Seattle, it understands the need for a sustainable structure in less space. Hybrid is an expert in building green homes with maximum facilities in high-density areas. 

The company renders its clients a collection of styles ranging from traditional to a more modern outlook.

For example, homes built by Hybrid often feature vertical metal siding, glass doors, patio space, and a considerable amount of sunlight—all characteristics of modern and green houses. 

What Makes Hybrid Stand Out?

  • Pricing: $300-$640 per square foot 
  • Provides detailed digital and virtual reality modeling 
  • Offers distinctive and lavish features 
  • Present its clients with the option of customization

5. Purcell Timber Frame Home

Purcell Timber Frame Homes has been in sustainable building for quite a while now. It was established specially to build green homes that are safe and healthy for you and your future generations. 

Exterior view of a Purcell Homes green modular home
The iconic Mountain Modern design. Courtesy of Purcell Timber Frame Homes

It operates within Washington and other eminent states across the US and even Canada.

As evidenced by its name, Purcell uses Timber and other sustainable materials in building quality homes. 

The company concentrates on building exceptional luxury homes that are durable, sustainable, and easy to maintain.

Energy-efficient roof and wall systems are typical features that comprise its structures.

In addition, it offers multiple styles, from contemporary, traditional, and rustic to chic and modern. 

Interior view of a Purcell Timber Frame Homes modular home
Timber frame homes are one of these builders’ specialties. Courtesy of Purcell Timber Frame Homes

Purcell provides the complete package; it has your back and will help you out every step of the way, whether designing, choosing, or building!

Without any doubt, Purcell is an excellent choice to build your green home. 

What Makes Purcell Homes Stand Out?

  • Price range: $300-$400 per square foot 
  • You can customize and modify your home design 
  • Various floor plan options 
  • Low maintenance cost 
  • Multiple layouts to choose from (over fifty-one)

6. Pacific Green Homes 

Since being established almost 60 years ago, Pacific Green Homes has stayed true to its mission of providing locals with safe, affordable, sustainable, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing homes.

Interior view of a Pacific Green home
If you’re looking for traditional design elements, Pacific Green Homes has exactly what you want. Courtesy of Pacific Green Homes

Pacific Green stays up-to-date with technology to ensure that all the homes it builds offer the most outstanding level of quality control and energy efficiency.

All green homes are customized and designed digitally according to the client’s needs.

They are insulated and installed with solar panels and tankless water heaters, sustainable technology that brings down the house’s recurring utility costs. 

What Makes Pacific Green Homes Stand Out?

  • Experience in building houses in different topographical landscapes 
  • The homes are installed with solar panels that generate clean electricity
  • You can customize your floor plans

7. Urban NW Homes 

Urban NW Homes is not a new name for the green home builders’ firmament. The company has been building premium sustainable homes for more than two decades.

As the name suggests, Urban NW is counted amongst the Northwest’s most prominent green home builders, famous for crafts and values.

Exterior view of a Urban NW Homes green home
The Pioneer floorplan can fit four bedrooms and three bathrooms within 2,691 square feet. Courtesy of Urban NW Homes

Over the past twenty years, Urban NW Homes has evolved to keep up with the pace of the modern home construction market.

Whether it comes to using the latest technology in the construction process, premium-quality materials, or ensuring their homes are as energy-efficient as possible, this builder leaves no stone unturned.

Urban NW Homes also focuses on making sustainable green homes a living reality for most Americans; hence you can find homes in several price ranges.

You can also customize floor plans and designs according to your requirements. 

What Makes Urban NW Homes Stand Out?

  • Quality craftsmanship and the latest technology in the home construction process 
  • Minimum wastage when it comes to home construction, space allocation, and functionality
  • Empower local and sustainable workers and make use of local, high-quality materials
  • Homes are installed with solar panels that generate clean electricity
  • Flexibility for clients to customize floor plans and designs as per their specs

8. Isola Homes 

Isola Homes is a Seattle-based home construction company specializing in building ultra-modern green homes using high-quality local materials and the latest technology.

Isola Homes has established a remarkable rapport in the Seattle home construction industry by fulfilling its promise of building environmentally friendly modern and contemporary homes.

Interior view of an Isola Homes green home
An interior of one of the homes in the West Seattle community. Courtesy of Isola Homes

Isola Homes is a home building company that excels in customer service experience. If you choose Isola as your green home builder, you can leave all your worries behind.

The company’s trained and professional staff will provide complete assistance on your project.

From customizing home design to choosing interior architecture, you have the liberty to personalize everything according to your liking. 

A firm believer in the three core principles – integrity, function, and design – Isola Homes is an excellent choice for anyone looking to build a green home in Washington state. 

What Makes Isola Homes Stand Out?

  • Specializes in building modern sustainable homes
  • A firm believer in making energy-efficient homes without compromising in quality
  • Excellent customer support service and complete assistance
  • Option to personalize and tweak your home design according to your liking

9. Dwell Development

Dwell Development is a Seattle-based green home builder operating in the industry for over 17 years. It has laid its foundation on building sustainable, energy-efficient homes across the city and surrounding area.

Exterior view of the Genesee, a net-zero modular green home by Dwell Development
The Genesee Park home achieved net zero energy and a 5-Star Built Green certification. Courtesy of Dwell Development

The company has also won awards for its outstanding efforts in helping Seattle’s green building industry flourish. 

What makes Dwell Development an excellent choice for a green home is its impeccable craftsmanship, use of technology, and ultra-modern and contemporary designs that are almost picture-perfect.

