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If you dream of owning an eco-friendly home in Idaho, it can be challenging to sift through the myriad of home builders.

Unfortunately, if you’re new in the construction industry, you’ll find it hard to identify the best sustainable green home builders in Idaho for your project.

When looking for a green home builder, you want an experienced company that will build an environmentally friendly and comfortable home. The builder must also adhere to green building code standards for a safe house that’s ready for occupancy.

We’ve done research and compiled a list of the top sustainable green home builders in Idaho. These companies have what it takes to make a high-quality green home.

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The Best Green Home Builders in Idaho 

Here is our selection of Idaho’s best green home builders for lower energy bills and a diminished carbon footprint, including:

  • Ted Mason Signature Homes 
  • Flynner Homes 
  • Tresidio Homes 
  • Tradewinds General Contracting
  • Selle Valley Construction 
  • Adair Homes
  • EarthCraft Construction
  • Sustainable Homes Idaho
  • EverGreen Homes Idaho
  • Sustainable Builders

So, without further ado, let’s investigate what each of these renowned companies has to offer prospective clients.

Ted Mason Signature Homes 

Suppose you are searching for an energy-efficient and eco-friendly green home to fit your lifestyle and a floor plan designed particularly for your ever-changing needs.

In that case, Ted Mason Signature Homes is for you.

Exterior front view of a Ted Mason Signature Homes home
Courtesy of Ted Mason Signature Homes

Ted Mason extends its services to some of the best communities in southern Idaho, from Boise to Star and throughout the Treasure Valley.

From elegant and timeless Craftsman-inspired homes to traditional farmhouses and rustic bungalows, Ted Mason is the brains behind the houses of Hazelwood Village, La Miranda, Late Pointe, and Heritage Gardens.

In addition, the company also holds affiliations with vital industry organizations such as the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

It also adheres to green building regulations outlined by establishments like Energy Star.

Why Choose Ted Mason Signature Homes 

  • It offers innovative floor plans to easily personalize your home and get the layout of your preference. 
  • Well-known for its specialization in various architectural styles and award-winning home designs.
  • The company has a strong reputation for its sustainable, smaller custom home projects and patio homes, all personalized from the ground up. 
  • All Ted Mason signature homes fulfill satisfactory HERS index ratings, meaning its buildings are highly energy-efficient.

Flynner Homes

Decorated as one of Idaho’s top sustainability-based design and construction companies, Flynner Homes takes great pride in building the state’s first NAHB-certified “Green Home and Green Remodel.”

The company has a long list of national and local achievements, making it a frontrunner in the area’s green construction and energy-efficient design market.

Exterior front view of the McCollum, a green home by Flynner Homes
Courtesy of Flynner Homes

Additionally, Flynner Homes is well-known for integrating functional architecture with stunning designs and green building practices, including high-performance and net-zero energy use.

Put simply, every Flynner-built home comes with a minimum carbon footprint and a superior level of indoor air quality.

Why Choose Flynner Homes 

  • Named “Top Custom Home Builder in Idaho” by Home Builder Digest.
  • Apart from its residential projects, Flynner Homes also takes on boutique commercial construction work and seamlessly manages every aspect, from balancing budgets to handling overall design goals from start to finish.
  • Unsurpassed experience in the design and construction of high-performance homes with energy-efficient and sustainable features
  • It offers superior comfort, healthier indoor air quality, a smaller carbon footprint, 40-100% more energy efficiency, and a house that’ll eventually save you money with an ROI of about 25%.
  • Displays expertise in contemporary and modern spaces, with designs often distinguished by the use of large windows and straight lines.

Tresidio Homes 

Often acclaimed as one of the area’s premier construction companies, Tresidio Homes is an award-winning sustainable green home builder in Idaho.

Established in 2009 by its two founders, Russ Van Wagenen and Jon Hastings, the company has bagged several Parade of Homes wins, including recognition for green building practices and exterior and interior work.

Interior view of a Tresidio Homes green home's kitchen
Courtesy of Tresidio Homes

The founders have also played an integral role in numerous contractors’ associations. For example, Jon acted as the Parade of Homes Committee chairman and served as the president of the Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho.

