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Montana is a vibrant state known for its gorgeous landscapes and welcoming communities. ‘The Treasure State’ attracts people from all over the nation, many of whom choose to settle down here.

If you intend to build a home in Montana soon, you need to construct a home that fits your needs. 

Whether you plan to live in a larger city, like Billings and Missoula, or a smaller one, like Whitefish or Fort Benton, building your home with environmental sustainability and energy efficiency in mind is essential due to the pending climate crisis. 

Modern energy-efficient green homes are designed to reduce your carbon footprint and save on your energy bill, leading to long-term savings while minimizing your home’s impact on the environment. 

You will be glad to learn that Montana is home to numerous green home builders ready to help design and construct your future home. 

This guide compiles several of the best sustainable home builders in Montana and offers an overview of their services.

The Best Green Home Builders in Montana

Our research led us to formulate a list of the top seven green builders in Montana that stand apart from the rest, including:

Natural Housebuilders
Montana Heritage Home builders
Ascent Home Builders
Sunterra Homes
Haas Builders
Teton Heritage Builders

So, without further ado, let’s take an in-depth look at what each of these acclaimed builders has to offer prospective homeowners.

Natural Housebuilders

Natural Housebuilders is a company based in Victor. It prides itself on building high-performance green homes in Bitterroot and Missoula valleys. 

Exterior view of a Natural Housebuilders sustainable green home
The ‘Solar Active House’ by Natural Housebuilders, courtesy of Natural Housebuilders

Natural Housebuilders adhere to the Passive House energy building standard. The Passive House approach believes thermal comfort can be reached solely through post-cooling or post-heating. Such homes are designed to achieve good air quality conditions without recirculating air via traditional cooling or heating methods.

Natural Housebuilders builds homes with thicker-than-average walls that boast R-values up to 70.

Its homes also include mechanical systems that prioritize moisture and heat recovery and solar hydronic water collectors that heat the home’s radiant floors using solar energy. The builder also uses low-VOC paint to ensure good air quality for residents.

Natural Housebuilders also performance tests its homes using infrared cameras and blower doors before handing them over to clients. In addition, the company utilizes smart designs in each build and adjusts configurations according to the client’s needs.

Consider hiring Natural Housebuilders if you want your future Montana home to adhere to some of the highest energy standards around.

Montana Heritage Home Builders

Montana Heritage Home Builders is located in Columbia Falls. The company has served the Montana community for over twenty years and strives to turn its client’s dreams into reality.

The builder offers highly efficient and cutting-edge designs for each home they build. In addition, it strives to make each house comfortable, healthy, durable, and energy-efficient.

Interior view of a Montana Heritage Home Builders green home
Courtesy of Montana Heritage Home Builders

Montana Heritage starts each build using tried-and-tested building science before enhancing it with modern practices and energy-efficient technologies. Its Zero Energy Ready homes are cost-effective and designed to produce significant energy savings.

The company’s builders are trained to incorporate water, energy, and resource efficiency in each build, reducing homes’ environmental impacts without compromising on build quality or comfort. Low-E windows, tankless water heaters, and dual-flush toilets are just some of Montana Heritage Home Builders’ many resource-efficient components in its builds.

So reach out to this home builder if you want your future green home to be equipped with all the bells and whistles that help preserve Montana’s beautiful natural environment.

Ascent Home Builders

Ascent Home Builders is based in Bozeman. The company was founded by a couple who fell in love with Montana’s mountain scenery and wanted to design homes that could withstand its harsh weather. 

It is an Energy Star partner and member of the National Association of Home Builders Certified Green Building Professionals, so you know it has the credentials to back up its claims.

Exterior view of an Ascent Home Builders green home
Courtesy of Ascent Home Builders

Ascent Home Builders is devoted to helping Montanans achieve their dream of building a home they love. The company designs each floor plan with their client’s needs in mind and allows them to be involved with the different design stages.

This approach gives them confidence about their choices and peace of mind knowing that a reliable builder will see their plans through.

Ascent Home builds green homes while prioritizing resource, water and energy efficiency, indoor air quality, site design and development, and owner education. Combining these factors helps create a healthy and comfortable home with excellent energy performance. 

