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Located on the east coast of the United States, where most of the smaller states are situated, it is no surprise that Maryland ranks as the 42nd smallest state in the US in terms of landmass. 

However, that has not stopped people from settling there. As a result, it is one of the most densely populated states in the US. The state’s population appears to have exceeded the 6 million mark.

The dense population of Maryland has attracted an increase in green home builders striving to switch to sustainable building methods to reduce pollution.

Are you searching for green home builders but having difficulty finding one to construct your ideal house? This post should make your work easy. 

We have compiled a list of the top-tier eco-friendly home builders in Maryland that construct and customize magnificent houses according to your needs and wants.

Top 7 Sustainable Homebuilders in Maryland

Here is our selection of the best sustainable homebuilders in Maryland. We will discuss why each of these companies is the pick of the litter n the next section.

  1. Stillwater Dwellings 
  2. Green Future Construction
  3. Sustainable Design Group
  4. Turkel Design
  5. Greenbuilders, Inc.
  6. Baldwin Homes
  7. Liberty Custom Homes

So, without further delay, let’s look at the specifics of what each of these builders has to offer clients.

Stillwater Dwellings

Exterior front view of a Stillwater Dwellings green home
Courtesy of Stillwater Dwellings

Stillwater Dwellings is considered one of Maryland’s most reliable modular green home builders. The company is headquartered in Seattle but ships its homes across the United States of America, including to Maryland.

Stillwater Dwelling has earned a reputable name in the green home construction market by providing high-quality, luxury modular homes at affordable prices. Home prices start as low as $350 per square foot. 

Interior view of a Stillwater Dwellings green home
Courtesy of Stillwater Dwellings

Stillwater offers single-story homes as well as double-story modular bungalows. Clients can customize the design as per their specifications and requirements. 

Why Choose Stillwater Dwellings?

  • It offers a complete modular homes catalog with over 25 designs.
  • It provides the option to customize floor plans and add additional touches. 
  • It includes shipping all across the USA.
  • Affordable prices, starting from as low as $350 per square foot.

Green Future Construction

Green Future Construction was started 15 years ago and has provided many construction solutions all under one roof since. 

Exterior backyard view of a Green Future Construction home
Courtesy of Green Future Construction

It focuses primarily on outdoor details of your house, building walkways, patios, and decks where you can peacefully enjoy the great outdoors and nature.

Green Future Construction uses premium-quality materials and products to make your dream green home design a reality. 

It specializes in construction services and offers landscaping, horticultural, and tree services. Certified arborists and horticulturists decorate your backyard and walkways to seamlessly integrate contemporary architecture with natural designs.

Since the company is located in the prime region of the mid-Atlantic, it caters specifically to the climate there. The construction is done to make the homes energy efficient and sustainable in both weather extremes.

The excellent customer service and work ethic of the staff of Green Future Construction will make it the company of choice for all your future homebuilding and landscaping needs. 

Why Choose Green Future Construction?

  • It offers a free consultation to communicate your design ideas with the staff before construction.
  • It provides emergency and disaster relief services.
  • It offers the best homebuilding ideas at the most affordable prices. 
  • Financing options are also available, including payments in monthly installments, so it is budget-friendly.
  • The staff has expert engineers, architects, designers, and arborists that make your dream a reality.

Sustainable Design Group

Since 1973, Sustainable Design Group has managed to plan and construct aesthetically-appealing and sustainable buildings.

Courtesy of Sustainable Design Group

Sustainable Design Group’s mission has been to build houses by imitating nature. It has led the company to be the pioneer in integrating advanced technology with home building ideas. 

As made evident by its name, the company is well-known for being sustainable due to its use of energy-efficient technologies such as solar and wind power. 

Why Choose Sustainable Design Group?

  • Sustainable Design researches to find ways to be more resourceful in different kinds of settings. 
  • It uses state-of-the-art technology and materials to be more energy efficient.
  • The group also offers homebuilding solutions in environmentally-challenged areas.
  • It provides customization and designing options of your choice.

Turkel Design

Originating from Boston, Turkel Design is a construction company that makes sustainable green homes all across the US. 

Interior view of a Turkel Homes green home
Courtesy of Turkel Design

The company has established itself in the modular home building industry by using technology in the construction process. Turkel uses a high-tech virtual reality tool to help clients visualize their custom homes, allowing them to make changes as needed.

