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The tiny home movement has gained massive popularity in the past few years. Tiny home life allows families and individuals to live in an eco-friendly manner, save money, and simplify life. 

With the increasing popularity of tiny homes, including tiny home villages and television shows emerging all over America, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are more tiny home builders around the country than ever before. 

Additionally, residual headwinds from Hurricane Ida have shrunk the supply of affordable housing on the east coast, and Pennsylvania is no exception. Amid a diminished supply and expensive, competitive real estate market, many low-income families are competing against each other for housing. If you are searching for an affordable home in Pennsylvania, considering a tiny home may be a good idea.

Reasons to Invest in A Tiny Home

Here are some reasons why you should make a move to a tiny home in Pennsylvania. 

You Don’t Need to Worry About Relocating 

One thing that usually holds people back from buying a conventional home is its permanence.

However, with a tiny home, you aren’t tied to any property unless you purchase a piece of land to park your tiny house on. Your only permanent connection is to the home itself. Thus, if you get a new job somewhere, you can simply drive your home to the new place. 

They Are Eco-Friendly 

You can set up your tiny home to live off the grid. Using wind or solar resources to power your home and a rainwater collection and filtration system are all ways to enable your house to be operational anywhere in the world. 

High Energy Efficiency

Whether you use solar power or connect your home to a power line, the energy requirements of a tiny house are way less than the energy requirements of a conventional place. As a result, small appliances work more efficiently, and a smaller space uses less power to cool and heat the air. 

What Makes a Good Tiny Home Builder?

Before you start searching for the top tiny home manufacturer or builder, you should know how to identify and pick the right one!

A tiny home is typically considered a small house less than 600 square feet. Many people from different walks of life choose to live in tiny homes because of the monetary and environmental benefits and the prospect of living an uncomplicated life in a relatively small space. 

We conducted a comprehensive search to curate this list of Pennsylvania’s top tiny home builders. These builders span everything you could possibly be looking for.

Even though many offer pre-made models, several companies will custom design and build a home according to your requirements. 

As you learn about these Pennsylvania builders, keep an eye out for companies with an excellent track record of good design and quality construction in the tiny home market.

We strongly advise you to contact homeowners who have already worked with a particular tiny home builder to see what they say about their experiences working with a specific builder. 

Ideally, you should choose a builder who is passionate about their work and ensure they have proper knowledge about tiny home life. 

Things to Look for in Pennsylvania’s Tiny Home Builders

  • Great reviews and ratings from previous clients
  • Long-standing history of building premium-grade homes
  • Friendly customer support service
  • No need for a high upfront deposit
  • No hidden fees and transparent pricing structure

Top 5 Tiny Home Builders in Pennsylvania

Now, let’s look at some of the top tiny builders in Pennsylvania that you can potentially work with. 

84 Lumber Tiny Living

Exterior view of a Courtesy of 84 Lumber Tiny Living tiny home
Courtesy of 84 Lumber Tiny Living

84 Lumber Tiny Living aims to assist its clients in simplifying their priorities, living joyfully with less stress, and adding a spirit of adventure to their lives. All the homes built are less than 200 square feet and available in various styles, from contemporary to classic. 

Interior view of a Courtesy of 84 Lumber Tiny Living tiny home
Courtesy of 84 Lumber Tiny Living

84 Lumber Tiny Living offers various models that can be purchased either as a “semi DIY” package with materials and a shell or as a finished and ready house.

Liberation Tiny Homes

Situated in the heart of Lancaster County, the team that designs and builds Liberation Tiny Homes‘ homes was born and raised in an area famous for its rich history of crafting beautiful products. However, Liberation designs, builds, and ships its homes on wheels all across the country.

Interior view of a Liberation Tiny Homes house
Courtesy of Liberation Tiny Homes

Thanks to a vast combined experience of almost five decades in the construction industry, it offers excellent craftsmanship of its houses. Moreover, with energetic and young entrepreneurs at the forefront, you can expect to get the support you need when starting your new tiny life. 

