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The District of Columbia leads in sustainability and green home building in the United States, and it’s only fair since it’s the capital.

It often comes as a shock that a metropolitan region would receive this accolade, but it was named the first LEED Platinum city in the world in 2017.

The whole of D.C. is lined with government buildings, so the district has gone out of its way to make it a green and sustainable area. For example, 42% of the buildings are LEED-certified, reducing carbon emissions and using a clean energy source.

Fortunately, as a result, it has become increasingly easier to find green home builders that can construct a smart home for you and your loved ones.

Keep reading to find the top sustainable green home builders in the District of Columbia.

The Best Sustainable Home Builders in the District of Columbia

Here are our selected home builders in Washington D.C. that construct safe, healthy, and sustainable homes to stand out above the rest, including:

  1. Green Construction
  2. Hanlon Design Build
  3. Arlington Designer Homes
  4. Zimmerman Homes
  5. Bethesda Builders Ltd.
  6. UU Construction
  7. Corenic Construction Group
  8. Capital Construction Group, LLC
  9. Amicus Green Building Center
  10. Green Building Group
  11. NPI Connect

So, without further ado, let’s delve further into what each of these esteemed builders has to offer homebuyers.

Green Construction

Since 2011 when it came into being, Green Construction has been unrivaled in terms of providing quality construction services at the lowest prices. It offers a general contracting service and green construction and design to build durable, sustainable homes.

Green Construction is renowned for practicing environmentally friendly construction. It uses sustainable building materials, clean energy, and advanced technology to promote efficient water systems.

Interior kitchen view of a green home by Green Construction
Courtesy of Green Construction

Its contractor services mean that you do not have to inconvenience yourself as they take care of all the labor and materials required. So, you can sit back and watch as your vision of a dream home comes to life.

Why Choose Green Construction?

  • Provides all services in one—construction, general contractor and renovation, etc.
  • Shows excellent efficiency and completes most projects weeks ahead of schedule
  • Fits your needs according to your budget
  • All features of the house can be customized

Hanlon Design Build

Hanlon Design Build is a green home building company that provides design and construction services. It has been building green homes since before anyone even knew what they were. It has since aimed to reduce as much carbon footprint as possible.

The company incorporates sustainability in all aspects of design and construction.

Instead of importing materials, it sources them locally, reducing the overall cost of building so it can fit your budget.

Recycled materials are often used with smart engineering to make substantial, durable, and beautiful homes.

Interior view of a Hanlon Design Build green home's kitchen
Courtesy of Hanlon Design Build

Hanlon Design Build makes up for the old and recycled materials it uses by adding advanced technology to your homes.

Most of the company’s homes are fitted with technology such as solar heaters, foam insulation, Energy Star-certified windows, etc.

Why Choose Hanlon Design Build?

  • A most eco-friendly company
  • Builds sustainable homes using recycled materials without compromising quality
  • Homes are custom-tailored to fit what you want
  • Budget-friendly

Arlington Designer Homes

Arlington Designer Homes is a small family-owned company running a green building business in Arlington for 30 years.

Over the years, it has amassed the most skillful and loyal subcontractors, engineers, architects, designers, and constructors who will construct your green luxury home at the lowest prices without compromising quality.

Exterior view of an Arlington Designer Homes green home
Courtesy of Arlington Designer Homes

The President of Arlington Designer Homes is a certified green home professional. All homes built are eco-friendly and cost-effective.

The houses are certified by Energy Star and have improved air quality, insulation, reduced chemicals, and overall low energy bills.

In addition, each home is built uniquely with attention to detail unsurpassed within the District of Columbia.

Why Choose Arlington Designer Homes?

  • Builds beautiful homes for every budget
  • No hidden charges
  • Can build on your existing lot or one of its own
  • Offers banking services to help finance your dream house
  • Obtains permits for you 
  • Offers customization

Zimmerman Homes

Zimmerman Homes was established on three core values that it holds firmly. These values are increased energy efficiency, maximized durability, and minimized maintenance.

What sets the company apart is that its green homes also go hand-in-hand with design and smart construction.

All houses built by Zimmerman have beautiful designs and state-of-the-art technology.

