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The capital of the United States, the District of Columbia, also known as Washington, DC, is home to over 718,355 people. With the city’s population growing quickly, so is the real estate market. 

In 2019, DC witnessed a spike in the number of houses sold and also a general rise in real estate prices.

On the whole, the District of Columbia is known as one of the best places to live in the country. It’s a compact district that is best known for its monuments and government buildings.

If you are enjoy bustling city life and lots of sightseeing, then DC is the place for you.

However, living in Washington DC can be considerably pricey; choosing a modular home is probably the best option if you are on a budget. This begs the question – who are the best modular home builders in DC? 

The Top Modular Home Builders in District of Columbia

After researching, we’ve compiled this list of the best modular builders in DC, including:

  • Pace Construction
  • Kohlmark Architects and Builders
  • Encompass Enterprises Inc.
  • Clarksville Construction Services
  • MAC Design + Build
  • Deltec Homes

So without further ado, let’s get into the details of what each of these companies has to offer.

Kohlmark Architects and Builders

For more than five decades, the Kohler name has been linked with engineering excellence and exceptional manufacturing. The business has remained dedicated to quality, authenticity, customer care, and environmental protection throughout its success and expansion.

Kohlmark Architects and Builders believes that working with the customer, designer, and the constructor is the best approach to maintaining and producing perfection. Clients can feel satisfied knowing their designs will be delivered to perfection since the builder combines design and construction services to offer an all-in-one solution.

Exterior backyard patio view of a Kohlmark Architects and Builders modular home
Courtesy of Kohlmark Architects and Builders

The transition from design to construction is straightforward. Kohlmark provides you with realistic costs from the first day, and the complete development process is simplified with direct communication to the designers.

Kohlmark Architects creates homes in various designs and areas and believes well-crafted modular homes make for better living. In addition, it claims to enjoy designing for unconventional and challenging locations.

Interior view of a Kohlmark Architects and Builders modular home
Courtesy of Kohlmark Architects and Builders

Moreover, its commitment to sustainable buildings is incorporated in every design. The focus is on promoting sustainable methods of construction and architectural details.

Key Features – Why Should You Consider Kohlmark Architects?

  • A wide variety of tiny prefab homes and modular homes
  • Customization option available
  • Provide sustainable building methods
  • Affordable homes and everything is done in one place

Pace Construction

Operating in Alexandria, Virginia, and DC, Pace Construction has won over several clients with its remarkable modular homes. This builder is famous for its construction work, along with its commitment to delivering nothing but the best.

Pace Construction’s vision clearly states that it’s in this for the long run. So when it takes on a client, Pace makes sure to deliver exceptional results, keep a regular maintenance check, and even provide a warranty.

The company keeps you updated throughout the building process and ensures you are in the loop every step of the way. Pace Construction uses the latest technology to ensure all its builds are up-to-date and free of faults.

Key Features – Why Should You Consider Pace Construction?

  • Provides warranty on all custom and ready-made modular homes
  • Uses the latest technology in its construction methods
  • Provides future maintenance on all designs
  • Customization option available

Encompass Enterprises Inc.

Originating from Calvert County and with over 30 years of experience within the modular home building industry, Encompass Enterprises has a vast list of happy clients and is known for an outstanding customer experience.

Exterior front view of an Encompass Enterprises modular home
Courtesy of Encompass Enterprises

Encompass Enterprises is a family business focused on acquiring new clients and building their dream modular homes. In addition, it builds long-term relationships within the community with existing and potential clients. 

Encompass offers an extensive range of prefabricated workspaces that you can have delivered and installed. In addition, with its relatively large catalog, you can choose from a wide array of services and multiple home designs. 

Interior kitchen view of an Encompass Enterprises modular home
Courtesy of Encompass Enterprises

Its notable business expertise, architectural understanding, and capability to interact with customers at a higher level have helped transform the company into a serious contender. 

Its aim and vision are to give the tri-county area an all-encompassing option for managing and improving its residential and commercial property interests.

