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If you are thinking of moving to North Dakota, or wish to move into a new home in the state that is modern yet durable, and built to your liking, then there is one answer that can solve all your concerns — invest in a modular home.

Getting your modular home custom-built by a reliable and certified modular home builder is essential. We’ve narrowed down the search for you and our list below includes modular home builders in North Dakota that are professional, accommodating, and provide some of the most durable homes on the market.

Keep reading to learn more about what they have to offer.

Liechty Homes

Liechty Homes was established in 1955, and is considered one of the modular home industry’s pioneers, keeping abreast of industry developments, standards, and regulations. 

Interior view of a Liechty Homes modular home
Courtesy of Liechty Homes

It can provide expert advice on modular homes that are the perfect fit for their clients. Liechty homes are built with quality control in mind. They are even Energy Star-certified and come with a wide range of floor plans. Visit their website to learn more and read some of their client reviews.

What Makes Liechty Homes Stand Out

You can have a modular home custom built to your liking with Liechty. The company offers complete customization and can have a home built for you with two stories, and an optional basement if you wish.

Exterior view of a Liechty Homes modular home
Courtesy of Liechty Homes

On average, you can get your modular home built within three months, and at an affordable price. Liechty Homes also delivers to Minnesota, South Dakota, and Nebraska. 

Kreativ Homes

Kreativ Homes builds modular homes in a controlled setting and transports them to your desired location.

Interior view of a Kreativ Homes modular home
Courtesy of Kreativ Homes

Its homes are one of a kind and come with all the certifications and warranties needed to ensure durability. This durability also results from its experts and in-house design team being experienced and skilled in providing custom-made solutions to families across the state.

The company can build your modular home at a low cost that fits your budget, making them a great choice if money is tight.

What Makes Kreativ Homes Stand Out

This modular builder in North Dakota provides homes that reap a high return on investment. Its strict adherence to quality control measures reduces the chances of defects that might otherwise impact the energy efficiency and durability of your home.

Exterior front view of a Kreativ Homes modular home
Courtesy of Kreativ Homes

Also, Kreativ Homes’ welcoming attitude is sure to leave you feeling comfortable and at ease. You can inquire about the progress they are making and request adjustments to your liking if needed — Kreativ Homes is sure to build a modular home that lives up to your vision. 

Centennial Homes

Centennial Homes offers a wide selection of homes that are factory-built and energy-efficient.

Interior view of a Centennial Homes modular home
Courtesy of Centennial Homes

The company has been in the industry since 1969 and is committed to helping people settle down in the homes they desire. You can browse through Centennial’s catalog online to get an idea of its floor plans and modular home layout.

In addition, Centennial Homes also assists in terms of financing if needed. So toss your worries out the window now that you have Centennial Homes by your side.

Interior view of a Centennial Homes modular home's living room and fireplace
Courtesy of Centennial Homes

What Makes Centennial Homes Stand Out

At Centennial Homes, you can find modular homes that are single-unit, as well as multi-section homes. You can take your pick from their existing floor plans or have one custom-built to suit your taste and lifestyle.

The best part is that it can be done within your budget. You can get in touch with Centennial Homes at its offices in Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Bismarck, Williston, or Aberdeen and get started without delay.

Marvel Homes 

Marvel Homes is a family-owned business in Jamestown that provides modular homes across the state.

Exterior front view of a Marvel Homes modular home.
Courtesy of Marvel Homes

Its attention to detail and high customer satisfaction rates have made it one of the very best in the business. You can purchase a modular home from them or build one from scratch.

Marvel Homes’ manufacturing process is carried out in a controlled space, which protects the materials from rain and extreme weather during construction to avoid damage and helps to ensure precision during manufacture, keeping defects and wastage to a minimum.

What Makes Marvel Homes Stand Out

Marvel provides its clients with regular updates throughout the entire process. If adjustments are needed midway, the experts at Marvel Homes quickly integrate them into the plans to ultimately provide the client with the home they desire.

Interior living room view of a Marvel Homes modular home.
Courtesy of Marvel Homes

In addition, Marvel’s specialists have the skills and knowledge to guide clients on how to design the most sustainable and durable home. The company’s advice is sure to help you get a high return on investment. Email Marvel about your project to get started, and they’ll be delighted to help. 

Wrapping Up

Choosing one of the builders on our list will help you get settled in North Dakota in your ideal modular home.

The keys to your energy-efficient and durable modular home are just a few simple steps away.

Also, be sure to check out our lists of modular builders in nearby states, including Montana, South Dakota, and Minnesota, as many of the companies in those states might service your area of North Dakota.

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