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Nestled on the east coast of the US is Maryland, a state with 6.15 million residents as of 2022, according to PopulationU.

Besides the beloved city of Baltimore, Maryland is known for its museums, historical monuments, and beaches. It’s the perfect place to have a modular home built! But, what builders can you hire for the job?

Here are the top modular home builders in Maryland, including:

  • Finish Werks
  • Chesapeake Energy Homes
  • Point Modular Homes
  • Advantage Homes
  • Tiny House Container
  • Humberson Homes, LLC
  • Eastern Shore Homes Inc.
  • Castle Rock Builders
  • Willoughby Construction & Consulting
  • Bayside Log Homes
  • Sandy Spring Builders
  • Classic Homes of Maryland 

This guide to the most exceptional modular home builders throughout Maryland will introduce the above 12 companies, delving deep into their respective floor plans, customization options, and more!

Finish Werks

Starting our list of Maryland modular builders is Finish Werks, a custom, green construction company that produces Energy Star-certified properties. Through the company’s GreenWerks packages, you can ensure your home is eco-friendly from top to bottom!

Exterior front view of a Finish Werks modular home.
Courtesy of Finish Werks

Finish Werks has a 10-step home-building process that is as follows:

  • Choosing a homesite
  • Creating preliminary drawings and design
  • Planning the site
  • Financing construction
  • Receiving permits
  • Construction agreement
  • Getting necessary municipal approvals
  • Land development 
  • Building the house
  • Property acceptance

What We Like 

Interior view of a Finish Werks modular home
Courtesy of Finish Werks

The Savage-based Finish Werks builds a variety of green, custom modular homes. It doesn’t get any better! 

Chesapeake Energy Homes

Interior view of a Chesapeake Energy Homes modular home's kitchen
Courtesy of Chesapeake Energy Homes

Chesapeake Energy Homes is owned by Don Althoff, who has more than two decades of experience in building and renovating custom prefab properties. With its team of dedicated experts, Chesapeake Energy Homes is a Maryland staple.

You can buy a modular home through Chesapeake Energy Homes and even get an addition built to make your home larger and cozier, which can be constructed in upwards of four months. 

Exterior view of a Chesapeake Energy Homes modular home
Courtesy of Chesapeake Energy Homes

What We Like 

All homes from Chesapeake Energy Homes are green and may be customized from the bottom up. Plus, you can tour the showroom through the Chesapeake Energy Homes website and take advantage of financing to make your purchase more affordable.  

Point Modular Homes

As a division of Point Group, LLC, Point Modular Homes in Baltimore is led by Mike Homa. He has nearly three decades of building experience that he puts forth with every new project Point accepts.

Exterior view of a Point Modular Homes backyard patio
Courtesy of Point Modular Homes

The values of the company are trust, quality, and transparency. Its website informs you of modular home pricing so you can budget accordingly, and the Point Modular home-building process is also clearly outlined.

That process entails obtaining a site for the building, selecting a floor plan, budgeting, and building. 

Interior view of a Point Modular Homes kitchen
Courtesy of Point Modular Homes

What We Like 

Point Modular Homes works with Excel Homes, Simplex Homes, Professional Building Systems, Inc., and Custom Building Systems to provide its customers with an impressive range of floor plans. All plans are customizable to accommodate your family size and budget.

Advantage Homes

Exterior view of an Advantage Homes modular home
Courtesy of Advantage Homes

Serving Baltimore, Queen Anne’s, Harford, Carroll, and Anne Arundel counties, Advantage Homes has been a trusted choice for modular homes for three decades and counting.

Advantage Homes’ custom modular homes in association with Simplex Homes, Excel Homes, and New Era Building Systems are high-quality and unique through and through. 

Interior view of an Advantage Homes modular home
Courtesy of Advantage Homes

If you don’t necessarily want a custom home, you can also browse the website to see which built modular homes are available for sale. Act fast, as the available homes don’t tend to stay available for long! 

