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Pennsylvania is beloved for its high-quality healthcare, low living costs, and variety of great outdoor activities. You’re thinking of settling down in this East-coast state, but you want a modular home built. Which modular homebuilder in Pennsylvania should you select?

Ahead, we’ll share plenty of pertinent information on each homebuilder, including their specialties, service areas, and an overview of their services. Your dream modular or home in Pennsylvania is calling!

Durabuilt Custom Homes

The Hummels Wharf Durabuilt Custom Homes is a family-owned business that utilizes modular homebuilding methods to customize properties across Pennsylvania. They can install products from all your favorite brands, including Florida Tile, Andersen windows and patio doors, IKO roof shingles, Kohler bath fixtures, and Shaw floors.

an exterior of a three story red and grey modern boxy house
Courtesy of Durabuilt Homes

What We Like About It

Durabuilt has a huge portfolio of gorgeous modular homes for you to browse through. The customization options afforded to you let you create the home you’ve always wanted with a talented team at the helm.

a modern white kitchen with red cedar stools around the island
Courtesy of Durabuilt Homes

Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes

The Selinsgrove homebuilder Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes was founded in the mid-2000s. They call every custom modular prefab home they build a “labor of love.” With a team of 120 employees, there’s a lot of love to go around!

the exterior of a traditional house on a hill, with a two-car garage and the sun almost being set
Courtesy of Icon Legacy Custom Homes

Icon Legacy offers a variety of floorplans, all of which you can browse on their website. Use the site to filter floorplans by house style, square footage, number of bedrooms, and number of bathrooms.

a picture of the inside of a factory with men building house walls on the floor
Courtesy of Icon Legacy Custom Homes

What We Like About It

The passion, dedication, and experience of Icon Legacy’s staff are quite apparent. You’ll also appreciate the variety of their custom modular homes, including chalets, capes, raised ranches, regular ranches, T-ranches, and two-story homes. 

Kintner Modular Homes

Kintner Modular Homes is based in Tunkhannock. Founded in 1972 by company namesake Fred Kintner, at the time of Kintner Modular Home’s inception, Fred Kintner thought little of the value of homes being built around his state of Pennsylvania. He decided to begin producing his own modular prefab properties, and the rest is history.

a new rustic cabin-looking one story home with red siding and a gravel driveway
Courtesy of Kintner Modular Homes

The team specializes in a variety of custom home styles, including cods, ranches, raised ranches, two-story homes, log cabins, and chalets.

What We Like About It

How about requesting a quote online? All you have to do is fill out a contact form on Kintner Modular Homes’ website and a member of the team will get back to you.

a two story grey-colored home with a gravel driveway

Professional Building Systems, Inc.

Founded in 2000, Professional Building Systems, Inc. has since become, as they call themselves, “one of the largest modular manufacturers on the east coast.” Every year, the PBS team builds more than 1,000 properties in styles like two stories, capes, ranches, and even apartments.

an exterior of a modern small house that's grey with steps leading up to it.
Courtesy of Professional Building Systems

You can even rely on the PBS team if you want a beachside property, as they design and construct custom seaside and vacation properties as well.

What We Like About It

PBS promises in the quality of its custom modular homes. That’s why your property is protected under a structural warranty for 10 years.

a modern white kitchen with a modern dining room table and mid century modern chairs around it
Courtesy of Professional Building Systems

Tri-County Homes

Tri-County Homes has produced custom modular homes throughout Pennsylvania since 1962. Based in Shippenville, the company calls itself a premier custom modular homebuilder.

a new log cabin with a tan roof and green grass all around
Courtesy of Tri-County Homes

Their modular homes produce just two percent material waste, which is quite green. Tri-County custom modular homes also require 15 percent less energy than non-modular properties, which is like music to your ears!