Turkel Design deals with offsite home construction projects to ensure that the construction process is as sustainable as possible. Moreover, this also helps the company maintain strict quality checks. 

Exterior view of a Turkel Design modular home
Courtesy of Turkel Design

Clients can choose from a wide range of standard, classic, modern, and ultra-luxurious modular homes, making Turkel Design an excellent choice for their dream modular home projects.

Why Choose Turkel Design?

  • Turkel Design offers an extensive range of modular homes. 
  • It provides shipment all across Canada and USA.
  • It uses state-of-the-art technology and sustainable materials for home construction.
  • It offers customization and designing options of your choice.
  • Prices start from $300 per square foot.

Greenbuilders, Inc.

Although based primarily in Maryland, Greenbuilders, Inc. offers consultancy worldwide to promote sustainability all around the globe.

The award-winning company works closely with customers to determine their unique requirements. The project’s design and budget are dealt with simultaneously to provide clients with only the best in a limited budget. 

Interior view of a kitchen by Greenbuilders, Inc.
Courtesy of Greenbuilders, Inc.

Equal attention to detail is given to the indoors and the outdoors. The interior is constructed using sustainable materials and energy-efficient technology, while the outdoors is dotted with natural greenery, which complements the modern designs.

You can customize your floor plans, interior, and exterior according to your will. Greenbuilders will help out with any structural problem that arises and provide the best solution to go ahead with your original idea.

Why Choose Greenbuilders, Inc.?

  • The choice of customization and designing is left up to the customers.
  • The company is an expert in green renovations, and all materials utilized are eco-friendly.
  • Price range: as low as $100-$300 per square foot. 
  • Prices for garages, attics, and basements are lower than competitors.
  • It also provides services other than homebuilding, such as renovations.

Baldwin Homes

Baldwin Homes has built a team of the best engineers, architects, and suppliers so it can, in turn, construct the best, most eco-friendly homes on a budget. 

The company is known for continuously improving its services to satisfy and fulfill customer expectations. It is always in tune with the latest trends and ideas to build beautiful, modern, and efficient homes.

Interior view of a Baldwin Homes kitchen
Courtesy of Baldwin Homes

Since 2008, Baldwin Homes has gone green, which, in this case, means using advanced technology and materials to build safer, comfortable, sustainable, healthy, and affordable homes.

Its sustainable efforts range from installing lyptus hardwood to low-VOC paints. Energy-efficient appliances are also installed, lowering the energy bill by almost $2300 per annum. 

Baldwin Homes is also community-friendly. It gives extra attention and puts in effort for low-income and disabled families. Many customizations, like the building of ramps and handrails, are done using money from donations set aside by the company.

Why Choose Baldwin Homes?

  • Baldwin is customer and community-friendly. A housewarming gift and caring manual are provided to the owners once their house has been constructed.
  • Its energy-efficient technology lets you save money on construction and reduces energy bills as well.
  • The company operates on client feedback, and it always guarantees customer satisfaction.

Liberty Custom Homes

Having a green home means more than using eco-friendly products during the construction process. It also means reducing the overall energy expenditure and promoting a healthy and safe environment for the family living in the house. 

Liberty Custom Homes customize everything from A to Z in your house, including the architecture, interior designing, landscaping, and use of green building technologies. 

Interior view of a Liberty Custom Homes kitchen
Courtesy of Liberty Custom Homes

Some of the aspects of sustainability that Liberty employs are:

  • Geothermal systems
  • Insulation and energy efficiency
  • Green building materials
  • Water efficiency
  • Waste efficiency

Why Choose Liberty Custom Homes?

  • The company gives you a free choice of customization in every aspect of building your home.
  • Liberty guides you through government tax incentives for going green, so you are more informed about the home building process.
  • It is a sustainable company that employs innovative technology to reduce the harmful effects of construction on the environment.
  • Customization will ensure that your home is constructed to your specs and under your budget.

The Bottom Line

Choosing to build a sustainable and eco-friendly home means creating a safe and comfortable environment for your family to live in. 

These homebuilding companies are bound to construct a safe and unique space for you that will offer you joy and respite.

We hope this list of green home building companies will make choosing one to build your dream house much more accessible.

Also, be sure to check out our lists of green builders in nearby states, including Virginia and Pennsylvania, as several of the builders featured may service your area of Maryland.

Best of luck!

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