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Known as the Mountain State, Montana has a variety of rustic attractions. From national parks to waterways and more, this state is ideal for nature lovers.

What better way to preserve this state’s beauty and charm than by settling down there in a sustainable, modular home? Modular homes are made and designed keeping the environment in mind.

Why Opt for Modular Homes?

First, let’s have a look at some of the benefits of modular homes. Why have they become such a popular investment, and how can they reap long-term profits? Here are some of the reasons: 

  • They are built off-site, leading to a reduction of on-site waste. This construction efficiency is why modular homes have become a popular investment by families in recent years. 
  • Modular homes are built to last. They can withstand any type of harsh weather conditions. Most can endure winds up to 175 miles per hour!
  • They are built keeping your needs and preferences in mind. And they take less time to construct than traditional homes. As a result, you can expect to move into your modular home within a matter of weeks.
  • Modular homes are quite affordable and are built to be energy-efficient.
  • They are durable, sustainable, and quite reliable. You can expect your modular home to last for up to 50 years or more. 

If you want to live in a sustainable and durable home in Montana, getting in touch with the best modular home builders in Montana is the way to go.

The Best Modular Builders In Montana

To help you narrow down this search, we have put together a list of the top modular builders in the state. They are known for their professionalism, reliability, and affordability. 

Here’s our list of the best modular home construction options in Montana:

  1. Pierce Homes
  2. American Home Centers
  3. Riverside Cabins
  4. Majestic Homes Inc.
  5. Great Homes Inc.

To learn more about what each has to offer, continue reading. 

Pierce Homes

Pierce Homes has been in the industry for over 50 years. It is a family-owned business that has had exposure to the developmental trends and progressions made in the modular firmament for decades.

Interior view of a Pierce Homes modular home
Courtesy of Pierce Homes

This expertise is why its customer rating stands at 9.4/10. Pierce’s experts can help you find a tailor-made modular home that fits perfectly with your family’s needs. 

What Makes It Stand Out

Pierce Homes offers exceptional, durable, and reliable modular homes. The company’s specialists are certified and qualified to help bring your vision to reality.

Exterior view of a Pierce Homes modular home.
Courtesy of Pierce Homes

But that’s not all. Its homes are affordable as well. This affordability results by keeping the environment and sustainability considerations in mind, ensuring that the quality of living is not the least bit compromised. Visit the company’s website to get started without delay; Your dream home is just a few steps away, with Peirce Homes by your side.

American Home Centers

Since 2008, this modular builder has provided people with homes of exceptional quality.

American Home Centers has three locations in Montana dedicated to providing people with options ranging from custom-built modular homes to fully furnished display homes. All you have to do is make your pick, sign the paperwork and be ready to move in right away.

Exterior view of an American Home Centers modular trailer home
Courtesy of American Home Centers

And all these modular homes come with a warranty. So you can rest easy knowing that the investment you are making is ensured.

What Makes It Stand Out

This Montana home builder has experts in real estate and custom home building. It has received certifications and is known for its knowledge and experience in the modular home industry. A careful analysis of each client’s needs is conducted combined with a friendly and welcoming attitude.

Interior view of an American Home Centers modular home
Courtesy of American Home Centers

Giving back to the community and helping people live a comfortable life is what American Home Centers is dedicated to. Visit the company’s website to learn more. 

Riverside Cabins 

Riverside Cabins provides modular cabins that can be set up for you and your family within a week. It has a wide range of floor plans to choose from to get you started with your cabin life.

Interior kitchen view of a Riverside Cabins modular home
Courtesy of Riverside Cabins

Riverside ships cabins to Montana and various parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Attention to detail and giving the customer exactly what they have in mind is what Riverside Cabins is known for.

What Makes It Stand Out

Riverside Cabins offers modular homes and cabins designed to withstand any weather—even the frigid cold. Its cabins are energy-efficient, come with closed foam insulation in the walls, and have an R49 ceiling that offers the warmth and comfort you need.

Moreover, its cabins and modular homes are built off-site in a factory, all while following strict legal regulations and standards.

Exterior view of a Riverside Cabins modular home
Courtesy of Riverside Cabins

Riverside’s craftsmen are skilled in building your modular home in the most efficient and durable manner. You will not find any flaws in the modular home designed and manufactured by this modular builder, that’s for sure!

Majestic Homes Inc.

Energy-efficient homes are on the list with this modular home builder. 

Founder in 1992, Majestic Homes has offered high-quality homes with a warranty even since. In addition, its warranty crew is quite skilled and prompt with its services.

Exterior front-facing view of a Majestic Homes Inc modular home
Courtesy of Majestic Homes Inc

The certified and trained professionals at Majestic are sure to give you precisely what you are searching for. The company’s customer services have been outstanding, helping it receive countless awards and benefit from partnerships with other builders such as Schult Homes.

What Makes It Stand Out

You can have a look at some of the high-quality modular homes constructed by this home builder through virtual 3D tours.

Interior view of a Majestic Homes Inc modular home
Courtesy of Majestic Homes Inc

So, there is no need to visit its facility to make your selection—you can do this from the comfort of your own home. Majestic even has an application that can be downloaded on your smartphone. Getting your hands on a modular home has never been this effortless. 

Great Homes Inc.

Great Homes Inc. provides high-quality, Energy Star-certified, affordable modular homes built to last. It uses highly durable and eco-friendly materials for the manufacturing processes.

Interior view of a Great Homes Inc. modular home
Courtesy of Great Homes Inc.

Great Homes has a highly-skilled team that knows how to get the job done efficiently and within your required time frame. It is sure to keep you posted with each step and consider your needs.

Also, the warranty services offered are sure to keep you content and satisfied with the investment. This modular home builder doesn’t cut any corners when providing clients with a custom-made modular home. 

What Makes It Stand Out

Great Homes Inc. offers options for financing as well. It provides financing assistance by getting its clients in touch with local and national lenders if needed.

Exterior front view of a Great Homes Inc. modular home.
Courtesy of Great Homes Inc.

Additionally, the company has a team of experts who can guide you better on making your long-term investment worth it. From helping you choose the right location to designing the house that best fits your needs, a company that does it all. Head over to the Great Homes website to find out more and get in touch right away. 

Wrapping it Up

With the best modular home builders in Montana within your reach, you can now find a perfect home that caters to your lifestyle and family’s needs in no time.

Get in touch with one of these builders and get started right away. You can pick a modular home from their catalogs or have one built as per your desire. It’s that quick and simple!

Also be sure to check out our lists of modular builders in nearby states, including Utah, Wyoming, and North and South Dakota, as many of the companies in those states may service your area in Montana.

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