What We Like About It

Besides how energy-efficient the custom properties from Tri-County Homes are, they’re also built fast. Tri-County says the average turnaround for one of their modular homes is 120 days or less.

a few men positioning a modular house hanging from a crane
Courtesy of Tri-County Homes Youtube Video

DB Homes

Johnstown’s DB Homes is owned and managed by Dick Burke, Jr. Building modular prefab homes is in Burke’s blood, as his father had also worked at least part of his life as a homebuilder. That inspired Burke in 2001 to start DB Homes.

a three story grey house with a driveway in front
Courtesy of DB Homes

The DB team uses CAD floorplan home designs to create the home you’ve always wanted to your exact specifications. You can select from such home styles as two-story, split-level, cods, and ranches.

What We Like About It

DB Homes says their custom modular properties require less material waste. All  properties are also Energy Star-certified for energy efficiency. As if that wasn’t great enough, your new home is protected by a DB structural warranty for the next 12 years.

an interior of a living room and a traditional-looking kitchen with a wood plank roof
Courtesy of DB Homes

Homes by Keystone

In the modular prefab homebuilding game for more than 50 years, Homes by Keystone proudly serves Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. Pennsylvania is the company’s true home though, as the father-son team of Guy Miller, Sr. and Greg Miller are based in Franklin County.

the exterior of a brown house on a hill with a deck wrapped around it and a steep-peak roof
Courtesy of Homes by Keystone

Family-owned and operated to this day, Greg Miller has since passed on ownership of Homes by Keystone to his son Guy Miller, Jr.

Homes by Keystone requires you to have an available lot for building, including a deed and a title. You will be responsible for acquiring permits and having some poured concrete for the crawl space and foundation. Homes by Keystone will take care of nearly everything else!

What We Like About Them

Homes by Keystone is a long-standing east coast institution. Their work is so encompassing that Keystone builds its brand of custom modular homes in three other states outside of Pennsylvania, which is saying a lot!

a bright kitchen with tan colored cabinets and a nice stone countertop
Courtesy of Homes by Keystone

Simplex Homes

In Scranton, Simplex Homes prides itself on its extensive industry experience and record of customer service. The business was started in 1971 by Patrick, Henry, and Frank Fricchione. They’re still family-owned to this day.

an exterior of a two story grey and red wood modern home
Courtesy of Simplex Homes MOD Line

Your modular prefab home options include light-commercial and multi-family properties as well as capes, ranches, and two-story homes in all sorts of unique, eye-catching styles. Simplex will even build a garage on your property so it truly feels like home!

a cedar wood-colored modern modular home sitting on the flatbed of a truck leaving the modular factory
Courtesy of Simplex Homes

What We Like About It

The beauty and variety of the prefab modular homes Simplex builds are sure to impress any aspiring homeowner. You can even opt for coastal homes so you can live out your dreams of residing near Pennsylvania’s beaches.

a contemporary modern kitchen with dim lighting, grey cabinets, and a modern dining room in the foreground
Courtesy of Simplex Homes MOD Line

Pleasant Valley Modular Homes

Pine Grove’s Pleasant Valley Modular Homes will build you a custom home with all the fixings. You can select from plenty of kitchen appliances and fixtures, add a master bath, pick your cabinets, and even add on structural features such as garages, flex rooms, and dormers.

an unfinished part of a modular house suspended in air by a crane with a man moving it into place
Courtesy of Pleasant Valley Homes Youtube Intro Video

Pleasant Valley Modular Homes uses computer-generated artist renderings to preview what your custom home will look like before any groundwork is laid down.

a list of green building and energy star home features on energy efficiency
Courtesy of Pleasant Valley Homes

What We Like About Them

The range of home styles and types from Pleasant Valley Modular Homes is quite rich. You can get a modular coastal or cabin home as well as a classic design. The home types available include multi-family properties, chalets, cabins, two-stories, capes, and ranches.

an interior of a newly built home showing the living room and modern kitchen
Courtesy of Pleasant Valley Homes

Ritz-Craft Modular Homes

Ritz-Craft Modular Homes has two locations, in Jonesville, Michigan, and in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania. Since being founded in 1954, the Ritz-Craft team has built more than 100,000 modular homes in those two states.

an exterior of a small modern grey home with the sun setting in the background
Courtesy of Ritz-Craft Homes

All homes are constructed in Ritz-Craft’s own indoor facility, which is temperature-controlled to ensure the home fastening and framing are ready for the trip to your lot.  

