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Maine is the state that knows how to keep everyone happy—it is home to the best potatoes, blueberries, and lobsters. If you like these food items, then Maine is going to be your heaven on earth.

It’s one place where you will never find yourself getting bored. Maine has rocky coastlines that are great for a day out with the family, and has various lighthouses, parks, and local festivals that make a great attraction for kids!

If you are contemplating whether moving to Maine is the right choice for you, the answer may be yes. Make this journey stress-free and effortless by investing in a modular home.

Modular homes are manufactured off-site and are known to be durable and reliable. They also come with an affordable price tag. However, not all modular builders know how to manufacture durable home, which why we have done the research and put together a list of the best modular home builders in Maine. 

But, before we begin, let’s have a look at what modular homes are and what they are renowned for.

What Are Modular Homes and What Benefits Do They Provide?

In short, modular homes are manufactured or made off-site in a controlled facility. This process reduces the chances of any mistakes and errors in the construction process.

In addition, these homes are made keeping the environment and eco-system in mind. The carbon footprint and waste left behind while manufacturing a prefab (modular) home are much less than the waste produced while making a standard home. Here are some benefits that modular homes are further known for:

  • Modular homes are durable. They can withstand snow, rainfall, hail, and even strong winds up to 175 miles per hour.
  • They are made to be energy efficient and designed to minimize the usage of HVAC systems. 
  • These homes can be custom-made to accommodate all types of families
  • You can have a modular home developed and ready to be moved in to within 3 to 6 months.
  • Modular homes have an average life span of 50 years 
  • Affordability is the key feature of modular homes. They come with flexible payment options and are fairly inexpensive. 

Best Modular Home Builders in Maine

With the basics out of the way, we can dive into more about some of the best modular builders in Maine. Here are a chosen few:

  1. Broughman Builders, Inc.
  2. Alternative Modular Homes
  3. Dirigo Custom Structures
  4. Coastal Builders & Sons, Inc.

To learn more about what each has to offer, read ahead. 

Broughman Builders  

This modular home builder offers manufactured and modular homes in Maine that cover many options. From double-wide or single-wide to two-story and even ranch-style homes, the list goes on!

Interior view of a Broughman Builders modular home
Courtesy of Broughman Builders

You can choose from floor plans or design your own with a skilled and experienced in-house design team. In addition, Broughman also provides contracting services to help streamline the process. You can get in touch with them by calling and scheduling an appointment right away!

Exterior front view of a Broughman Builders modular home
Courtesy of Broughman Builders

What Makes It Stand Out

Broughman Builders has been in the modular industry for over 43 years. The company has stayed abreast with the developments and changes in the industry. This foresight has allowed it to design and manufacture homes of the highest quality and the most durable ones as the industry advances.

From being an accredited business with a BBB Rating of A+ to having high customer satisfaction rates, Broughman Builders has been the shining star for providing quality homes and services in Maine.

Alternative Modular Homes

Alternative Modular Homes was established in 1985. It builds homes in factories and off-site locations that have been evaluated and approved by the Palmer Development Corp. as having the best climate-controlled features and adherence to industry specifications.

Exterior front view of a Alternative Modular Homes home
Courtesy of Alternative Modular Homes

In addition, Alternative Modular designs homes that are flexible and can be changed to meet the client’s needs. The aesthetic of these homes ranges from ranch to colonial style, providing luxury with comfort. Check out the client reviews to learn more. 

What Makes It Stand Out

Alternative Modular Homes has a highly qualified team whose craftsmen are exceptional in their skills—they know how to get the job done most efficiently.

Exterior view of a Alternative Modular Homes home
Courtesy of Alternative Modular Homes

From laying the foundation to painting the walls, all is done meticulously at Alternative Modular Homes. With a house built by this company, you can expect a life of comfort, luxury, and style. 

Dirigo Custom Structures

Dirigo Custom Structures offers reliability, customizations, and cost savings that will leave you in awe.

Exterior view of a Dirigo Custom Structures modular home
Courtesy of Dirigo Custom Structures

Dirigo has had over 50 years of experience when it comes to designing and manufacturing modular homes. So, you can expect the company to provide you with tailor-made options to fit your needs and lifestyle.

The specialists and consultants are friendly, experienced, and can accommodate your preferences in no time. With them by your side, you can expect a home in your possession in a matter of weeks!

Interior living room view of a Dirigo Custom Structures modular home
Courtesy of Dirigo Custom Structures

What Makes It Stand Out

All is included in the modular homes built by this modular builder, from sealed wall points to single sheet vapor barriers and energy conservation techniques. These features make its houses quite energy-efficient, sustainable, and durable.

You can expect a drop in your utility bills and a safe and clean environment for your family to live in. So head on to the website and browse through the catalog to learn more. 

Coastal Builders & Sons, Inc.

Coastal Builders & Sons not only designs and builds modular homes but also provides renovations to existing modular homes. So, if you already have a modular home that needs a revamp, this modular builder should be your trusted partner. 

Exterior view of a Coastal Builders & Sons modular home
Courtesy of Coastal Builders & Sons

Coastal Builders’ expertise and skills in providing the best options to their clients have earned it an esteemed reputation in customer satisfaction. It communicates each step of the process to the client and keeps them in the loop. You are sure to get the proper return on investment here. So get in touch and get started today!

What Makes It Stand Out

Coastal Builders & Sons is dedicated to helping transform dreams into reality. It can design and have a home built that doesn’t just meet the client’s expectations but exceeds them. 

Interior view of a Coastal Builders & Sons modular home
Courtesy of Coastal Builders & Sons

Coastal Builders’ teams can handle it all—from the groundwork to the furnishings, plumbing, and even electrical fixtures, a quick and efficient method is executed. 

You can find chalet, cape, or even ranch-style modular homes on its featured lists. All you have to do is call and communicate your preferences and needs. From then on, the team at Coastal Builders & Sons will handle it all.

Wrapping Up

If you have decided to go for a modular home to help create a sustainable world in the future, it’s time to make a move. Get in touch with one of Maine’s modular builders mentioned here and get going with designing and having a custom-built home right away.

These builders listed are quick, efficient, and professional in their services. So be sure to visit their websites and get the keys to your dream home without delay!

Also check out our lists of modular builders in neighboring states likes Massachusetts and New Hampshire, as many of the builders listed may service your part of Maine.

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