Why Choose Tresidio Homes 

  • Both founders were featured on Professional Builder Magazine’s yearly “40 Under 40” list for their exemplary leadership and expertise. 
  • It offers an in-house design center that enables clients to choose all the materials that’ll go into their new house under one roof, with the expert guidance of a selection manager.
  • Clients also can visit some of the company’s model homes to receive a better idea of their designs and craftsmanship. 

Tradewinds General Contracting 

Rooftop deck view of a Tradewinds General Contracting home
Courtesy of Tradewinds General Contracting

For over 40 years, Tradewinds General Contracting has been using green building techniques and practices in its construction projects in the Treasure Valley area.

It provides commercial and residential construction services in Idaho and specializes in various designs.

This green company has constructed many modern homes, bungalows, Cape Cod-themed houses, and Mediterranean-inspired estates.

The company adopts a team approach for every project, bringing its seasoned and highly-skilled staff to the table.

Back patio view of a Tradewinds General Contracting green home
Courtesy of Tradewinds General Contracting

The company takes great pride in its project management, level of communication, and use of the latest sustainable technology for a streamlined process.

Why Choose Tradewinds General Contracting

  • Specializes in an array of designs to meet every client’s unique demands
  • The company has been designing and building award-winning homes of distinction since 1980
  • In addition to its long list of “Parade of Homes” awards, it has been recognized as “State Builder of the Year,” “State Company of the Year,” and “Local Builder of the Year” on different occasions. 
  • You can also benefit from the firm’s deep relationships with top-notch vendors, sub-contractors, and partners, saving you money, time, and disappointment in the long run.

Selle Valley Construction 

Established in 2004 by Scott and Barbara Schriber, Selle Valley Construction provides an extensive range of new home construction and remodeling services while ensuring and utilizing the latest green building practices.

Interior view of a Selle Valley Construction green home
Courtesy of Selle Valley Construction

The company has strong ties with some of the area’s best architects. It is famed for constructing homes directly into its landscape to build an impeccably-structured house that blends perfectly into the scenery.

Additionally, both founders are Sandpoint’s very first Certified Green Professionals.

It’s the only local homebuilder in its area that constructs homes certified by both Energy Star and the NAHB.

Moreover, the company’s projects have been featured in numerous publications, such as Small Homes, Houses, and Mountain Living.

Why Choose Selle Valley Construction 

  • It incorporates several sustainable green practices into all of its projects
  • An Energy Star and NAHB-certified green company
  • Sustainable green building procedures entail site design and lot development, energy efficiency, building durability, and resource conservation
  • Commitment to delivering the highest quality craftsmanship, with personalized project management tailored to the unique needs of every client

Adair Homes

Founded in 1969, Adair Homes has since built custom homes and changed lives in different states, including Idaho, Washington, Oregan, and Arizona.

With more than 50+ years of experience under its belt, it has built more than 21,000 custom green homes, each emitting the unique personality of every particular client.

Adair Homes’ work and guiding principles have made it one of the largest custom sustainable green home builders in its respective regions and have earned it a highly regarded reputation.

Its unique homebuilding process makes sure that every homeowner receives the utmost value for every dollar invested.

As per the company, it doesn’t only build homes; it delivers exceptional green home building experiences. 

With an ongoing commitment to delivering value and unique on-your-land structure building opportunities, you can build whatever you want and wherever you want.

Why Choose Adair Homes 

  • With the assistance of the highly-experienced Adair Homes team, you can know that your particular vision for your home is well within reach.
  • It provides a wide array of house plans with custom-designed spaces suitable for everybody.
  • All plans are fully customizable, from moving walls to adding windows. The ultimate aim is to build a sustainable green house that best fits your lifestyle and budget.
  • Works with you as one team to ensure quality and find innovative ways to build your dream home. 

EarthCraft Construction

For over 10 years, EarthCraft Construction has been a leader in building high-performance green houses in Idaho. 

The company was awarded LEED Gold certification in 2008 for its exemplary designs that focus on energy conservation.

The best part about working with this company is that it handles the entire project from the start to the end.