A lot of the materials that this company uses are sourced locally from professional businesses. The company offers models that you can purchase as shells or completed homes. All houses are built on trailers and designed to be mobile. 

Shell Series

Liberation Tiny Homes offers all of its tiny house models in a shell version for anyone who loves DIY. The shells are available in three different stages, so you can pick the one that meets your budget and time requirements. 

Rumspringa Series

The most economical series, Rumspringa, will take you back to the origins of the tiny house movement. 

The names of the Rumspringa models reflect the Amish history of a lot of the company’s team members. 

Signature Series

Exterior view of a Liberation Tiny Homes house
Courtesy of Liberation Tiny Homes

Liberation Tiny Homes Signature series offers the highest degree of customization and features homes with a built-in workstation, first-floor bedroom, double or single lofts, storage sheds, and much more. 

Greenwood Tiny Homes

The team at Greenwood Tiny Homes understands the frustration of living inefficiently and not having the liberty to live as you dream. Therefore, it offers custom-built tiny homes that give you the quality you deserve and the freedom you want. 

Exterior view of a Greenwood Tiny Homes house
Courtesy of Greenwood Tiny Homes

Greenwood homes are highly eco-friendly—they reuse rainwater, utilize renewable energy, and are made entirely of wood. Thus, you can enjoy your tiny home knowing that you are creating a minimal environmental impact.

Interior view of a Greenwood Tiny Homes house
Courtesy of Greenwood Tiny Homes

With its homes, you can welcome spaciousness and bid farewell to clutter, as the company promotes a lifestyle of minimalism, openness, and efficiency. 

Another great thing about this tiny home builder in Pennsylvania is that they only use premium-quality materials, using only the most reliable parts to construct the homes. 

Moreover, the pipes run behind the cabinets and trim instead of exterior walls, keeping water at room temperature and preventing pipes from freezing.

TinyLux Homes

Interior view of a TinyLux home
Courtesy of TinyLux Homes

TinyLux Homes supplies the Mid-Atlantic region with appealing yet straightforward and exciting alternatives to the conventional living space. The company creates granny flats, cottages, park model RVs, tiny homes, and much more, each designed and constructed to suit your lifestyle and individual requirements. The economical tiny homes allow you to live more in less. 

Some of its tiny home options include:


TinyLux provides customizable products that allow you to live freely, without depending on public utilities – i.e., “off the grid”— by using solar energy and other eco-friendly alternatives. 

Mobile lifestyle 

Exterior view of a TinyLux home
Courtesy of TinyLux Homes

With TinyLux Homes mobile units, you can take the open road without leaving your home behind. So, if you’re a wanderlust at heart, you can now take your personalized tiny home with you for an adventure. 

Independent living 

Whether a retirement home for your mom and dad, a guest house for your property or a venture into independent living, your TinyLux home will work great as a complete living space. 

Lebanon Valley Homes

Lebanon Valley Homes has offered economical housing for more than five decades.

The company’s founder, Dale Yingst, started selling manufactured houses after returning home from military service during the Korean War. He opened his first location in 1963 and has been selling the most economical and affordable housing ever since. 

Exterior views of a group of three Lebanon Valley Homes' tiny homes
Courtesy of Lebanon Valley Homes

Presently, the company includes three sales associated with more than a century of combined industry experience, a licensed mortgage loan originator, a licensed insurance agent, a fully-staffed service department, a notary, and a full-service excavation and transportation department. 

With more than 30 models on display, Lebanon Valley’s outdoor showroom is the best place to find the house that best fits your needs. In addition, it has the largest inventory in central PA and will work with clients across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, among several other states. 

All in all, Lebanon Valley offers high-quality manufactured houses with the most updated options and features, all at economical prices. 

Last Few Words

Purchasing your new tiny home is a big commitment. However, there are several tiny home builders in Pennsylvania for you if you want to experience everything that downsizing offers. 

These manufacturers are a perfect starting point for individuals prepared to design, build, and reside in their own tiny homes.

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