Exterior view of a Zimmerman Homes green home
Courtesy of Zimmerman Homes

Some of the energy-efficient technologies employed are tankless water heaters, Nest thermostats, energy-saving USB ports, LED lighting, solar energy source, insulation, Energy Star windows, geothermal heating, and much more.

Why Choose Zimmerman Homes?

  • Builds custom homes
  • Offers home financing so you can afford your dream home
  • Obtains your permits for you
  • Establishes good relationships with its clients
  • Offers energy-efficient technology 

Bethesda Builders Ltd.

Bethesda Builders Ltd. has been in the construction business since 1994. Even the earliest homes built have remained standing, a true testament to their quality.

Bethesda Builders emphasizes durable and efficient homes that can last generations.

The company believes that true durability lies in sustainability, so it is the front-runner of green home builders in the District of Columbia.

Interior view of a Bethesda Builders Ltd. home
Courtesy of Bethesda Builders Ltd.

Bethesda Builders’ structures are smart homes, and their value does not decrease over time.

All houses are built using sustainable materials along with cutting-edge technology. This process results in dwellings that are uncomplicated, safe, healthy, and weigh less on your pocket as well.

The energy-efficient homes built by Bethesda Builders Ltd are estimated to reduce your utility bills by a significant 8-13% per square foot per annum.

Why Choose Bethesda Builders Ltd.?

  • It is eco-friendly
  • Your home will be durable and able to stand the test of time
  • Excellent customer service and satisfaction is guaranteed
  • Offers a complete degree of customization
  • Punctual and reliable 

UU Construction

UU Construction is a home building and remodeling company that started in 2007.

Although it deals primarily in remodeling and renovations, it also offers construction and contracting service.

Courtesy of UU Construction

UU Construction makes use of the latest technology in all its services. Whether you require renovation or ground-up construction, it ensures that energy-efficient technology can be installed in your homes.

These features result in a much lower utility cost and conversion of your conventional home to a smart and healthy home. 

Why Choose UU Construction?

  • Excellent customer service
  • Hire laborers and buy materials directly from a retail
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Homes can be designed according to your unique ideas
  • Uses sustainable technology

Corenic Construction Group

Corenic Construction Group started in 2009. It does not have as much experience as many other home building companies, but it doesn’t need to either.

Corenic is focused on providing innovative designs and solutions. Being a new company, it offers many fresh and out-of-the-box ideas.

Once you decide that you want Corenic Construction to build your dream home, it will be your backbone throughout the whole project.

The professionals assist with finances and design every step of the way and ensure that you are satisfied with the product. 

Interior view of a Corenic Construction Group office's kitchen area
Courtesy of Corenic Construction Group

Each home built by Corenic Construction is sustainable and made of the highest quality materials. As a result, you will never have to worry about subpar quality or exceeding the time limit or budget.

The company has expanded to offer a variety of services, including aviation, automotive, commercial, education buildings, and local and federal government building projects.

Why Choose Corenic Construction Group?

  • Builds professional relationship with clients and ensure their satisfaction
  • Provides innovative solutions to any problem that may arise
  • No hidden charges, and the budget is never exceeded

Capital Construction Group LLC

Capital Construction Group LLC established its headquarters in the heart of the U.S. capital in 2005. 

The company takes sustainable construction very seriously and goes beyond the standard installation of smart appliances to save energy.

Instead, it analyses the entire energy expenditure and correlates it with the cost to ensure maximum efficiency. 

Exterior view of an condo building by Capital Construction Group LLC
Courtesy of Capital Construction Group LLC

It has also built the company’s headquarters while adhering to the highest quality standards, and it is LEED Gold-certified.

Capital Construction Group uses recycled and eco-friendly building materials to reduce waste.

The sustainable materials, coupled with the technical expertise of its professionals, make it one of the best sustainable building companies in the District of Columbia.

A bonus point is that the company is an African-American-owned business and employs minorities. As a result, it promotes inclusivity and diversity among its employees, which increases their productivity to perform better for their clients.

Why Choose Capital Construction Group LLC? 

  • Provides the best service possible on a limited budget
  • A minority-owned company that actively works on societal issues
  • Customizes your home according to your specs
  • Offers complimentary constructability feedback

Amicus Green Building Center

Fostering a new design and home improvement practices, Amicus Green Building Center is one of the best sustainable green builders in the District of Columbia.