Based in Boise, EarthCraft Construction specializes in designing and building energy-efficient, affordable green homes.

Its over 40 years of experience in this field guarantees that hiring it is one of the best decisions you can make for your project.

The company seeks to meet a client’s expectations from the start of the project to the end. It makes the necessary adjustments along the way to ensure you get nothing but the best.

Why Choose EarthCraft Construction

  • Each home is built to customer satisfaction
  • It oversees the entire process to ensure seamless integration
  • It designs and builds homes to blend with nature
  • It maximizes passive solar to reduce the demand for artificial heating
  • The company is LEED-certified

Whether you want to retrofit an existing home to make it eco-friendly or want to start a new project, you can rest assured of an excellent job from EarthCraft Construction.

Sustainable Homes Idaho

Established in 1996 by Mark Kolnes, Sustainable Homes Idaho has a great team that works together to create highly eco-friendly projects.

The company is highly environmentally conscious when building its houses. It wants all its projects to be energy-efficient and blend seamlessly with nature.

Since this company provides a full-home warranty, you don’t have to get worried about purchasing its homes. The warranty serves as a guarantee for a peaceful home. 

Most homes by Sustainable Homes Idaho are found in the following communities:

  • Eagle Creek: A community closer to plenty of recreational facilities. They include the Boise River, 4 public golf courses, a dozen city parks, and access to the Boise foothills and trail system.
  • Finis Terra: Proximity to markets and other utilities makes this community favorable for many. You can also access hiking trails and Sue Howell Park easily.

Why Choose Sustainable Homes Idaho

  • Home warranty for peace of mind
  • A diverse range of home designs to choose from
  • It has homes in some of the best communities for families

EverGreen Homes Idaho 

With over 25 years of experience building green homes for customers in Idaho and the surrounding areas, EverGreen Homes Idaho has what it takes to deliver high-quality projects.

This family and locally-owned company prides itself on creating affordable solutions for eco-friendly homes.

With an in-house architectural and interior design team, EverGreen Homes Idaho guarantees its clients the highest quality control standards. Consequently, you can trust that your project will be designed to meet the highest quality standards.

The company’s free estimates and a one-year warranty comes in handy for those on a tight budget. Besides not paying anything for project estimates, you can buy the home confidently, knowing that it’s backed by a 1-year warranty.

Why Choose EverGreen Homes Idaho

  • The company builds its homes in safe and convenient communities
  • A diverse range of custom home designs
  • Master plans are available to meet different client needs
  • Evergreen architecture, design, and construction

Sustainable Builders

Located in Victor, Sustainable Builders is among the best green home construction companies in Idaho. It serves Jackson, Alta, Teton County, Driggs, Victor, and Tetonia.

The best thing about this company is that it offers a full range of sustainable construction services. You don’t have to hire multiple companies for your green project as this can be costly.

From project conception, design, and development to construction, Sustainable Builders will ensure everything goes as planned. It will help you in the following:

  • Architect coordination and project design
  • Building permit coordination
  • General contractor and subcontractor management
  • Expense and budget disbursement

Why Choose Sustainable Builders

  • Experienced team
  • It handles the entire process from designing to completion
  • Creates energy-efficient homes
  • Ensures quality indoor environment
  • Incorporates passive house practices

Choosing Idaho’s Most Suitable Green Builder

Selecting to build an eco-friendly and sustainable home is equivalent to creating a safe and comfortable space for you and your family.

So, if you’re searching for a new home or wish to invest in an eco-friendly construction project to promote environmental well-being, don’t think twice about picking any green company mentioned in this list. 

These builders will help you craft a safe and unique space, giving you immeasurable joy.

The best thing?

By promoting green practices, you can do your part to lower the use of dangerous pollutants that harm our environment.

Remember, eco-friendly structures can collectively bring us one step closer to a greener and healthier planet—a place where our future generations will be safe and happy. 

We hope our list of the best sustainable builders in Idaho makes it easier for you to pick a company, and we wish you all the luck in this pursuit!

Also, be sure to check out our list of green home builders in neighboring states like Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, and Nevada, as several of the companies featured may be able to deliver a green home to your area of Idaho.

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