What We Like About It

Ritz-Craft’s homes can utilize smart technology if you’re interested, so be sure to ask! The energy efficiency of their properties is also lauded, especially the insulation.

a southwest-style interior of a living room, with a vibrant floor rug and a fireplace behind it
Courtesy of Ritz-Craft Homes

Zook Cabins

If your dream home is a cabin, then you need to look into Zook Cabins. The Atglen homebuilding company was founded by the Zook family in 2006. Their goal is to make building log cabins easier, less stressful, and more cost-effective.

a small wood cabin with snow all around and a blue sky in the background
Courtesy of Zook Cabins

Your options aren’t exclusively log cabins. You can also order a prefab modern cabin with stately looks. Select from a variety of high-quality flooring options (including vinyl or natural hickory flooring) for your cabin as well as custom ceilings, walls, and even a kitchenette. You’ll feel right at home!

an exterior of a small modern wood cabin home with green grass in front
Courtesy of Zook Cabins

What We Like About It

The homeyness of a cabin is highly sought-after for some. Zook Cabins knows what it’s good at (which is cabins) and can produce that cabin you’ve always longed for. They even offer free quotes on their website.  

the interior of an all-wood cabin, showing the living room and loft
Courtesy of Zook Cabins

EcoCraft Homes

Pittsburgh’s EcoCraft Homes is the creation of Elliot Fabri, Sr. who has over three decades of homebuilding experience. In 2012, he decided to pair up with his son to start EcoCraft Homes.

a three story modern modular home on top of a hill
Courtesy of EcoCraft Homes

EcoCraft understands that when a home gets built, the environmental impacts can reverberate for at least 100 years. That’s why EcoCraft homes are built with sustainability in mind, including eco-friendly HVAC and a building envelope that surrounds every custom property.

a part of a modular house hanging from a yellow crane
Courtesy of EcoCraft Homes

What We Like About It

EcoCraft Homes is a Passive House certified builder. The company promises thermal bridge-free construction, passive solar orientation, mechanical energy recovery, and high-performance doors and windows with every property they build.

a modern interior of a living room and kitchen with a big dining table in the middle
Courtesy of EcoCraft Homes

Excel Homes

A Camp Hill institution since 1984, Excel Homes has an extensive history of building modular homes. Since its founding, the Pennsylvania homebuilder has created 29,000 buildings, including commercial properties, vacation homes, and multi-family homes.

a newly built house with red and grey accents for exterior colors, a double peak roof and green grass in front
Courtesy of Excel Homes

Excel recommends a land survey if you haven’t already done one. Once you select the type of modular home you’re interested in, the Excel team will produce a plan. If you approve of the plan, you can sign off on the contracts, secure your financing, and the building work will soon begin!

What We Like About It

Excel Homes makes it easy to work with them, as they always follow a 12-step homebuilding process. Their Southern lifestyle and coastal living modular home collections are utterly charming too.

a modern bright kitchen with wood cabinets, hardwood floors, and a center island with stools around it
Courtesy of Excel Homes

Module Housing

Another Pittsburgh modular prefab homebuilder for your consideration is Module. Theirs are zero-energy-ready homes that use certified materials for energy efficiency and better indoor air quality. The airtight building envelope is a Module standout.

the exterior of two similar looking three story homes colored white and grey with the lights on seen from the outside
Courtesy of Module

Module also promises faster homebuilding times compared to non-modular homebuilders. From obtaining permits to house construction, everything should move along swiftly.

a picture of three row homes along the street with a clear sky in the background
Courtesy of Module

What We Like About It

Module offers project management services and prefab home designs, and they can even connect you with landowners and finance partners.

a modern bright white living room interior with tan chairs around a round dining table
Courtesy of Module

You can see the different models they have available on their website. Here’s an example!

Structural Modulars, Inc.