Key Features – Why Should You Consider Encompass Enterprises?

  • A family-run business with several decades of experience 
  • Standard and premium designs offered
  • Offers investment advice/suggestions for personal or commercial purposes
  • Diverse catalog 

Clarksville Construction Services

Based in Annapolis Junction, MD, Clarksville Construction Services has served Howard County and the nearby regions since 1999. Its team is dedicated to providing clients with the best, ensuring that all projects are started on time and completed properly. 

Interior kitchen view of a Clarksville Construction Services modular home
Courtesy of Clarksville Construction Services

The company offers numerous options relating to residential development, including additions, kitchens, restrooms, renovated basements, interior, and exterior paintwork. The CSS team also takes up commercial projects such as interior completion and office refurbishment. 

All work is backed by a five-year craftsmanship warranty, while all packages are secured by a product warranty.

Interior view of a Clarksville Construction Services modular home's living room
Courtesy of Clarksville Construction Services

This assurance is what makes Clarksville Construction one of the best modular builders in DC. To top it off, it has even been awarded the “Best of Houzz Service Award” for the past six years.

Key Features – Why Should You Consider Clarksville Construction Services?

  • Offers a wide variety of services from remodeling to custom construction
  • Both residential and commercial designs are available
  • Craftsmanship warranty along with product warranty
  • Great customer support team

MAC Design + Build

Located in northern Virginia, MAC Design + Build is an award-winning modular home builder providing its clients with the most innovative and modern designs. 

Exterior front view of a MAC Design + Build modular home
Courtesy of MAC Design + Build

You can choose any existing designs, get your current house fully remodeled, or request a fully-customized modular home in DC. The company is known for its creative designs and how well it grasps the customer’s vision—so you won’t be disappointed.

MAC makes sure to keep you in the loop from the beginning with its expert customer services team. As a result, you can expect to stay updated throughout the entire build process and be assured that everything is done within the set time frame and budget.

Interior kitchen view of a MAC Design + Build modular home.
Courtesy of MAC Design + Build

Before construction begins, you will most likely have to schedule a meeting or two with the company so it can fully understand your ideas. Then, once the work is aligned, a project manager is allocated for the particular project and provides the customers with weekly status reports.

Key Features – Why Should You Consider MAC Design + Build?

  • Offer a variety of prefab home designs 
  • Full transparency when it comes to cost
  • Weekly status reports 
  • Wide range of remodeling services
  • Affordable 

Deltec Homes

If you are looking for something out-of-the-box, consider buying a unique circular modular home in the District of Columbia. Deltec Home Builders is the ultimate choice for this shape of a structure. 

a circular-shaped two story home with solar panels on the roof
Courtesy of Deltec Homes

Deltec Homes is huge on sustainability as this prefab home building company lays great emphasis on providing energy-efficient solutions for its homes. Even the factories manufacturing its homes run on 100% renewable energy. 

Deltec Homes offers an extensive range of circular modular home designs for unique-yet-sustainable home options. If you want to buy a green modular home from Deltec, check out the Renew Collection to get blown away with its elegant designs. The price range starts from $148,000 and can go up depending on the size of the house. 

an interior of a circular-shaped home with an open living room, peach colored walls, and a loft on the second story
Courtesy of Deltec Homes

Key Features – Why Should You Consider Deltec Homes?

  • Unique modular home designs
  • Partially-customized design options are available
  • Elegant and modern designs

The Bottom Line – Find a Modular Home in the District of Columbia!

We hope you are now better versed in the best modular builders in DC. 

If you are looking to relocate to Washington, DC, or simply looking to switch to a more affordable and simple lifestyle, modular homes are the way to go! 

They are easy to maintain, quicker to build, and generally much lighter on the pocket.

However, before deciding on a modular home builder in DC, make sure to do your fair share of research. Read reviews, check out all their features, and then select the modular home of your dreams.

Also, based on the close proximity to Maryland and Pennsylvania, some modular builders in these neighboring states that will have no problem delivering to DC! SO be sure to check out our similar articles on these states as well.

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