Consider Hiring Ascent Home Builders if you would like to play a role in designing and customizing your future green home. Its professionals will take care of the heavy lifting and turn your vision into reality.

Sunterra Homes

Sunterra Homes is a builder located in Montana. The company was originally started in 1981 under the name Montana Solar Works Inc. It supplied products for its own projects before rebranding as a heating company that utilized alternative energy sources.

Interior view of a Sunterra Homes green home
Courtesy of Sunterra Homes

The company developed and produced heat storage controls, hydronic solar collectors, and other alternative energy technologies designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Sunterra Homes incorporates each of these technologies in its green homes. In addition, it has expanded to include other energy-saving components like low-reflective glass, air collectors with absorber plates, and forced-air backup in its builds.

Sunterra offers several build options, with Zero Energy Homes being their most energy-efficient choice. Clients can choose technologies like controlled ventilation, active solar, passive solar, passive cooling, and earth sheltering to reflect their unique needs.

Exterior view of a Sunterra Homes green home
Courtesy of Sunterra Homes

Consider your future green home being built by Sunterra Homes if you want to customize it with an array of cutting-edge energy-efficient technologies. Its wide range of components is enough to please any environmentally-conscious homeowner.

Haas Builders

Haas Builders is based in Big Sky. The company’s founder, John Haas, founded this company in 1989.

Haas comes from a family of carpenters and contractors and understands the ins and outs of home construction. He previously built high-end custom homes in Utah before moving his operations to Big Sky.

Interior view of a Haas Builders home
Courtesy of Haas Builders

Haas Builders is dedicated to quality craftsmanship with each build. For this reason, the company works on only one or two projects simultaneously, enabling it to devote more attention to clients and ensure the design and construction are aligned with the vision. 

Haas oversees each building project, eliminating the need for middlemen or project managers. In addition, he maintains a close relationship with each of the designers, architects, and employees involved with the design and construction phases.

Haas Builders has many green building credentials under its belt. It is an NAHB Certified Green Builder and is Energy Star-certified. Select Haas Builders for your future green home in Montana if you want a builder willing to devote the time and attention needed to get the job done right.


Cornerstone is a home builder situated in Stephenville. It has served clients since 2001 and has built a solid reputation for offering high-quality custom homes.

Cornerstone aims to meet client expectations with each project undertaken. That includes making homes environmentally friendly, allergy-minimizing, durable, and energy-efficient. 

Exterior view of a Cornerstone green home
Courtesy of Cornerstone

The company offers a variety of window options that utilize special insulation and solar reflective properties to minimize heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

Cornerstone also decks out homes with several energy-efficient appliances, environmentally-friendly paints, and sustainable materials such as recycled wood

Clients can choose from the template plan or work with the builder’s dedicated architect to design their dream home. The company then takes care of the rest while keeping you in the loop regarding your future home’s progress.

Cornerstone strives to make the home construction process stress-free for clients, so you can sit back and wait to see their always-excellent results.

Teton Heritage Builders

Teton Heritage Builders is located in Gallatin County. The company was established in 1996 in Wyoming before moving its operations to Bozeman. 

Teton Heritage Builders prides itself on providing clients with excellent quality build materials and craftsmanship. Its homes are built using a combination of sophisticated systems and excellent teamwork.

Interior view of a Teton Heritage Builders green home
Courtesy of Teton Heritage Builders

The company builds green homes that utilize sustainable materials and feature geothermal heat systems, water systems that reuse water, and solar water heaters. It also has a sister company called THB Energy Solution which offers energy-efficient products and components.

Consider having your house built by Teton Heritage Builders if you want it to feature innovative energy-saving technologies.

Choosing the Most Suitable Green Home Builder in Montana

As you can see, Montana has numerous green builders that offer a wide range of options. The companies discussed above excel in different areas, so be sure to learn about each one’s specialty before hiring them to build your new green home.

A well-built green home will last for many decades and retain its value. So consider what type of green home you prefer to live in before choosing one of these renowned home builders.

Also, be sure to check out our list of green home builders in neighboring states like Wyoming, as well as our top choices of modular builders in Montana, as several of the companies featured may be able to deliver a green home to your area of the state.

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