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Wyoming is home to more than 580,000 people, and this number is likely to grow over the coming years.

With Wyoming becoming a popular living option for the average American, it is time to expand your horizon and consider relocating to the state. A modular home can easily make this transition a reality or offer a great way for current residents to relocate.

Modular homes are becoming a worldwide phenomenon with climate change on the rise. More and more people are switching to a sustainable lifestyle, and that’s where modular homes come into play.

Not only that, but they also help save you thousands of dollars and practice a more simplistic and affordable way of living. 

When choosing to build a modular home in Wyoming, you can minimize construction costs and have a modern home to your name with all the benefits and minus all the costs. Interested much? We knew it.

That’s why we have compiled this extensive guide to the top modular builders in Wyoming’ for you. Keep reading to discover all you need to know about the top players in the field.

The Top Modular Home Builders in Wyoming

We’ve listed the top seven modular builders in Wyoming below, including:

  1. Method Homes
  2. Purcell Homes
  3. Turkel Design
  4. Lindal Homes
  5. Truform Tiny
  6. WheelHaus
  7. Ma Modular

Now that we know who the top contenders are, let’s explore each of these modular builders in detail and see what each of them brings to the table for the residents of Wyoming. 

Method Homes

When it comes to finding an ideal modular home construction company in Wyoming, Method Homes has to be on top of the list. It is among the leading modular builders across the United States, not just in Wyoming. 

Interior view of a Method Homes modular home
Courtesy of Method Homes

Method Homes has made its way to the top by delivering fast, energy-efficient, and high-quality modern modular homes throughout the nation. If you want to build a modular home in Wyoming, Method Homes is a great place to start as they are experts in the field. 

Besides this, Method also ensures that its contemporary and elegant homes are accessible for more and more people. Therefore, it offers various floor plan options so clients can pick and choose according to their budget and requirement. Their rate starts at as low as $180 per square foot. 

Exterior view of a Method Homes' patio and drive
Courtesy of Method Homes

What Makes Method Homes Stand Out?

  • Offers multiple design options in the modular homes category
  • Supports sustainability and is also Energy Star-certified
  • You can customize floor plans according to your budget and requirement
  • Price Range: $300–$500+ per square foot

Purcell Homes

Purcell Homes is an excellent choice for current Wyoming residents who want to switch to a modular living option. Purcell Homes has been a part of the Wyoming home construction industry for almost a decade now, as well as various other US states and cities.

Interior view of a Purcell Timber Frame Homes modular home
Courtesy of Purcell Homes

Purcell Home specializes in creating beautiful timber frame modular homes that look like they come from a fairytale. The company ensures the highest grade of timber and premium quality of other building materials to construct a home that is durable and long-lasting and can withstand all extreme weather situations. 

Purcell provides you with a complete solution when it comes to modular homes. From choosing the design to partners to the construction process, shipment, and installation, it takes care of everything. Purcell Home also provides excellent customer support services so you can be satisfied that your home is in safe hands.

Exterior view of a Purcell Homes modular home
Courtesy of Purcell Homes

What Makes Purcell Homes Stand Out?

  • Over 50 design models in its catalog
  • Modern, contemporary, classic, rustic all styles are available
  • You are allowed to customize and modify home design as per your specs
  • Offers multiple-story prefab homes and various floor plan options 
  • Provides sustainable and energy-efficient solutions
  • Price Range: $300 – $400 per square foot

Turkel Design

Turkel Design is one of the leading modular builders in the US and is headquartered in Boston. Like most large-scale home builders, Turkel Design caters to all US states and delivers its homes nationwide.

Exterior view of a Turkel Design modular home.
Courtesy of Turkel Design

Turkel Design believes in using innovative technology to overcome the present challenges modular builders face. It invests highly in modern cutting-edge technology to create the best results for its clients.

One unique technological tool is the virtual reality feature through which customers can picture their home even before construction and make modifications according to their requirements.

Interior view of a Turkel Design modular home.
Courtesy of Turkel Design

Besides this, Turkel Design also provides green modular homes that support energy efficiency and are low maintenance. This helps clients save costs in the long term, making Turkel Design an ideal choice for those looking for sustainable modular living options.

What Makes Turkel Design Homes Stand Out?

  • Classic, contemporary, and ultra-luxurious modular home designs 
  • Services available across all US states
  • Innovative technology-focused solutions
  • Virtual reality tool that can be utilized throughout the construction process
  • You can modify the design according to your preference
  • Price Range: $300–$500+ per square foot

Lindal Homes

Exterior front view of a Lindal Homes modular home
Courtesy of Lindal Homes

Lindal Homes has been serving the US home construction firmament for more than 70 years now. With multiple decades of experience in the field, Lindal Homes has emerged as one of the market leaders in the modular builder category in Wyoming. 

