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If you are also looking to build your own house in Delaware, now is a great time to invest. The real estate market in the state is booming, with prices increasing rapidly.

Unfortunately, this rising market leaves people with few affordable options, but turning to modular homes that fit your budget and support a sustainable lifestyle could be very advantageous. 

The advantages of modular homes range from affordability to low maintenance costs and energy-efficiency. Modular homes have redefined the real estate industry not just in Delaware but all across the country. 

Without further ado, let’s look at the best options for finding a modular home builder in Delaware.

Purcell Homes

If you are constructing your first modular home in Delaware, Purcell Homes is one name that shows up at the top of many people’s list of builders. The company has been operating in home construction for several years, with expertise in timber frame modular homes. 

Exterior view of a Purcell Homes modular home
Courtesy of Purcell Homes

Purcell builds modern and contemporary timber frame homes using the highest quality building materials and technology. The company takes pride in constructing various timber homes known for being strong and durable throughout the year, withstanding severe weather conditions. 

When you choose Purcell Homes as your builder, be assured of receiving the highest level of customer support. Purcell will guide you throughout the journey from the first step of planning your modular home to its completion and installation. 

Interior view of a Purcell Timber Frame Homes modular home
Courtesy of Purcell Homes

When choosing a home design, Purcell’s catalog has various options from modern contemporary to rustic and classic timber homes to match your sustainable lifestyle. 

Reasons to Choose Purcell Homes

  • More than 51 home design models to choose from. 
  • You can customize your timber home according to your needs.
  • Modular timber one-story and two-story cottages and bungalows are available.
  • Supports energy-efficiency and low-maintenance costs.
  • Price Range: $300–$400 per square foot.

Stillwater Dwellings

If you are looking for a reliable modular builder in Delaware, Stillwater Dwellings is one name you can trust. The company is based in Seattle but provides services across the US, including Delaware. 

Exterior view of a Stillwater Dwellings home
Courtesy of Stillwater Dwellings

The company has operated in the prefabricated home space for several years, and in a short period, they have earned a valuable reputation in the industry. Stillwater Dwellings is best known for creating high-end, deluxe modular homes that offer great value for money.

From single-story modulars to double-story tiny bungalows, Stillwater Dwellings has completed various projects across the nation. You can visit its website to learn more about its portfolio and design options.

Interior kitchen view of a Stillwater Dwellings home
Courtesy of Stillwater Dwellings

You can also request custom design elements and add a personal touch to your house.

Reasons to Choose Stillwater Dwellings

  • Its catalog offers over 25 home designs.
  • Key features include slanted roof and modern interior structure.
  • You have the option to customize your prefab home’s design.
  • Price Range: $350 – $450 per sq. ft.

Deltec Homes

an interior of a circular-shaped home with an open living room, peach colored walls, and a loft on the second story
Courtesy of Deltec Homes

When looking for a modular building company in Delaware, finding builders that make conventional-looking homes is very common. However, Deltec Homes is the ideal starting point if you like doing things in your own unique style and want your home to stand out from the cluttered market.

Deltec specializes in building modern circular homes. This shape is their signature style. So if you see a circular modular home in Delaware, chances are it’s a Deltec home. 

a circular-shaped two story home with solar panels on the roof
Courtesy of Deltec Homes

Reasons to Choose Deltec Homes

  • A catalog offering over ten cylindrical prefab home designs.
  • Key features include multi-story decks and 360-degree views .
  • You can customize your prefab home’s design.
  • Price Range: $180–$400 per sq. ft.

Unity Homes

Unity Homes is an excellent example of a green modular builder. This company firmly believes in using energy-efficient and low-wastage systems and technology to construct high-quality and easily affordable modular homes. 

Exterior view of a Unity Homes modular home.
Courtesy of Unity Homes

The company is known for its advanced technology and innovative prefabrication process that guarantees minimum wastage without compromising quality. 

Unity offers a rich portfolio of five flexible designs known as Tradd, Värm, Xyla, Zum, and Nano for modular home models. You can choose any of these designs or request customized modifications according to your requirements.