Irrespective of your budget, this company has design professionals who will help you create a wonderful and fantastic space that looks and feels great.

It prioritizes form and function by screening all building materials for environmental integrity, health, and durability.

As one of the few companies that prioritize the 4 R’s (waste reduction, recycling, reusing, and renewables), the Amicus Green Building Center ensures that all projects are as green as possible.

Its environmental initiatives and practices are aimed at protecting water, land, air, fauna, and flora for future generations.

We featured this company on this list because it’s an Energy Star and EPA Water Sense partner. Therefore, all its homes are built to Energy Star standards to conserve energy.

Moreover, the company installs Water Sense-certified faucets and shower heads to save water.

Its green building initiatives encompass the following:

  • Energy efficiency without compromising modern technologies
  • Renewable, non-fossil, and non-nuclear energy sources
  • Water-efficient technologies
  • Safe and healthy materials free of toxic and dangerous chemicals
  • Environmentally appropriate materials that are renewable and recycled 

Why Choose Amicus Green Building Center?

  • It builds green homes that meet Energy Star standards
  • Get a water-efficient home to save water
  • 100% of its electricity is generated by wind
  • Long-lasting LEDs to save energy
  • It uses FSC-Certified and BPA-free building materials

Green Building Group

For over 15 years, Green Building Group has maintained its position as a premier green home builder in the District of Columbia. It specializes in high-end sustainable construction masterfully crafted and detailed to meet a client’s needs.

As an award-winning company, Green Building Group has a knack for simplifying difficult projects to ensure they stay within your budget. It does this without compromising quality and comfort.

What sets this company apart is that it combines its sophisticated modeling systems with a vast experience in modern smart homes to provide unparalleled craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

By partnering with some of the best locally acclaimed architects, this company is able to create extraordinary and enduring homes for its clients.

You can hire the Green Building Group for new construction, renovation, and remodeling of low-rise multi-family buildings and single-family homes.

As a partner and member of Energy Star, the U.S. Green Building Council, and the National Association of Realtors, this company guarantees the most eco-friendly and energy-efficient homes.

Why Choose Green Building Group?

  • It offers services on a fair and equal basis to all
  • A USGBC member whose homes meet LEED certification standards
  • It builds Energy-efficient homes in line with Energy Star standards
  • A member of the National Association of Home Builders
  • A highly experienced company with over 15 years in the business
  • It offers smart home installations
  • It green homes are equipped with solar and EV chargers
  • It incorporates responsible stormwater management
  • Enhanced indoor environmental quality through low to no VOC materials
  • It offer a 2-10 HBW warranty

NPI Connect

Finally, NPI Connect is another company you can rely on for your sustainable green home in the District of Columbia. It specializes in cost-effective, resource-efficient, and high-performance homes.

All homes built by NPI Connect are designed to meet the needs of each client and those who will be occupying them.

This is one of the few companies that focus on minimizing the ecological footprints of their projects. As a result, it gives back to the environment by cleaning the water and planting trees.

Its new projects are designed and built with energy efficiency in mind. They’re also managed by green building certifications like LEED.

All the company’s projects are aimed at helping customers reduce their operational costs. Therefore, this is your go-to company to save money on recurring utility bills.

Why Choose NPI Connect?

  • Its homes are built to LEED standards
  • High-quality indoor environments
  • It creates green homes with high value
  • Reduced waste generation
  • Get a high-performance home

Final Thoughts – Choosing a Green Builder in the District of Columbia

Building a home is a lifelong investment. You splurge your savings to construct a house to secure a place you can call home once in your life. 

A commitment this significant needs to be made perfectly. Finding a home builder within the District of Columbia who can understand your vision and bring it to life is essential.

That is why we have compiled this list of the top green home builders who are committed to understanding your idea, communicating with you, and then perfecting it to bring it to life. 

Although they are all top-rated companies, some may work out better for your particular circumstance and specs than others.

So, it would be wise to do a bit of your own due diligence to identify who would work best for you and hire them—you will have your dream green home constructed in no time.

Also, be sure to check out our lists of green builders in nearby states, including Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland, and also the best modular builders in D.C., as several of the companies featured build homes that are considered sustainable, and may service your area.

Best of luck!

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