Interior view of the Genesee, a net-zero modular green home by Dwell Development
The Genesee Park net-zero home also won the Best Contemporary title in the 2018 Green Builder Home of the Year Awards. Courtesy of Dwell Development

So if you are looking for a minimal, modern abode, Dwell Development is the builder to choose.

Dwell continues to play its part in making modern green homes more common around Seattle. But, not just this—its vision is to build the most energy-efficient homes not just in Seattle but all around the world. 

What Makes Dwell Development Stand Out?

  • Experienced and trustworthy name in the modern sustainable homes category
  • Focuses on excellent craftsmanship, durability, and functionality
  • An award-winning green home building company
  • Ability to customize/personalize floor plans and room requirements

10. Chryssa Wolfe with Hanlon Design Build

Chryssa Wolfe with Hanlon Design Build is one of the few certified green home builders in Washington.

Since its establishment, the company has remained steadfast and committed to sustainable construction. It boasts of having installed more geothermal heat pumps than any other company in the state.

It designs and builds homes that reflect a client’s lifestyle—how they live, what they like, and how they want their dream homes to be. It achieves these by employing a unique customization approach that makes every home highly sustainable.

A white center hall colonial home by Chryssa Wolfe with Hanlon Design Build
The builders were able to strike the perfect balance of the old-world charm of this colonial home with the 21st-century upgrades. Courtesy of Chryssa Wolfe with Hanlon Design Build

The company’s concept to completion design process is the backbone of its success. The process begins with a project consultation so the company can understand your unique green home needs.

The firm then reviews your budget and timelines to develop the best schedule. The developed plan and schedule are refined until you reach a consensus ideal for construction drawings and architectural renderings.

The best part—the company will handle permitting and subcontracting processes for you. This means you’ll get a seamless and hassle-free home-building process.

What Makes Chryssa Wolfe with Hanlon Design Build Stand Out?

  • A unique concept to the completion process
  • Use of recycled materials like bricks, roofing, and iron fencing products
  • It incorporates Energy Star-certified products like windows, doors, and household appliances
  • Renewable energy sources like solar panels

11. Lindal Cedar Homes

Lindal Cedar Homes in Seattle is known for building the first green-certified home in Washington. The home is certified under the National Association of Homebuilders Green Building Standard.

The company designs and builds its homes to attain the highest green building standards.

What sets Lindal Cedar Homes apart is that it has a wide range of flexible floor plans designed to meet the needs of each client. 

Lindal Cedar Homes' rendering of the Willoughby design inspired from Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian plans
The Willoughby is inspired by FLW’s Penfield House which was designed for tall homeowners. Courtesy of Lindal Cedar Homes

Moreover, the company incorporates a post-and-beam construction technique that makes it easy to reconfigure the layouts of the floor plans based on a client’s taste. This means you can easily change the placement of the bathrooms, bedrooms, home office, storage areas, and other rooms.

Alternatively, you can present your preferred floor plan for customization by the company’s professionals.

Another feature that makes this company ideal for many is that its floor plans are designed on a grid system that runs vertically and horizontally. Consequently, they are highly flexible in terms of the placement of the walls, windows, doors, and more without distorting the original design.

For massive architecture fans, the firm also has a collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. The collection is a series of home designs directly inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian house plans.

What Makes Lindal Cedar Homes Stand Out?

  • Highly flexible floor plans for any construction design
  • Building highly energy-efficient homes that meet Washington’s green building certification standards
  • It’s a highly experienced family-owned company that has been in business for over 70 years and built more than 50,000 homes
  • Experienced professionals who can work on complicated home designs
  • It has time-tested home designs to choose from—traditional, classic, and modern
  • 3-D modeling is available to help you visualize the home and what to expect
  • Cost savings through patented building systems
  • It uses engineered building materials to reduce waste

12. Better Builders

The final green home builder on our list is Better Builders. It’s considered Seattle’s premier eco-friendly home builder for a good reason.

This company focuses on designing and building safe and healthy environments for its clients. It will build your home to attain any level of green building.

By partnering with Built Green and Master Builders Association, this company incorporates green building techniques and materials into all its projects.

As a result, you can rest assured that any home you get from this builder is durable, comfortable, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. 

Mid-century modern workshop with craft carriage doors, clerestory roof, and garden beds by Better Builders
The custom RealCraft carriage doors are certainly the highlight of this mid-century modern garage and workshop. Courtesy of Better Builders

It also installs sustainable appliances that lower the operating costs of each home.

By designing its homes to exceed Washington’s building code standards, Better Builders ensures its customers get years of quality and healthy living while protecting the planet.

What Makes Better Builders Stand Out?

  • It offers Energy Star certification on all its homes
  • Its homes consume substantially less energy. They help customers save between $200 and $400 on annual bills
  • Better performance homes in terms of protection against cold, moisture, heat, drafts, noise, and pollution
  • It builds homes with low carbon footprints 

Pick the Best Builder for Your Green Home in Washington!

Building your own home is quite a task, especially with sustainable homes, as not everyone is an expert in this area. 

Choosing the right company is extremely important. We hope you enjoyed reading this detailed guide on Washington’s top eight sustainable home building companies. 

For more information, you can go through the websites of each company and pick your dream sustainable home partner. We hope you find someone you can rely on to bring your dream house to life. 

Also, be sure to check out our list of the best green builders in Oregon, as well as sustainable builders in Idaho as several of the companies featured may deliver to your area of Washington.

Best of luck!

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