Structural Modulars, Inc. or SMI in Strattanville sends all its homes to you mostly complete, anywhere from 70 to 90 percent. Once the modular prefab property arrives on your lot, the team will establish the connections and then add any finishing touches.

a picture of a small modern home with red painted siding
Courtesy of Structural Modulars

SMI serves customers in West Virginia, Maryland, New York, and Ohio as well as the rest of Western Pennsylvania. Their home options include single-family and multi-family dwellings. 

What We Like About It

The SMI homebuilding legacy dates more than 30 years, which is evident in everything from their capes to their two stories, ranches, and contemporary homes.

a factory showing trusses being made for a modular home
Courtesy of Structural Modulars

Signature Building Systems of PA

With more than 5,000 modular prefab homes built along the east coast since being established in 1992, Signature Building Systems of PA has quite the storied history. The Moosic company specializes in single-family and multi-family homes, including two stories, ranches, and capes.

the exterior of a large house at dusk with all the lights on inside
Courtesy of Signature Building Systems

What We Like About It

In 2021, Signature Building Systems was awarded the prestigious Jerry Rouleau Awards of Excellence through the Building Systems Council and the National Association of Home Builders.

a white modern kitchen with the center granite island in focus
Courtesy of Signature Building Systems

Supreme Modular

Supreme Modular has locations in Newark, Delaware; Hammonton, New Jersey; and Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Rooted in the east coast, Supreme Modular boasts a 10-year history of building modular properties across those three states.

a modular home being installed from a crane onto the second story
Courtesy of Supreme Modular

Their modular prefab style allows the Supreme Modular team to quickly build homes, typically in 1/3rd of the time compared to homes built with traditional sticks. You can select from shore styles, capes, ranches, and two-story floorplans.

What We Like About It

No surprises here! You can review the prices of some of Supreme Modular’s homes right on their website. Budgeting for your new dream house just became a lot easier.

Designer Homes of PA

The Ritz-Craft Corporation owns Designer Homes, a modular prefab homebuilder in Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna Valley. The company was founded in 1995 and has built hundreds of the most beautiful modular homes in the Susquehanna Valley.

a two story modular house being built with a crane lifting pieces into place
Courtesy of Designer Homes of PA

Designer Homes proudly offers more than 300 floorplans to select from, so your perfect home is certainly there. You can take 3D tours of the various home floorplans or schedule a meeting in person with the Designer Homes team.

What We Like About It

With the variety of floorplans and the backing of the Ritz-Craft Corporation, Designer Homes could be just the homebuilder you’re looking for if you’re close to the Susquehanna Valley.

a diagram of the modular home building process with the steps in a circle around a house image
Courtesy of Designer Homes of PA

Pine Grove Manufactured Homes

The sister brand of Pleasant Valley Modular Homes, Pine Grove Manufactured Homes serves the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Founded in 1982, Pine Grove builds all its modular prefab homes in its climate-controlled indoor facility.

a picture of a tan colored house with shrubs around it for landscaping
Courtesy of Pine Grove Homes

If a green modular home in Pennsylvania is what you want, Pine Grove Manufactured Homes can deliver. Their vinyl siding, drywall, cardboard, and copper are all recycled. The team can also build green home features such as low-flow toilets, insulated exterior doors, and finger-jointed wall studs.

What We Like About It

A custom home from Pine Grove meets Energy Star certifications. The company even took home the Energy Star Certified Homes Market Leader Award in 2015!

Welbuilt Homes, Inc.

The last modular prefab homebuilder on our list is Welbuilt Homes, Inc. out of Leesport. Boasting more than 30 years of homebuilding experience, Welbuilt’s custom homes include bi-level and two-story homes and ranches.

an empty living room of a new modular home, with the light shining in through the windows
Courtesy of Welbuilt Homes

What We Like About It

Besides its prefab modular homes, Welbuilt also builds additions to preexisting homes and offers demolition services as well.


The only thing better than living in Pennsylvania is living in Pennsylvania in your own modular home. Whether you prefer ranches, seaside homes, capes, cabins, or even tiny homes there’s a home builder on this list that’s sure to suit you!

Also – to check out more modular builders that may deliver to Pennsylvania, check out our other articles featuring Ohio, New York, and Massachusetts modular homebuilders!

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