What We Like 

Advantage Homes is a member of the Maryland Mortgage Program Builder/Developer Incentive Program or BDIP, which makes buying a home for the first time a more affordable venture. 

Tiny House Container

Is your dream to own a modular home in Maryland that is as tiny as can be? Then check out Tiny House Container, as this company can potentially make those dreams come true.

Interior view of a  Tiny House Container modular home
Courtesy of Tiny House Container

Established in 2015, the Ridgely-based company takes your average 20-foot shipping container and makes it into a home. Maybe just considered an ADU, but it’s a livable property, nevertheless. 

The models include the Happy Weekender for brief retreats (48 square feet), the Unique BnB with a large bathroom, the Happy Queen Suite for your sweetest dreams, and the Creative Office with 112 square feet and 30 amps of power.

Exterior front view of two Tiny House Container modular homes
Courtesy of Tiny House Container

What We Like 

Tiny House Container calls its small homes indestructible, as the metal shells are hurricane-resistant. These off-grid homes include a large bathroom and a kitchenette with all the fixings for comfortable living with less. 

Humberson Homes, LLC

As a turnkey building contractor, Humberson Homes, LLC, can build your next modular chalet, cabin, or home. Additionally, its properties are always eco-friendly.

Exterior view of a Humberson Homes, LLC modular home
Courtesy of Humberson Homes, LLC

Serving Garrett County for 30 years and counting, Humberson Homes works with Pleasant Valley Homes, Professional Building Systems, Inc., and Apex Homes to bring you the latest and greatest in modular designs. 

You can get a single-story home built, a multi-story property, or a completely custom modular home. 

Interior view of a Humberson Homes, LLC modular home
Courtesy of Humberson Homes, LLC

What We Like 

When building your home, Humberson Homes uses X-Tra Insulation Plus with a dry permanent barrier that includes a crushed stone footing and Superior Sealant across the joints. Then the team adds a Dow Thermax reinforced polyisocyanurate insulation covering made of rigid foam. 

Eastern Shore Homes, Inc.

Interior kitchen view of an Eastern Shore Homes, Inc. modular home
Courtesy of Eastern Shore Homes, Inc.

Eastern Shore Homes, Inc. in Chestertown was founded in 1984 by Carter Brice. Brice is a self-employed contractor who started Eastern Shore Homes to fulfill the need for custom modular homes. 

Using local subcontractors and its own team, Eastern Shore Homes can create a custom property that checks all your boxes. You can select from various styles, including ranch, cape cod, and single-story or two-story homes. 

Exterior view of an Eastern Shore Homes, Inc. modular home
Courtesy of Eastern Shore Homes, Inc.

What We Like 

If you’re looking for a home on the smaller side, Eastern Shore Homes’ ranchers are about 1,700 square feet with two bathrooms and three bedrooms. The two-story homes are up to 3,400 square feet and include three bathrooms and four bedrooms. 

Castle Rock Builders

A Maryland institution for nearly 80 years, Castle Rock Builders will build your house on your property or deliver it right to your lot. 

Exterior view of a Castle Rock Builders modular home
Courtesy of Castle Rock Builders

The variety of floor plans available through Castle Rock Builders truly runs the gamut. The smallest models clock in at just under 2,000 square feet, making them ideal starter homes.

The largest properties exceed 5,000 square feet. You’d never want more space in your home, that’s for sure! 

Interior view of a Castle Rock Builders modular home kitchen
Courtesy of Castle Rock Builders

What We Like 

If you’re new to Maryland and searching fervently for land, Castle Rock Builders can help you buy plots throughout the great state of Maryland!

Willoughby Construction & Consulting

The two-person team of Alicia Manfre and Gerard Rath run Willoughby Construction & Consulting in Hagerstown. 

Manfre is a local who’s heavily dedicated to bettering her community, while Rath has over a decade of experience in residential and commercial construction. Together, they make a very strong team!

Exterior view of a Willoughby Construction & Consulting modular home
Courtesy of Willoughby Construction & Consulting

Are you into tiny homes? Willoughby is another small home builder to add to your list.