Interior kitchen view of a Unity Homes modular home.
Courtesy of Unity Homes

Note that the price range varies for different floor plans, so be aware of this when making your choice.

Reasons to Choose Unity Homes

  • Five exclusive design models in varying sizes. 
  • The option to create a net-zero energy-efficient home.
  • Flexibility to customize floor plans and designs according to client preference.
  • Supports sustainability and zero wastage.
  • Streamlined construction process .
  • Price Range: $180–$300+ per sq. ft.

Turkel Design

Turkel Design is a Boston-based construction company. It is widely popular for its home building services available all across the US, including Delaware.

Exterior view of a Turkel Design modular home
Courtesy of Turkel Design

While there are many modular home builders in the Delaware market, one thing that makes Turkel Design stand out from the crowd is its use of the latest construction technology. It utilizes virtual reality to design your custom home, allowing you to visualize your plans.

Turkel Design focused on off-site construction to create a prefab home model that passes all their quality checks. Moreover, they will also help you complete installing your home and guide you every step of the way. 

Interior view of a Turkel Design modular home
Courtesy of Turkel Design

Lastly, Turkel Design has also created its name by offering an exciting range of standard, classic, modern, and ultra-luxurious prefab homes, so there are plenty of options for you to choose from. 

Reasons to Choose Turkel Design

  • Various home design options are available.
  • Offers shipment all across Canada and USA.
  • They use cutting-edge technological tools in the construction process.
  • You can personalize your home’s design according to your liking.
  • Price Range: $300 – $500+ per square foot.

BrightBuilt Home

With its signature five-step process to building the home of your dreams, BrightBuilt Home has rightfully earned the title of a reputable modular home building company.

Exterior view of a BrightBuilt Home modular home
Courtesy of BrightBuilt Home

You don’t have to fret over the little things as the company provides complete assistance throughout the process. From day one of planning to laying down the final brick, BrightBuilt is an expert in delivering fast and efficient results.

The company will help you find the perfect home design, the perfect builder at the perfect price so you can focus on just moving in and decorating your house. 

Interior view of a BrightBuilt Home modular home
Courtesy of BrightBuilt Home

In addition, BrightBuilt Homes is famous for delivering net-zero energy houses that can produce the same amount of energy as their annual consumption, saving you thousands of dollars in the process.

BrightBuilt has taken sustainable living to another level, making it an ideal choice for those looking for green modular homes. 

Reasons to Choose BrightBuilt Home

  • Offers net-zero energy homes that help save on energy costs.
  • Over nine net-zero energy home designs.
  • Multiple sustainable modular home designs are available that can be partially customized.
  • A 5-step streamlined construction process with fast and efficient results.
  • Price Range: $280–$400+ per square foot.

Studio Shed

As the name suggests, Studio Shed is an expert in delivering customized sheds or modular home extensions all across the US. The company is headquartered in Colorado but provides fast and efficient shipping directly to your doorstep. 

a picture of a small accessory dwelling unit house with brown exterior walls and a pathway leading to it
Courtesy of Studio Shed

You can choose from various standard models and customize the floor plan and design layout according to your budget and available space.

Studio Shed is also well known for its ‘Quick Ship Models’ designs, where it delivers a house to your location in just two weeks. These modular homes can also be added as an extension to your existing homes or a tiny stand-alone home that is easily affordable. 

Interior view of a Studio Shed modular home
Courtesy of Studio Shed

Reasons to Choose Studio Shed

  • Offers over 20 design options in different sizes.
  • Shipment of modular sheds all across the country.
  • Customization of modular shed’s layouts.
  • Fast and efficient shipping process.
  • Price Range: $350–$500+ per square foot.

Final Thoughts – Your Delaware Modular Home Awaits!

We hope you enjoyed reading this guide on Delaware’s top modular builders.

Don’t forget to visit their websites for an in-depth overview of their services and design catalog, which will ensure you choose the right modular builder to fulfill your brief.

We hope you find an ideal match soon so you can turn your dream of buying your own modular home into a reality. Best of luck!

Also, be sure to check out our lists of modular builders for nearby states like Maryland and Pennsylvania, as many of the builders in those states also service Delaware.

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