Not only does Lindal Homes bring a long history of expertise and professionalism, but it also offers an extensive portfolio of modular home models. You can choose from any modern, classic, contemporary, minimalist design and even customize and modify it as per your needs. They have it all. 

Interior view of a Lindal Homes modular home
Courtesy of Lindal Homes

In addition to this, Lindal Homes also ensures that quality and style remain the selling point. Therefore, if you are buying a modular home from Lindal, you need not worry about your house’s wear and tear or depreciation. Lindal only uses premium-quality building materials to design each house to perfection. 

Exterior back patio view of a Lindal Homes modular home.
Courtesy of Lindal Homes

What Makes Lindal Homes Stand Out?

  • You can browse through multiple home designs
  • Designs can be modified as per your needs 
  • Quality and durability is its key feature
  • More than 70 years of expertise in home construction
  • Available all across the nation
  • Price Range: $450–$550+ per square foot 

Truform Tiny

Truform Tiny has served the home construction industry for more than 50 years. From DC or Delaware to Alaska to Wyoming, Truform Tiny services are available in more than all fifty states.

Exterior view of a Truform Tiny modular home
Courtesy of Truform Tiny

Truform Tiny is widely popular for its Tiny Home on Wheels range, which offers ultra-modern and luxurious trailer homes. If you are looking for a sustainable living option in Wyoming, you should definitely browse through Truform’s travel trailer models home range and get ready to be inspired. 

Apart from this, Truform Tiny also aims to make modular homes more accessible for everyone. To support this noble mission, this home builder also provides home financing services and a down payment grant facility for those who cannot afford to buy upfront. 

Interior view of a Truform Tiny modular home.
Courtesy of Truform Tiny

What Makes Truform Tiny Homes Stand Out?

  • Famous for their modular home on wheels range
  • Multiple design ranges are available
  • Shipment and delivery all across the nation
  • Home financing service is available 
  • You have the option to modify and personalize your prefab home design  
  • Price Range: $600–$800+ per square foot


Exterior view of a Wheelhaus home
Courtesy of WheelHaus

As you may already know, modular homes are a great option when it comes to sustainability and eco-friendly living. WheelHaus is a purpose-driven modular building company that supports sustainability and specializes in building green prefab homes for all Americans. 

WheelHaus offers a wide variety of classic and minimalist modular homes that are nothing short of a visual treat and also extremely energy-efficient. The company ensures that each house is constructed in a controlled environment, ensuring minimum wastage throughout the process. It will safely deliver your home anywhere in Wyoming.

Interior view of a Wheelhaus home.
Courtesy of WheelHaus

What Makes WheelHaus Homes Stand Out?

  • You can choose from 10 green home designs
  • Multiple floor plan options are available
  • Shipment and services across major US states
  • Supports sustainability and helps save energy costs
  • Price Range: $280–$400+ per square foot

Ma Modular

If you are looking for a building company in Wyoming that is an expert in contemporary modular homes with an outstanding design portfolio, look no further than Ma Modular. Originating from Texas, Ma Modular has garnered quite an impressive reputation across the US, especially when it comes to elegant and luxurious prefabricated homes. 

Interior view of the Casita by Ma Modular modular home
Courtesy of Ma Modular

Whether you are looking for a minimalist but aesthetically-pleasing home model or a full-fledged bungalow with a multiple-story layout, Ma Modular has just the perfect option to fulfill all your needs. 

Ma Modular also ensures to utilize the highest quality of building materials and latest technology to make these homes more eco-friendly and sustainable. This way, you can enjoy a smart lifestyle and save thousands of dollars in energy costs when buying a home from Ma Modular.

Exterior view of a Ma Modular home
Courtesy of Ma Modular

Ma Modular offers an affordable price range considering the quality and appearance of their modular homes. Visit their website to go through their complete portfolio, and you will know what we are talking about.

What Makes Ma Modular Homes Stand Out?

  • You can choose from 12 contemporary styles
  • Multiple floor plan options are available, starting from 550 sq. ft. to 2300 sq. ft.
  • Shipment and services across all major US states
  • Price Range: $160–$300+ per square foot

Finding the Perfect Modular Home in Wyoming

We hope you enjoyed reading this guide on to the top modular builders in Wyoming. 

Make sure to go through the website of each of these builders to weigh all your options before making a final decision. Buying your own house is one of the most important milestones in life. We hope this guide will help you make the right call.

For more modular building options in Wyoming, check out our lists of modular builders in neighboring states like Colorado, Utah, and Montana, as many of those builders listed may service your area of Wyoming.

Do you know of any more modular home builders in Wyoming? Please share them in the comments section below. 

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