However, the company’s modular homes are what attract the most customers. All properties are built at Willoughby’s quality-controlled facility.

The team at Willoughby will also happily build you a custom home from scratch. After the design, Willoughby will help you secure financing and assist in permitting, zoning, and site plan development. 

Interior view of a Willoughby Construction & Consulting modular home
Courtesy of Willoughby Construction & Consulting

Then your home gets built, entailing adding electrical systems, HVAC, plumbing, exterior and interior finishes, landscaping, greenery, site work, and hardscapes. Before you move in, you get a final walkthrough and even a welcome home party!  

What We Like 

The Willoughby Construction & Consulting team is passionate about the work they do and committed to making the experience of getting a modular home built in Maryland an enjoyable and simple one.

Bayside Log Homes

Perhaps you have a rather specific vision for your house—you’d like a log home. In that case, Bayside Log Homes is the modular builder for you.

Interior view of a Bayside Log Homes modular home
Courtesy of Bayside Log Homes

For more than two decades, Bayside has served Maryland as well as Washington, DC, and Delaware. Bayside’s timber frame homes include options such as milled or flat timbers, depending on your design preferences. 

You can customize every other element of your log home or select a prefab design. The available floor plans include the elegant Keystone I, larger Keystone II, the sizable Loyalhanna II, the expansive Meadow View II, the cozy Valley View I, and the upsized Valley View II. 

Exterior view of a Bayside Log Homes modular home
Courtesy of Bayside Log Homes

What We Like 

Bayside Log Homes uses solid or laminated logs with a moisture content no higher than 19 percent. The team’s homes include Therma-Tru doors and Andersen windows for class and durability. 

The Bayside team is so confident in the logs used to build their brand of modular homes that the logs are protected under a limited lifetime warranty! 

Sandy Spring Builders

Exterior view of a Sandy Spring Builders modular home
Courtesy of Sandy Spring Builders

Located in Bethesda, Sandy Spring Builders is an award-winning modular builder founded in 1982. If you choose this company to build your prefab home, the process begins with a purchase and feasibility consultation.

Should you proceed, the next step is architectural planning, then budgeting, customizing your design, and finally, the construction itself. Sandy Springs will build you a new home or improve your current home, renovating bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, foyers, living rooms, and exteriors. 

Interior view of a Sandy Spring Builders modular home
Courtesy of Sandy Spring Builders

What We Like 

Sandy Springs Builders has received the National Best in American Living Awards from the National Association of Home Builders.

Classic Homes of Maryland

Classic Homes of Maryland rounds out our list. The hard-working team has constructed more than 1,200 homes since 1983, mostly in Virginia, where the company started. From 2006 onward, Classic Homes of Maryland became a presence in that state and has never looked back. 

Interior view of a Classic Homes of Maryland home
Courtesy of Classic Homes of Maryland

The company divides its available properties by series—the Classic Series has large homes (often over 5,000 square feet) with an elegant, modern look. The Craftsman Series’ homes are tall and narrow, with many front-facing windows. 

The Ranch Series is full of quaint ranch homes with an average of two bathrooms and three bedrooms. The Luxury Series includes expansive properties, often more than 8,000 square feet. Any Luxury home is modifiable, or you can order a prefab home right out of the gate—up to you! 

Exterior front view of a Classic Homes of Maryland home
Courtesy of Classic Homes of Maryland

What We Like 

Classic Homes will work with you to find the perfect lot for your home and also offers financing, so everything is covered by one team. 


Maryland is a choice destination on the east coast and remains one of the most populous states in the country. With so many modular builders of such high caliber, we can certainly see why! 

The 12 builders we’ve discussed run the gamut, from ranches to mini-mansions, log homes, and small metal containers perfect for an ADU. You should be able to easily choose which company will build your modular Maryland home!

Be sure to check out our lists of modular builders for nearby states like New York and Pennsylvania, as many of the builders in those states also service Maryland.

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